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One of the Biggest Mistakes Enterprise Startups Make
Should SaaS/software startups avoid offering professional services? by @msuster
msuster  bothsid.es  bothsidesofthetable  revenue  consulting  vs  software 
march 2013 by mikeschinkel
Jobs: Bush's First Term vs. Obama's First Term - Business Insider
Which party does a better job growing economy and shrinking government?
bush  vs  obama  businessinsider  jobs  private  sector  government 
november 2012 by mikeschinkel
Regular Expression: Are You an API Company or a Product Company?
RT @andreaskrohn: Intressant: Are You an API Company or a Product Company? #apise
api  vs  product  companies  op-ed  opinion  blogpost  apise 
april 2012 by mikeschinkel
Why You Can’t Hire « Startup Boy
Startups: Why You Can't Hire? No Shortage of Developers, a Surplus of Founders. #learntocodeyourself
developers  startups  entrepreneurs  vs  hiring  learntocodeyourself 
december 2011 by mikeschinkel

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