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Deploy django apps to Amazon EC2 with ONE command
amazon  deployment  django  ec2  fabric 
june 2011 by mja
S3 Backup • Maluke Co.
S3 Backup is a fail-safe, encrypted online backup solution. It's in a beta-test phase and some features aren't available yet.

S3 Backup is powered by Amazon S3 – highly scalable, reliable, fast, inexpensive data storage infrastructure that Amazon uses to run its own global network of web sites. When using S3 Backup you ensure that your data are stored in multiple locations through the world, making it safe even in the event of natural disaster or sabotage.
backup  s3  amazon 
september 2009 by mja
Using Amazon S3, EC2, SQS, Lucene, and Ruby for Web Spidering
Robert Dempsey guides you through the steps of building a web spidering application using Amazon EC2, Amazon SQS, and Amazon S3.
amazon  ec2  s3  sqs  howto  lucene  rubyonrails 
february 2008 by mja
Self-service, Prorated Super Computing Fun!
NYTimes uses Hadoop, S3, EC2, and some custom code to handle PDF generation for 4TB worth of image data
amazon  s3  ec2  nytimes  programming  clustering 
november 2007 by mja
Build an Infinitely Scalable Infrastructure for $100 Using Amazon Services
Can you really create an infinitely scalable infrastructure for less than $100 using Amazon's storage, grid, and queuing services platform? It appears so, at least for the right application.
amazon  s3  ec2  scalability  webservices 
august 2007 by mja
Amazon Web Services Developer Connection : Building a Web Application with Ruby on Rails and Amazon S3
This article provides a tutorial on integrating the Amazon S3 REST API for Ruby with the Ruby on Rails web application framework to create a web management user interface for Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).
s3  amazon  rails  tutorial  webdev  ec2 
june 2007 by mja
S3Sync.net - S3Sync Wiki
This is a community site for developers and users of the free and open source s3sync.rb and s3cmd.rb tools, which are interfaces to the Amazon S3 system.
s3  amazon  ruby  backup  rsync  s3sync 
june 2007 by mja
Online storage powered by Amazon S3
backup  storage  amazon  s3  online 
june 2007 by mja
SourceForge.net: s3DAV
s3DAV is a webDAV interface and a ftp server to access your data stored in your amazon/s3 account
s3  backup  webdav  amazon 
june 2007 by mja
PHP Web Services Without SOAP
In an earlier article, I outlined the basics of Web services and how you can use PHP and SOAP to talk to Amazon.com. But SOAP isn't the only way a developer can query Amazon's database. The other method is known as REST, which stands for Representational
php  rest  webservices  amazon  programming 
june 2007 by mja
On-Demand MPI Cluster with Python and EC2 (part 1 of 3) » Data Wrangling Blog
In this post, we will build a 20 node Beowulf cluster on Amazon EC2 and run some computations using both MPI and its Python wrapper pyMPI. This tutorial will only describe how to get the cluster running and show a few example computations.
python  EC2  Amazon  clustering  mpi  tutorial  parallel 
june 2007 by mja
How I automated my backups to Amazon S3 using s3sync. | John Eberly
I wanted a simple low level tool to perform automatic backups S3. I decided to use s3sync to do the heavy lifting and use the jets3t Cockpit GUI to monitor my S3 account. The following explains how I successfully started automating my backups to S3 using
backup  s3  amazon  storage  howto  sync  s3sync 
june 2007 by mja
Amazon Web Services Developer Connection : Monster Muck Mashup - Mass Video Conversion Using AWS
Expert AWS developer Mitch Garnaat takes us through his Monster Muck Mashup application, which supercharges the process of converting video for his iPod. Mitch uses Amazon S3 for rock-solid video file storage, Amazon EC2 to rip through the video conversio
Amazon  s3  ec2  video  python  webservices 
june 2007 by mja
Ruby on Rails EC2 "Appliance"
This is my attempt to create a public server image for Amazon’s EC2 hosting service that’s ready to run a standard Ruby on Rails application with little or no customization. Basically it’s a Ruby on Rails virtual appliance.
ec2  image  amazon  rails 
june 2007 by mja

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