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Bikes | Cooper Road Bikes
Unusually, most of these bikes are photographed with mudguards.
bike  bicycle 
may 2017 by mjs
Hövding - Den osynliga cykelhjälmen
They've done an amazing job on the website/product shots here!
cycling  design  bicycle  airbag  inflatable  sweden  helmet  from delicious
july 2012 by mjs
The rise of the gentleman cyclist | Environment | guardian.co.uk
"Brooks are perhaps the most promiscuous users of this kind of heritage porn, though their evocation of a fantasy past makes some concessions to modern feeling. One of their most popular recent posters features a Brooks-clad couple protecting a fox from the advancing hounds. Its originality comes from embracing the heritage aesthetic, while rejecting the more specific historical associations. We look like 1930s aristocrats, the ad seems to say, but we certainly don't behave like them."
guardian  brooks  cycling  bicycle 
october 2011 by mjs
Pashley Cycles - England's longest established bicycle manufacturer
Makers of Royal Mail's delivery bicycles, and a few others besides. Nice work bicycles!
bicycle  shopping  royalmail  transport  bike  from delicious
march 2010 by mjs
Bicycle Helmet with Visor
somewhat nice, for a bike helmet. is it gonna be hot?
shopping  helmet  visor  bicycle 
august 2009 by mjs
the cream model actually looks quite good (spotted in takashimaya ny)
bicycle  strida  cycling  takashimaya  bike 
august 2008 by mjs
Reelight - Frontpage
battery-free bike lights--creates power via direct electromagnetic induction
bike  cycling  battery  bicycle  light 
august 2008 by mjs
theory11 - Bicycle Guardians Playing Cards
pretty gothic/industrial cards for doing magic. weirdly pretentious magic site--like suicidegirls for magicians--not bad design though
magic  cards  playingcards  bicycle 
february 2008 by mjs
skeppshult bicycles
beautiful, really expensive old-style bicycles
shopping  bicycle  cycling  sweden 
may 2007 by mjs
alta bicycle
bicycle partly designed by graphic designers and an ad agency?! 600 euro for a single speed bike, beautiful though. (and the ads are good.)
bicycle  design  cycling  shopping  norway 
may 2007 by mjs

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