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Blot – a blogging platform with no interface | Hacker News
Neat daemon for hosting a blog in Dropbox or other place for static files.
blogging  cms  publishing  static  markdown 
june 2018 by mjlassila
Arches Project Cultural Heritage Inventory and Management Software
Inventory and management platform for the heritage field developed by the Getty Conservation Institute and World Monuments Fund.
cms  linked-data  cidoc  museum  glam 
january 2018 by mjlassila
Netlify CMS | Open-Source Content Management System
Neat WYSIWYG CMS which uses Git as a storage backend.
cms  editor  git  static  react 
november 2017 by mjlassila
Custom flavor of Drupal, specially designed for academic institutions and researchers.
academic  cms  drupal  university  publishing 
may 2017 by mjlassila
Modern wiki based on Nodejs, Markdown etc.
wiki  cms  writing  nodejs  markdown  notetaking  hosting  diy  studies  notes 
may 2017 by mjlassila
Headless CMS with automatic JSON API. Featuring auto HTTPS, HTTP/2 Server Push etc.
cms  golang  json  api  headless  webserver  ssl 
april 2017 by mjlassila
Markdown-based, flat-file CMS for knowledge bases.
markdown  nodejs  txt  knowledge-management  documentation  cms  via:der_dennis  knowledge-base  wiki 
january 2016 by mjlassila
Welcome | Lektor Static Content Management System
Yet another static content management system. Has neat admin UI.
cms  static  generator  nodejs 
january 2016 by mjlassila
Ghost - Just a blogging platform
Well-designed blogging platform based on Nodejs.
blogging  cms  nodejs  opensource  publishing  business  markdown 
march 2015 by mjlassila
Overview | Cartaro
Geospatially enchanced CMS. Based on Drupal and various other OSS components).
gis  cms  publishing 
march 2015 by mjlassila
Wordpress plugin for book publishing.
ebook  epub  publishing  cms 
january 2015 by mjlassila
Pico - A stupidly simple, blazing fast, flat file CMS.
Simple flat-file CMS, consider replacing SimpleCMS installations with this.
plaintext  cms  minimalist 
november 2014 by mjlassila
Infrae: Infrae
Repository solutions based on Python & Zope.
python  cms  publishing  zope  oai-pmh  repository 
june 2013 by mjlassila
Copybar ➝ Click to Edit
Tool for creating editable elements on otherwise static webpages.
cms  static  xss 
november 2012 by mjlassila
Prose · A Content Editor for GitHub
Editor for managing Github-hosted content.
github  editor  cms  blog 
june 2012 by mjlassila
Tool for generating websites by reading Markdown files stored in Dropbox folder.
dropbox  markdown  productivity  blog  cms 
january 2012 by mjlassila
CollectionSpace | www.collectionspace.org
Opensource collection management software for museums and archives. Check how this compares to CollectiveAccess.
opensource  museum  cms  archives  2012  content-management  business 
january 2012 by mjlassila
Typefi Systems
Publishing workflow system based on XML & Indesign.
indesign  workflow  xml  publishing  cms 
november 2011 by mjlassila
Custom built library-oriented CMS for managing subject guides, database and staff lists etc.
libraries  cms  php  opensource  libguides  subjectguides 
february 2010 by mjlassila
Django CMS
Interesting Django-based CMS.
django  python  webdev  cms 
november 2009 by mjlassila
Open source publishing platform for scholars, librarians, archivists, museum professionals, and others alike. Designed for ground-up for non-technical professionals.
libraries  museums  publishing  opensource  try  php  cms 
july 2009 by mjlassila
Yet another barebones CMS. Seems to take convention over configuration paradigm to the extreme, which is good.
cms  framework  php 
january 2009 by mjlassila
Plinkit Collaborative
Collaborative of 4 US states has built a Plone-based hosted content management system that allows even the smallest public library to have a great web site. Collaborative pools funds in support of dev, training, documentation, and marketing activities.
collaboration  consulting  libraries  opensource  plone  python  zope  presentation  asp  hosting  cms 
september 2007 by mjlassila
CMS front-end/editor extension based on the Mozilla/Firefox framework. Editing of Plain-Text, HTML, XHTML and arbitrary XML with XSLT stylesheets applied documents in source and WYSIWYG mode. Supports Neutron-Auth and HTTP Basic and Digest auth.
cms  firefox  extension 
may 2007 by mjlassila
New York Observer - a newspaper site | drupal.org
The New York Observer, a prominent New York City newspaper, has relaunched its web site using Drupal. The Drupal craftsmen, Moshe Weitzman and Barry Jaspan, want to share a few of their innovative techniques with the Drupal community.
drupal  cms  inspiration  scalability  cck  themes 
may 2007 by mjlassila
Alfresco - Open Source Enterprise Content Management
Enterprise content management (ECM) suite, providing document management, collaboration, records management, knowledge management,etc. Build a sandbox using this!
cms  collaboration  professional-development  business 
may 2007 by mjlassila
Drupal sites | Dries Buytaert
Various blog postings about large scale Drupal powered sites.
drupal  cms  opensource  advocacy  inspiration 
april 2007 by mjlassila
2007 Open Source CMS Summit& DrupalCon @Yahoo! Campus | drupal.org
Presentations and video from Open Source Content Management System Summit at Yahoo! campus.
drupal  conference  video  cms  presentations 
march 2007 by mjlassila
Drupal sites network
DrupalSites.net is a directory that lists websites powered by Drupal.
drupal  inspiration  cms  webdev 
february 2007 by mjlassila
GuppY - I. A great CMS
CMS which doesn't require a database. Very active community.
cms  ity  work 
july 2006 by mjlassila

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