The Code4Lib Journal – DuEPublicA
Automated bibliometric reports based on the university bibliography and external citation data.
analytics  bibliometrics  dashboard 
seankross/ari: The Automated R Instructor
Neat R package for making videos from plain text files. Uses Amazon Polly to convert text into speech.
narration  instruction  tutorial  automation  video 
5 days ago
DT: An R interface to the DataTables library
Provides an R interface to the JavaScript library DataTables. R data objects (matrices or data frames) can be displayed as tables on HTML pages, and DataTables provides filtering, pagination, sorting, and many other features in the tables.
r  shiny  dashboard  utility  datatable  tabular  csv 
5 days ago
R package for Bootstrap Components to make landing pages for Shiny.
r  shiny  ux  dashboard 
5 days ago
Ethereal Email
Anti-transactional email service where messages never get delivered.</blockquote
email  null  smtp  programming  mocking 
6 days ago
osx - Setting environment variables in OS X? - Stack Overflow
How so set environment variables in OSX from single source (bash_profile).
osx  environment  rstudio  roracle 
6 days ago
Client/server side PDF printing in pure JavaScript
javascript  nodejs  library  pdf 
10 days ago
Ping for HTTP request (http://www.vanheusden.com/httping) Useful for checking the status code without downloading the actual content.
ping  http  monitoring  cli  ncurses 
13 days ago
PopSQL - Modern, collaborative SQL editor for your team
Multiplatform collaborative DB client. Supports currently MySQL, Postgresql, Redshift, Microsoft SQL, Cassandra, MemSQL, BigQuery, SQLite, among the others.
analytics  sql  collaboration  data-analysis 
14 days ago
Data visualization languages & tools
declarative  grammar  graphics  visualization  dashboard  tableau 
17 days ago
Micro - Home
Full-featured CLI editor with mouse support.
editor  cli  terminal  programming  utility 
18 days ago
Hacktoberfest 2017 - DigitalOcean
Hacktoberfest is a month-long celebration of open source software.
contributing  github  opensource  community 
19 days ago
For creating nice screenshots of source code.
code  screenshot  presentation  utility  share 
19 days ago
Training data creation and management system focused on information extraction http://snorkel.stanford.edu
machine-learning  information-extraction  training-data 
22 days ago
Weak Supervision
Discusses the problems of creating sufficient amount of training data for DL.
machine-learning  theory  data-programming  snorkel  training 
22 days ago
Electric Book Works · GitHub
Open source book publishing workflows and tools.
publishing  workflow  utilities  opensource 
27 days ago
Electric Book: Home
Process and a set of tools for making high-quality books. It’s designed for professional book-production teams to replace tools like InDesign for text-heavy books.
ebook  publising  workflow  utility 
27 days ago
The Archives Unleashed Project
Web archive search and data analysis tools to enable scholars and librarians to access, share, and investigate recent history since the early days of the WWW.
software  preservation  archiving  analytics  scalability  digital-humanities  via:mikael 
27 days ago
The Modern Javascript Tutorial
Simple, but detailed explanations with examples and tasks for learning closures, document and events, object oriented programming and more.
javascript  programming  introduction  tutorial 
28 days ago
Excellent Android client for Kanboard, available from Fdroid.
kanboard  kanban  android  client  mobile  project-management  productivity 
4 weeks ago
>A collection of user-submitted workflows for Workflow for iOS.
automation  ios  workflow  productivity 
4 weeks ago
Ultra-low latency audio and sensor processing audio hacking platform based on Beaglebone Black.
audio  music  hacking  diy  beaglebone 
4 weeks ago
Hybrid indoor positioning plaform, based on multiple sensor input (including geomagnetic field).
positioning  navigation  mapping 
4 weeks ago
Google Chrome
Comics interpretation of Google Chrome key engineering decisions with art by Scott McCloud.
engineering  comics  design  illustration 
5 weeks ago
StackEdit – Editor
Full-featured online Markdown editor and HTML preview.
editor  markdown  writing  productivity 
5 weeks ago
SKOS editor, with OAI-PMH support.
skos  editor  tools  vocabulary 
5 weeks ago
Download an always up-to-date ebook version of Paul Graham’s essays.
epub  reading  inspiration  essay 
5 weeks ago
LTS Linux distro for smartphones, as Q3/2017 in pre-alpha stage.
linux  mobile  os 
6 weeks ago
to-markdown - an HTML to Markdown converter written in javascript
Online HTML-to-Markdown converter, works also as a Node module.
markdown  converter  html 
7 weeks ago
h2non/imaginary: Fast and simple HTTP microservice for high-level image processing with first-class support for Docker and Heroku
Fast and simple HTTP microservice for high-level image processing with first-class support for Docker and Heroku.
api  images  processing  server  microservices  golang 
9 weeks ago
SRF Data auf GitHub
Code & data from SRF Data, the data-driven journalism unit of Swiss Radio and TV (SRF).
datajournalism  journalism  analytics  opendata 
9 weeks ago
Always Already Computational • Always Already Computational - Collections as Data
Collections as Data is an Institute of Museum and Library Services supported effort that aims to foster a strategic approach to developing, describing, providing access to, and encouraging reuse of collections that support computationally-driven research and teaching in areas including but not limited to Digital Humanities, Public History, Digital History, data driven Journalism, Digital Social Science, and Digital Art History.
digital-humanities  collection-management  analytics  libraries 
9 weeks ago
For uploading non-item spesific items to Omeka
omeka  plugin  sitebuilding 
10 weeks ago
SQLPad - A web app for running SQL queries and visualizing the results
Self-hosted web app for writing and running SQL queries and visualizing the results, for exploratory data analysis.
sql  exploratory-analysis  opensource  analytics  etl 
10 weeks ago
Framework for multilayer analysis and visualization of networks.
research  visualization  network-analysis  multipartite  sna  r 
10 weeks ago
Web application to converting word documents into well-structured XML.
metadata  crosswalk  conversion  office  publishing  workflow  xml 
10 weeks ago
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