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D3.js is a small, free JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data.
data  framework  javascript  svg  visualization 
july 2011 by mja
ditaa is a small command-line utility written in Java, that can convert diagrams drawn using ascii art ('drawings' that contain characters that resemble lines like | / - ), into proper bitmap graphics.
ascii  asciiart  diagrams  visualization 
october 2009 by mja
Which would be better to learn in the long run for visualizations, canvas or flash? : programming
So lets say I want to make some visualizations. Nothing serious and there really isn't a deadline. I just want to learn something new and I realized that making visualizations is something I've never really done before.

I have done plenty of java and php coding, for both ss and, in java's case, standalone programs. I know some javascript, but only what I learned in the process of usin jquery for a project or two. So I ask you now, which would serve better in the long run, learning more js for canvas, or learn as3 for flash?

How about if I want the visualizations to be interactive?
canvas  flash  reddit  visualization 
october 2009 by mja
Dead Reckonings » The Art of Nomography I: Geometric Design
Nomography, truly a forgotten art, is the graphical representation of mathematical relationships or laws (the Greek word for law is nomos).
visualization  mathematics  inspiration  nomography  design  graphics 
september 2008 by mja
Drawing Chess Positions
An interpreted language has much to offer in this area, allowing us to query and shape images dynamically
chess  graphics  programming  python  visualization  images 
march 2008 by mja

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