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Welcome to UPSO | Recycled Lorry Tarp Bags
Like Freitag, but made in the UK, and cheaper.
luggage  recycled  freitag  tarp 
december 2017 by mjs
VIS-A-VIS TRUNK 68CM - 68cm Check-in Luggage | Crumpler
Pretty nice looking hard shell suitcase from Crumpler.
luggage  suitcase  crumpler  australia 
june 2015 by mjs
Lightweight Travel Bags and Luggage | Crumpler
Crumpler's new (?) travel line--looks a lot better than all their other efforts. Interesting colourways…
crumpler  luggage  australia  backpack 
june 2015 by mjs
Camera bags and watch straps from Taiwan.
camera  bag  taiwan  luggage  watch 
november 2014 by mjs
Bags made in Malaysia.
malaysia  backpack  luggage 
july 2014 by mjs
Reviews of luggage and related things.
luggage  backpack  messengerbag  suitcase 
july 2014 by mjs
Freitag Reference Line - FREITAG
New Freitag line. Even more expensive than you might think!
freitag  shopping  luggage  bag  from delicious
august 2011 by mjs
Superdry Accessories
some nice backpacks, messenger bags, laptop sleeves from the fake-japanese british brand
superdry  luggage  shopping  bag  messengerbag  backpack 
august 2008 by mjs
QWSTION the norm - home
some ridiculously nice bags here--the backpack and three-day bag are both good
shopping  luggage  messengerbag 
august 2008 by mjs

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