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Shrinks | Edmund White | Granta
“The formula emerges: I wanted to be a king, but I also needed to die, go mad or undergo humiliation for my arrogance, a scenario that resembled the plots of queer novels of the 1950s, though I’d never read one. (The only homosexual narrative I knew of was the life of Nijinsky which, to be sure, had devolved into madness and silence. My mother, who perhaps both feared and hoped for a strange destiny for me, had given me this biography when I was still a boy of nine or ten.)

“That same summer at camp, the summer of Boris Godunov, I had my first sexual experience or rather tasted the first penis that wasn’t my own. I put the matter so precisely because before then I’d wrestled for hours and hours with friends in Evanston, Illinois, where we lived when I was eleven and twelve, and while alone I’d actually managed to lick my own penis by lying nude on my back and throwing my legs over my head in the first stage of a backward somersault. By craning my neck upwards off the mattress and pulling my pelvis down with my hands I could just graze the glans with the tip of my tongue and catch one clear drop of liquid as sticky if not as sweet as the honey I liked to work up the honeysuckle blossom. Once I’d drunk long and hard at a big, smelly, teenage cock there at camp I no longer needed to tread the boards as a suicidal monarch. I stopped conspiring to bend everyone to my need to rule or serve; I discovered that I was happiest while serving, and serving under someone else’s sceptre.

Happy? That’s not the word.

Predestined and agonized. Abject. Bewitched. Perhaps that’s closer.
queer  storytelling  literature  art 
may 2019 by mildlydiverting
Who’s Afraid of the Holodeck? Facing the Future of Digital Narrative without Ludoparanoia Janet H. Murray
Who’s Afraid of the Holodeck? Facing the Future of Digital Narrative without Ludoparanoia
Janet H. Murray @janet.murray Georgia Tech
A talk at University of Utrecht May 22 2017

Chimes with Persistent Fears of Media Forms
• Plato on poets – false, corrup:ng, excite disrup:ve passions
• Don Quixote – too much silent reading of chivalry books makes you mad
• Huxley’s Feelies – enslaved by pleasure, based on his horror of the “talkies”
• Comic Books, Television, Dungeons and Dragons
• Computers generally, videogames in par:cular
interactive  interactivenarrative  games  storytelling 
april 2019 by mildlydiverting
(PDF) Curating Simulated Storyworlds
So, how can the pain of emergent narrative be alleviated while simultaneously maintaining the pleasure? This dissertation introduces a refined approach to the form, called curationist emergent narrative (or just curationism), that aims to provide an answer to this question. Instead of treating the raw material of simulation as a story, in curationism that material is curated to construct an actual narrative artifact that is then mounted in a full-fledged media experience (to enable human encounter with the artifact). This recasts story generation as an act of recounting, rather than invention. I believe that curationism can also explain how both wild successes and phenomenal failures have entered the oeuvre of emergent narrative: in successful works, humans have taken on the burden of curating an ongoing simulation to construct a storied understanding of what has happened, while in the failures humans have not been willing to do the necessary curation. Without curation, actual stories cannot obtain in emergent narrative. But what if a storyworld could curate itself? That is, can we build systems that automatically recount what has happened in simulated worlds? In the second half of this dissertation, I provide an autoethnography and a collection of case studies that recount my own personal (and collaborative) exploration of automatic curation over the course of the last six years.
interactivenarrative  theory  narrative  storytelling  catharsis  froth  academic  toread 
february 2019 by mildlydiverting
A Good Place: The podcast that interviews inanimate objects | The Outline
The podcast Everything is Alive has become my personal antidote to the internet. Quirky, ostensibly unscripted conversations with inanimate objects ( they are voiced by people, but suspend your disbelief, okay?).  The soothing, expansive conversations with interview subjects including a can of cola, a lamppost, and a tooth are the tonal antithesis of a comments section. Every episode has left me with something new: a nugget of trivia, a fresh perspective, an appreciation for the prosaic.
podcast  objects  rhopography  narrative  storytelling 
january 2019 by mildlydiverting : Dan Hett
hey Brighton, this is tomorrow. I'll be nattering with the @sheffdocfest folks about The Loss Levels, my recent games work, and how to tell both very big and very small stories with videogames.

free-as-in-beer, but ticket needed:
interactivenarrative  interactive  if  storytelling  games 
september 2018 by mildlydiverting
@jamesgleave / Twitter
On seeing an elderly lady in trouble, and helping.
storytelling  politics  twitter 
july 2018 by mildlydiverting
On Video Games and Storytelling: An Interview with Tom Bissell | The New Yorker
"Games are primarily about a connection between the player, the game world, and the central mechanic of the game. They’re about creating a space for the player to engage with that mechanic and have the world react in a way that feels interesting and absorbing but also creates a sense of agency. So writing, in games, is about creating mood and establishing a basic sense of intent. The player has some vague notion of what the intent of the so-called author is, but the power of authorship is ultimately for the player to seize for him or herself. This goes for any kind of game. I think good game writing is a process of getting out of the player’s way. You give him or her just enough to work with narratively, but ultimately you let the player tell his or her own story."
storytelling  games  interactivenarrative  ambientliterature 
april 2018 by mildlydiverting
How to implement scrollytelling with six different libraries
How to implement scrollytelling with six different libraries

Russell GoldenbergJanuary 2017
Scrollytelling is the best (or the worst depending on your point of view). We love it here at The Pudding. But creating a scroll-driven story is hardly a standardized practice, and there are many libraries out there that can help make it happen. Check out my follow-up post, where we look at mobile solutions.
javascript  storytelling  webdesign  scrolling  snowfallification 
september 2017 by mildlydiverting
Memory Loss Initiative – StoryCorps
The Commemorate Toolkit
The Memory Loss Initiative has created a unique toolkit called Commemorate, designed to help organizations record, share, and preserve the stories of clients living with memory loss.

The Commemorate Toolkit offers memory loss care facilities across the country a new individualized reminiscence program they can add to their existing roster of person-centered care activities. Offering Commemorate interviews to people living with memory loss can enhance bonds between clients, caregivers, and staff and reduce common feelings of isolation and low self-esteem. These interviews also offer clients and their families the opportunity to preserve the legacy of individuals living with memory loss.
dementia  storytelling  history  oralhistory  care 
october 2016 by mildlydiverting
Ambient Storytelling for Vehicle-Driver Interaction Jeff Watson1, Emily Duff1, Cecilia Fletcher1, Joshua McVeigh-Schultz1, Jen Stein1, and Scott S. Fisher1
This research initiative explores methods for augmenting and deepening the relationship between a vehicle and its driver(s) over the course of its ownership lifecycle. Using a variety of in-car and cloud-based computing technologies, the USC Mobile and Environmental Media Lab is developing a suite of integrated real-time applications that monitor and analyze the activities of both driver and vehicle in order to safely and seamlessly present and archive customized storytelling, interaction, play, and social experiences across a range of devices and contexts. This paper presents an overview of the project’s origins, development, and current status, along with a detailed exposition of a prototype vehicle-driver data aggregation system and touchscreen interface.
bmw  car  storytelling  data  datavisualisation 
september 2016 by mildlydiverting
Hatch for Good · Tell stories with purpose
Tell stories with purpose.
Hatch connects you to a suite of tools and a growing community that can help you leverage the power of narrative to increase reach, resources and impact for your social impact organization.
resources  storytelling  platform  learning  mooc  kpi 
april 2016 by mildlydiverting
The Open ds106 Course
Not technically a course this is another experiment in offering a full ds106 experience to open participants based on previous syllabi taught at the University of Mary Washington (UMW). The first was August-December 2013 as a “Headless ds106”. This Open ds106 is a re-organization of that experience, but without references to date or time- this could be something individuals or groups could do at any time, at any pace.
digital  storytelling  tutorial  academic 
april 2016 by mildlydiverting
Biology of Story
This is full of really fascinating deep content, made completely unwatchable and un-navigable by a shit interactive interface. There is *nothing* that the material gains through the presentation here.
storytelling  theory  interactive  idoc 
april 2016 by mildlydiverting
Cloud Chamber | Massively Multiplayer Story Game
Very mixed reviews on Steam - basically no good if you aren't playing at the same time as a crowd.
transmedia  game  interactivenarrative  storytelling  interactive 
march 2016 by mildlydiverting
STQRY is a mobile storytelling platform that helps visitors
explore further, engage deeper, and discover more

STQRY (pronounced “story”) is an innovative mobile platform used by organizations across the globe to enhance the visitor experience. Visitors use the STQRY app to search for all things arts & culture in their area, then as an interpretive guide once they arrive at their destination. STQRY is available free on iOS & Android – download it now:
audio  mobile  museum  location  storytelling 
march 2016 by mildlydiverting
How video production affects student engagement: an empirical study of MOOC videos.
academic study on learning and retention in mooc videos - very clear findings and recommendations
storytelling  video  academic  attention  learning  av  nfts 
march 2016 by mildlydiverting
About – The Mediasmith Project
The Mediasmith Project is an IATL Fellowship project led by Ruth Leary from the Centre for Cultural Policy Studies at the University of Warwick, designed to explore transmedia documentary as research. The aim is to challenge and inspire new ways of thinking about transmedia storytelling as a rigourous and legitimate form of academic research and assessment.

Building on a growing interest in the academy in creative research methods and new forms of pedagogic innovation, the first phase of The Mediasmith Project offered 10 researchers from a range of disciplines the opportunity to participate in three intensive one day workshops and make their own short film. Each workshop was facilitated by documentary makers, digital story tellers and creative technologists who inspired and instructed participants as they investigated how narrative, data visualisation, analytics, digital and other media can be employed in a ‘guerilla’ approach to filmmaking that demystifies the process and dispenses with the need for specialist equipment. Participants were challenged to fire up their imaginations and explore alternative modes of enquiry and presenting knowledge.

Phase two sees Popathon arriving at the University of Warwick for a web native storytelling hack jam on 27 – 28 February 2015. To find out more and sign up for the event please see the event page.

The Mediasmith Project blog is designed as a learning resource and report on the project as it progresses. Please follow us on Twitter to join the debate and help us build a community of practice of researchers interested in telling new stories in new ways.
transmedia  academic  research  storytelling  interactivenarrative  visualization 
march 2016 by mildlydiverting
The Beat Sheet Calculator
Snyder's Beat Sheet Structures, and a calculator to show you where the events should be hitting in your screenplay by page.
writing  scriptwriting  storytelling 
march 2016 by mildlydiverting
SCRIPT WRITING FOR SHORT FILMS: A Practical Guide In 8 Steps / Stuart Hepburn Lecturer in Screenwriting and Performance University of the West of Scotland
1. Find a small idea
2. Explore the structure
3. Define your world, character and problem
4. Beat it out
5. Write the first draft
6. Find a critical friend
7. Write the second draft
8. Write the third draft
STEP 4: Beating it out.
“Beating” is an old Hollywood term, used to describe the process of working out the storyline, and that’s what you have to do now.
Let’s say that you have decided that your “character” is a blind juggler, that her “world” is Christmas on Islay, and that her “problem” is that she is lonely.
I mentioned Christmas here, and it is no coincidence. Short films are excellent for investigating specific times of the year, specific rituals and specific human activity. I said Christmas on Islay but it could just as easily be -
 A Disco in Dundee
 A Funeral in Fort William  Nuptials in New York
Either way, choose a world which you know and understand, a character with whom you can identify, and a problem which moves you. You then have the tools to start the next process of “Beating it out”.
Your short five minute film will probably have about 8-12 major “beats” or scenes, and it’s your task now to work out what they are.
You could beat out a five minute film in five minutes using this convention: Beat 1. Introduce the world of Christmas on Islay
Beat 2. Introduce the character of the Blind Juggler
Beat 3. Introduce the problem of the Blind Juggler - she is lonely
Beat 4. The character chooses to solve the problem - she invents an imaginary friend
Beat 5. The character experiences a major set back - playing with her friend, she falls and loses her
juggling balls in the sea
Beat 6. The character is almost defeated - she is depressed and closes down to life, ignoring Christmas
Beat 7. The character rejects a solution - Santa is at the door on Christmas eve with a present but she sends him away
Beat 8. The character discovers the solution, but in a surprising way - Santa leaves her a present of brand new juggling balls, and then turns out to be the handsome stranger who has moved in next door
OK, so it’s not Gone With The Wind, but it only took me five minutes! Take your idea and do the same, but take a bit longer.
STUART’S FILMG TOP TIP 4: Show, don’t tell. This is the stage where you should be thinking of imagery and visuals. One picture paints a thousand words, and there should be a strong image in each beat.
scriptwriting  storytelling  video  writing  narrative  nfts 
march 2016 by mildlydiverting
Introduction | Interactive Story Creation
Interactive Story Creation
IRIS Repository: Authoring Tools and Creation Methods
interactivenarrative  tools  academic  research  storytelling 
january 2016 by mildlydiverting
Storytelling Sells |
Storytelling Sells: Creating a Digital Marketing Narrative to Drive Action
August 5, 2015
When it comes to digital campaigns, advertisers tend to lead with “Buy Now” messaging. But is the traditional direct-response approach the most effective way to reach people on digital? Not necessarily. Advertisers are beginning to evolve how they approach their digital marketing strategies, embracing techniques—like storytelling—that have been used successfully in driving business results on other channels (TV, print, email, search, etc.).

How do marketers identify the right blend of storytelling and call-to-action marketing for their brand? A year ago, the Facebook Marketing Science team began testing the effectiveness and impact of storytelling on digital campaigns, with the first of the results published jointly with Adaptly on Facebook IQ. Since the release of that research, Facebook has worked with a cross-section of advertisers to further examine the incremental value and impact of storytelling.
We recently spoke with Neha Bhargava, Ads Research Manager, Facebook Marketing Science, to understand what we learned in this past year and what those results mean for marketers. Edited excerpts of our conversation follow.
advertising  storytelling  video  Facebook  nfts 
september 2015 by mildlydiverting
Designing a Story Database for Use in Automatic Story Generation
Abstract. In this paper we propose a model for the representation of stories in a story database. The use of such a database will enable computational story generation systems to learn from previous stories and associated user feedback, in order to create believable stories with dramatic plots that invoke an emotional response from users. Some of the distinguishing characteristics of our proposal are the inclusion of what we call ‘narratological concepts’ and user feedback in the story database."
storytelling  fiction  interactivefiction  bot 
june 2015 by mildlydiverting
Daily Story Seeds - Scott Walker
Saving this mostly in case @matlock or @huey see it as I think they'll enjoy it.
storytelling  email 
may 2015 by mildlydiverting
Three ways to tell a walk | John's World Wide Wall Display
I’ve been interested in combining maps and media for a while now. Here is a recap of some of the methods I’ve been using. I’ve not often had the chance to do this sort of thing in a teaching situation but continue to believe that mapping media would be a valuable way to record experiences for pupils and a nice slant on digital storytelling.

Last Sunday I had a walk to Benvane & Ben Ledi recorded the gpx with the iPhone Trails app (one of my top 10 apps) took photos, video and some panoramas. Here are the three ways I’ve been developing of displaying them on the web. None of these are good as examples of story telling as I am still thinking about the workflow and tech.
webdev  teaching  maps  storytelling 
april 2015 by mildlydiverting
A simple way for journalists, designers,
and creators to weave interactive stories
javascript  library  map  storytelling  interactivenarrative 
march 2015 by mildlydiverting
Atavist | Where Stories Begin.
There's a glut of longfkrm/story/sub-snowfall platforms happening. Blogging going from cottage industry to mid weight publishing.
longform  publishing  multimedia  articles  storytelling  from delicious
july 2014 by mildlydiverting
Once Upon A Wonder: A Story Game Guide | LOOKSPRING
I recently asked on Twitter if people could point me to story-creation games. June 24, 2014 at 04:41PM via Pocket
storytelling  design  games  story  nfts  from delicious
june 2014 by mildlydiverting
Twitter / JamieTgamebooks: For the most part, "new forms ...
"For the most part, "new forms of storytelling" are just TV that keeps shouting, "Click on me!". Real innovation swamped by '90s-style stuff."
storytelling  interactivenarrative  from delicious
april 2014 by mildlydiverting
writing prompts
A bit young, but interesting toolset for creative writing for teens?
writing  storytelling  tools  tool  from delicious
march 2014 by mildlydiverting
Latitude — The Future of Storytelling
All of the quotes here sound like they are from people who think they want those things, but have never attempted to experience a drama or game that delivers those things. Also - all in 30-45 age range. too. old.
transmedia  storytelling  from delicious
february 2014 by mildlydiverting
Moments of innovation
We are interested in history, in connecting the dots between our latest endeavors and those conceptual pioneers and technological prototypes that came before them. We consider innovation both in the creative application of new technologies and in the creative impulse that lead documentarians to invent new technologies. We are interested in continuities and disruptions, in tracking down origins and inspirations. Although our theme is evolutionary, we do not assume that recent instances are better than earlier ones – they are different, and our goal is to recall those earlier instances, to learn from and to celebrate them. For these reasons, MIT’s Open Documentary Lab and IDFA’s DocLab have joined together to put the long story of documentary innovation into perspective, and to speculate about its future.
documentary  storytelling  transmedia  interactive  interactivenarrative  from delicious
february 2014 by mildlydiverting
hey are you cool
hey are you cool The first person I met in DayZ said "hey are you cool" What he meant was, "You're not going to try to kill me, right?" This is a record of the other players I've encountered in DayZ (and a few other odds and ends). (this feels like a history of the apocalypse / this feels like art)
games  narrative  interactivenarrative  storytelling  from delicious
january 2014 by mildlydiverting
Why journalists shouldn’t be threatened by the most-viewed NYT story of 2013 | joy mayer
The most-read story of the year was a dialect quiz — ...a data-driven interactive quiz based on 350,000 survey responses collected by an NYT graphics editor. It’s a game. It’s not an article. ... "A news app, a piece of software about the news made by in-house developers, generated more clicks than any article. And it did this in a tiny amount of time: The app only came out on December 21, 2013. That means that in the 11 days it was online in 2013, it generated more visits than any other piece.” A journalist … the quiz didn’t answer the why and how... lacked context and utility... Here’s what I think: Journalistic standards for importance and excellence can get in the way of providing a product people want to consume and use. Turning the research behind this quiz into a story would be valid and informational. But it’s not the only way.
journalism  interactive  content  work  storytelling  from delicious
january 2014 by mildlydiverting
Storytelling and the Sciences of Mind | The MIT Press
Overview With Storytelling and the Science of Mind, David Herman proposes a cross-fertilization between the study of narrative and research on intelligent behavior. This cross-fertilization goes beyond the simple importing of ideas from the sciences of mind into scholarship on narrative and instead aims for convergence between work in narrative studies and research in the cognitive sciences. The book as a whole centers on two questions: How do people make sense of stories? And: How do people use stories to make sense of the world?
storytelling  stories  psychology  from delicious
january 2014 by mildlydiverting
Storybird - Artful storytelling
Crowdsourced storytelling platform "Create, read, and share visual stories. Storybirds are short, art-inspired stories you can make and share on any device."
books  literacy  collaboration  crowdsourcing  narrative  digitalstorytelling  writing  education  story  storytelling  interactive  teaching  web2.0  from delicious
september 2013 by mildlydiverting
I Love Your Work · An interactive portrait by Jonathan Harris
I Love Your Work is an interactive documentary about the realities of those who make fantasies. It is a raw and intimate portrait of the everyday lives of nine young women who make lesbian porn. It consists of 2,202 10-second video clips, taken at five-minute intervals over 10 consecutive days. There is an interactive environment for exploring this material (around six hours of footage). It is limited to just 10 viewers per day, and tickets cost $10 each.
work  storytelling  interactive  art  documentary  video  from delicious
july 2013 by mildlydiverting
About us | The Story Mechanics
The Story Mechanics is the multiplatform and gaming division of Scottish-indie Tern TV. Our focus is digital storytelling and the creation of narrative-led interactive experiences.
storytelling  talent  agency  from delicious
april 2013 by mildlydiverting
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