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Visit Humboldt
Tourism site - interactive video that lets you build an itinerary
map  ux  navigation  personalised  interactivevideo  nfts 
april 2016 by mildlydiverting
A simple way for journalists, designers,
and creators to weave interactive stories
javascript  library  map  storytelling  interactivenarrative 
march 2015 by mildlydiverting
Maersk Fleet
Interesting datavis site from Maersk - live tracking updates, really nice horizontal timeline. Full screen video.
datavis  inspiration  geo  timeline  map  ships  example  from delicious
july 2013 by mildlydiverting
Leaflet - a JavaScript library for mobile-friendly maps
Leaflet is a modern open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps. It is developed by Vladimir Agafonkin with a team of dedicated contributors. Weighing just about 31 KB of JS, it has all the features most developers ever need for online maps. Leaflet is designed with simplicity, performance and usability in mind. It works efficiently across all major desktop and mobile platforms out of the box, taking advantage of HTML5 and CSS3 on modern browsers while still being accessible on older ones. It can be extended with many plugins, has a beautiful, easy to use and well-documented API and a simple, readable source code that is a joy to contribute to.
geo  webdev  js  library  map  from delicious
july 2013 by mildlydiverting
Kiln combines skills from journalism, web development, data analysis and graphic design to present knowledge and ideas in clear, fascinating and interactive ways.
talent  agency  map  data  visualization  from delicious
november 2012 by mildlydiverting
Wind Map
Via @ideoforms - really beautiful interactive map of wind flow.
javascript  map  weather  wind  visualization  from delicious
march 2012 by mildlydiverting
Autumn Colours across England
Sweet idea. Like how the placemarkers empty out as the leaves fall.
map  geo  autumn  from delicious
september 2011 by mildlydiverting
Polymaps provides speedy display of multi-zoom datasets over maps, and supports a variety of visual presentations for tiled vector data, in addition to the usual cartography from OpenStreetMap, CloudMade, Bing, and other providers of image-based web maps.<br />
<br />
Because Polymaps can load data at a full range of scales, it’s ideal for showing information from country level on down to states, cities, neighborhoods, and individual streets. Because Polymaps uses SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) to display information, you can use familiar, comfortable CSS rules to define the design of your data. And because Polymaps uses the well known spherical mercator tile format for its imagery and its data, publishing information is a snap.
maps  visualization  geo  map  library  javascript  from delicious
august 2010 by mildlydiverting
The Bohemian Index - The Morning News
The Bohemian Index is measured by dividing education completed or currently being undertaken by residents by the median household income. In order to differentiate between which academic accomplishments would signify possible bohemianism among different age groups, the percentage of people 25 or older with a bachelor’s degree is combined with the percentage of people 18—24 with some college or an associates degree or higher at a ratio of 7:1. The ratio of 7:1 is an approximation of the ratio of people over 25 to those 18—24 years old in New York City.
december 2009 by mildlydiverting
» Hes so old he cant dy is what Granser tol me - little things
Must read this - if only because it's set in the part of the world where I grew up. I remember reading a post-apocalyptic history of the UK when I was a teenager - about a boy... I wish I could remember more about it.
toread  fiction  map  kent 
august 2008 by mildlydiverting
hitotoki : A Narrative Map of London
Interesting situated fiction project. Needs a mobile/iphone version.
london  map  geo  narrative  fiction  interactive 
july 2008 by mildlydiverting
Mapufacture - about
Mapufacture lets you build maps and data sets from data that is useful to you. We have gathered a huge amount of feeds and geospatial documents from the web. You can also add your own data to use in Mapufacture. To begin, create a new map and zoom in to y
geo  map  engine  application 
may 2008 by mildlydiverting

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