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Displacement - smilebackwards - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
John isn't really sure how to feel about the fact that he seems to have been unofficially adopted by SG-1.
sga  sg1  sheppard  gen  carter  teal'c  jackson  mitchell  earthside  the_return  author:smilebackwards 
july 2018 by mischief5
The Laundry Ultimatum - ExplodedPen - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
A week in the life of the bravest man to ever walk the hallways of Atlantis... the laundry guy.
sga  gen  outside_pov  oc  author:explodedpen  laundry 
june 2018 by mischief5
Roses in December - Rheanna - Stargate SG-1 [Archive of Our Own]
While exploring an abandoned city on a dead world, Jack begins to suffer from progressive amnesia. As his memories of the past slip away, the rest of his team must find the cause - before the man they know vanishes entirely.
sg1  sg1_read_this  gen  o'neill  team  amnesia  offworld  author:rheanna 
may 2018 by mischief5
Of Two Minds (Tok'ra!Rodney AU) - Scarlet_Gryphon - Stargate - All Media Types, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1 [Archive of Our Own]
McKay agreed to become a host because Syresh (his symbiote) was one of the Tok'ra's top scientists when Egeria still ruled, but she's been in stasis, hidden away by Egeria for reasons only known to the now-dead Queen. She and five other Tok'ra were found in a secret cache by a Tok'ra/Tau'ri team, right before the events of "48 Hours", which means that Rodney and Syresh will have been blended for three or so years.
sga  gen  mckay  tok'ra!Rodney  series  author:scarlet_gryphon 
february 2018 by mischief5
The Time Zapper - mific - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
"Relax, Rodney," Sheppard said. "It's gonna be the TRD. Actually, in the report it's the McKay-Zelenka Temporal Retrieval Device."

Rodney shot him an angry glance. "Not now O'Neill's heard you call it the Time Zapper, it's not."
sga  canon_au  timetravel  gen  team  author:mific 
april 2017 by mischief5
Major's Day Out, Part 1 - tepring
When Sheppard takes Maj Teldy, Lorne and Vega to explore a frozen wraith outpost, Anne is eager to prove herself. When the mission goes sideways and Sheppard is injured, Anne gets a whole new perspective on trust and what it takes to survive in Pegasus.
sga  gen  offworld  sheppard  lorne  teldy  vega  wraith_worshippers  ice_planet  action/adventure  author:t'pring 
february 2017 by mischief5
The Raven by Kriadydragon (Animal Challenge): sga_flashfic
"Sheppard had never considered the setback of having a raven for a Daemon until his first mission."
sga  sheppard  fusion  hisdarkmaterials  gen  author:kraidydragon 
december 2016 by mischief5
SGA Big Bang: "Imago: The Tao of John" by Kristen999
Imago: a creature in its final stage of development. John receives a gift that might be used to destroy the Wraith. It might also kill him. Can his team convince him that the cost is too high? Team plus Carson and Elizabeth.
sga  team  gen  sheppard  ascension  action/adventure  angst  author:kristen999  sgabigbang  SGA_Read_This 
october 2014 by mischief5
If I look confused, it's because I'm thinking. - SGA: The Morning Report
Major Evan Lorne strolled down the corridor, PDA in hand, getting ready for the morning report as he did every morning. 
sga  lorne  mckay/sheppard  gen  humor  author:thekellylynn 
august 2014 by mischief5
The Whipping Boy - rabidfan - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
Meredith Rodney McKay’s role as the royal Whipping Boy had been easy until this last year. Once Her Majesty the Queen had lost her fight with the wasting sickness that had plagued her since the Princes’ birth John had discovered the joys of disobedience. Not that he wanted his companion to take a beating for him…quite the opposite… but he didn’t seem able to hold himself back from mischief.
sga  gen  sheppard  mckay  friendship  action/adventure  humor  earthside_au  historical  author:rabidfan  sgareversebang 
july 2014 by mischief5
Five Avengers Who Earned Their Fan Cred Honestly (and one who didn't) - melannen - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
In 1940, Bucky took Steve and a couple of girls to the closing weeks of the New York World's Fair, and Steve sneaked off to go to the U. S. Army recruiting station instead.

In 1939, Bucky took Steve and a couple of girls to the New York World's Fair when it was still new and exciting. Steve sneaked off to go to the First World Science Fiction Convention instead.
avengers  gen  fandom  scifi  meta  mythology  fivethings  humor  author:melannen 
may 2014 by mischief5
Look Back in Anger by Leesa Perrie
Rodney takes a trip down memory lane. It's not fun, and he's not alone. Rodney angst galore! Oh, and Sam Carter is in it.
sga  gen  mckay  alien_device  memories  angst  childhood  sheppard  carter  author:leesa_perrie 
may 2014 by mischief5
Physics of the Spin by mhalachai
Rory Gilmore always thought she was Christopher Hayden's daughter, but things are a little more complicated than that...
sga  gilmoregirls  crossover  gen  kidfic  author:mhalachi 
february 2014 by mischief5
Showing - Ladycat - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
She knows Colonel Sheppard is famous for disobeying orders, but Susan and her team are nobodies. Just random faces in uniforms that she doubts Colonel Sheppard could put names to.
sga  team  gen  outside_pov  food  cake  author:ladycat777 
february 2014 by mischief5
Animus, Animalia, Familae - tzzzz - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
To touch another's daemon is to touch another's soul. It is the greatest act of intimacy in this life.
sga  hisdarkmaterials  fusion  gen  team  daemons  author:tzzzz 
december 2013 by mischief5
smilebackwards: Five times John’s men were proud to have him as a CO [SGA fic]
The men have learned to trust Sheppard, to follow him with their eyes full of awe.
sga  gen  sheppard  fivethings  author:smilebackwards 
august 2013 by mischief5
Rock Happy 'verse - ArwenLune - Generation Kill, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1 [Archive of Our Own]
Generation Kill/Stargate Atlantis crossover Rock Happy and it's accompanying bits and pieces and sidestreets.
sga  generation_kill  crossover  canon_au  gen  author:arwenlune 
april 2013 by mischief5
Stargate Atlantis Secret Santa 2012 - Fic: And a Parrish in a Pear Tree (Gen, PG)
There are new marines on Atlantis, and they have to be trained in all things Pegasus. That’s Major Lorne’s job.
sga  gen  humor  training  marines  lorne  sga_santa 
december 2012 by mischief5
Tempus Fugit
Rodney had never seen the point in quiet suffering.
sga  gen  angst  canon_au  timeloop  author:canadian_snoopy 
april 2012 by mischief5
SGA Big Bang: "Whipping Boy" by skinscript
McKay, Lorne, and three teams of Marines head out on a research mission to a planet on the edge of the galaxy, and disappear without a trace.  Eight months later Lorne returns with two injured team members, a counterfeit McKay, and no explanations.  What the hell happened eight months ago, and where's McKay?
sga  sgabigbang  gen  mckay  lorne  sister_city  captive  author:skinscript 
november 2011 by mischief5
A Girl Needs a Gun These Days (Firefly, Gen, PG-13)
A missing rich kid, a kidnapped Captain, a houseful of fake Companions, and one redhead con-artist - it's all in a day's work for the ladies of Serenity.
firefly  gen  river  zoe  kaylee  inara  saffron  author:vialethe 
november 2011 by mischief5
Stargate Atlantis Secret Santa 2011 - Fic: Rescue (Gen, PG-13)
After returning to Pegasus with the stolen City of Atlantis, it’s a surprise who gets kidnapped by a native population first.
sga  gen  post-finale  pegasus  captive  author:jade_1459  sga_santa 
september 2011 by mischief5
sga_flashfic: Fic: Ten Tiny Tales Redux by teenygozer (Gods and Monsters, Amnesty 2010)
A follow up to Ten Tiny Tales, though you don’t really have to read it to understand this one. Basically, an info-dump of plot bunnies, snippets, and vague ideas I’ve had over the past 15 years or so of watching Stargate. These are a few of the more sacrilegious ones, just in time for Christmas! \o/ Happy holidays, everyone!
sga  gen  snippets  author:teenygozer 
september 2011 by mischief5
...Sink Ships by Nell Howell
Jennifer learns that an old adage might not be just an old adage.
sga  gen  keller  sheppard  angst  hippa 
february 2010 by mischief5
We Invented the Internet: time wasters
Poll #774: Which is better, Dr. Zelenka or Dr Pepper?
sga  gen  crack!fic  author:3jane 
july 2009 by mischief5
Ever Vigilant
McKay prefers bedside vigils. They're easier. Sheppard whump, McKay POV, friendship, indulgence.
sga  sheppard  mckay  injury  gen  h/c  author:kriadydragon 
april 2009 by mischief5
Amazing Grace
Post "Grace". Radek attempts to repair a damaged crane and Rodney comes to the rescue.
sga  post-grace  mckay  zelenka  gen 
april 2009 by mischief5
Four People Who Got the Job (and One Who Didn’t)
further SGC/SGA new-hire interviews, in the vein of Sixty-Eight Whiskey;
sga  gen  fivethings  military  outside_pov  humor  mckay  sheppard  oc  earthside  author:2ndary_author 
march 2009 by mischief5
Dog Days (1/2)
"It's a dog," Rodney said. "For all intents and purposes."
sga  gen  humor  sheppard  angst  mckay  animals  friendship  robots  author:argosy  artificial_intelligence 
january 2009 by mischief5
Polito wasn't the sole author of the war games exercise -- there were touches that could only have come from Radner and Hanzis -- but he was the driving creative force.
sga  gen  sheppard  offworld  lorne  marines  author:miss_porcupine 
january 2009 by mischief5
Blood and Water
Murder at the SGC and NCIS is called in to investigate.
gen  sg1  crossover  ncis 
january 2009 by mischief5
No Matter Where you Go, There you Are - AU
Alternate Universe. Doesn't matter the universe, they were meant to be a team.
sga  canon_au  team  gen  daedalus  h/c  author:kriadydragon 
january 2009 by mischief5
Paper Ring (PG)
Leaving Las Vegas on a whim and a prayer?
sga  gen  sheppard  mckay  canon_au  vegas 
january 2009 by mischief5
Occam's Razor
Carson knew his own self-forgiveness would come when Sheppard was whole again. Black band and all.
sga  gen  sheppard  torture  h/c 
january 2009 by mischief5
Through a Glass, Darkly: a Stargate Atlantis fanfic
When an injured John Sheppard shows up at his door in the middle of the night, David Sheppard finds himself in the middle of a desperate adventure. Hunted by implacable enemies and haunted by past misunderstandings, the two brothers struggle to survive in
sga  canon_au  earthside  team  gen  sheppard  atlantis  h/c  author:rhymer23  dave_sheppard 
december 2008 by mischief5
The Year of Jubilee
AU from Season 2.03 "Runner"; Ronon never joined Atlantis, but a few years later he has the chance to repay his debt to Sheppard. Which he does. Sort of.
sga  canon_au  gen  sheppard  slave!fic  ronon_dex  author:vain_glorious 
december 2008 by mischief5
God's Gonna Cut You Down
Freeing John from the ship after the battle was won was a nightmare. It would have been easy for Dr Biro to move his body onto the waiting gurney; but Rodney and Radek needed three days to disconnect John's mind.
sga  team  gen  sheppard  mckay  disability  h/c  author:busaikko 
december 2008 by mischief5
Woven Together, Seamless (Gen, PG)
Ice worlds, drunken team snuggling, Athosian festivals and things of that nature.
sga  team  gen 
december 2008 by mischief5
Pier Therapy
It had become a tradition for the whole team to meet out on their pier with beer and one another to talk over recent missions and events on the home front. Sometimes, it was just that the team members didn’t realize they needed to talk and it was up to th
sga  team  gen  mckay/sheppard 
december 2008 by mischief5
Man, Interrupted
"You're not my fucking tool, you're not expendable, you're not the only one who's changing, we're synchronizing."
kidfic  gen  thoughtcrimes 
december 2008 by mischief5
Five Short Tales About Four Johns and a Jack
The name John means "God is merciful". What a load of crap.
sga  gen  sg1 
december 2008 by mischief5
Marching Away and Softly Gone
AU ending to the episode 5.13 "Inquisition" and spoilers for same.
sga  canon_au  team  sheppard  gen  author:vain_glorious 
december 2008 by mischief5
Of Coloring Books and Lt Colonels
After a week and a half of horrible torture, Sheppard becomes obsessed with a coloring book, and Rodney doesn't get it.
sga  sheppard  gen  torture  h/c 
december 2008 by mischief5
Lorne's running a pre-flight check on one of the jumpers when he notices it.
sga  team  sequel  transformation  gen  author:kitsune_tsuki 
december 2008 by mischief5
By the time they manage to make it to one of the populated levels of the city Rodney's wet, cold, and just about done. John turns into a cat.
sga  sheppard  mckay  lorne  transformation  humor  gen  ronon_dex  teyla_emmagan  author:kitsune_tsuki 
december 2008 by mischief5
This is the aftermath of It’s Always Autumn in the Old Trees of Despair. After Kate certifies John fit for active duty, an accident threatens his life and leads Kate to reexamine her actions and fitness as a psychologist.
sga  team  sheppard  sequel  gen 
december 2008 by mischief5
Statistical Improbabilities
Sam rubbed her forehead for the fourteenth time in the last hour – he’d been counting as there was nothing else to do - as she whispered to him, “McKay, shut up. These people are ready to kill you.”
sga  sg1  crossover  mckay  sam  gen 
december 2008 by mischief5
It's Always Autumn in the Old Trees of Despair
A trade agreement goes wrong. Sheppard is separated from his team, forced to live a life foreign and dangerous, while the rest of the team and Carson Beckett must cope with the events.
sga  team  slave!fic  drugs  gen  h/c 
december 2008 by mischief5
Balcony Scene
Sam wandered onto the balcony just off the control room, finding herself gravitating to it naturally whenever she needed to step away from her new job for moment or two.
sga  sam  sheppard  mckay  gen 
december 2008 by mischief5
John Sheppard, Alien Vessel
"I hope that, if the opportunity came up, I would be smart enough not to get knocked up by a creepy alien couple with fertility issues."
sga  team  sheppard  gen  mpreg  horror 
december 2008 by mischief5
John’s never been completely powerless before. AU episode tag for ‘Outcast’
sga  sheppard  goa'uld  gen  deathfic 
december 2008 by mischief5
Home Style Burn
The IOA calls Team Sheppard in for a little chitchat on Earth, where it is completely safe and they have no enemies. Right.
sga  sg1  crossover  team  gen  earthside 
december 2008 by mischief5
In the annals of SGC history, it will forever be debated whether the decision to remove then-Major John Sheppard from the Atlantis expedition was an act of great folly or one of great fortune. AU Intruder.
sga  sheppard  gen  author:miss_porcupine 
november 2008 by mischief5
While visiting Atlantis, O'Neill learns that respect is something that definitely has to be earned.
sga  mckay  sheppard  gen  earthside  o'neill 
november 2008 by mischief5
SGA birthday team-gen fluff.
sga  team  mckay  gen 
november 2008 by mischief5
Free 'Verse by Dasha
Rodney. Sam. Gardening instructions. Physics. Oh, and also muggers.
sga  sg1  mckay  sam  gen  crossover  author:dasha 
november 2008 by mischief5
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