season 0 puzzleshipping porn
Yuugi was fast losing control of a situation that was far beyond him. A situation that he had no real understanding of. All he knew was that it had to do with the puzzle he’d solved only days ago. The darkness he’d been promised. The dark magic he’d been so eager to see was really taking over his life and causing harm to others around him. It had done much more than that, though- it had protected him, and his friends. But at what cost? Was it really right to let other people get hurt even if it meant saving those he cared about? Was there no right middle ground?
april 2015
between friends, by gayle f
i keep losing this so HERE:

1978 triumvirate ot3 fic. vintage pulp goodness

McCoy has recently been rescued from a slave labor camp. His experiences there caused him to shut down emotionally, and he is only slowly "coming back to life". Then Kirk and Spock invite him to spend the night.
january 2015
light after darkness - a tos/tng fanfic
Pairings: Spock/Data (strong K/S elements)
Rating: NC17 m/android <G> some angst. Touching on Kirk's death quite a
Series: TNG - set right after Generations. I wouldn't really call this a
x-over since Spock's been in TNG and this is a Spock that has aged.
Summary: Spock mourns the loss of his lover all over again after Kirk dies
on Veridian III in 2375. He arrives while the Enterprise crew is still on
Veridian III. Data makes an unexpected offer.
TOREAD  trek 
january 2015
ygo timeline
rough outline; a little more than a year for the series and less than three months of aibou
ygo  notfic  !  meta 
september 2014
AO3 - Sunflowers - by Beccafiend
They could never return to that time. Even after they reunite, their only choice is to keep moving forward. But for one day, they can live amongst the sunflowers.

[Four years after he left for the second time, Nezumi returned.]
no.6  lovely 
october 2013
AO3 - the Harvest of Asters - by brumal
“What’re you up to?” Shion asked, hand falling from the towel.

Nezumi brought up his right hand. A pair of scissors was looped between his slender fingers. “What’s it look like?” He opened and closed it a few times in demonstration. “Sit down.”
no.6  lovely  GOOD 
october 2013
AO3 - MotherTruckers - KinoKahn - A No.6 Fanfic
Living in Alaska is difficult for recent college graduate Shion, especially considering his degree's emphasis in... plants. But when he stumbles into a job as an ice road trucker and finds himself partnered with a grey-eyed man named Nezumi, Shion decides maybe Alaska isn't too bad after all. Nezushi, Trucker AU

[i did not know trucker aus were a thing people did. at any rate this is p cute and p good, character-wise]
no.6  pg-13  au 
october 2013
nekosmuse (Dean Winchester and Childhood PTSD: An Examination of Personality Traits Common to Adult Survivors of Untreated Childhood PTSD)
I think a lot of people tend to dismiss Dean’s PTSD. Either that or they ignore his childhood PTSD in favour of examining his Hell PTSD. And that’s the thing about Dean. He keeps getting re-traumatized. Trauma on top of trauma that has left his psyche shattered beyond recognition. It’s impossible to look at one crack without looking at the whole. And it is impossible to look at the whole without going back to the beginning.

So that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to write about Dean and his childhood trauma. I’m going to write about why I think Dean was showing obvious signs of undiagnosed PTSD long before he went to Hell. And I’m going to talk a lot about my own experiences, so that people understand that PTSD is nothing like what you see in the movies. It is a very misunderstood disorder, but also one that I think is integral to who Dean is.
spn  dean  meta  notfic 
april 2013
Supernatural Kink Community - Sam/Sunny Side Eggs
Dean makes Sam breakfast his favourite eggs sunny side up with bacon smileys but the yolk eyes are just asking Sam to stick his dick inside it hotness ensues
literal hotness
it's fresh
spn  BEST  rating:wrong 
april 2013
The Food Timeline: popular American decade foods, menus, products & party planning tips
food throughout the decades - includes link to school food throughout the decades
writing  notfic 
april 2013
Red Hot Catholic Love
Sam goes to confession. Dean blows him right there in the confessional.

[“I have sinned against You, whom I should love above all things.”

That gets through to Sam, crystal-clear, mostly because years ago he realized he never could love God or anything else above all things. Dean has that spot taken by a golden mile.]
spn  wincest  kink  shameless 
march 2013
Sins and Virtues: Table of Contents
“This close, despite the toothpaste and soap, Mulcahy could smell that Hawkeye was still drunk.”

starts during series, extends far past finale. handles deafness exceedingly well, and mandatory conflict wrt religious beliefs and dogma is kept at a reasonable level. i do love fanzine-era fic.
mash  hawkeye/mulcahy  epic 
february 2013
The significance of plot without conflict - still eating oranges
The necessity of conflict is preached as a kind of dogma by contemporary writers’ workshops and Internet “guides” to writing. A plot without conflict is considered dull; some even go so far as to call it impossible. This has influenced not only fiction, but writing in general—arguably even philosophy. Yet, is there any truth to this belief? Does plot necessarily hinge on conflict? No.
february 2013
the hopes and fears of all the years - crannogman - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
In the end, it did not happen in a manger.

[John never talks to her about That night, of her father snapping his neck, and the stranger who talked about yellow-eyed demons and the future. Mary doesn’t even know if he remembers.

She shows him how to pour salt lines, though, and he never asks why.]
spn  john/mary 
february 2013
Do You Wanna Date My Avatar? - ChristyCorr - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
In hindsight, maybe introducing the local werewolf contingent to the wonderful world of online gaming hadn't exactly been Stiles' best idea.
teen.wolf  LOLLLL  derek/stiles 
december 2012
(Won't) Let Me Hold You Down - dizzzylu - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
This thing with Derek, Stiles knows, is all about trust. And though it took a while, they are almost at a place where things might be classified as good. Even so, as much as he wants to, Stiles can't just blurt out, "I want to fuck you," and expect Derek to fall to the bed and spread his legs.
teen.wolf  derek/stiles  shameless 
december 2012
Advanced Vocabulary - LolaFeist - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“Why do you like me?” Derek asks as he folds his shirt and drops it onto Stiles’ computer chair.

“For your body,” Stiles says.


Derek's feelings kind of took over this. Like weeds.
teen.wolf  derek/stiles  sweet 
december 2012
Three Beautiful Words (Please Help Me) - triedunture - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The embankment is slippery from a recent rainstorm. Stiles thumbs his cell phone on, using the light from its screen to see in the dark. He slips once in the thick mud, rights himself, then continues more slowly. He skids to the bottom at last. His jeans soak up the rainwater that rushes around his ankles.

[fuck or die, consent issues]
teen.wolf  derek/stiles  shameless 
december 2012
Five Rules For Fucking Your Best Friend and Your Best Friend's Girlfriend's Father - Mandibles - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
You know, Stiles can name, like, twenty things he could do on a nice Friday afternoon like this. What he’s doing now, though, is not a single one of them. Not really, at least. See, “getting laid” is definitely on the list, a few times even, but nowhere does it mention “Scott” or “Chris Argent” or “Oh my god, my best friend is watching me bang his girlfriend’s dad.” Sure, his life has taken some really weird turns lately, but this reaches the spiraling into the flaming yellow sun level of the Totally Fucked-o-meter.

The strangest part of it all is that he agreed to this.
teen.wolf  shameless  kink  scott/stiles  rating:wrong 
december 2012
In spite of all you knew and said - Azul_Bleu - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The road streams behind them, mile upon mile until Stiles can’t say where they even started, and Stiles talks so he won’t have to remember.

Or, Derek and Stiles deal with being the ones left behind. They're not great at it.

(Set post an imaginary S3, where the Alphas win. Spectacularly)
teen.wolf  future!fic  derek/stiles  angst 
december 2012
This now, semantics later - Lenore - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"What's wrong with Derek?" Then a possibility occurs to him, because he's Googled everything the Internet has to offer about werewolves, and the results have included some profoundly embarrassing erotic fiction. "Oh my God, do you think he could be in heat?"
teen.wolf  shameless  kink  derek/stiles  boyd 
december 2012
Anatomy of a Werewolf - idyll - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek as a tactile study guide for Stiles.

Written for a prompt by descendingspiral on Tumblr, who asked for: Stiles needs to focus on studying for his Anatomy class. Derek volunteers his body.

“I see where you're going with this, I really do,” Stiles tells Derek, “and in theory, it's hot as hell. But the reality is not. You know why? Because at some point I will get to the digestive system, Derek, and there's nothing hot about the colon. Nothing.”
teen.wolf  derek/stiles  shameless 
december 2012
strike while the irony is still hot - snowdarkred - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles never expected to find herself sitting at the popular table. She’s been a social outcast since kindergarden, when Lydia Martin called her a freak and forbid any of her friends from playing with Stiles. The order stuck, and even a decade later, her classmates avoid her eyes and sneer when she trips in the halls.

Scott, bless him, moved to Beacon Hills in the fourth grade and didn’t find out about the Order until Stiles confessed three years later. He still doesn’t understand.

Presently, however, Stiles is sitting at the popular table. In fact, the popular table has migrated to her, now that the king and queen of social order in the school are a werewolf and a witch. With them come the flunkies, all of whom are too frightened and cowed to question how Stiles and Scott got upgraded from losers to…cool. Scott can be explained by lacrosse and Allison, but Stiles is. Well, Stiles is Stiles.

She’s as far from ‘cool’ as anyone could imagine: baggy clothes that don’t really fit her, a beat up third-hand Jeep that no one else at the used car lot wanted, dyke hair, and a mouth that won’t shut up. She’s a tomboy, and she doesn’t fit the straight-queer mold the same way Danny does — she likes girls, and she likes sports, and somehow, the fact that she likes boys too gets lost underneath the usual patriarchal bullshit.
teen.wolf  au  intense 
december 2012
For the Love of Zombies - Chapter 1 - extantecstasy - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Struggling writer Derek happens upon zombie expert Stiles by accident, learns about the undead, pines from not-quite afar, finishes a novel, and maybe finds his muse. It’s a busy month.
teen.wolf  au  derek/stiles  LOLLLL  adorable 
november 2012
The eyes glaze once - Chapter 1 - 1001cranes - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Peter gets to have his boy and eat him too. [AU, Immortal!Stiles; Stiles never believed in all the One True Love crap.]
teen.wolf  au  peter/stiles  violent 
november 2012
Introducing Miss Lydia Ladybug Stilinski - 1001cranes - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
When Stiles adopts a vampire kitten, no one really believes him.

"It's like the vampire abyss stared into the werewolf abyss and decided they need to be bros," Stiles whispers, horrified.
teen.wolf  LOLLLL 
november 2012
Up Next In Sports - dinolaur - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Peter is in no way a good man, but he’s also Derek’s uncle. The whole thing is a clusterfuck of its own that Derek tries not to dwell on. It’s easier to just keep one eye on Peter and not be surprised when Peter makes his inevitable move, whatever it might be.

[wherein the hales like to watch baseball, always have.]
teen.wolf  gen  touching 
november 2012
Flesh - brorotica - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
The thing flays him open from throat to groin, a thick red line of torn flesh opening up down his midsection. [tigerstiel]
spn  cas/dean  violent 
november 2012
Sleepover - brorotica - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Scott wakes up to a tapping on his window, his eyes fluttering open in the darkness. He groans and rolls over in bed, trying to ignore the tightness in his chest that always accompanies coming awake. His asthma is getting ridiculous as of late, nearly incapacitating, and Scott reaches for his inhaler, taking a few puffs of the medicine before turning on his bedside lamp. The tapping increases, like moths are banging against the glass or something. Sharp moths that sound more like fingernails. Scott realizes immediately who it must be and slides out of bed still in his boxers, walking over to the window and looking through the glass at Stiles, who is perched rather precariously on the sill. Maybe he thinks he's Batman or something.
teen.wolf  scott/stiles 
november 2012
Perils of Protein Shakes - kayliemalinza - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Everything I know from Teen Wolf, I learned from gifs.
Derek falls through the skylight. It has nothing to do with a lack of grace and agility, okay; he has those in spades. The skylight was old and rickety, with rust flaking off the buckled corners, and he's heavy. Being an alpha adds on at least twenty metaphysical pounds of badass.
teen.wolf  derek/stiles  hilarious 
november 2012
Leave It for Some Other Bleeding Heart - kayliemalinza - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Sam finds a box of kittens in bad shape, but Dean's not on board with this rescue business. Set during Season 4.

Teaser: "You can't keep a box of kittens," says Dean. He is busting out the Daddy-eyebrows for this. They didn't work when Sam was eight, but Dean's had practice. He's even sliced and diced a few kid-shaped monsters since then. (He's sliced and diced a lot of things.)
spn  gen  sam  dean  cas  hilarious  angst  touching 
november 2012
Look Me Up If You Ever Get Topside - kayliemalinza - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Set during the first half of Season 6. Dean is visited in his dreams by one of Hell's prettiest demons.
spn  het  dean  violent 
november 2012
Glad You Came - Chapter 1 - Edoro - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]
[i have no idea who these characters are&barely know anything about this series at all but this is still pretty hot? kinks ahoy and well-written trans/genderqueer fucking yes pls]

“Bro?” you ask, reaching up to rap on his forehead with your knuckles. Somehow your hand just tangles itself all up in his fine-ass hair and you sort of yank and turn and then two of you are kissing. It’s sloppy and hot and awkward, the angle all wrong and neither one of you used to each other at all, but when he gets your lip between his dull choppers and bites until you’ll bruise it’s just about motherfucking perfect.
shameless  kink 
november 2012
crimson and clover - Chapter 1 - brorotica - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
One night, a few weeks after the funeral, the two of them on the couch attempting to marathon Star Wars, Genima leans back, looks at Scott, and murmurs, “I want to cut my hair.”
teen.wolf  au  scott/stiles  faab 
november 2012
the teeth right down to the blood - sazzafraz - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
‘We’re pretty fucked right now.’ Scott says. Stiles doesn’t speak but there’s something singing in his bones that says Scott got the message anyway. (In which both are bit and things are gruesome.)
teen.wolf  au  scott/stiles  peter/lydia  noncon 
november 2012
chemicals and teenage hormones - Bontaque - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Pre-series smut with sexual experimentation, alcohol and weed.

Scott and Stiles are bored and intoxicated enough to try things out with each other. Featuring a rooftop smoking scene that I've wanted to write about for some time.
teen.wolf  scott/stiles  adorable  shameless 
november 2012
An exercise in restraint - withalacrity - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles helps Scott work on his self control. Stiles? Is about as controlled as they come. [i should just start adding dubcon & power dynamic/imbalance tags but that would be too much work]
teen.wolf  scott/stiles  kink 
november 2012
but i feel like a waterfall - ninasafiri - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
He knows of Erica and Isaac before they come to him, trailing behind the tall brooding shadow that is Derek Hale. Boyd knows their ache is similar to his, but only misery loves company. If he wanted more loneliness, he’d just stop reading.
teen.wolf  boyd  gen 
november 2012
let my hands always be at your back - ninasafiri - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
in which stiles looks into some things.
["Somehow, your friend managed to talk himself out of getting arrested while being found surrounded by three dead bodies. The Sheriff is nervous though." Scott knows, can hear Stiles' Dad's heart skip a beat whenever they stumble upon each other around town. You been spending a lot of time together? Good. You're a good kid, Scott.]
teen.wolf  wip  scott/stiles 
november 2012
For a Fifty - TasteTheRainbow - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek doesn't care what Scott and Stiles say: the bite did not turn Jackson into a prostitute. But if it did, which it totally didn't, then Derek is the only one who can fix him.
teen.wolf  derek/stiles  derek/jackson  LOLLLL  shameless 
november 2012
Masquerade - marmolita - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
This is a story about Jackson Whittemore. It starts when he is eleven years old, and ends on a cold cement floor in the basement of a burned-out house. [develops alpha/beta/omega biology, society, etc, compared to just pwp, is interesting!!; no actual sex in here]
teen.wolf  au 
november 2012
we've made a graveyard of the bone white afternoon. - sherlocks - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
It's on a perfectly normal Friday afternoon on the way home from school, with no supernatural creatures or potential crises in sight, that Scott sinks his teeth into the tender flesh of Stiles's neck and bites, really bites, holding his head still and sinking his fangs in until Stiles is whimpering, until he's echoing the sound because he's on the precipice of rending Stiles's throat in two in his panic, and it's only when Stiles finds the strength to reach up and tug at his hair that he finds the strength to let go.
teen.wolf  scott/stiles  violent  schmoop 
november 2012
Watch the Weather Change - paxlux - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
It occurs to Dean this will become a habit, the two of them always with an eye on the weather, on the horizon in ways they aren’t used to. Instead of cop cars and exit strategies, instead of the black gaze of demons and the flying cutlery preferred by poltergeists, they’ll be on the lookout for clouds and all the odds say they won’t be struck by lightning.
spn  wincest  lovely  angst  GOOD 
november 2012
gone, gone to the bone - addandsubtract - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
He pushes himself up onto his knees. His mouth tastes like death and old meat, and he smells worse – musk and sweat and rot.

It’s the morning after the full moon, and Jackson is getting better at killing.

[power imbalance, dub con, etc]
teen.wolf  derek/jackson  future!fic  violent  intense 
november 2012
que lastima pero adios - magneticwave - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Erica has gone from one kind of outcast to another; but once, where she was strung out in a galaxy on her own, light-years from everyone else, she’s now part of a solar system of outcasts, rotating around the sun of their Alpha. // “Perhaps we all give the best of our hearts uncritically—to those who hardly think about us in return.” – T. H. White, The Once and Future King
teen.wolf  pg-13  het  amazing 
november 2012
Song of the Last Day - Chapter 1 - Saucery - Teen Wolf (TV), Star Trek (2009) [Archive of Our Own]
First Officer D'rek wants to Pon Farr the hell out of little Ensign Stilinski.(unfinished, alas!)
crossover  trek  teen.wolf  derek/stiles  BEST  wip 
september 2012
Red Velvet and Fur (A Hanky Code for Gay Werewolves) - idek_idic - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
In which Stiles in unrepentant in his (somewhat accidental) quest to get Derek to knot him, Derek is oblivious and sexually frustrated, and Lydia is the incredibly attractive devil on Stiles' shoulder who has nothing but terrible, amazing ideas. Who knew there was a hanky code for werewolves?
teen.wolf  derek/stiles  LOLLLL 
september 2012
Cannibal Glow - magdalyna - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek and his wolf enjoy the hunt. (series: insider, blood & grit, my prometheus lover, play ring around the ambulance; mild gore/consensual cannibalism stemming from emphasis on the inhuman/wolf aspects, which, yes pls)
teen.wolf  derek/stiles  violent  kink 
september 2012
What the Moon Showed Me - 1lostone - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Scott had had Stiles meeting him in a number of bizarre places since Scott had been bitten by Peter Hale, but generally it was at their spot in the woods (which quickly became Scott and Allison’s spot in the woods) or by the overlook. The Groulson place was an old, run-down shack near the Preserve. It was the kind of place kids used to dare each other to come up and touch, only to run away like scared rabbits at the sound of a breaking twig.

Okay, so Stiles had only done that once. Three times.

The point was, it was kind of a weird place to be out and about.
teen.wolf  derek/stiles  LOLLLL  shameless 
september 2012
Mirror, Mirror - happyevraftr - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Kink meme fill: Established relationship. After someone flirts with Stiles, Derek needs to show him who he belongs to by fucking him in a room full of mirrors so he can see himself stretched open. Bonus points if Derek forces Stiles to watch as his hole is stretched to accommodate Derek's knot

(p.s. I win the bonus points)
teen.wolf  kink  derek/stiles  shameless  au 
september 2012
Those Are Knot the Rules - discreetmath - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles might make the rules, but Derek is more than adept at getting around them.
teen.wolf  derek/stiles  shameless  kink 
september 2012
you know what this road is paved with - darthjamtart - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Peter's grip is bruise-tight around Stiles' wrist, reeling him in when he tries to jerk away.

[alternate scene from the season 1 finale]
teen.wolf  peter/stiles 
september 2012
by bluflamingo, "sharing" - kanata: 3 Weeks for DW: Transfic Mini Fest
for prompt: even when the physical transition is easy, explaining it to your best friend when that best friend is Jim Kirk? Not so much.
kirk/mccoy  reboot  au  faab 
september 2012
Gordian Knot (Of Sex) - tourdefierce - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Losing his virginity was hard enough when Lydia Martin was his sole focus. Now there are werewolves involved and this is way crazier. For one, there are a lot more dicks involved. (To be fair, in some of his fantasies, Lydia Martin had an impressive rubber cock.) Either way, Stiles doesn't know why he thought getting rid of his pesky virginity was going to be easier with Derek involved—the guy is practically allergic to doing anything the easy way and that includes Stiles. Being done. Because he's easy. What.
teen.wolf  derek/stiles  shameless  LOLLLL  kink 
september 2012
Abbacchio - recrudescence - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“I have a casserole for you,” says Scott.

Stiles triple-takes. “You what?”
teen.wolf  stiles/scott  derek/stiles  pg  adorable 
august 2012
The Alexandrian Solution - Bexless - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"I accept your body!" Stiles says hurriedly. "I accept you. Sexually."

There is a pause. Derek says, "Thanks."
BEST  teen.wolf  derek/stiles  LOLLLL  shameless  kink 
august 2012
betting on the unexpected - vlieger - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"Hang on," [Stiles] says eventually. "Just hold up, hold everything, is this-- does your dick think I'm your mate? Is that what's happening here?"
teen.wolf  derek/stiles  LOLLLL  shameless  kink 
august 2012
Watch the Throne - magdalyna - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek looks grateful. Derek had always been his favorite. It is a pity how things change. [serious dubcon, general creepiness]
teen.wolf  peter/stiles  derek/stiles  peter/lydia  incest 
august 2012
My Place With You - ChaoticReactions - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
For Stiles to be accepted as Derek's mate, there's something he has to do first. [gangbang with werewolf aphrodisiac; bonus hand-in-pants typos, lol]
teen.wolf  shameless  stiles/sourpack  peter/stiles  kink 
august 2012
The Cooperative Bargaining Approach to Intra-household Economics - randomeliza - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles hasn’t exactly sucked a copious amount of dick in his lifetime – only slightly more experience in that department than he’s had with women, which is to say three times since he realized that guys held just as much appeal as girls when he was 13 and jerking off to Ian Somerhalder. There’s something about that dark and dangerous thing that really got him going before he knew just how annoying dark and dangerous could be. [stiles negotiates pack politics with boyd, erica, isaac, and, eventually, derek. some power dynamics, mild consent issues]
teen.wolf  stiles/sourpack  shameless  het 
august 2012
Queen of All She Can See - adjectives for chromatic characters
We like to play with the cultural dynamics of their relationship, but I noticed I also needed to be able to describe her character (Karasa) in the third person without…describing a candy bar.
march 2012
Paradigm Shift
He's a sad sod, he thinks. Secretly.

He's fairly sure no one else looks at him and thinks, Dakin's a sad fucking sod these days, what the hell's happened to him? Posner, good old Posner, he still hero worships him and waits patiently for a hug, one simple moment. And Scripps might call him a fucking idiot, but it's more a term of endearment than an insult. Felix thinks he's a bastard, but a smart one, and Fiona thinks he's still interested and worth stringing along.

Even Irwin doesn't know. Which is hilarious really, seeing as he's the cause. The Decline and Fall of Stuart Dakin, by Tom Irwin, BA. An over-priced hardback that never makes the display table in Smiths.
history.boys  irwin/dakin  lovely 
february 2012
Porn Battle XIII - Their Lamentations Have Ascended (bible porn - Raphael/Azazel - by jane_potter)
Some chose wives from among the daughters of men, and begat children who were the giants of old; and some did not choose wives but kept their company with men, whom they loved in equal measure; and some chose from among their companions the special few whom they loved, and were loved by, and the Watchers taught them much knowledge to make their lives better. And no angel did these things more than Azazel.
shameless  not.spn 
february 2012
Porn Battle XIII (Lucky Thirteen) - To Soothe The Savage Beast, Fairy Tales, Beauty/Beast, fur, winter, bedchamber, reveal
He awakes alone in the cold bedchamber, disoriented, unaware of how he’d ended up there. Slowly, memories start to come back to him in fragmented pieces, like stained glass. He had been in the woods, yes, that was it! In the woods, traveling, with the dark forest canopy dressed in its finest wedding whites, hoarfrost clinging to the evergreen branches. He had begun to hum, and then to sing, to distract himself from the knee-deep snow he was trudging through, watching his own breath puff and mist, and then float away like a phantom on the still air. Something crashing through the trees, big—a bear? No, something more frightening, more savage, all gleaming teeth and claws. He was ashamed to recall that he had fainted dead away.

[does this count as furry]
het  shameless 
february 2012
Porn Battle XIII - Yes, Supernatural, Castiel/Jimmy Novak, body-sharing, breath play
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one of my prompts

You son of a bitch, Jimmy screams, reeling between shock and desperation and anguish as he claws the walls of his mind. He can still feel the agony of bullets in his chest, and the worse agony of seeing Castiel beneath his baby girl's skin. Now Castiel is back and the demons are gone and the Winchesters are gone and Amelia and Claire are gone, and they're just standing in an empty field of grass beneath some dark midnight sky far, far from Pontiac, and Jimmy rails against Castiel with everything he has.

[warning for "noncon"/consent issues--which are almost a given with jimmy, haha]
spn  cas/jimmy  shameless  kink  intense 
february 2012
Class System in YGO- Essay Ahoy!
So, here I was, wondering about characterisation issues (while supposed to be doing Ancient Greek homework), and it occurred to me that I was automatically using the British class system to give me ideas on their living habits.

Intrigued by the notion of how class could be used to interpret the characters/plot of the various divisions of the YGO franchise, (well, Duel Monsters and GX, anyway- I have yet to immerse myself in the world of duels which are played on motorcycles), and in the full understanding that all I know about the Japanese class system could be written without too much difficulty on the back of a postage stamp (I know about the Burakumin and that's about it), I created these lists:
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february 2012
Memory - by studyingstones2
The puzzle grows warm (alive) between his hands.

ygo  shameless  kink  noncon 
february 2012
A Long-Standing Union - what_alchemy - Star Trek (2009) [Archive of Our Own]
At 103, Jim knows he can’t go through another pon farr.

[reboot; there is one random sex scene near the end that made me go "wut" but other than that--oh man oh man i love fic that focuses on them when they're older, with grief and resignation beginning to overlay their enduring passion and just ;___; also, spock prime ALL THE FEELS ajhskhgddb;h]
kirk/spock  sweet  saddest  major.character.death 
february 2012
One Small Step - Chapter 1 - kindkit - Tintin [Archive of Our Own]
Going to the moon is the simple part.

[set in early 1950s, during the two 'moon' books; period tone is fucking perfect and it reminded me of forster's maurice - "Tintin wants, so sharply and viscerally that he can feel the blood rush to his face, to hug him. To hear him say that he'll always be Tintin's friend, that they'll never be parted" - and i cried goddamnit]
tintin/haddock  touching  amazing 
february 2012
Homo Ex Machina - Toft - Sherlock Holmes (1984 TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Watson gets into a rather embarrassing situation when an anonymous letter arrives with breakfast. Can he escape it without destroying his and Holmes' friendship? Should probably be described as crack.

[oh man, the narrative voice is spot-on, the characterizations are excellent, there is bonus lestrade, and ugh this is so good]
holmes/watson  kink  hilarious  meta-ish 
february 2012
A Memory of the Smell of Smoke by lonetread
1500 words // Quantum Leap // Sam // The truth is always a compound of two half-truths, and you never reach it, because there is always something more to say. – Tom Stoppard
quantum_leap  maab  saddest  SOGOODTHOUGH  via:transfic 
february 2012
Rags and Tags and Velvet Gowns by esmenet
100 words // Yu-Gi-Oh // Kaiba // Let no one ask me who I am.
ygo  maab  amazing  via:transfic 
february 2012
obstinatrix: a Western, I guess
They say the boys came out of Kansas, a long time ago.
spn  perfect  gen  wincest 
december 2011
obstinatrix: Ficmas: Post #3 (eclectic boogaloo) - prompt: wet!RoboSassy
So much about Castiel is a mystery. Sam feels the world with his body now, not with his heart; but when he looks at Dean there's an ache in his jaw that says the old Sam loved him, and when he looks at Cas, there's nothing of that. Just the fizz in his blood that's different, somehow, to the way it heats for the whores he's fucked; something in the way he wants Cas that isn't entirely dispassionate. It isn't love, or the residue of it, but Cas is different, and not because of his grace. Something about Castiel made him different, once, to the Sam he was before Lucifer's pit was opened.

He doesn't know what it was. He knows what it is, though, in part, that makes him different now: the now-familiar curve of Cas's back, unsnappable; the way Sam can hold his head underwater and know that his angel-force will never let him drown.
spn  shameless  cas/sam  kink  intense 
december 2011
sassy_otp: Fic: Hands Behind Your Back
You are too used to the privilege of this body being yours.

(pre-5.22, castiel tries to persuade sam that there's no fighting off angelic possession--using action rather than words.)
spn  cas/sam 
december 2011
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