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july 2018
Pieces - St. Louis Missouri Board Game Bar and Cafe Saint Louis
may 2018
A Native Art Gallery for Your Mac (Take 2)
Alexei's pile o'stuff, featuring writing on software development, travel, photography, and more.
may 2018
Slot Canyons of the American Southwest - Map of Slot Canyon Locations
Canyons Map - location of slot canyons on the Colorado Plateau, Utah/Arizona, including Zion National Park, Capitol Reef, Paria River, Escalante River, North Lake Powell, Grand Canyon, Page and the San Rafael Swell
april 2018
Making a DIY Temperature Controller
Setting up a new tank to breed my plecos meant having to buy new lights, heaters, and filters. While
april 2018
PublicLands.org | Utah
Information, maps, permits, and guidebooks for planning adventures at western parks, forests, refuges and wildlife areas, historic sites, wilderness areas, lakes and reservoirs, wild rivers, and BLM lands. Info for Utah.
hiking  camping  backpacking 
march 2018
8 Favorite Backpack Brands in 2017
based on hundreds of verified online customer reviews and a variety of comprehensive features here we selected the top 8 popular brands of backpacks for your reference.
february 2018
Manai Design Co.
Hand printed t shirts and other items inspired by the outdoors! Based in the foothills of the Utah Rockies. The mountains are calling. BeaUTAHful.
january 2018
Rosewill 120mm Case Fan with Blue LED and PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) Function, Very Quiet Cooling Fan from Advanced Hydraulic Bearing, Model RWCB-1612 - Newegg.com
need pwm fans like this for the case. how many? two to replace the existing. four to max out the motherboard. Are these the right size?
december 2017
Huachao/vscode-restclient: REST Client Extension for Visual Studio Code
similar enough to idea rest client editor to act as documentation
intellij  rest 
december 2017
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