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How European sailors learned celestial navigation
Includes a sample exam question on the scenario "A Merchant man falls into the hands of pyrats; who amongst other things take away his sea-compasse." Pitch: redraft contemporary school maths curricula so that students can pretend to be early modern trainee navigators.
2masto  history  mathematics  navigation 
6 weeks ago by mikelynch
Numericana: Answering Scientific Questions Logically.
People say that the old weird web is dead but how do you explain the persistence of sites like this one
2masto  nerd  mathematics  science 
7 weeks ago by mikelynch
Nonstandard Models of Arithmetic
I don't understand this stuff but it tickles the part of my brain that got vertigo reading about Gödel when I was a teenager
2masto  mathematics  arithmetic  finitism 
10 weeks ago by mikelynch
me: just intonation and musical temperament, sure, how deep can that rabbit hole go
also me: staring helplessly at a web page on Riemann's Zeta function as it applies to equal divisions of the octave
2masto  music  mathematics 
may 2019 by mikelynch
NaN Gates and Flip FLOPS
This is some extended deadpan nerd black comedy, I love it but I also hate it, sorry, I forgot to fave the toot it was posted in
2masto  computers  mathematics 
april 2019 by mikelynch
Calculus notation and representing the second derivative as a fraction
Linking to the Metafilter page rather than the blog post and paper because the discussion there is great
2masto  mathematics  calculus 
april 2019 by mikelynch
Coxeter groups and visualising 4D polytopes
fun fact: I got obsessed with visualising the 24-cell this year, in what I think was a side-effect of my antidepressants
2masto  mathematics  geometry 
april 2019 by mikelynch
The Fourth Dimension and the Bible (1922)
"This higher dimension is seen to be heaven, where God dwells, and all events here on earth simply three-dimensional manifestations of that higher heavenly aggregate."
2masto  kook  mathematics  religion 
march 2019 by mikelynch
Going beyond the Golden Ratio
on why it's the most irrational number, and which are the second- and third-most irrational; and that in the context of this result only, mathematicians spell Markov "Markoff"
2masto  mathematics 
march 2019 by mikelynch
An interactive demonstration of the Wallace–Bolyai–Gerwien theorem
Any polygon of equal area can be cut into a finite number of pieces and reassembled into any other polygon of equal area, and this shows not only how but why
2masto  geometry  mathematics  javascript 
february 2019 by mikelynch
The secret intellectual history of mathematics
Great article on why #mathematics gets left out of mainstream histories of knowledge, gives Heidegger a kick for good measure
history  mathematics  2masto 
october 2018 by mikelynch
Titans of Mathematics Clash Over Epic Proof of ABC Conjecture
“Each time I hear of an analysis of Mochizuki’s papers by an expert (off the record) the report is disturbingly familiar: vast fields of trivialities followed by an enormous cliff of unjustified conclusions”
2masto  mathematics  numbertheory 
september 2018 by mikelynch
Florentin Smarandache (pseudomathematics / outsider science)
I discovered this guy via a Wolfram Mathworld page which had a big list of integer sequences he'd named after himself. Hoo boy.
2masto  mathematics  science  kook 
september 2018 by mikelynch
Tai-Danae Bradley: What is Applied Category Theory?
"a collection of introductory, expository notes on applied category theory, inspired by the 2018 Applied Category Theory Workshop"
2masto  categorytheory  mathematics  science 
september 2018 by mikelynch
One step closer to a proof of the twin prime conjecture: only 3.5x10^7 to go!
One step closer to a proof of the twin prime conjecture: only 3.5x10^7 to go!
mathematics  tw  numbertheory  primes 
may 2013 by mikelynch
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