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Dis(associate) by BeyondTheClouds777
Izuku has a “dissociation” Quirk that lets his ghost leave his body, and it’s both convenient and inconvenient at the same time. Either way, though, he's going to do whatever it takes to become a hero.
'fic  bokunoheroacademia  c:midoriyaizuku  s:canon-divergence  c:allmight  c:todorokishouto  gen  *work-in-progress  l:>50000  from instapaper
july 2018 by missmaverick
journey to the past by aloneintherain
Izuku is five years old the first time he's saved by heroes. He's an instant fan of the woman in pink with her cheerful smile and the man with his ice powers and fine-boned features, even if they both refuse to tell him their names.

For most of his life, Izuku has been the centre of villain attacks, but he has never been injured. Every time, he's saved by bright, unknown heroes—heroes who smile at Izuku, and ruffle his hair or ply him with hugs, and seem mesmerised by how small he is.

Heroes t...
'fic  t:time_travel  t:identity_porn  t:secret_identity  c:midoriyaizuku  bokunoheroacademia  *work-in-progress  gen  s:canon-divergence  #teamfeels  #friendship  hurt/comfort  from instapaper
july 2018 by missmaverick
sleeping lessons by FactionZero
Genos has a problem and Saitama is going to help him; only he doesn't know it yet
'fic  E  OnePunchMan  c:Genos  Genos/Saitama  w:dubious_consent  k:somnophilia  l:1000-5000  from instapaper
july 2018 by missmaverick
We Are So (Not) Married by MikeWritesThings
In which everyone thinks Hizashi and Shouta are married due to an incident and while the nation is struggling to decide if this is a good or bad thing, Hizashi's struggling with the urge to say out loud, "Damn, I wish we were actually married, though."
BokunoHeroAcademia  Eraserhead/PresentMic  'fic  t:fake_relationship  t:misunderstandings  t:mutual_pining  w:homophobia  T  t:coming_out  l:>50000 
july 2018 by missmaverick
the curse of the anime protagonist by masterdipster
Or; the one where Izuku is blessed with the most heroic quirk in existence.

The problem is, er, being a hero's the last thing he wants to be.
BokunoHeroAcademia  c:MidoriyaIzuku  canon-au  gen  l:>50000  c:OFC  c:OMC  c:BakugouKatsuki  c:AllMight  *work-in-progress  'fic  from instapaper
july 2018 by missmaverick
Birth of an Empire by [anon]
He reaches out with one large, leather-bound hand and Leia grabs his palm instantly, without fear. A shiver of excitement worms its way through Vader's heart, and the quick glance of her eyes at him tells him that she has seen through him, has felt it for herself, even if she does not understand. He should not be so open about such emotions; they are all too easily misconstrued.

But he cannot help it. He is so very proud.

Besides, she wants to hold his hand, and, in the end, he cannot deny her...
StarWars  c:DarthVader  c:LeiaOrgana  canon-AU  l:1000-5000  w:incest  character!pov  T  'fic  from instapaper
july 2018 by missmaverick
there's a trapdoor hidden in my heart by blackkat
Zabuza's first mission out of the village with his genin team takes them right through hostile territory. What a surprise that it goes south.
'fic  canon-au  E  Kakashi/Zabuza  l:10000-30000  Naruto  c:MomochiZabuza  c:HatakeKakashi  humor  s:reverse-AU  from instapaper
july 2018 by missmaverick
Sight by cywscross
Ichigo can see ghosts. He can see Shinigami and Hollows, and that’s fine with him, if not always safe. But he kind of wishes that he doesn't also see Zanpakutou spirits. All Zanpakutou spirits. Because apparently, no one else can.
'fic  Bleach  c:KurosakiIchigo  canon-au  gen  *unfinished  T  t:ghosts  t:powers  from instapaper
july 2018 by missmaverick
But I’m Not There Yet by sarahyyy
“Are you not going to read the article?” she asks, flopping onto his bed. “Look who ranked second, just after Phichit Chulanont.”

Otabek reluctantly scrolls down, and oh.

#2 - Yuri Plisetsky 

In the embedded Instagram photo just under that subheading, a very grumpy Yuri is cuddling a very grumpy-looking cat. The caption reads: I found the cat version of me at the shelter today. #iknowisaidnomorecats #canyoublameme

(Or, the AU where Otabek and Yuri don't becomes friends in Barcelona, and ther...
YuriOnIce  'fic  Otabek/Yuri  c:OtabekAltin  t:pining  T  canon-AU  t:social_media  l:1000-5000  #cute  from instapaper
july 2018 by missmaverick
write my name on your skin by gardevoirite
A soulmate AU where soulmarks appear one letter at a time, and when Yuri wakes up on his birthday and sees the letter O on his arm, he tries not to wish that it continues into Otabek Altin.
YuriOnIce  'fic  s:soulmate-AU  t:soulmate-identifying-marks  l:1000-5000  T  Otabek/Yuri  t:soulmates  from instapaper
july 2018 by missmaverick
rebuild your ruins around me by maharlika
“Your people shall want for nothing, Thor Odinson. In return, all I ask for is the pleasure of your company.” He smiles, slow and satisfied.

The pleasure of his company. Thor has heard that one before. But it doesn’t matter. For the sake of his people, Thor Odinson is willing to let Loki, King of Jotunheim, fuck him.

For the sake of his people.

AU where Thor goes to Jotunheim, ready to beg for aid for his people. All Loki wants in return is Thor's company.
'fic  k:size  t:size_differential  E  AU  spoilers:thor_ragnarok  PWP  t:aliens  Loki/Thor  Thor  l:5000-10000  from instapaper
june 2018 by missmaverick
This one day we own by Ark
“I’m terribly sorry, your majesties, but we have only one room left,” says the innkeeper, wringing his apron between anxious hands.

The man is a good actor, Loki will grant—he looks properly terrified of their wrath—or perhaps he is truly fearful that the ruse will be exposed, now that he’s been introduced to the reality of Thor’s biceps.
'fic  Loki/Thor  Thor  AU  t:schemes  t:emotional_manipulation  c:Loki  c:Thor  l:5000-10000  E  t:mutual_pining  k:first_time  pre-canon  from instapaper
june 2018 by missmaverick
the Song Unsung by khaleesian
Given an infinite number of worlds...on one of them it might have happened like this.

Norse myth remix or 'it's opposite day in Asgard'.
'fic  Loki/Thor  Thor  M  c:Loki  c:Thor  canon-AU  s:Jotunheim  s:Asgard  t:courtship  #slowburn  c:OFC  mythology  l:>50000  from instapaper
may 2018 by missmaverick
Pegasus Non-Verbal by igrab
John always gets a little thrill when he sees Rodney sign at him across the room, casually dissing people literally standing next to him and John is the only one who knows.
'fic  StargateAtlantis  s:canon-divergence  canon-au  t:mutism  t:disability  t:sign_language  McKay/Sheppard  c:RodneyMcKay  c:JohnSheppard  T  l:5000-10000  from instapaper
april 2018 by missmaverick
Three Faces of Sam by brightly_lit
Sam wakes up with amnesia after Cas takes down his mental wall, so he goes to a local hospital clinic for help where he gets treated by Dr. Gregory House, who gives him a new diagnosis: multiple personality disorder.

"Damnit, if he’d killed another patient ... he always knew one day someone would drop dead just from what came out of his mouth."
'fic  gen  HouseMD  Supernatural  outsider!pov  l:5000-10000  c:SamWinchester  casefile  T  c:GregoryHouse  t:memory_loss  t:mental_illness  spoilers:7.07  from instapaper
april 2018 by missmaverick
The man with grey hands smiles by tigriswolf
He can’t even recall his name, but he knows, deep in his aching bones, that Tasha would never leave him. But she isn’t here. She hasn’t come for him.

She must be dead, Tasha with the red hair and dangerous hands. She’s dead, so the rest aren’t coming for him.
'fic  Clint/Loki  w:trauma  w:dubious_consent  c:ClintBarton  c:Loki  T  t:emotional_manipulation  l:1000-5000  from instapaper
april 2018 by missmaverick
The Good Monster by Taste_is_Sweet
"What's happening to you has nothing to do with you being bad," Steve said. "Nothing. It has everything to do with Hydra using men like lab rats. You think all the men who didn't survive the experiments were evil?"

"No," Bucky said. "I think they were lucky."

"Aw, Buck." Steve put his arms around him, his chest to Bucky's back. "Don't say that. Please, don't say that. I'm so glad you're here. I'm so happy you survived. All of us are. I couldn't—" He cut himself off before he started bawling; Bucky didn't need Steve's problems on top of his own. "I love you," he whispered. "You're the finest man I've ever known."

"Don't know if I'm a man anymore, Stevie," Bucky said.

Based on this AvengerKink Prompt: The serum made Bucky physically monstrous.
'fic  Steve/Bucky  T  s:canon-divergence  w:body_horror  l:>50000  w:self-harm  t:transformation  c:BuckyBarnes  from instapaper
march 2018 by missmaverick
people think the strangest things by slugmutt
“He thought we were married??” Jyn says, rubbing bacta along the knife wound on her leg. “Why would he think that?”

Cassian wipes the blood off his forehead and shrugs. “No idea.”

(or: six times people assume Jyn and Cassian are married)
'fic  StarWars  RogueOne  cassianandor/jynerso  t:misunderstandings  5+1things  l:1000-5000  M  fluff  from instapaper
march 2018 by missmaverick
The Devil You Know by maggiedragon
Sergeant Niall Cavanaugh of the NYPD did not expect the Devil to have such impeccable taste. There was, however, no other explanation for the finely dressed middle aged man who had just appeared in the chair across from his desk with a rush of air and black smoke.

Percival Graves has never let anything as unimportant as the Rappaport Law get in the way of doing his job.
'fic  l:10000-30000  c:PercivalGraves  c:OMC  outsider!pov  fantasticbeasts  gen  AU  harrypotter  T  from instapaper
march 2018 by missmaverick
Everything Here is Just Ducky by Ragazza_Guasto
Sherlock handed Rosie her bee, acknowledged John’s inability to work the pram without comment and, again, together they managed to get everything settled for a day out. They’d always been a well-oiled machine and he guessed parenting had just become another thing they were on the same page with, alongside crime-fighting and puzzle-solving.
Sherlock  Sherlock/John  t:kids  c:RosieWatson  l:1000-5000  'fic  T  post-canon  fluff  from instapaper
march 2018 by missmaverick
Underworlds: The Life and Afterlife of Richard Upton Pickman by CenozoicSynapsid
Explore the life, works and enduring influence of Richard Upton Pickman, a controversial artist of the early 20th century. This exhibition includes several paintings never before displayed in public, including all of Pickman's graphic, unsettling "horrors" currently remaining in North America. The Boston Globe called Underworlds "stomach-turning food for thought"— but decide for yourself! Young children may find Pickman's paintings frightening; parents are advised to consider carefully before allowing them to proceed.

This program serves as a guide to the exhibit. Audio versions for your mobile phone are available at the Parrington museum website.
'fic  #yuletide  HPLovecraft  outsider!pov  l:1000-5000  G  horror  t:ghouls  from instapaper
february 2018 by missmaverick
and then i met you (and the whole world changed) by birlcholtz (justwhatialwayswanted)
Bitty would be much more disappointed in his six-hour delay, but that all changes when he strikes up a conversation with an unfairly attractive man who seems to be on the same flight as him.

Prompt by fabbittle on Tumblr
'fic  CheckPlease!  Bitty/Jack  l:10000-30000  s:airport  AU  t:coming_out  s:canon-AU  from instapaper
january 2018 by missmaverick
Holiday Special by DarthNickels
For about a year Aphra has worked as the former Darth Vader's aide-de-camp, 24-hour caregiver, and partner in crime. Now she's tasked with the greatest challenge yet: successfully navigating a nice holiday dinner with his kids.
'fic  StarWars  c:DarthVader  t:dysfunctional_family  c:ChelliLonaAphra  c:LukeSkywalker  c:LeiaOrgana  AU  s:canon-divergence  post-canon  humor  G  gen  l:5000-10000  from instapaper
january 2018 by missmaverick
daylight savings by thebeespatella
A post-Fromage missing scene. Or: Hannibal sets a test. Will passes with all the colors of the wind. Cue shining eyes and Too Many Feelings. And porn. Always some porn.
Hannibal  Will/Hannibal  spoilers:1.08  pwp  #FreshMeatFriday  E  l:5000-10000  k:oral  'fic  from instapaper
december 2017 by missmaverick
Sacred Land by samvelg
The ferocious, possessive anger Vader felt at the thought of anyone touching his children was bitterly ironic. After all, no one in the galaxy had hurt either of his children nearly as much as he had.
StarWars  horror  dark  M  n:read_warnings  w:violence  w:rape  w:torture  c:DarthVader  DeadDove:DoNotEat  *work-in-progress  'fic  from instapaper
november 2017 by missmaverick
Compromising by samvelg
5 + 1
Five times Admiral Piett misunderstands the nature of Luke and Vader's relationship, and the one time he doesn't.
StarWars  c:LukeSkywalker  c:DarthVader  t:misunderstandings  n:not_rated  gen  crack  c:FirmusPiett  l:10000-30000  'fic  from instapaper
november 2017 by missmaverick
Luke Skywalker. 19. Full human. by samvelg
Luke didn't always move right.

It takes Han a while to notice, though in his defense the first few days he knew the kid were predominantly spent in a near perpetual state of sassing, fight, or flight. Outrunning Star Destroyers and breaking irritating Princesses out of highly guarded Imperial battle stations tended to do that to a guy.

In the aftermath of the Battle of Endor Han learns the secret his best friend has been hiding plus a whole lot of other things he didn't expect, and has to decide what it all means.
StarWars  c:LukeSkywalker  horror  T  c:HanSolo  c:LeiaOrgana  t:body_horror  t:inhuman_character  l:5000-10000  'fic  from instapaper
november 2017 by missmaverick
wonderterror by peradi
Anakin Skywalker is the son of the Force.

He’s half human and half something monumental.

What does that make his children?


The Skywalkers aren't entirely human. Here's what that means.
StarWars  n:not_rated  t:body_horror  t:inhuman_character  c:AnakinSkywalker  l:5000-10000  character_study  'fic  from instapaper
november 2017 by missmaverick
Our Daily Bread by [anon]
Prompt:"Matt has long channeled his frustrations into the form of baked goods (the nuns were total enablers) and so, instead of law, he opens a bakery. Thanks to his heightened senses, everything is like an "edible orgasm" according to one lurid review, and the coffee is worth killing someone over.

It ends up attracting a lot of superheroes? Matt doesn't know why?

+ Foggy is losing his soul to the corporate machine when he stumbles in. Matt is very sympathetic.
++ Peter gets a part time job there. Matt feels like he's hiding something.
+++ Daredevil smells like cinnamon rolls, much to everyone's confusion (and hunger)"
c:MattMurdock  c:FoggyNelson  AU  s:bakery  humor  *work-in-progress  n:not_rated  'fic 
november 2017 by missmaverick
Sincerely, Your Pal by lettered
"[...] lesbians and gay men writing letters to their lovers and friends faced the special problem of wartime censorship. Military censors, of course, cut out all information that might aid the enemy, but this surveillance made it necessary for gay and lesbian correspondents to be careful not to expose their homosexuality. To get around this, gay men befriended sympathetic censors or tricked others by using campy phrases, signing a woman’s name (like Dixie or Daisy), or changing the gender of their friends. Sailors became WAVEs, boyfriends became WACs, Robert became Roberta. There must exist, hidden in closets and attics all over America, a huge literature of these World War II letters between lesbians and between gay men that would tell us even more about this important part of American history." - Coming Out Under Fire: The History of Gay Men and Women In World War Two, by Allan Berube
M  Steve/Bucky  style:epistolary  w:homophobia  k:feminization  l:>50000  CaptainAmerica  s:WWII  t:censorship  'fic  from instapaper
november 2017 by missmaverick
For A Good Time Call by jormaperalta
While drunk one night, Jyn Erso gets dared to write her phone number on a wall in a campus bar.

Later that same week, Cassian Andor gets dared to text that number.


Based off "867-5309" by Tommy Tutone
StarWars  RogueOne  CassianAndor/JynErso  s:college  style:chatfic  w:harassment  T  l:10000-30000  'fic  from instapaper
october 2017 by missmaverick
Echolocation by Darksknight
Kirk and Spock don’t realize that they’ve bonded right away. The rest of the crew is a different story.
StarTrek  Kirk/Spock  fluff  t:soulbond  t:telepathy  humor  T  l:5000-10000  'fic  from instapaper
october 2017 by missmaverick
Omiai by iesika
Will acquires a murderous secret admirer, and learns how much easier the habit of violence can be with an enthusiastically willing target.

A courtship through blood and… other means of influence.
Hannibal  l:>50000  M  Will/Hannibal  s:canon-au  k:knifeplay  k:breathplay  AU  w:dubious_consent  t:possessive_behavior  t:emotional_manipulation  t:courtship  'fic  from instapaper
august 2017 by missmaverick
lydy | The Rules: A Memo for Every Man in My Life
If you truly want challenging conversations where people tell you things that you have never heard, before, the very first thing you must do is shut the fuck up.
feminism  diversity  harassment  'fic 
june 2017 by missmaverick
tell all the truth (but tell it slant) by susiecarter
It takes a while for Batman and Superman to work things out, once Clark comes back from the dead. Pretending to date each other in order to explain why Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent are in the same place so often? Doesn't help as much as you might think.
M  DC  Clark/Bruce  t:fake_relationship  t:secret_identity  l:10000-30000  post-canon  AU  'fic  from instapaper
april 2017 by missmaverick
Winter of Life by You_Light_The_Sky
It was an experiment, really. On Christmas, Sherlock wrote to Santa asking for a friend. He got a broken toy soldier instead. This is the story of how he finds him again and again.
Sherlock  magical_realism  Sherlock/John  T  s:canon-AU  angst  gen  l:5000-10000  'fic  from instapaper
april 2017 by missmaverick
In Words, Like Weeds by You_Light_The_Sky
John decides to name the man (the character, the person in his head) Sherlock.
T  l:1000-5000  AU  Sherlock  Sherlock/John  magical_realism  'fic  from instapaper
april 2017 by missmaverick
Veins of Gold by batneko
The hand of a prince or princess was offered to whosoever defeated the Wyrm of Wakahisa. Now Wakahisa is gone, but one prince remains, and oaths are binding...
M  OnePunchMan  Genos/Saitama  l:30000-50000  AU  fantasy  t:marriage  t:dragons  'fic  from instapaper
april 2017 by missmaverick
Take Hold by LavenderProse
"I believe…" Yuuri says, pensive. "I believe that when you're connected to another person so closely that you share a soul, it's stupid to think that you wouldn't feel it. How can you not recognize part of yourself when they're standing right in front of you?"
"That's…I…yes." Viktor tries to untie his tongue, mouth suddenly arid. "You—I think you would know, yes."
Yuuri skates onto the ice and Viktor's soul screams after him, Do you know? Can you see me? I'm here, I'm here.
YuriOnIce  Victor/Yuuri  t:soulmates  t:bodyswap  M  l:10000-30000  AU  'fic  from instapaper
april 2017 by missmaverick
The House That Dripped Blood by coloredink
"This isn't going to help you catch Hannibal," Will said.

"It's not about catching Hannibal," Alana said. "We're just talking. It's been a long time."

Will gave a sharp bark of laughter. "Just conversations. Not therapy."
'fic  Hannibal  M  l:1000-5000  spoilers:3.13  domestic  fluff  c:AlanaBloom  w:character_death  tragedy  s:BuenosAires  from instapaper
april 2017 by missmaverick
finger tap pulses by twentytwosevens
"The first time Peter’s timer stops he is eleven years old. It times out in the middle of the night and wakes him up like an electric shock. The blank timer stares at him from his wrist as he yells and screams for his aunt and uncle."

Spideypool AU with timers where Wade keeps getting killed and making Peter's timer go blank. By the time they meet he's pretty pissed off. This was certainly a summary with words, but they were not good ones. Based off a tumblr prompt that I cannot find anymore.
Marvel  SpiderMan  Deadpool  Peter/Wade  c:PeterParker  c:WadeWilson  T  l:1000-5000  t:soulmates  AU  'fic  from instapaper
march 2017 by missmaverick
come get you some of that bounce baby by crossroadswrite
“What are you doing?” Yuuri asks, side-eyeing him as he bends his arms behind his back, legs stretched into a perfect split.

“Delivering justice onto this cruel and unusual world.”

“Whoever trashed me on social media is not worth it, Vitya.”

(Or: in which they're happily married, coaching Russia's and Japan's next great skaters, and Victor Nikiforov remains the clingiest, thirstiest man on the face of this planet.)
YuriOnIce  Victor/Yuuri  w:fat_shaming  post-canon  T  humor  t:social_media  l:1000-5000  'fic  from instapaper
march 2017 by missmaverick
Vkusno! by mtothedestiel
"Next week on Top Chef: Denver, it's that most infamous challenge...Wedding Wars! But this won't be any ordinary wedding feast. Our top twelve chefs will cook for a secret, world-famous celebrity couple with international tastes! The stakes have never been this high. Who will be crowned Top Chef, and who will be asked to pack their knives and go? Tune in to find out!"


Newly retired, Victor and Yuuri are invited to be special guests on a popular American cooking competition. Oishii!
YuriOnIce  l:10000-30000  E  post-canon  t:social_media  t:reality_show  fluff  t:wedding  'fic  from instapaper
march 2017 by missmaverick
Visions of Vader: The Dark Lord in Popular Memory by DarthNickels
ABSTRACT: This article seeks to find the ways people remember Darth Vader and the forces that shaped those impressions and memories. Using a combination of Imperial propoganda and personal accounts from those who had personal interactions with Vader, the author analyzes widespread impressions of Vader and how they remain 30 years after the fall of the Empire. Originally published in the New Alderaan Journal Of Public History.
'fic  StarWars  c:DarthVader  outsider!POV  style:academia  post-canon  n:not_rated  c:LukeSkywalker  c:OMC  c:OFC  l:1000-5000  from instapaper
march 2017 by missmaverick
Rivets by Jaune_Chat
The Winter Soldier was starting to remember, and would stitch himself back together any way he could.
'fic  E  c:BuckyBarnes  CaptainAmerica  spoilers:CA:WinterSoldier  k:piercings  s:canon-divergence  l:10000-30000  Steve/Bucky  from instapaper
february 2017 by missmaverick
Building Blocks by SaitouLover
Lex walked her to the door and spoke up as she was halfway through it. “What’s his name?”

Marcia stopped and looked back at him. “The child?”

Lex nodded.

“Connor,” she said with a smile. “Connor Kent.”

The temperature in the room seemed to plummet at the child’s last name, and for brief seconds Lex felt as if he were trapped and suffocating.

“Kent?” he asked in a forced casual tone. “By any chance… would his father be Clark Kent?”

The woman’s eyes lit up right before her smile did, and Lex’s stomach dropped out from under him.

“Yes!” she said happily. “You know him?”
'fic  n:not_rated  gen  Clark/Lex  Smallville  hurt/comfort  angst  t:terminal_illness  l:10000-30000  c:ConnorKent  t:characters_as_kids  AU  from instapaper
february 2017 by missmaverick
A House Divided by Weconqueratdawn
Will and Hannibal have settled into a quiet existence by the sea but, after everything which has passed between them, Will struggles to accept Hannibal’s love.

Loosely based on the Big Bang prompt - ‘five times Hannibal does something romantic, and one time Will does’.
'fic  Hannibal  E  spoilers:3.13  l:10000-30000  Will/Hannibal  angst  t:relationship_negotiation  fluff  from instapaper
february 2017 by missmaverick
Lost Files by Astarea
Genos finds out that Saitama did some jobs as a voice actor...
OnePunchMan  'fic  c:Genos  Genos/Saitama  E  l:1000-5000  k:masturbation  k:voice  pwp  from instapaper
january 2017 by missmaverick
Highlight of My Lowlife by EggMuffin
Eggsy might be largely uneducated, but he’s not actually stupid. He knows that most people think he’s nothing more than a glorified whore, but the fact is that Eggsy is currently on vacation in Cape Verde, while most of his critics have to deal with the shitty November weather in England. This is not the life Eggsy had in any way imagined or planned, but if an attractive older gentleman wants to take him on expensive vacations and buy him nice things, he’s certainly not going to complain.
'fic  Kingsman  Harry/Eggsy  E  k:daddy_kink  k:sugar_daddy  k:dirty_talk  l:1000-5000  AU  from instapaper
january 2017 by missmaverick
a certain playboy by fan_nerd
@v-nikiforov - The handsome playboy has returned to town. Please pay special attention to my Free Skate tomorrow. ♥♥♥

There’s no way that Victor, Yuuri’s childhood idol, could be calling Yuuri a handsome playboy, just because they’d met eyes at two skating events. Besides, a total stranger had given Yuuri the tickets. It would be totally absurd.

Yuuri frowns, turning his head on the pillow. Wouldn’t it?
YuriOnIce  'fic  l:1000-5000  Victor/Yuuri  G  AU  s:canon-AU  fluff  spoilers:1.10  from instapaper
january 2017 by missmaverick
The War of the Worlds and All That by scioscribe
I relayed the information I’d so masterfully committed to memory in my youth, re: the prophet Elijah being taken up to heaven while still alive and in full possession of his faculties. I’d won a prize for Scripture-knowledge and so had details of this sort at my fingertips.

“Although,” I said, as we neared what I took to be the stratosphere, or some kind of sphere at any rate, “just now my resemblance to the prophet Elijah escapes me.”
'fic  PGWodehouse  Jeeves&Wooster  Jeeves/Wooster  t:aliens  #yuletide  l:5000-10000  T  from instapaper
january 2017 by missmaverick
Right Off His Feet by EmilianaDarling
One of Yuuri’s hands is sliding around his waist, guiding him effortlessly until they’re dancing together. Really dancing together, and Viktor forgets to think, to breathe. Yuuri’s so close that Viktor can feel the heat of his breath against the back of his neck, the warmth of his skin through his clothes.

Then he closes his eyes, leans into the touch, and gives in completely as he lets Yuuri lead.
YuriOnIce  'fic  spoilers:1.12  M  l:5000-10000  style:missing_scene  t:dancing  Victor/Yuuri  from instapaper
january 2017 by missmaverick
The Fox's Wedding by thehoyden
Because Will’s life is bullshit, he gets gently kidnapped from the hospital after Hannibal guts him.
'fic  Hannibal  E  Will/Hannibal  spoilers:2.12  hurt/comfort  s:canon-AU  l:10000-30000  c:AbigailHobbs  s:Japan  c:Chiyoh  from instapaper
january 2017 by missmaverick
Thirst by batneko
I had an idea for a vampire AU and decided to do a brief oneshot instead of letting it take over my life like most of my fics.
OnePunchMan  'fic  Genos/Saitama  AU  t:vampires  l:10000-30000  T  from instapaper
january 2017 by missmaverick
It's a Neighborly Day in This Beautywood by Masu_Trout
The Old One, The Sleeping Beast, Seeker of Blood and Devourer of Souls, Haunting Abomination of the Darkened Woods, woke to find his sacred grounds were no longer there.

The new ways are more than a bit confusing, but there's no reason an ancient god can't adapt with the times.
'fic  #yuletide  gen  c:AntlerGuy  AntlerGuy(Sculpture/Tumblr)  l:1000-5000  T  humor  nonhuman!POV  from instapaper
january 2017 by missmaverick
Maturity is Relative by miss_aphelion
"I'm not—" I sputtered, indignant. "I'm not a child! It's a…it's a technicality! And I probably could get it, except they'd want to see my identification, and I—" Marcone held up a hand, forestalling me. Usually that wouldn't have worked, but I was actually relieved for the excuse to shut up.

"You can't get it for me…because you'll be carded?" he asked carefully, his brow furrowing in disbelief.

(Or the one where Marcone learns that by Wizard standards, Dresden isn't actually considered a legal adult).
'fic  G  gen  DresdenFiles  c:HarryDresden  c:JohnnyMarcone  l:1000-5000  c:SigrunGard  humor  t:characters_as_kids  from instapaper
january 2017 by missmaverick
Stay Close to Me by dasedandconfuzed
At the Grand Prix Final, Yuuri misses the podium by fractions of a point. Embroiled in a skating controversy, he tells himself he'll prove his worth in the World Championships, but there's a long time in between.

Or: Vicchan lives.
YuriOnIce  'fic  l:10000-30000  Victor/Yuuri  T  s:canon-AU  gen  t:social_media  spoilers:1.09  AU  angst  from instapaper
december 2016 by missmaverick
Best Girl by SevereStorms
This story is best summed up by the prompt that inspired it, which you can read right here.

An epic romantic smutfest centered around the idea that Steve is, always has been, and always will be Bucky's best girl. But, you know, not an actual girl.
'fic  k:D/s  E  CaptainAmerica  Steve/Bucky  l:30000-50000  k:dirty_talk  k:feminization  k:lingerie  from instapaper
december 2016 by missmaverick
My Love Should Be Heard And Not Seen by lurknomoar
Cecil Palmer is the best phone sex operator in the small company called Night Vale. One night, a slightly tipsy and very lonely scientist dials his number, and gets far more than he bargained for - a late night conversation about advanced biochemistry, a brand new fetish for surreal horror, a surprisingly reasonable internship program, some newts, and slowly, strangely, the love of his life.
WelcomeToNightVale  E  l:10000-30000  Carlos/Cecil  k:tentacles  k:fantasy  k:aural  t:anxiety  k:praise_kink  k:voyeurism  k:phone_sex  'fic  from instapaper
november 2016 by missmaverick
Private Property by poisonivory
Technically speaking, Foggy doesn't own Matt; it's more like indentured servitude. Still, the rules of the Program mean that Foggy can have whatever he wants from Matt. So why isn't he taking it?
AU  t:slavery  Daredevil  Matt/Foggy  E  l:10000-30000  k:fantasy  'fic  from instapaper
november 2016 by missmaverick
dog days (it's just beginning) by bydaybreak
Don’t fucking do this, Eliot thinks as he picks up the dog. He’s surprisingly light, lighter even than his skinny body would’ve suggested, and Eliot thinks of the unopened bag of kibble on the shelf in his pantry. You don’t have time for this, he tells himself as he takes off, running as smooth as he can towards his house
Leverage  l:1000-5000  t:dogs  t:cats  t:pets  c:EliotSpencer  fluff  G  gen  'fic 
november 2016 by missmaverick
Shape-Changer by Fialleril
His Master liked to say that Vader was born in fire on Mustafar. But Ekkreth was born in the desert.
G  gen  c:DarthVader  AU  l:1000-5000  t:mythology  StarWars  'fic  t:espionage  from instapaper
november 2016 by missmaverick
four and twenty lovebirds (baked in a pie) by stardust_rain
Peter Grant is a contestant on The Great British Bake Off 2016, Thomas Nightingale is its famously stoic, poker-faced judge. The nation’s running commentary is their background soundtrack as they flirt onscreen. It’s gonna be a very long ten weeks.
G  t:social_media  style:epistolary  l:10000-30000  RiversOfLondon  Grant/Nightingale  TheGreatBritishBakeOff  RPF  AU  'fic  from instapaper
november 2016 by missmaverick
you'll remember mercury by dirtybinary
Steve and Bucky don't grow up together, and only meet for the first time during the events of The Winter Soldier. This alters surprisingly little.
CaptainAmerica  Steve/Bucky  l:1000-5000  s:canon-AU  T  'fic  from instapaper
november 2016 by missmaverick
Visionary by esama
A last desperate measure, last foolish hope, last chance. Of course it went wrong.

(It's your usual time travel fic and then it just isn't.)
'fic  *on_hiatus  *unfinished  Naruto  s:canon-AU  t:time_travel  w:body_horror  crack  c:UzumakiNaruto  c:HatakeKakashi  c:UchihaObito  #crackitycrackcrack  E  from instapaper
october 2016 by missmaverick
Baby Animals, Weddings, And Other Things Not Normally Associated With Uchiha Sasuke by prettypriestess
In which Konoha needs to upgrade their plumbing to be more resistant. (Or, the one where Sasuke and Naruto get genin and maybe someone buys a house.)
Naruto  t:kids  Naruto/Sasuke  T  l:10000-30000  humor  post-series  AU  domestic  'fic  from instapaper
october 2016 by missmaverick
Separately to a Wood by emungere
This fic is based on granpappy-winchester's tags: #I want the AU where Hannibal just proposes to Will that morning in the motel room #and for some reason Will says 'yes'
T  Will/Hannibal  Hannibal  s:canon-AU  t:marriage  l:10000-30000  AU  humor  'fic  from instapaper
october 2016 by missmaverick
Don't Call Me Legion by kenopsia (indie)
Arthur had not, strictly speaking, attempted to summon a demon. Despite his best efforts, he could not seem to convince the demon of this.
E  Arthur/Eames  Inception  l:5000-10000  t:demons  AU  'fic  from instapaper
october 2016 by missmaverick
Conjoined by TheGlintOfTheRail
The new Trill passenger on the USS Chesapeake seems friendly enough. But there's something a little off about him. Something Lieutenant Commander Will Graham can't quite put his finger on, even after reading his emotions.

It's probably nothing. Will's probably just being paranoid. Doctor Lecter seems like a decent guy. And it's been a long time since anyone's offered to be Will Graham's friend...
'fic  Hannibal  w:body_horror  StarTrek  *work-in-progress  horror  T  action/adventure  from instapaper
september 2016 by missmaverick
Pencil Skirt by peppermintquartz
Will stared at Beverly. "I hate you."
"Come on, Will," Beverly cajoled, "it's you or Jack, and he has to maintain his image."
He leveled a glare at her.
She was undaunted. "You, on the other hand, could do with a little more fun in your image."
"This is not fun." He gestured at the item in her hand. "This is me. In a skirt."
'fic  Hannibal  G  Will/Hannibal  l:1000-5000  t:crossdressing  humor  c:BeverlyKatz  from instapaper
september 2016 by missmaverick
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