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October 4, 1957, Sputnik 1 Launched – Station HYPO
Prosteyshiy Sputnik” – Russian for “Simplest Satellite”
space  history  USSR 
9 weeks ago by mikeRuns
Jeff Bezos Lifts Veil on His Rocket Company, Blue Origin - The New York Times
Blue Origin’s motto: “Gradatim ferociter,” Latin for “step by step, ferociously”
space  spacex  innovation 
march 2016 by mikeRuns
Lunar property rights: Hard cheese | The Economist
chief executive Robert Bigelow, a billionaire hotel owner, wants to establish private property rights on the Moon in a bid to tackle Chinese lunar dominance. He believes “the final nail in America’s 21st century coffin is likely to be China’s takeover of the Moon.”
space  privateers 
february 2015 by mikeRuns
5,200 Days in Space - The Atlantic
Just about every American ninth-grader has never lived a moment without astronauts soaring overhead, living in space.
space  future  ideas 
december 2014 by mikeRuns
Bootstrapping To The Stars
“I’m not sure anybody ever believes the answer, but the truth is, I don’t think about it, and I don’t care. We’re in a race with physics and economics. Not with the neighbors.”
privateers  space 
june 2014 by mikeRuns
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