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Semi-Automatic Weapons and Small Children by Isnt_it_pretty_to_think_so
Three minutes and forty-eight seconds.

That’s how long it takes before Tony abandons the single most important conference of the year.
'fic  T  Avengers  c:ClintBarton  c:MichelleJones  t:PTSD  w:panicattack  w:anxiety_attack  l:1000-5000  t:bad_parenting  t:parenting  from instapaper
may 2019 by missmaverick
Phone Home (Or Don't) by lowflyingfruit
AU: instead of sending the Destroyer after Thor, Loki hides him from Heimdall's sight, stranding him on Earth.

It's been a rough week, between the fiasco at Stark Expo, the incident in Harlem, and the strange hammer falling from the sky in New Mexico. And the universe is only getting bigger, the threats more serious. New and stranger battles are coming whether Earth is ready or not.

In the aftermath of possible first contact with an alien race, a group of remarkable people slowly assembles, fi...
'fic  Thor  *work-in-progress  s:canon-divergence  T  gen  c:Thor  c:ClintBarton  c:NatashaRomanov  t:cultural_differences  l:>50000  from instapaper
december 2018 by missmaverick
The man with grey hands smiles by tigriswolf
He can’t even recall his name, but he knows, deep in his aching bones, that Tasha would never leave him. But she isn’t here. She hasn’t come for him.

She must be dead, Tasha with the red hair and dangerous hands. She’s dead, so the rest aren’t coming for him.
'fic  Clint/Loki  w:trauma  w:dubious_consent  c:ClintBarton  c:Loki  T  t:emotional_manipulation  l:1000-5000  from instapaper
april 2018 by missmaverick
Five Times Clint Met the Winter Soldier, and One Time He Met Bucky by seikaitsukimizu
What if the Winter Soldier suffered a cognitive re-calibration years ago, and it was all because of Hawkeye? And what if Hawkeye just happened to keep meeting said Soldier over the next few years? And what if, just what if, all of that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship between two snipers?


What if it was the Winter Soldier that Clint brought into SHIELD all those years ago?
M  5+1things  c:BucyBarnes  c:ClintBarton  humor  gen  s:canon-au  Avengers  'fic  from instapaper
october 2015 by missmaverick
Comrades by Nefhiriel
Five times Thor defended his friends from people who should've been on their side, and one time his friends defended him.
c:TonyStark  c:Thor  l:5000-10000  Avengers  Thor  Jane/Thor  c:NatashaRomanov  T  c:ClintBarton  hurt/comfort  fluff  5+1things  'fic 
september 2015 by missmaverick
Operation Star-Spangled Double(s) by oatrevolution
“Y’know, there are technically three of us,” Clint pointed out. “Shouldn’t it be Operation Star-Spangled Doubles?”

“Now you’re just nitpicking,” Tony said. He tacked a hasty (s) to the end of DOUBLE.

“Also, I’m pretty sure that’s permanent marker,” Clint added.

“Damn it!” Tony shouted.

Or, in the Parlance of the Internet, a Most Useful and Modern Device, a List:

Step 1: Impersonate Captain America.
Step 2: ???
Step 3: Profit.
T  CaptainAmerica  Avengers  l:10000-30000  c:ClintBarton  c:BuckyBarnes  c:SamWilson  c:TonyStark  humor  'fic 
november 2014 by missmaverick
Baby Mine by resonae
Clint gets a face full of alien ooze, turning him into a tiny two year old. The Avengers may be enjoying this change a little too much. Basically a pot full of honey-fluff.
Avengers  c:ClintBarton  t:characters_as_kids  fluff  l:10000-30000  G  t:deaging  'fic  from instapaper
october 2014 by missmaverick
With A View From Down Low by Salmon_Pink
Clint sees everything, no matter the situation, no matter how many naked bodies there may be to distract him.
E  Avengers  c:ClintBarton  #EveryoneIsPolyBecauseAvengers  k:orgy  l:1000-5000  'fic 
october 2014 by missmaverick
Learning To Say Hello by heartsdesire456
In which Hawkeye befriends the Winter Soldier and discovers the Epic Love Story of Steve and Bucky nobody knows about
M  gen  c:ClintBarton  c:BuckyBarnes  Steve/Bucky  l:10000-30000  Hawkeye  CaptainAmerica  'fic 
september 2014 by missmaverick
Best Laid Plans by LulaMadison
Clint and Loki discuss the plan for the invasion of Earth on the way to Stuttgart.
Thor  Avengers  G  gen  c:Loki  c:ClintBarton  l:1000-5000  crack  t:pranks  'fic 
september 2014 by missmaverick
Five Times S.H.I.E.L.D. Tried To Recruit Clint Barton (And One Time He Said “Yes”) by AlphaFlyer
The first time Clint Barton comes to the attention of S.H.I.E.L.D., his face is on fliers advertising him as The Amazing Hawkeye, The World’s Greatest Marksman.
Avengers  c:ClintBarton  gen  5+1things  AgentsOfSHIELD  c:MelindaMay  c:PhilCoulson  T  l:1000-5000  'fic 
july 2014 by missmaverick
Clint Barton’s Home for Wayward Mind Wiped Assassins by roguewrld
“Where ever you were, whatever you did and whoever you did it for, it’s over. You need to pretend to be a person now, okay?”
gen  c:ClintBarton  c:BuckyBarnes  n:not_rated  l:1000-5000  CaptainAmerica  Avengers  angst  'fic 
may 2014 by missmaverick
Party of Six by Niobium
Saving the world (or various parts of it) is hungry work. Or, It all starts with the shawarma.
Avengers  gen  T  PG-13  c:TonyStark  c:BruceBanner  c:SteveRogers  c:Thor  c:ClintBarton  Tony/Pepper  Jane/Thor  #canon_relationships  'fic 
march 2014 by missmaverick
Control Issues by galaxysoup
An archer, a rage monster, and the Norse god of mischief wake up in a field
Avengers  angst  gen  humor  l:1000-5000  c:ClintBarton  c:Loki  c:BruceBanner  PG-13  fix-it  T  'fic 
january 2014 by missmaverick
Mint In Box by copperbadge
Phil no longer owns a Captain America board game, but the trade-off is acceptable.
Avengers  'fic  c:PhilCoulson  c:SteveRogers  c:ClintBarton  l:5000-10000  t:kids  Clint/Coulson  T  fluff 
january 2014 by missmaverick
Pocket-sized by jeansouth
Thor is amused by how small most Midgardians are compared to Asgardians. He's fond of picking up his various teammates and carrying them around, the way you would a cat or dog that you're very fond of. The Avengers are a little baffled/annoyed by this, but it does make getting stuff off the high shelves easier...
Marvel  l:<1000  humor  c:Thor  c:ClintBarton  PG  Avengers  *comment_fill  'fic 
august 2013 by missmaverick
Feed The Body, Nourish The Soul by copperbadge
Steve Rogers just wanted to sell good, nourishing, cheap food from his food truck. Now the crazy fusion chefs from TOBRU are calling him a hipster, the avant garde restaurant "Shield" across the street has declared war on chains, and...well, then there's Thor, who thinks Steve's habit of licking food is weird.
Marvel  gen  c:SteveRogers  c:NatashaRomanov  c:ClintBarton  c:Thor  c:Loki  c:NickFury  c:PhilCoulson  AU  <3  l:5000-10000  Avengers  'fic 
may 2013 by missmaverick
Some Things Shouldn't Be a Chore by scifigrl47
Steve takes things like personal responsibility and respect seriously. Tony's got people he pays to take care of that kind of thing, and anyway, he's pretty sure that he's going to die of some exotic disease in his workshop, because Dummy's still a little spotty about what is 'clean' enough to put on an open wound. The rest of the Avengers are in this for personal gain, except for Clint, he just enjoys being a dick.

And some things shouldn't be a chore.
Marvel  humor  gen  Steve/Tony  Clint/Coulson  PG-13  c:TonyStark  c:SteveRogers  c:Thor  c:NatashaRomanov  c:BruceBanner  c:ClintBarton  c:PhilCoulson  l:10000-30000  Avengers  T  'fic 
november 2012 by missmaverick
Six Times The Avengers Stopped An Alien Invasion by Closer
Sure, the Avengers are strong, but they're also not stupid. When aliens invade, they usually have a plan.
Marvel  PG-13  l:1000-5000  gen  c:NatashaRomanov  c:PhilCoulson  c:BruceBanner  c:ClintBarton  c:SteveRogers  c:TonyStark  c:Thor  5+1things  Avengers  T  'fic 
november 2012 by missmaverick
Amateur Theatrics by galaxysoup
In which Thor’s primary problem-solving method (a mighty blow from Mjolnir) fails to have the desired effect on a magical artifact, and his secondary method (a mightier blow from Mjolnir) proves to be actively disastrous.
Marvel  PG-13  gen  c:ClintBarton  c:Loki  l:10000-30000  Avengers  T  'fic 
april 2012 by missmaverick
Haven in a Heartless World by plingo_kat
”These are the most dysfunctional people on the planet... They could not be more ill-fitted. What better definition of family?” - Joss Whedon
G  c:SteveRogers  c:TonyStark  c:PhilCoulson  c:Thor  c:DarcyLewis  c:ClintBarton  c:NatashaRomanov  c:BruceBanner  fluff  Marvel  l:1000-5000  Avengers  'fic 
january 2012 by missmaverick

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