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Part one of the ups and downs of the development of Acorn.
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august 2011 by mja
BBC News - Old meets new in digital divide
There are 9.2m (18%) adults who have never used the internet and 27% who do not have internet access at home.

And age appears to be the biggest factor. According to ONS figures, 99% of those aged 16- 24 have used the internet, dropping to just 40% of those aged 65 or over.

Charity Age UK is so concerned that it warned that unless more can be done to help older people get online "there is serious concern that they'd become more and more marginalised members of society".
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october 2010 by mja
BBC NEWS | Technology | Strength in science collaboration
Google Wave is proving its worth in the scientific community, as one of the new collaboration tools which scientists are using to work together and conduct research.
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november 2009 by mja

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