Statistics Finland PX-WEB API documentation.
analytics  finland  statistics  api 
2 days ago
Neat tool for creating diagrams with hand-drawn look using ASCII art.
diagramming  ascii  tool  utility  prototyping 
5 days ago
OPDS server based on a directory
ebook  opds  epub  distribution  ebooks 
10 days ago
File tagging system for Linux. Saves tags to the separate database, doesn't modify files. Has ability to mount tagged files as a virtual filesystem.
tagging  linux  filesystem  file-management  productivity 
10 days ago
R in Ecology
Discusses R in ecology but applies to other fields too.
analytics  data-analysis  r  research 
19 days ago
Discusses the effect of computational notebooks on publishing.
publishing  python  jupyter  notebook  science 
22 days ago
Decentralized data archive system.
collaboration  data  distributed  p2p  decentralization 
25 days ago
Library system developed at CERN.
ils  libraries  erm 
25 days ago
Interactive Scala-notebook in the browser.
scala  functional  learning  interactive  notebook 
26 days ago
CFPTime - Home page
Call for papers -deadlines for infosec related conferences
infosec  conference  academic  research 
28 days ago
GoAccess - Visual Web Log Analyzer
CLI log analyzer, has HTML, CSV and JSON generating capabilities too.
analytics  webserver  log  logging  cli 
28 days ago
Sounds Of New York
Ambient background noise field recordings from iconic locations in New York City neighborhoods.
field-recording  audio  ambience  inspiration  via:jseppanen 
4 weeks ago
R framework for creating production-ready ML applications. Emphasizes convention over configuration.
r  framework  machine-learning  productivity  workflow 
4 weeks ago
Create smooth animations in R with the tweenr package
Neat package for creating smooth visualizations in R using ggplot2
r  visualization  animation  timeseries 
4 weeks ago
A16Z AI Playbook
General introduction to ML. Suitable for absolute beginners without any prior knowledge.
ai  machine-learning  computer-science  programming  automation 
5 weeks ago
Custom flavor of Drupal, specially designed for academic institutions and researchers.
academic  cms  drupal  university  publishing 
6 weeks ago
An R package for creating and exploring word2vec and other word embedding models
word2vec  digital-humanities  text-analysis  text  nlp 
7 weeks ago
100 Million Books
Chrome extension to suggest random books.
books  reading  serendipity  inspiration 
7 weeks ago
Links to slides for talks at the 2017 rstudio::conf
r  conference  presentations  slides 
7 weeks ago
Modern wiki based on Nodejs, Markdown etc.
wiki  cms  writing  nodejs  markdown  notetaking 
7 weeks ago
Tad - A Desktop Viewer App for Tabular Data
Tool for quickly analyzing and viewing tabular data.
csv  data  analytics  viewer  query 
7 weeks ago
BabelNet™ | The largest multilingual encyclopedic dictionary and semantic network
Huge multilingual escyclopedic knowledge base, based on data from Wikipedia, Wordnet, Wikionary, Wikidata etc. Offers concepts and named entitiens loxicalized in wide variety of languages, includingsemantic relations.
ontology  wikipedia  knowledge-base  linked-data  semantic-web 
8 weeks ago
Mana central database - Koha Wiki
Global central DB and Rest API for library data, such as subscription models, reports, social data.
libraries  api  infrastructure  koha  rest 
8 weeks ago
Seach engine for subnet-wide searches for services etc.
security  audit  utility  scanning  iot 
9 weeks ago
vtreat: prepare data – Win-Vector Blog
Package for taking care of data preprocessing steps in R.
analytics  data-wrangling  r  package 
10 weeks ago
Headless CMS with automatic JSON API. Featuring auto HTTPS, HTTP/2 Server Push etc.
cms  golang  json  api  headless  webserver  ssl 
11 weeks ago
I4OC: Initiative for Open Citations
Collaboration between scholarly publishers, researchers, and other interested parties to promote the unrestricted availability of scholarly citation data.
openaccess  citation-analysis  bibliometrics  analytics  publishing 
11 weeks ago
OpenCitations - Home
Open repository of scholarly citation data made available under a Creative Commons public domain dedication, which provides in RDF accurate citation information (bibliographic references) harvested from the scholarly literature
citation  network-analysis  bibliometrics  opendata 
11 weeks ago
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