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Ritesh Patel on Twitter: "@rorysutherland barriers to behaviour change… "
One thing I learned from Danny Kahneman over the years is to reduce barriers to behavior change whenever possible as opposed to pushing harder. Takes friction out of the system as opposed to adding to it
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How fast-food restaurants are designed - Curbed
The new concept is also testing the theory that what the restaurant looks like is as important as what food and drinks it serves.
“If things stick around too long, it becomes wallpaper,” says Mark Moeller, of the restaurant development consultancy the Recipe of Success. “We all get bored with wallpaper after a while.”
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Neurotic folk spend more time doing chores – Research Digest
"The main weakness of this new data is its reliance (as in so much personality research) on people’s self-reports of their traits and behaviour, and the memory challenge for them of recalling what they’d been doing the previous day and for how long"
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Amazon, the Brand Buster - The New York Times
“Their attitude is that brands have, for a long time, earned an unearned price premium that screws consumers.”
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Google Engineers Refused to Build Security Tool to Win Military Contracts - Bloomberg
The entities most likely to require air-gap security systems are government agencies or financial firms. While experts debate the technology’s merits, it does give customers “psychological” comfort

After the Edward Snowden revelations in 2013, several engineers confronted Hölzle about allegations the company had assisted the government in its surveillance program. They threatened to resign, telling Hölzle, “this isn't why we signed up for the company,”
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Crocodile Dundee (1986) Movie Script | SS
Mick, give him your wallet.
- What for?
- He's got a knife.
That's not a knife.
That's a knife.
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Tesla Model 3 Review| Falls Short of Consumer Reports Recommendation
This layout forces drivers to take multiple steps to accomplish simple tasks. Our testers found that everything from adjusting the mirrors to changing the direction of the airflow from the air-conditioning vents required using the touch screen.
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Amazon helps Shenzhen ex-Googler turn mom's money into a billion | South China Morning Post
“We really put a lot of love, and hate, into our products,” Yang said, referencing the year-long tedium of shrinking the vacuum robot down to 2.85 inches in height so it could fit under couches.
In the smartphone business, he targeted the opening between Apple’s expensive chargers and low-quality, white-label replacements - Anker occupies the space between five-star and three-star Amazon reviews - That is Yang’s sweet spot, where he creates an accessory that isn’t the most expensive but still is of good-enough quality to win consumer trust.
Each of the company’s offerings is designed by fiefdom-like teams that sometimes crowdfund their early-stage prototypes.
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