ssss: Shamir's Secret Sharing Scheme
Free implementation of Shamir's Secret Sharing Scheme
cryptography  encryption  shared-key  crypto 
3 days ago
Small form factor, fanless hardware for IoT and other use.
hardware  germany  linux  silent-pc  iot 
9 days ago
Database of software flaws.
bug  security  grep  toolkit  learning 
12 days ago
foospidy/DbDat: Db Database Assessment Tool
Performs numerous checks on a database to evaluate security. The categories of checks performed are configuration, privileges, users, and information.
database  security  assesment  hardening 
12 days ago
Netlify CMS | Open-Source Content Management System
Neat WYSIWYG CMS which uses Git as a storage backend.
cms  editor  git  static  react 
15 days ago
Free Data Ebook Archive - O'Reilly Media
Collection of data related books (science, open, politics) from O'Reilly.
ebooks  oreilly  opencontent  free  opendata  analytics 
16 days ago
Free language course offered by Estonian government.
estonian  language  learning 
16 days ago
Welcome to OAPEN | OAPEN
Contains freely accessible academic books, mainly in the area of humanities and social sciences.
openaccess  publishing  books  academic  research 
18 days ago
Site for EU GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation.
information-systems  research  privacy 
18 days ago
Reversing framework for various tasks.
reverse-engineering  tools  binary  debug 
19 days ago
Cross-platform, GPU-accelerated terminal emulator
terminal  emulator  cli 
20 days ago
FST Package
Fast Serialization of Data Frames for R.
r  dataset  feather  serialization 
21 days ago
médialab Tools
Home of SIgmaJS and multitude of other cool tools.
visualization  network-analysis  scraping  sna 
21 days ago
Shinyproxy on RHEL 7 - ShinyProxy - Open Analytics Community Support
ExecStart=/usr/bin/dockerd -H unix:///var/run/docker.sock -D -H tcp://
shinyproxy  shiny  analytics  configuration  redhat 
22 days ago
Livecoding environment for 3D graphics.
programming  livecoding  art  computational-art  visualization 
25 days ago
Simple (4kb) frontend framework.
javascript  framework  webdev  frontend 
4 weeks ago
Experimentant p2p app for distributing academic research papers, datasets etc.
data  research  distribution  data-science  collaboration  p2p 
4 weeks ago
brms R package for Bayesian generalized non-linear multilevel models using Stan
Provides an interface to fit Bayesian generalized (non-)linear multilevel models using Stan.
r  statistics  bayesian  stan 
4 weeks ago
Tufte CSS
Provides tools to style web articles using the ideas demonstrated by Edward Tufte’s books and handouts.
css  design  presentation  typography  readability 
4 weeks ago
Spatial Data in R: New Directions
Overview of R GIS features, discusses different plotting approaches.
gis  mapping  r  tutorial 
4 weeks ago
Parasol - Graph Network tool
Flexible graph exploration tool based on SigmaJS.
visualization  graph  gephi  sigmajs 
5 weeks ago
ggraph - Layouts
Overview of gggraph layouts.
ggplot  r  package  layout 
5 weeks ago
Are there tools for importing from CSV to BibTeX? - TeX - LaTeX Stack Exchange
Complete solution: Import your CSV-files into MarcEdit. Save as MODS-file. You can then use bibutils or Zotero to convert from MODS-format into bibtex.
csv  bibtex  conversion  database  migration  bibliography 
5 weeks ago
Joni Korpi
Neat interface experiments, including zoomable ui for long documets.
intreface  inspiration  ui  spatial  browsing 
5 weeks ago
rabidgremlin/Mutters: A framework for building bot brains.
Framework for building bot brains Inspired by Amazon Echo's natural language understanding model.
chatbot  nlp  conversation  ux 
5 weeks ago
Environment for building and testing chatbots (eg. generative contextual conversation).
chatbot  experimental  development  interface 
6 weeks ago
Links to useful, well-written, and otherwise beautiful documentation.
documentation  programming  reference  usability  inspiration 
6 weeks ago
md5deep and hashdeep
Utilities to compute, match, and audit hashsets.
security  analytics  checksum  utilities  md5 
6 weeks ago
lord/slate: Beautiful static documentation for your API
Gotta see how this would work for generic documentation needs.
api  documentation  programming  markdown 
6 weeks ago
Reproducible Document Stack - eLife Sciences
About next-generation research articles, eg. tooling and publishing workflow.
journals  reproducability  scholary-communication  editor  workflow 
6 weeks ago
ProtonMail - Bridge Overview
Encrypts all IMAP and SMTP traffic. Currently available for paying customers.
protonmail  security  mail  encryption 
6 weeks ago
Distributed hosting service.
distributed  p2p  hosting 
6 weeks ago
Editor environment for reproducible research.
reserach  programming  utility  analytics 
6 weeks ago
coleifer/scout: RESTful search server written in Python, powered by SQLite.
RESTful search server written in Python, powered by SQLite's full-text search extension, utilizes the Flask framework
python  information-retrieval  search  server  rest 
7 weeks ago
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