Tower - The most powerful Git client for Mac
Tower - the most powerful Git client for Mac
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7 days ago
helps hosts and service providers create their own next-gen cloud, CDN and storage services - quickly, easily and at very low cost.
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8 days ago
Compare Models
This chart compares models of Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series Switches.
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12 days ago
Cisco Firewall Comparison
With Cisco ASA firewalls, you can integrate multiple enterprise-class, next-generation network security services without sacrificing performance. Cisco ASA combines the most deployed stateful inspection firewall in the industry with next-generation firewall capabilities.
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12 days ago
API Design Tour: Dell
API Design Tour:DellRound Rock, Texas, USABrian Mulloy Apigee@landlessness @apigee
12 days ago
Speed up RTP packetloss troubleshooting with tshark read filters
I hate waiting for Wireshark to load a 20+meg capture file to review RTP streams. Once it loads you browse to "Telephony > RTP > Show All Streams". Then you wait for it analyze the RTP streams..... If you have a fair amount of memory it might not be too horrible of a wait, but it can…
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19 days ago
This repository is used to publish my home directory org document. Virtually all of my development occurs in a private repository. That is responsible for ongoing, unstable changes. This repository is used to publish a known good and working version of the system.
19 days ago
What is the best way to open remote files with emacs and ssh - Stack Overflow
And to add to @abo-abo's post about "shortcuts" --

Use Emacs bookmarks. Just create bookmarks normally, when you visit a remote file or directory. Then just use C-x r b to jump to a remote bookmark, whose name you provide (with completion).

If you use Bookmark+ then remote bookmarks are highlighted specially in the *Bookmark List*, so you can recognize them more easily. And remote bookmarks that must be accessed by su or sudo (root) are highlighted differently.

If you use Dired+ then you can also quickly bookmark multiple remote files or directories, by visiting their containing remote directory in Dired, marking them, and hitting C-x b. No need to give the bookmarks names; they are named after the files. Even if you never use those bookmarks for navigating to the remote files, you can use them with Bookmark+ tags to organize the files and thus operate on subsets of them.

If you use Icicles then whenever you use a command to jump to a bookmark, you can narrow the completion candidates to those that are remote by hitting C-M-@ during completion.
december 2013
Moreover, prefix commands are automatically highlighted.

Depending on your level of emacs experience, you may want a shorter or longer delay between pressing a key and the appearance of the guide buffer. This can be controlled by setting guide-key/idle-delay:

(setq guide-key/idle-delay 0.1)
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november 2013
Example of using the circe stuff to build a CampFire client
emacs  irc  campfire 
november 2013
Emacs development
Ways to set environment variables in Mac OS X
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october 2013
Joshua Go: Ways to modularize your Ruby code
In this post, I'll recommend several ways to properly organize code in Ruby projects. I'll also explain my reasoning and how I arrived at each solution.Much of this builds on the excellent work of…
october 2013
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