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Debian and Ubuntu packaging for PHP and various other stuff.
debian  ubuntu  php 
october 2019 by mjlassila
JQuery library utility for cropping pictures
javascript  crop  image  utility  library  php 
december 2015 by mjlassila
DVWA - Damn Vulnerable Web Application
Damn Vulnerable Web App (DVWA) is a PHP/MySQL web application that is damn vulnerable. Its main goals are to be an aid for security professionals to test their skills and tools in a legal environment.
php  security  learning  programming 
october 2015 by mjlassila
PHP library for reading and writing EPub metadata, including cover images.
epub  php  workflow  libraries 
january 2014 by mjlassila
php - PHPCS not running on the command line? - Stack Overflow
If the PHP command is a shell script wrapper around the real executable, one needs to edit the first line of the phpcs script to invoke PHP via /usr/bin/env: #!/usr/bin/env /path-to-php/bin/php
php  phpcs  cli  shell 
january 2014 by mjlassila
Yii Framework: Best for Web 2.0 Development
When it is time to leave CakePHP & Zend, gotta have a try.
php  framework  mvc  webdev 
february 2013 by mjlassila
XMP PHP Toolkit
Toolkit for manipulating embedded XMP metadata in files.
adobe  metadata  opensource  php  xmp 
september 2012 by mjlassila
Google Chrome extension for PHP debugging.
extension  php  development 
july 2012 by mjlassila
OpenShift by Red Hat
Free, scalable platform-as-a-service environment from Redhat.
cloud  deployment  java  python  perl  php 
march 2012 by mjlassila
Simplified version of Cocoon using PHP5. Neat!
xslt  xml  publishing  php  cocoon 
march 2010 by mjlassila
Custom built library-oriented CMS for managing subject guides, database and staff lists etc.
libraries  cms  php  opensource  libguides  subjectguides 
february 2010 by mjlassila
Debugging Drupal
Overview of some of the Drupal development and debugging tools
drupal  developent  debugging  php  firebug  devel  xdebug  filed 
december 2009 by mjlassila
HTML to PDF layout and rendering engine written in PHP
pt  pdf  php  tool  utility 
september 2009 by mjlassila
Krumo: Version 2.0 of print_r(); and var_dump();
Debugging tool which displays structured information about any PHP variable
php  development  debugging  programming  webdev 
august 2009 by mjlassila
drupal, lean and mean | smallcore
Initiative for leaning down and simpliying Drupal core.
drupal  framework  php 
august 2009 by mjlassila
PHP extension and patch for hardening PHP installations.
php  security  server  hardening 
july 2009 by mjlassila
Open source publishing platform for scholars, librarians, archivists, museum professionals, and others alike. Designed for ground-up for non-technical professionals.
libraries  museums  publishing  opensource  try  php  cms 
july 2009 by mjlassila
Yet another barebones CMS. Seems to take convention over configuration paradigm to the extreme, which is good.
cms  framework  php 
january 2009 by mjlassila
Open Source PHP | OpenMicroBlogger
Implements the OpenMicroBlogger standard for distributed microblogging.
microblogging  lifestream  php  opensource 
september 2008 by mjlassila
Drupal Performance Tuning and Optimization for large web sites | 2bits.com
Wonderful collection of performance tuning articles, for large and small sites.
drupal  modules  performance  scalability  hosting  php 
march 2008 by mjlassila
ARC RDF Classes for PHP
RDF system for semantic web and PHP practitioners. Features http://arc.semsol.org/features
rdf  semantic-web  php  programming 
january 2008 by mjlassila
Simple guardian implementation for LAMP -configuration
Shell script which checks the system health and restarts failing componens if needed.
drupal  linux  php  sysadmin  apache 
december 2007 by mjlassila
An Introduction to Unit Testing in Drupal | Lullabot
How to practice test-driven development with Drupal, using Simpletest.
drupal  development  tdd  webdev  simpletest  php 
november 2007 by mjlassila
log4drupal - a logging api for drupal | johnandcailin
Simple api that writes messages to a PEAR log file. Each message is tagged with a particular log priority level (debug, info, warn, error or emergency)
drupal  modules  debugging  php  development 
november 2007 by mjlassila

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