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"There is a moral satisfaction in this, of which Earl Spencer is fully aware. But he
is also aware that the satisfaction is not purely moral, for the good results are also practical and economic"

(The moral part is the most interesting as it appeals to the motivations of everyone who has watched someone else made one of the two types of bad decisions in the place of good decisions).

"A healthy farm incorporates a
pattern that a single human mind can comprehend, make, maintain, vary in response to circumstances, and pay steady attention to."

(Complexity is the first symptom of ill health)

"It is the nature of any organic pattern to be contained within a larger one. And so a good solution in one pattern preserves the integrity of the pattern that contains it."
may 2017
Maurice Sendak’s Wild Things - The New Yorker
I looked puzzled, and Sendak smiled. “You see, I don’t believe, in a way, that the kid I was grew up into me,” he said. “He still exists somewhere, in the most graphic, plastic, physical way. It’s as if he had moved somewhere. I have a tremendous concern for him and interest in him. I communicate with him—or try to—all the time. One of my worst fears is losing contact with him.” Sendak frowned. “I don’t want this to sound coy or schizophrenic, but at least once a day I feel I have to make contact,”
may 2017
And Then There Were Four: Phone Booths Saved on Upper West Side Sidewalks
While some enclosed indoor booths are still sprinkled here and there, only four old-style sidewalk phone booths of this type are left in New York City, and they are all on West End Avenue, at 101st, 100th, 90th and 66th Streets, according to the technology company that operates them.
march 2017
Drywall - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Coal-fired power stations include devices called scrubbers to remove sulphur from their exhaust emissions. The sulphur is absorbed by powdered limestone in a process calledflue-gas desulphurization (FGD), which produces a number of new substances. One is called "FGD gypsum". This is commonly used in drywall construction in the United States and elsewhere
august 2016
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