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A Silent Dog and Still Water by Misfit_McCoward
For a prompt from Fascinationex: “ninja are meant to be able bodied, but plenty of them grow to experience chronic injuries and illnesses due to the nature of their work. exposure to poisons and dodgy joints are common, for example. a lot of medicine and man hours go into keeping good ninja in working order -- but when a ninja becomes a missing-nin, she starts having to deal with these problems independently. and that's when problems arise.”

In Mist, you fought until you couldn’t, and then you ...
'fic  Naruto  s:Kirigakure  T  gen  c:OFC  t:chronic_illness  w:ableism  t:diabetes  t:disability  c:MomochiZabuza  c:Haku  c:Hidan  c:Kakuzu  l:10000-30000  dark  t:illness/injury  from instapaper
april 2019 by missmaverick
the curse of the anime protagonist by masterdipster
Or; the one where Izuku is blessed with the most heroic quirk in existence.

The problem is, er, being a hero's the last thing he wants to be.
BokunoHeroAcademia  c:MidoriyaIzuku  canon-au  gen  l:>50000  c:OFC  c:OMC  c:BakugouKatsuki  c:AllMight  *work-in-progress  'fic  from instapaper
july 2018 by missmaverick
the Song Unsung by khaleesian
Given an infinite number of worlds...on one of them it might have happened like this.

Norse myth remix or 'it's opposite day in Asgard'.
'fic  Loki/Thor  Thor  M  c:Loki  c:Thor  canon-AU  s:Jotunheim  s:Asgard  t:courtship  #slowburn  c:OFC  mythology  l:>50000  from instapaper
may 2018 by missmaverick
Visions of Vader: The Dark Lord in Popular Memory by DarthNickels
ABSTRACT: This article seeks to find the ways people remember Darth Vader and the forces that shaped those impressions and memories. Using a combination of Imperial propoganda and personal accounts from those who had personal interactions with Vader, the author analyzes widespread impressions of Vader and how they remain 30 years after the fall of the Empire. Originally published in the New Alderaan Journal Of Public History.
'fic  StarWars  c:DarthVader  style:academia  post-canon  n:not_rated  c:LukeSkywalker  c:OMC  c:OFC  l:1000-5000  outsider-POV  from instapaper
march 2017 by missmaverick
Trick Or Treat ’Til The Neighbors Are Gonna Die Of Fright by Kittenmommy
“Whoa, check out that dude!” Rob says, gesturing with his beer bottle.

A tall man dressed in emerald and gold armor and a billowing emerald cape is approaching from up the street. He’s got a huge golden horned helmet on his head, and he’s holding the hand of a little girl dressed in a blue Cinderella costume.

“Whoever he is, that guy just set the bar for dads’ costumes for years to come,” Jasmine observes.

“Is he supposed to be… Loki?” Margery asks, perplexed.

“Yeah, I think so!” Rob says, l...
crack  <3  Avengers  c:Loki  s:Halloween  G  gen  l:1000-5000  fluff  'fic  t:kids  t:characters_as_kids  c:Fenrir  c:Hel  c:Jormungandr  c:OFC 
march 2014 by missmaverick
Make Way For Ducklings by hetrez
Steve leads a Tactical Defense training course a few months after the events of the Avengers movie, and gains himself some SHIELD-issue ducklings. A series of interconnected stories set in the same universe.
Avengers  gen  'fic  c:SteveRogers  c:OMC  c:OFC  l:10000-30000  Steve/Bucky 
january 2014 by missmaverick

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