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Who Spewed That Abuse? Anonymous Yik Yak App Isn’t Telling - NYTimes.com
Mr. Droll and Mr. Buffington started Yik Yak with a loan from Mr. Droll’s parents. (His parents also came up with the company’s name, which was inspired by the 1958 song, “Yakety Yak.”) In November, Yik Yak closed a $62 million round of financing led by one of Silicon Valley’s biggest venture capital firms, Sequoia Capital, valuing the company at hundreds of millions of dollars.

The Yik Yak app is free. Like many tech start-ups, the company, based in Atlanta, doesn’t generate any revenue. Attracting advertisers could pose a challenge, given the nature of some of the app’s content. For now, though, Mr. Droll and Mr. Buffington are focused on extending Yik Yak’s reach by expanding overseas and moving beyond the college market, much as Facebook did.
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Building PRISM-Proof Web Services | MIT Technology Review
The software is designed to work with a popular Web service building tool called Meteor, to make it easy for Web developers to use. Mylar’s design has code running inside a person’s browser take on most of the processing and presenting of information—work that a conventional service would do on its servers. But Mylar also includes some new cryptographic tricks that allow a server to do useful things with user data without having to descramble it. It is possible for a service built with Mylar to search across encrypted data stored on its servers, for example, so a person could search documents they had uploaded to a file storage service.
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App Helps Boston Parents Track School Buses through Blizzards
Not knowing where a child is can be harrowing for a parent. Not knowing where a child is in a blizzard can be even more frightening.

This was the situation Boston Public Schools (BPS) found themselves in during the winter of 2010 when the East Coast was rocked by a series of snowstorms that cut power to hundreds of thousands and delayed school buses for hours. The series of storms, labeled “Snowmaggedon”, left an indelible impression on the school system that later turned into a call to action.

School Bus Video Systems Gaining Acceptance
High-Tech School Bus Teaches Students on the Road

Chris Osgood, co-chair of the Boston Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics, explained to Government Technology that the city's experience during the storms led to the creation of a mobile app for parents called Where’s My School Bus?, that rapidly and securely relays student bus locations to parents. The app came about with the help of Boston's 2011 Code for America (CfA) fellowship, a program designed by the civic tech organization to outfit municipalities with technical support for IT improvement projects.
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Navigation app Waze gets limited voice controls | Rafe's Radar - CNET News
The new version has other new features, not voice-activated, including a utility to quickly create a message to share your estimated arrival time. You have to tell Waze you are a passenger to use features like this when the car is in motion. Or you can lie to Waze and perform passenger functions you are driving yourself down the freeway at 85 mph.
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