21st-Century Libraries: The Learning Commons | Edutopia
When every student has the potential to carry a global library on the device in his or her pocket, the role of physical libraries may become even more important, not just a place to house resources, but one in which to create meaning from them.
libraries  education  learning 
13 days ago
Library services - GOV.UK
What the government’s doing about library services.
libraries  government 
13 days ago
What do people want from libraries? | Arts Council England
The research explored what the public wants from library services, and provides pointers for how councils, faced with difficult financial choices, should shape the service for the future.
libraries  report 
13 days ago
Community engagement in public libraries | Arts Council England
The Community Libraries Programme was an £80 million programme managed by Big Lottery Fund. It funded library refurbishment with a requirement for libraries to actively involve communities in their design, delivery and management.
libraries  funding  community  report 
13 days ago
Option 4: Save Northamptonshire's Libraries – Keep all of our public libraries open and operated by the County Council
Northamptonshire County Council is consulting the public on 3 options of cuts and closures to our public libraries.

We are rejecting their options, proposing Option 4 instead: to keep ALL of our libraries open, in permanent public ownership and operated by properly trained staff.
13 days ago
Libraries as a statutory service - GOV.UK
Local authorities have a statutory duty under the Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964 ‘to provide a comprehensive and efficient library service for all persons’ in the area that want to make use of it (section 7).
14 days ago
Neil Gaiman lecture in full: Reading and obligation | Reading Agency
On 14 October 2013 Neil Gaiman gave [The Reading Agency's] second annual lecture at the Barbican Centre, London. The following is a full transcript of the lecture. Page includes a video of the lecture.
14 days ago
Community libraries for the 21st century - GOV.UK
No copy of the actual report. Link to the Arts Council website is broken.
community  libraries 
16 days ago
Libraries Deliver: Ambition for Public Libraries in England 2016 to 2021 - GOV.UK
Libraries Deliver: Ambition sets out the government’s and Taskforce’s vision for, and commitment to, public libraries in England and provides a focus for joint action.
libraries  civic  politics 
16 days ago
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