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Kaye Donachie | MAP Magazine
But it is her subtle colour and sensitive painterly touch that separates her from these others, the effect creating a sense of atmosphere which adds to the feeling of cool detachment or nostalgia in the work as if memory were being recalled. This time her use of colour is deployed in a more complex way than previously. Gone is the sense of jaundiced colourisation—instead, warmer muted hues have taken hold and seem more integral to the pictures. In addition, one gets the impression that she is mimicking the cinematic effect of dissolving one image into another. For instance in ‘Myself I think shall never know, how far beneath the wave I go’, one head seems to fade into another. Both face opposite directions, while in the background there are the two moons like lights in the sky, all painted in blue tones. Rather than a cinematic fade of one character into another, one senses that this may be two views of a single character lost deep in contemplation. Perhaps it is two moments in time.
art  painting  portrait  inspiration 
april 2019 by mildlydiverting
desiree dolron
Interesting, very painterly photographer.
photographer  fashion  portrait  photography  portfolio 
april 2007 by mildlydiverting
MARTIN PERREAULT - glamour and fetish latex photographer
Also quite handy with the portrait, if shiny ladies is not your thing.
photography  fetish  portrait 
october 2006 by mildlydiverting

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