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What Goes Around
“Well,” Stiles says, “if they’re going to hunt werewolves, I’m going to hunt them.”

It’s a ridiculous statement from a ten-year-old, but he’s obviously one hundred percent sincere. For the first time since the fire, Peter feels life stir inside him, feels purpose. It’s kismet, clearly. He’ll never meet the child he would have had with Olivia. Instead he’s met this boy, this brilliant, determined, cynical child with a world of potential.

Peter kneels down in front of him so they’re at eye level. “How do you feel about doing that together?”
Fanfiction  AO3  Kindle  Teen_Wolf  KouriArashi  Complete  Canon_Divergence 
9 days ago by mongognom
On the Way to Greatness
As per the Hat's decision, Harry gets Sorted into Slytherin upon his arrival in Hogwarts—and suddenly, the future isn't what it used to be.
Fanfiction  AO3  Harry_Potter  mira_mirth  Abandoned  Different_House  Canon_Divergence 
25 days ago by mongognom
Wandering Child
"After the Avengers capture Loki at the end of the movie, they lock him up as a precaution before shipping him off to Asgard. And being the good guys, they decide to give him the chance to bathe and dress in clean clothes instead of sleeping in his own dirty rags.

The problem is, without the whole battle gear and the drawn and mean look, Loki looks surprisingly young, which prompts the Avengers to ask Thor just how old Loki really is. Of course Loki is centuries old, but Thor tells them that in human standard, Loki would still be considered underage!

Cue to horrified Avengers who wants to know exactly what sort of crappy home life Loki must have had to end up like this before even reaching adulthood."
Fanfiction  AO3  wanderingchild  Thor  Avengers  Abandoned  Canon_Divergence 
25 days ago by mongognom
A Year Like None Other
A letter from home sends Harry down a path he'd never have walked on his own. A sixth year fic, this story follows Order of the Phoenix and disregards any canon events that occur after Book 5.
aspeninthesunlight  Fanfiction  Other_Site  Harry_Potter  Complete  Canon_Divergence  torture 
25 days ago by mongognom
Across the Universe
Vague spoilers for PS-HBP. One-shot. James Potter observes as Harry arrives to an alternate dimension where his parents are alive and Neville is the Boy-Who-Lived. Trying to teach old cliches new tricks, here.
Fanfiction  Harry_Potter  mira_mirth  Complete  Post-Canon  Dimension_Traveling 
5 weeks ago by mongognom
On the Way to Greatness
As per the Hat's decision, Harry gets Sorted into Slytherin upon his arrival in Hogwarts—and suddenly, the future isn't what it used to be.
Fanfiction  Harry_Potter  mira_mirth  Abandoned  Different_House  Canon_Divergence 
5 weeks ago by mongognom
The Diaries
When Harper visits her, the Eureka Maru opens up her database and reminisces about Harper's early years aboard her.
Fanfiction  Andromeda  Diamond-Raven  Complete  Pre-Canon 
january 2018 by mongognom
The Descent
Hux is simply a tool with remarkable instinct.

(Or, Hux is Force-sensitive, but he doesn't understand it that way.)
Fanfiction  AO3  Complete  Metallic_Sweet  Star_Wars 
january 2018 by mongognom
In the first Quarter Quell, the citizens of the districts had to choose their own tributes, publicly and openly.  And then those chosen had choices of their own to make.
Fanfiction  Livejournal  Hunger_Game  dreamfall_nnwm  Complete 
january 2018 by mongognom
Masterpost: Supreme Chancellor Obi-Wan Kenobi
or:  “Obi-Wan’s Life Gets Worse (Though It’s Not As Bad As It Could’ve Been)”
Fanfiction  tumblr  stonefreeak  Star_Wars  WIP  Alternate_Universe  government  politics 
january 2018 by mongognom
Proud To Have a Witch in the Family
Even if Lily's parents had survived the war, Dumbledore wouldn't have given Harry to them for the very same reason that the Evanses had been proud to have a witch in the family.
Fanfiction  Harry_Potter  Lucillia  Complete  crack  Religion  Raised_Differently 
january 2018 by mongognom
Some things are worth the wait
The first time Peter meets the newly appointed Argent family head, he’s twelve and he shouldn’t even be there. He leaves the meeting chastised, punished for a month and nursing a crush the size of Mexico. It only goes downhill from there for a long time before it doesn't.

Kate and Chris don't know what to think about their new guardian, but the moment he burns Gerard’s cane to cinders, it's clear that things won’t ever be the same with Stiles Argent in their lives.
Fanfiction  AO3  Teen_Wolf  FeelingsDusk  Complete  time_travel  Canon_Divergence 
november 2017 by mongognom
Completely Stuffed
Clint has never been a fan of museums, especially not museums where the exhibits are trying to kill him. But he will admit, it's not a bad place to meet people.
Fanfiction  AO3  Avengers  Series  Complete  tawg  Different_Meeting  Different_Job 
november 2017 by mongognom
A Life Down The Drain
When Loki is still a child, he starts having some torturous seizures. The nature of his fits remains a mystery, until somebody comes to a frightening conclusion: Loki is not the only occupant of his body.

Loki grows up with it, not knowing how much time he has left before his body is taken from him. Nobody can help him... But, perhaps, they don't know where to look.
Fanfiction  AO3  EvilConcubine  Thor  Avengers  Complete  Medical  seizures 
november 2017 by mongognom
Prison Wife
Brian has been in lock up for a few years now. Sure he could hold his own but this is much easier. That being said, this boss is about to turn his idea of a prison wife on its head.
Fanfiction  AO3  Fast_&_the_Furious  made1for1life1  Complete  Prison  non_con  Different_Meeting  Canon_Divergence 
november 2017 by mongognom
Brian moves to LA and meets Dominic Toretto.
Brian wants. Dom wants.
But Brian is 16 and Dom is 23.

The high school AU no one asked for!
Aka a lot of sexual tension and waiting.
Fanfiction  AO3  Fast_&_the_Furious  Miss_Psychotic  Complete  Series  underage  Different_Meeting 
november 2017 by mongognom
Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves
Vala Mal Doran and her partners, renegades Jehan abd-Ba'al and Meredith McKay, hijack the Tau'ri ship Prometheus and leave the Milky Way behind in search of the Lost City of the Ancients, Atlantis.
Fanfiction  AO3  Stargate_Atlantis  Stargate_SG1  auburn  Complete  Canon_Divergence  spaceleviathan 
november 2017 by mongognom
I wanna see you be brave
Katniss is fast, and brave, and she never ever thinks more than she has to. It's like she has a whole conversation in her head in a second and acts while Prim is still deciding what to do. On Reaping Day, Prim's brain hadn't even finished screaming no no no no before Katniss' voice overpowered her. Now, Rue's frozen in place but Katniss shoves her, sends her sprawling backwards into the long grass, and the spear drives itself into Katniss' chest.

Katniss dies, and Rue wins the 74th Hunger Games. Prim will never forgive the girl who took her sister ... except maybe she will. Maybe Rue isn't the one to blame after all.

The genesis of a revolution in four notes.
Fanfiction  AO3  Hunger_Game  lorata  Complete  Canon_Divergence  Death  different_tribute 
october 2017 by mongognom
The Other Things We Never Knew About Frodo's Soulmate
Primula was red-faced and exhausted by the end of the birth, and if she made a rude gesture at her husband and turned away sleepily, well, the midwife had seen worse.

So Drogo was left holding the baby in bemused confusion. As new parents are wont to do, he counted all the toes and fingers, marvelled at the child’s eyes, and then set out looking to see if there was yet a soul mark on his son’s skin.

There was.

The script was all long tails and swoops that ended in jagged flicks with characters that seemed more made of unpronounceable accents than actual letter, but the hand that wrote it was smooth and practised, almost mechanical in its precision.

"Curious," said Drogo, peering at the mark upon his thigh. "I've never seen anything like it."

The midwife seemed baffled by it, too, and when Primula woke he showed her and then they were three for three.
Fanfiction  AO3  LotR  Tozette  Complete  rare_pairing  soulmate  markings 
october 2017 by mongognom
Path of Torn Bodies
Caesar Flickerman once loved his job.

Now, it just gets harder every year.
Fanfiction  AO3  Queen_Mab  Hunger_Game  Complete  Tragedy  character_study  Death 
october 2017 by mongognom
How Rue Became the Mockingjay
She's teamed up with the little girl instead of the boy who loves her. Katniss Everdeen and the girl from Eleven are ruining their best-laid plans. So, "Caesar," they say, "Announce the change." -This is an alternate chronology for The Hunger Games.-
Fanfiction  Hunger_Game  aimmyarrowshigh  Complete  Death  differet_outcome 
october 2017 by mongognom
All The Leaves Are Brown (And the sky is gray)
The Winter Soldier's mission is nearly complete. Howard and Maria Stark are dead, leaving him to dispatch their four-year-old child. One quick twist of the neck is all it will take, but the Soldier finds he cannot do it. So instead of killing Tony Stark, the Winter Soldier takes him away to raise as his own.
Avengers  AO3  Complete  AvocadoLove  Ironman  Fanfiction  Canon_Divergence  Different_Upbringing  Kid!Fic  kidnapping 
october 2017 by mongognom
[a nameless feeling]
Hux makes the unexpected decision to follow in FN-2187's footsteps.
Fanfiction  AO3  Star_Wars  talkfast  Complete  Canon_Divergence  Violence  defection 
october 2017 by mongognom
What made a good father?

One question that Kylo Ren had never asked himself, not even... after.

But then he met Brendol Hux Sr. and learned a few things; what a bad father was like, for one, and that Hux had a son.
Fanfiction  AO3  Star_Wars  Kat2107  Series  Complete  Homophobia  Family  Kid!Fic  child_abuse  escape 
october 2017 by mongognom
Auld Lang Syne
“Mother, who are they, exactly?”
“She was your father’s mistress,” spat Maratelle. “He fathered that boy and left them behind when we fled. Finally saw reason.”
“So Armitage is our half-brother?”
Fanfiction  Star_Wars  Star_flaming  Complete  AO3  Family  Different_Upbringing  affair  Death 
october 2017 by mongognom
A Star to Steer By
Jack O'Neill runs into the weirdest snake he's ever met, and that's saying something. Obi-Wan just wants to get his people home.
Fanfiction  AO3  dogmatix  norcumi  Abandoned  Stargate_SG1  Star_Wars 
october 2017 by mongognom
Almost a Squib
What if Vernon and Petunia were even more successfull in 'beating all that nonsense' out of Harry? A silly AU story of a nonpowerful, but cunning, Harry.
Fanfiction  BajaB  Harry_Potter  Complete  Canon_Divergence 
october 2017 by mongognom
An abused eight year old Harry runs away from the Dursleys only to meet a large, grim-looking dog who claims to be his godfather.
Fanfiction  Harry_Potter  Alvedans  Abandoned  Pre-Canon  runaway  adoption  escape  child_abuse 
october 2017 by mongognom
He's a Marine with a yen for physics. She's a smartass with no patience. He's a nervous talker with a crush on his boss. They fight crime.
Fanfiction  Other_Site  stellaluna  CSI:NY  collection 
october 2017 by mongognom
Broken Hallelujah
Collaborators AU. The circle executes Felix Gaeta. Now they have to live witht he consequences. Written for the BSG Big Bang.
Fanfiction  Battlestar_Galactica  pamy  Complete  Death  Canon_Divergence 
october 2017 by mongognom
In Lord Iblis's Secret Service
Sometimes when everything goes bad in your life, it gets better in the weirdest way possible. Kind of a play on RDM’s “everyone gets what they want in the worst possible way” comment. This is a collaborative effort with Rap541, and also a BSG/SGC xover.
Fanfiction  Battlestar_Galactica  Stargate_SG1  batsojopo  Rap541  Complete  Sequel  kidnapping  Slavery  rescue 
october 2017 by mongognom
Going Native
GalacticaStar Trek Next Generation. What do you do when you're a lost Starfleet officer in the Beta Quadrant? You blend in and hope for the best.

Fanfiction  Star_Trek  Battlestar_Galactica  Rap541  Complete  rescue  trauma  ptsd  Religion 
october 2017 by mongognom
Anything but Slytherin
How could have Harry's sorting ceremony looked like if the first war against Voldemort went down a bit differently. Dark and disturbing.
Fanfiction  IP82  Harry_Potter  Complete  dystopia 
october 2017 by mongognom
Harry the Hufflepuff
There is a single point of divergence from this and canon. See if you can find it. "This is your Epic Fan Fiction. After you have been bathed in its Glory, you will be Changed and Perfected." -My Beta, after 4 hours of talking about this story.
Fanfiction  Complete  Sequel  Harry_Potter  Megark  Humour  Different_House 
october 2017 by mongognom
No Galaxy for Good Jedi
Obi-Wan Kenobi was only a young padawan when he ran away with three-year old Anakin. He had no choice after his Master, Qui-Gon Jinn, fell to the Dark Side by Master Dooku's manipulations. To protect the Chosen One, Obi-Wan and Anakin live as outlaws of the Jedi Order and the Republic, being hunted by both Jedi and Obi-Wan's former master and grandmaster.
Fanfiction  Annie_Walker  Star_Wars  WIP  Different_Meeting  Alternate_Universe 
october 2017 by mongognom
An Extraordinarily Ordinary Life
Dr. John Watson has always had the heart of a Gryffindor. When he is introduced to the world of magic and becomes the guardian of the Boy Who Lived, the heart of the lion becomes more apparent than ever. This is the tale of a broken man and an abused little boy who find in each other the strength and courage to learn to live and love again. Eventual slash.
Fanfiction  Raidermae  Harry_Potter  Sherlock  WIP  adoption  Family 
october 2017 by mongognom
Paper Planes
Twenty years before they escape from fox river together, Michael and T-bag meet for the first time. Michael's a emotionally damaged kid in foster care, and Teddy is a predator.
Fanfiction  Prison_Break  Crazy.rabbit2  Abandoned  Different_Meeting  fostercare  child_abuse 
october 2017 by mongognom
Children, Wake Up
Hux follows orders and loses his way.

Starts out as angsty porn, then turns into an epic story that is fantastic.
Fanfiction  AO3  Star_Wars  hollycomb  Complete  Series  5_stars  epic  end_of_war  attack  trial 
october 2017 by mongognom
Captured by the Resistance, Hux lies about being pregnant to avoid immediate execution. There's only one problem: It turns out not to be a lie.
Fanfiction  AO3  saltandrockets  Star_Wars  Complete  Sequel  mpreg  end_of_war  captured  prisoner  rescue 
october 2017 by mongognom
Bodies, Can't You See?
When Hux sees the positive result on the pregnancy test scanner, he comes to several alarming realizations all at once. One: that his birth control has been tampered with. Two: that the baby is Kylo's. Three: that this is his true punishment for Starkiller's failure.

And quietly, in a weak, tiny voice in the back of his mind, the unsettling conclusion that he wants to keep it. He'll die before he lets anyone near his child. He'll tear apart anyone that tries to get in his way.

Even Kylo.
Fanfiction  Star_Wars  AO3  sual  Complete  mpreg  escape  finding_each_other  the_force 
october 2017 by mongognom
Hux did all right for himself for a while. Then he fell in love.
Fanfiction  AO3  hollycomb  Complete  Star_Wars  mpreg  aliens  Relationship 
october 2017 by mongognom
A Whole New Ballgame
"We've recently come into some information regarding a cold case from back in ‘91," the detective answered. "A murder at Giant’s Stadium."

Danny immediately knew what the man was talking about but kept his face as innocent as he could. "Oh yeah? Who's the guy that got whacked?"

"Bobby Manning," Flack replied.

Thankfully, Danny could truthfully say, "Never heard of him."

He hadn't, after all, known the poor slob's name.



Flack stared at him shrewdly a moment, then asked, "I understand that's the year you got picked up in the minors."

Danny nodded. "That's right."

"Mind telling me what caused you to just up and go out for tryouts to get away from your old stompin' grounds?" Flack challenged.

Lips twisting a little, Danny replied, "Lots of bad elements around there. I didn't want to stick around and see if I could get out later."

"You in town for long, Mr. Messer?"

"I'm in town for good, Detective, I think you know that. I'm not going anywhere."
Fanfiction  Other_Site  thetenthmuse1  CSI:NY  Complete  sport  Different_Meeting 
september 2017 by mongognom
Give This Stone to My Brother
It’s late, past midnight, when there’s a knock on Danny’s door.

“How are you doing, Danny?” Louie’s voice is soft, and he looks chastened, almost scared. They haven’t talked in almost a year, not since the shouting match two weeks after Louie was done with physical therapy.

Danny almost shuts the door in Louie’s face, but he can’t. He can’t ever.
Fanfiction  Archive  CSI:NY  Complete  Unknown  incest 
september 2017 by mongognom
are you one of them
Across from him Danny’s eyes have turned suspicious, and Mac experiences a sharp flash of déjà vu. They’ve ended up like this again.
Fanfiction  Livejournal  CSI:NY  scarletts_awry  Complete  kidnapping  child_abuse  previous_relationship 
september 2017 by mongognom
A Lesser Man
In an alternate universe where Queen Amidala's ship never landed on Tatooine, Anakin Skywalker seeks to make his way in the galaxy on his own. He meets an unusual slave named Obi-Wan Kenobi, who quickly turns his world upside down. Slash.
Fanfiction  Imadra_Blue  Complete  Different_Meeting  Star_Wars  Slavery 
september 2017 by mongognom
Noche Sin Estrella
When Rafael Barba is injured during a complicated case, the squad must work quickly to identify the culprit while building up evidence against an abusive father. Meanwhile, Sonny Carisi struggles to come to terms with a realization as he fights not to buckle under the pressure of the investigation.
Fanfiction  AO3  Law&Order  lambnoire  Complete  attack  Violence  Relationship  recovery 
september 2017 by mongognom
A woman walks into the crime lab only to tell Greg Sanders about her murder, a murder he’s going to solve. Is she just playing games or is it something more?
Fanfiction  CSI:Las_Vegas  SLynn  Complete  Psychics  Case_Fic  Crime  Violence 
september 2017 by mongognom
Saturday Nights
All Rafael wants is one date with his boyfriend. Something always comes up.

“You brought your gun?” Rafael said disbelievingly.

“Of course I brought my gun,” Sonny answered, standing up. “I’m a cop. I don’t go anywhere without my gun.”

“You bring your gun when you go on a grocery store run, then?”


Sonny wasn’t really paying attention to the conversation, Rafael could tell, his eyes scanning the room. Other patrons were looking around, too, wondering what was going on. More noises from the kitchen, and Sonny made his decision, heading back towards it, drawing his gun as he went. Gasps from the other patrons, someone crying out, “Gun!”

Sonny immediately smiled disarmingly. “No, it’s okay! NYPD!” He flashed his badge, which, Rafael noted with dismay, he also had with him. “I’m just going to go check it out, okay? Everyone stay calm.” He slid his badge back on his hip and took his phone out with his free hand.

One date, that’s all he wanted, one quiet date with his boyfriend.
Fanfiction  AO3  Law&Order  ThetaSigma  Complete  Relationship  Humour 
september 2017 by mongognom
Stella decides Mac's been alone long enough and buys him a slave during a murder investigation.

In case you didn't read the warning on the previous page, this is an AU fic in which the Roman Empire never fell
Fanfiction  Other_Site  thetenthmuse1  CSI:NY  Series  Complete  Abandoned  Slavery  sexy_times 
september 2017 by mongognom
The Salt Wound Routine
Still he’s three months behind on rent and today he gives Mrs. Applebury his best smile and a box of plain donuts along with her groceries. She pats him on the wrist and tells him he shouldn’t have, then asks how his mother’s broken foot is healing – did those expensive therapy sessions Danny paid for help at all?

Oh yes, ma’am, Danny answers without batting an eyelid. She’s feelin’ much better thank you for asking, you have a good day now and I’ll bring the rent money next week. Promise.

He plasters a grin on his face and waits for her to shut the door before he turns and barrels down the stairs. By the time he hits the ground floor Danny’s almost certain he’s not gonna last into the next week – not unless he can find a way to make two ounces of coke out of thin air, and not even his chem major’s gonna be able to help with that.

$12,000 worth of powder cocaine. Boom, gone, just like that, and Danny’s not sure how long he stayed slumped against the grimy alley wall last night, the knees of his jeans soaked on the wet ground, a familiar bitter taste in the back of his throat.

And he knows one thing that makes a dealer angrier than losing his drugs is finding out his runner lost ’em to a cop.

He’s so fucked.
Fanfiction  Archive  CSI:NY  iscaris  Complete  Prostitution  Alternate_Universe  Different_Meeting  crime 
september 2017 by mongognom
People That I Wanted to Know
In the spaces between sleeping and being awake, you fall for Charlie Crews.
Fanfiction  Livejournal  nightanddaze  Complete  Life  Southland  Crossover 
september 2017 by mongognom
Big Hero Martian
There would have been no rescue for Mark, if NASA had not noticed he was still alive. Unless of course, a certain Big Hero noticed instead.
Fanfiction  AO3  Big_Hero_6  Anonymous  Complete  Crossover  rescue_mission 
september 2017 by mongognom
You Know He's a Cop Right?
What if Brian was already a detective, and was never put on the truck heist case. Then he met one of the members of the team, and still got pulled into the fold. When he notices another cop poking his nose in the Toretto family will he say anything?
Fanfiction  AO3  Fast_&_the_Furious  dark_Lady_eris  Complete  Relationship  Different_Meeting  Alternate_Universe 
september 2017 by mongognom
A First for Everything
Having his life threatened wasn't the first time Rafael Barba experienced violence. How he dealt with it, though, was a work in progress.
Fanfiction  AO3  Law&Order  isaytoodlepip  Complete  Domestic_violence  Sexual_Assault  Homophobia  Bisexuality  character_study 
september 2017 by mongognom
Mode & Moment
Theirs is a love story. What love story is complete without ample death threats, violence, and prolonged emotional trauma?
Fanfiction  AO3  leslielol  Law&Order  Complete  Series  threats  Homophobia  Secret_Relationship 
september 2017 by mongognom
Narcotics Anonymous
When Carisi goes undercover to catch a rapist targeting NA meetings, he runs into someone that he didn't expect.
Fanfiction  AO3  Robin_Hood(kjack89)  Complete  Substance_Abuse  recovery  drug_addiction 
september 2017 by mongognom
Yes, I Can.
"You can't imagine- you can't imagine how many times I have knelt and- and prayed to be relieved of this weakness."

"Yes, I can."
Fanfiction  AO3  PrismaChris  Law&Order  Complete  internalized_homophobia  Religion  coming_out 
september 2017 by mongognom
The one where Barba's shot on the courthouse steps
"Stay still," Liv said firmly, her face close to his so he could hear her over the noise, the ruckus by the street, the sound of his heart pounding in his ears.

"She fucking shot me, didn't she?" Barba asked, a hard shiver rippling through him, dropping a stutter in halfway that distorted his words.
Fanfiction  AO3  Law&Order  headbuttingbears  Complete  injury  Death 
september 2017 by mongognom
I'll Be Home for Dinner
Sonny was beginning to question his place on the team. Reassurance came from the most unexpected of places. (Barba. It came from Barba.)

In which there is pining, snarking, flirting, blushing, touching, kissing, grinding, late night dinners, pizza, cannoli, beers, bottles of wine, red ties and ratty t-shirts.

And also a bit of angst. Wrapped in a lot of fluff. Inside the enigma that is Sonny Carisi.
Fanfiction  AO3  Kaye_21  Law&Order  Complete  Sequel  workplace  Secret_Relationship  friends2lovers 
september 2017 by mongognom
The Nature of Things
When the young alpha Dominick "Sonny" Carisi Jr. joins the Manhattan SVU, he is excited to get to meet Rafael Barba, who is somewhat infamous for being the only omega A.D.A. in the U.S. so far to work with a sex crimes unit. Sadly, Sonny does not leave the best first impression, but during the investigation of a serial killer case, Sonny and Rafael start to work more closely together and Rafael might find out that he judged Sonny too harshly at first.
Fanfiction  AO3  Law&Order  greygerbil  Complete  ABO-dynamics  injury  attack 
september 2017 by mongognom
Hiding Places
Barba never says anything. Not until he absolutely has to.

(Set during the Season 17 finale, 'Heartfelt Passages.' Could be read as an episode tag, or as a re-imagining of Season 17 in its entirety.)
Fanfiction  AO3  Law&Order  Kaye_21  Complete  Secret_Relationship  threats  introspective 
september 2017 by mongognom
Affirming the Consequent
When Barba is implicated in a crime Olivia knows he didn't commit, his refusal to provide a key witness frustrates Olivia and could put his innocence in jeopardy.
Fanfiction  AO3  Law&Order  Robin_Hood(kjack89)  Complete  Investigation  Don't_Ask  Outing  Secret_Relationship 
september 2017 by mongognom
Moth Hymns
Carisi finds out about Barba's past indiscretions with a defense attorney and things become strained between them. When a high profile case goes to trial, Carisi fears that the secret is going to ruin Barba's career--but it turns out he has a lot more to worry about than that.
Fanfiction  AO3  Law&Order  lambnoire  Sexual_Assault  WIP 
september 2017 by mongognom
human/cyborg relations
Mark Zuckerberg is the world's most powerful technopath and the creator of Facebook, the most sophisticated facial recognition program ever created. Eduardo Saverin is the world's most robotic human being and the person who's going to steal Facebook, under Sean Parker's orders. It's a love story, I swear.
Fanfiction  Livejournal  The_Social_Network  kisforkurama  Complete  Cyborgs  Alternate_Universe  Different_Job  Law_Enforcement 
august 2017 by mongognom
X Marks the Spot (Where A Boy Used to Be)
Terry said that it would be his chance to prove himself. A real chance – a new life in a new country. In university – college – where no one would look twice at his back story.

The first person he told his new name had been the customs officer. "What's the purpose of your stay?" he had asked.

"I'm going to uni... college. Harvard," he added for credibility. It was the truth, after all.

The officer's eyebrows shot up a little in surprise. He gave him back his passport.

"Welcome to America, Mr. Saverin."
Fanfiction  Livejournal  The_Social_Network  Boy_A  devoidly  Complete  Crossover  past_crime  different_backstory 
august 2017 by mongognom
corrupt the cutie
Eduardo is so genuinely sweet and caring and selfless and good that it makes Sean want to corrupt him. He wants to be the one who brings out Eduardo's dark side. He wants to be the one who teaches him how to use his good looks and his intelligence like a weapon. He wants to be the one who makes Eduardo go after and take what he wants, instead of tripping over himself trying to please others.

In other words, seductive!devilonyourshoulder!Sean and (eventual) badass!Eduardo. With smut.
Fanfiction  Livejournal  Anonymous  The_Social_Network  Sequel  Complete  Comment_Fic  Substance_Abuse  Relationship  Smut  Complicated 
august 2017 by mongognom
Sky That's Always Blue
Eduardo has always had an affinity with the weather - odd things, like always being warm; knowing when it will rain/snow and it even pays off with friends - Mark is never cold when Eduardo is happy (flip-flops in the snow, for example). But it has never been a weird thing. Until the dilution.
Fanfiction  Livejournal  The_Social_Network  salvadore_hart  Complete 
august 2017 by mongognom
(Like Catching) Sunlight In A Jar
An AU where Dustin meets Amy at a party instead of Sean. Or, Amelia Ritter Fixes This Fuckery With The Power of her Awesome...
Fanfiction  AO3  The_Social_Network  Laliandra  Complete 
august 2017 by mongognom
a war inside of me
Mark meets Eduarda at an AEPi event and initially thinks she's a pledge prank.
Fanfiction  AO3  The_Social_Network  hapakitsune  Complete  genderbender 
august 2017 by mongognom
When Johnny Sheppard was six years old, he begged his father for a toboggan for Christmas. He got an algebra set.
Fanfiction  Livejournal  Losyark  Caper_the_Friendly_Ghost  Stargate_Atlantis  Complete  Sequel  Supernatural_Element 
july 2017 by mongognom
Mike and the Mechanics
After bringing his car to Hummel's Tire and Lube, Mike Chang begins to see Kurt Hummel in a new light. Kurt is similarly affected.
Fanfiction  Livejournal  crackedaglet  Glee  Complete 
july 2017 by mongognom
Faced with an eternity without his brother, Loki strikes a bargain to change the past.
Fanfiction  Avengers  Thor  proantagonist  Complete 
july 2017 by mongognom
And the Wolves All Cry
AU. if a certain person doesn't hear a prophecy, does it still come true?
Fanfiction  Harry_Potter  monroeslittle  Complete 
july 2017 by mongognom
And to the Blushing King
Mark is a reporter while he takes an interlude from the wild world of internet infamy, and Eduardo is the royal half-brother to the crown prince of Brazil and tired of the paparazzi that are constantly on his tail. They're both in New York, New York and the universe doesn't care if they believe in love at first sight or not.
Fanfiction  AO3  The_Social_Network  salvadore  Complete 
july 2017 by mongognom
Catch a Falling Star
Harvard era. Mark is having a relatively normal and peaceful winter break at home, until one night a distressed Eduardo shows up unannounced at his doorstep. Mark is in for a revelation, and more than one surprise.
Fanfiction  AO3  The_Social_Network  tictactoews  Complete 
july 2017 by mongognom
(Your Doors Are) Wide Open
Mark and Sean decide to find Eduardo a suggardaddy so they can get Facebook started. It inevitably blows up in Mark face when Eduardo, to everyone's surprise, likes the guy.
Fanfiction  AO3  The_Social_Network  pasdexcuses  Complete 
july 2017 by mongognom
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