What do you mean by same treatment? The "Object destructuring alternative" section explains h…
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13 days ago
Turns out array destructuring is not just syntactic sugar … for some reason (at least in the general case) it invol…
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13 days ago
How Delivery Apps Like Seamless and Uber Eats May Put Your Favorite Restaurant Out of Business | The New Yorker
Many of the restaurant owners I spoke to knew that their percentage of deliveries was rising along with their costs, but they were unsure of how that was affecting their profitability. “We kind of think that it all balances out, but, honestly, we don’t know,” Tom Birchard, the owner of the popular Ukrainian restaurant Veselka, which has been serving late-night borscht and pierogi to East Villagers for more than sixty years, told me. “We don’t have the capacity to really analyze the economics of it carefully. We’re in the dark.”
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4 weeks ago
concurrently - npm
Run multiple commands concurrently. Like npm run watch-js & npm run watch-less but better.
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5 weeks ago
Simple static site generator
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7 weeks ago
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