Ora2Pg : Migrates Oracle to PostgreSQL
Utility for doing live or file-based migration.
postgres  oracle  migration  etl  perl 
2 hours ago
gsoules (George Soules)
Advanced Omeka Classic plugins, such as a plugin for visualizing item relationships.
omeka  omeka-classic  plugins  item-relations 
7 hours ago
Restricts access to the user list setting on the public sites of your choice.
omeka-s  module  usability 
7 hours ago
Omeka S module allowing administrators to choose properties to hide from public view.
omeka-s  usability  module  metadata 
7 hours ago
Home | Warmshowers.org
Couchsurfing-like accommodation for cycle tourers.
cycling  touring  accommodation  travel 
19 hours ago
RTF/ODF-Scan for Zotero
How to use Zotero with any word processor or editor.
zotero  writing  scrivener  google-docs 
2 days ago
For creating specific classes and properties when no standard ontologies can be used.
ontology  omeka-s  modeling  entity  rdf  vocabulary 
6 days ago
Twitter datasets for research. Does not have the actual content of the tweets.
analytics  dataset  twitter  tool  research 
12 days ago
JS library for building editors for writing structured text for web publishing.
editor  markdown  writing  structured-text 
12 days ago
RSS is undead | Hacker News
Discusses the second coming of RSS (or open feeds generally).
rss  aggregation  diy 
16 days ago
Paper Machines | The MIT Press
Why the card catalog -- a “paper machine” with rearrangeable elements -- can be regarded as a precursor of the computer.
reading  books  inspiration  libraries  card-catalog 
16 days ago
Knowledge-lean Text Mining
Discusses unsupervised, data-driven methods for text analysis.
text-mining  deep-learning  topic-modeling  text-analytics 
16 days ago
Transforms JSON to an easily grepped format.
json  grep  golang 
22 days ago
Shows context-sensitive keyboard shortcut help for currently focused app.
keyboard  mac  productivity  shortcuts 
28 days ago
Trail Supply Co.
Company offering resupply service for long distance hikers in the US.
hiking  usa  resupply  travel 
29 days ago
ML Reference
Starter code and examples for common machine learning techniques and libraries.
4 weeks ago
Modern reverse proxy
4 weeks ago
Collaborative writing and presentation tool, focuses on privacy.
4 weeks ago
BitCurator – BitCurator
Suite of NLP applications for supporting archival processes.
4 weeks ago
GitHub - plasticityai/magnitude:
Fast, efficient universal vector embedding utility package. Perhaps alternative to Gensim in some use cases.
4 weeks ago
GitHub - redhuntlabs/RedHunt-OS
VM for adversary emulation and threat hunting
5 weeks ago
Boxout.fm | Online Community Radio
Online radio station focused on alternative music and culture in India.
india  radio  broadcast  music  dub 
5 weeks ago
GitHub - gwk/muck
Build tool for data analysis projects
data-journalism  research  build  utility  workflow 
5 weeks ago
SimWorks by Honjo | SimWorks
High-quality, made-in-Japan classic fenders.
cycling  parts  diy  building  style 
6 weeks ago
The Photographer's Ephemeris
Software for visualizing lighting conditions for scenery/outdoor photography.
photography  scenery  map  visualization 
7 weeks ago
GitHub - biblibre/omeka-cli: Command line tool for Omeka
CLI tool for administering Omeka installations. Makes it possible to check for updates, install plugins, install new Omeka, create snapshots etc.
omeka  administration  utility  cli  productivity 
7 weeks ago
Tool for creating a local backup of Spotify playlists
backup  spotify  playlist  mydata 
7 weeks ago
CRAN - Package colorRamps
For expanding extisting palettes using ramp method.
colour  palette  package  r  visualization 
7 weeks ago
GitHub - natasha/natasha
Rule-based named entity recognition library for russian language
nlp  information-retrieval  python 
7 weeks ago
List of various web archiving tools and projects.
archiving  collection  libraries  preservation  search 
8 weeks ago
GitHub - NVIDIA/FastPhotoStyle
Algo for transferring style of the photo to another.
photography  inspiration  stylize  machine-learning 
8 weeks ago
GitHub - hartator/wayback-machine-downloader
Downloads an entire website from the Wayback Machine. Docker image available.
archive  download  wayback  archiving  backup  docker 
8 weeks ago
GitHub - kantord/just-dashboard: Create dashboards using YAML/JSON files
Creates dashboard based on public Github JSON gists or from JSON emitted from a backend.
dashboard  json  static  simplicity 
9 weeks ago
Binder (beta)
For launching notebooks stored in Github.
jupyter  data-science  analytics  publishing  github 
9 weeks ago
Inspiring project founded by Brett Victor and Alan Kay.
inspiration  computational-thinking  visionary  technology  art  education 
9 weeks ago
Trail Toes Store | Trail Toes, LLC
Anti-blister, foot care products for ultrarunners and alike.
gear  running  health  blister  walking  hiking 
9 weeks ago
Berico-Technologies/CLAVIN: CLAVIN (Cartographic Location And Vicinity INdexer) is an open source software package for document geotagging and geoparsing that employs context-based geographic entity resolution.
For document geotagging and geoparsing that employs context-based geographic entity resolution. It combines a variety of open source tools with natural language processing techniques to extract location names from unstructured text documents and resolve them against gazetteer records.
geodata  geocoding  indexing  java  utility  opensource  search 
9 weeks ago
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