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Port in a Storm by Sholio
Section Chief Corinne Brauer of the FBI's DC office is having a very strange day.
WhiteCollar  c:NealCaffrey  gen  outsider!POV  l:5000-10000  T  hurt/comfort  spoilers:5.13  c:OriginalFemaleCharacter  'fic  from instapaper
october 2014 by missmaverick
The Measure of a Hero by Sholio
In a world where superheroes exist, Peter has always thought himself as one of the ordinary people, until a mission gone wrong reveals otherwise.
WhiteCollar  c:PeterBurke  c:NealCaffrey  gen  t:superpowers  AU  action/adventure  l:10000-30000  PG-13  <3  T  'fic 
october 2013 by missmaverick
The Consultants by thebratqueen
"Which of our cases was similar to Iron Man and the Hulk wanting us to commit fraud for them?" Peter asked. "Because I have to tell you I'm racking my brain and nothing's coming to mind."
Avengers  Bruce/Tony  PG-13  c:NealCaffrey  casefile  humor  l:30000-50000  WhiteCollar  established_relationship  T  'fic 
october 2013 by missmaverick
Ball and Chain, by Ursula4x
Neal and Peter have a lot in common with El and Peter, Jones observes.
WhiteCollar  c:NealCaffrey  c:PeterBurke  preslash  PG-13  l:1000-5000  humor  T  'fic 
october 2013 by missmaverick
Figure It Out by lightgetsin
"You, upstairs," El said to Neal. He beamed, twirled on one foot, and trotted out. "And you need to stop making it so fun to mess with you," she added to Peter.

She surprised a look of such melting fondness on his face as he looked after Neal that her breath caught. "No," he said quietly. "I really don't."
WhiteCollar  El/Peter/Neal  NC-17  5+1things  l:10000-30000  E  'fic 
january 2013 by missmaverick
White Collar Will Pwn You by copperbadge
Okay guys, here is what I have to share with you this morning:

If you are not watching White Collar, you are missing some of the best television on television.
meta  WhiteCollar  'fic 
august 2012 by missmaverick
A Mile Away and Wearing Your Shoes by BlackEyedGirl
"Neal?" Peter puts his hand to his throat. That wasn't his voice. Not his hand either. "This isn't happening." Peter turns his head to see himself looking back. "Neal, that better be you in there."
WhiteCollar  R  l:10000-30000  humor  El/Peter/Neal  'fic 
january 2012 by missmaverick
End Of Year Works No Longer Actually In Progress by sam_storyteller
A series of WIPs that I've decided to close the book on. None of these are complete! Don't read them if you don't like WIPs, for God's sake.
Fandoms: White Collar, Suits, Torchwood, Supernatural, Chuck, some Pretender.
WhiteCollar  Supernatural  Torchwood  Suits  Leverage  Chuck  *unfinished  AU  PG  R  'fic 
january 2012 by missmaverick
You Ruined Everything (In the Nicest Way) by jmtorres
A story of missed connections, in which Peter doesn't know what to say, Neal doesn't seem to want to hear it, and Elizabethan translation proves vital.
WhiteCollar  G  c:NealCaffrey  l:5000-10000  AU  drama  'fic 
november 2011 by missmaverick
Rematch by Sam Storyteller
Neal and Sherlock's rematch in London was the high point of the International Law Enforcement Conference -- until Neal's tracker went dark.
WhiteCollar  PG-13  c:NealCaffrey  c:SherlockHolmes  l:10000-30000  Sherlock  T  'fic 
november 2011 by missmaverick
Both Sides Of The Conversation by OnYourMark
While investigating a gallery theft, rookie FBI agent Peter Burke meets assistant manager Elizabeth Beale and her appraiser, Neal Caffrey. They're about to be the strangest thing that ever happened to him, but he can't say he minds.
WhiteCollar  R  l:5000-10000  AU  El/Peter/Neal  'fic  from instapaper
november 2011 by missmaverick
Collar by OnYourMark
He spent twelve years happily going on his knees for her. And then Neal Caffrey found the photographs.
WhiteCollar  NC-17  ElizabethBurke/PeterBurke  l:1000-5000  El/Peter/Neal  k:BDSM  k:bondage  E  'fic  from instapaper
november 2011 by missmaverick
Always Starts the Same, with a Boy and a Girl by lightgetsin
Summer, 1998. Neal Caffrey robs the gallery where Elizabeth O'Dell is working late, and comes away with a lot more than art. Agent Burke has no idea what's about to hit him.
WhiteCollar  ElizabethBurke/NealCaffrey  NC-17  l:10000-30000  El/Peter/Neal  E  pre-canon  'fic 
october 2011 by missmaverick
The Right Way to Fall by Sholio
In which Neal has survived his reckless art-thief career mostly because he has a literal guardian angel. (Guess who.)
WhiteCollar  ElizabethBurke/PeterBurke  c:NealCaffrey  PG-13  l:10000-30000  T  'fic 
october 2011 by missmaverick
Con Dance by OnYourMark
Neal thinks his meeting with June was an accident. June, reaping the benefits of a con man in her guest room, knows much better.
WhiteCollar  c:NealCaffrey  PG-13  l:1000-5000  T  c:June  'fic 
september 2011 by missmaverick
The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective Con Men by OnYourMark
There are six rules every con should obey. Neal's going to break them all.
Starting with his refrigerator.
WhiteCollar  PG-13  c:NealCaffrey  l:10000-30000  El/Peter/Neal  T  t:tattoos  domestic  'fic 
september 2011 by missmaverick
Jeffrey Nullier's "Man With Fedora" by copperbadge
A routine investigation into an art theft turns up Neal's fingerprints on a stolen painting. Neal swears he's never stolen a Nullier painting, but that's only half the truth...
WhiteCollar  c:NealCaffrey  PG  casefile  l:5000-10000  character_study  'fic 
july 2011 by missmaverick
Foursquare by innie_darling
There was a picture Andrea had shown him, years ago, when he was first bumbling his way through courting Elizabeth, frankly unsure of what the hell he thought he was doing pursuing a woman like her. It was El, all of maybe eight years old, looking up at the camera with huge blue eyes just begging for a treat. "She's always had that look," Andrea had mused fondly, "used to talk her father and me into all sorts of things."

Peter was familiar with that look. He had yet to build up an immunity to it. And that was why he was here in this ridiculous situation.
WhiteCollar  Peter/El  c:Mozzie  c:NealCaffrey  T  l:5000-10000  fluff  'fic 
february 2011 by missmaverick
Recreational Flirting by china_shop
Right up until a quarter of one on November 13, Elizabeth prided herself on not falling for Neal Caffrey.
WhiteCollar  El/Peter/Neal  l:5000-10000  E  c:ElizabethBurke  'fic 
february 2011 by missmaverick
The Seven Man Con, by copperbadge
Neal still dreams of the big cons -- but now they have a familiar cast of characters
WhiteCollar  PG-13  episode_coda  c:NealCaffrey  T  s:heist  'fic 
february 2011 by missmaverick
Never Leave A Trace, by Sam Storyteller
Neal Caffrey can steal souls. Peter Burke has two shadows. Everything's normal...except when it isn't.
WhiteCollar  R  fantasy  s:prison  l:10000-30000  El/Peter/Neal  'fic 
january 2011 by missmaverick
Skybird, by windswept-fic
Arthur and Eames adopt a kid and raise that kid into Neal Caffrey.
WhiteCollar  Inception  Arthur/Eames  PG-13  fluff  c:NealCaffrey  T  'fic 
december 2010 by missmaverick
Five Ways Crime Does Pay by celli
The worlds of financial crime and wacky murder collide.
Castle  WhiteCollar  PG  c:NealCaffrey  humor  5+1things  l:1000-5000  'fic 
october 2010 by missmaverick
Exquisite by Sam Storyteller
There's a place in Neal Caffrey's head where he doesn't have to lie to himself or be three steps ahead of the other guy, but so far only Peter has found it -- and Peter won't give him what he really wants. Elizabeth, meanwhile, is slowly adjusting to the idea of abetting felons...
WhiteCollar  NC-17  romance  *work-in-progress  El/Peter/Neal  E  'fic 
september 2010 by missmaverick
The Zombie Story Coda by giglet
A little bit more of The Zombie Story , with a modicum of June and Mozzie. Beta by the delightful china_shop. Two more days and they were able to leave the hospital, return the axes to the armory and retrieve their clothes. They threaded their way uptown to check on June and Cindy. (
WhiteCollar  l:1000-5000  El/Peter/Neal  t:zombies  R  'fic 
march 2010 by missmaverick
The Zombie Story by giglet
In which Peter is a big damn action hero, Elizabeth pwns Brooklyn, and Neal ruins a set of very nice Italian shoes.
WhiteCollar  PG  c:NealCaffrey  action/adventure  humor  t:zombies  l:5000-10000  'fic 
march 2010 by missmaverick
Figure It Out by lightgetsin
"You, upstairs," El said to Neal. He beamed, twirled on one foot, and trotted out. "And you need to stop making it so fun to mess with you," she added to Peter.
She surprised a look of such melting fondness on his face as he looked after Neal that her breath caught. "No," he said quietly. "I really don't."
WhiteCollar  NC-17  5+1things  El/Peter/Neal  k:pegging  l:10000-30000  E  post-canon  'fic 
march 2010 by missmaverick
Light-Fingered, by shrift
"Four times Neal steals Peter's wallet, and one time he doesn't."
WhiteCollar  PG-13  humor  El/Peter/Neal  l:1000-5000  T  style:5+1things  'fic 
march 2010 by missmaverick

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