Trail Toes Store | Trail Toes, LLC
Anti-blister, foot care products for ultrarunners and alike.
gear  running  health  blister  walking  hiking 
4 hours ago
Berico-Technologies/CLAVIN: CLAVIN (Cartographic Location And Vicinity INdexer) is an open source software package for document geotagging and geoparsing that employs context-based geographic entity resolution.
For document geotagging and geoparsing that employs context-based geographic entity resolution. It combines a variety of open source tools with natural language processing techniques to extract location names from unstructured text documents and resolve them against gazetteer records.
geodata  geocoding  indexing  java  utility  opensource  search 
7 hours ago
Proof of Existence - Home
Validies file extistence in a particular point of time using hash stored in Bitcoin blockchain.
blockchain  documentation  log  proof-of-excistence  timestamping 
2 days ago
CRAN - Package knitrProgressBar
Provides a progress bar similar to 'dplyr' that can write progress out to a variety of locations, including stdout(), stderr(), or from file().
r  programming  analysis  productivity  logging 
2 days ago
Bitgapp | eqMac2
System-wide audio eq for OSX.
opensource  audio  equalizer  eq  music 
12 days ago
JSON-like data structure that can be modified concurrently by different users, and merged again automatically.
json  merge  collaboration  sync  distributed 
12 days ago
How to turn a Raspberry Pi Zero-W into a portable companion device.
external  pentesting  devices  toolchain  hardware 
13 days ago
Well-thought Bash compatible shell alternative.
shell  linux  productivity  bash 
15 days ago
Module for Omeka S to set groups to users and resources, so their visibility can be managed in a more flexible way.
omeka-s  user-management  permissions 
16 days ago
SFU Library API
Full-fledged API for library data.
api  library  data  analytics  integration 
19 days ago
Collecting Twitter Data • rtweet
Up-to-date R client for accessing Twitter’s REST and stream APIs
analytics  twitter  package  r 
21 days ago
Static and dynamic network visualization with R
Comprehensive network visualization tutorial. Uses R.
visualization  sna  networks  analytics 
23 days ago
Gephi Similarity Computer
Forms a networks based on node similiarities.
gephi  visualization  feature-based  sna 
23 days ago
CLI tool and Python library for archiving Twitter JSON.
python  twitter  research  library  archive  analytics 
26 days ago
Distributed computing system, uses Ethereum tokens to compensate for computing power. Still in early development.
distributed  computing  cgi  ethereum  blockchain 
27 days ago
Old Weather
Trascribing old logbooks for recovering climate data.
crowdsourcing  history  weather  citizen-sciene 
27 days ago
Manjaro Linux
Noob-friedly Arch-based distro.
linux  arch  distro 
4 weeks ago
Markdown Guide
Open-source reference guide that explains how to use Markdown. Dunno what MD dialect is being used but seems useful anyway.
markdown  reference  best-practices  writing  publishing  authorea 
4 weeks ago
CoreSecurity/impacket: Impacket
Collection of Python classes for working with network protocols in low level.
analysis  python  network  dns  impacket 
4 weeks ago
tweepy/tweepy: Twitter for Python!
Makes it easy to interface Twitter from Python.
python  twitter  library  api  research 
5 weeks ago
WireGuard: fast, modern, secure VPN tunnel
Modern VPN implementation, not ready for production use yet.
vpn  security  tunneling  networking 
5 weeks ago
Suite of applications for TEI-based publishing.
publishing  workflow  automation  conversion  tei 
5 weeks ago
Arches Project Cultural Heritage Inventory and Management Software
Inventory and management platform for the heritage field developed by the Getty Conservation Institute and World Monuments Fund.
cms  linked-data  cidoc  museum  glam 
5 weeks ago
Cubeor Vault 1.1
Really neat, minimalistic PC enclosure for Mini-ITX form factor, made in Finland.
enclosure  workstation  finland 
6 weeks ago
Useful tool for creating RSS feeds for various audio files available in the web.
podcast  mashup  podcasting  audio  rss 
6 weeks ago
Digital History Hub
Omeka hosting service, allows more flexibility than Omeka.net
omeka  hosting  service 
6 weeks ago
Create Omeka-S query - Omeka S - Omeka Forum
You check the api for the list of properties with their id: http://example.com/api/properties2, then you use it like that : http://example.com/api/items?resource-type=item&property[0][property]=PROPERTYID&property[0][type]=in&property[0][text]=TEXTTOSEARCH2

But the simpler is to do an advanced sarch yourself and to add it as an url in the navigation.
omeka-s  query-language  api 
6 weeks ago
The messenger - Delta Chat
Android messenger app based on email.
chat  encryption  mail 
7 weeks ago
Decentralized public key infrastructure based on cross-referencing hash chains.
encryption  trust  decentralization 
7 weeks ago
Security Planner
Simple wizard for non-technical folks.
encryption  security  privacy  wizard  tutorial  infosec 
8 weeks ago
shortDOI Service
Shortens those insanely long DOIs.
doi  writing  academic  publishing  identifiers 
8 weeks ago
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