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YouTube - playbiennial's Channel
interesting (also, usual high quality comments there. Oh youtube.)
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june 2010 by mildlydiverting
Elder Game: MMO game development » User Generated Quests and the Ruby Slippers
Surely, creating a quest design system where you have a budget - so adding more reward for a player means you have to add more difficult things, too - higher mob levels, frinstance - might start to solve this problem?
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june 2009 by mildlydiverting
Tea and Scandal
* To make better apps, we must compensate for the missing ‘human-ness’.
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march 2008 by mildlydiverting
Business blogging checklist :: Rebecca Blood
# Examples of blogs you like # Goals for your blog # Who (inside the organization) owns the blog # Your brand attributes # Contributors # Focus of the blog # Intended audience # Will you have comments? Moderated? # Blogroll? # Blogging policy (legal liabi
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february 2007 by mildlydiverting
Netimperative - 6 techniques to protect your brand on UGC sites
Embrace your technology - use some basic mathematics and logic-informed algorithms to build tools that human moderators can use to review content. For example, keep an eye out for a single user that is making numerous submissions within a given time frame
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february 2007 by mildlydiverting
Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: Web 2.0's numbskull factor
Although wikis and other Web 2.0 platforms for the creation of content are often described in purely egalitarian terms - as the products of communities of equals - that's just a utopian fantasy. In fact, the quality of the product hinges not just, or even
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april 2006 by mildlydiverting

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