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Is the Internet of Things impossible to secure? | ITProPortal
Device manufacturers can no longer afford to take a back seat when it comes to IoT security.
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may 2018 by mikeRuns
How to prevent your IoT devices from being forced into botnet bondage | TechCrunch
When was the last time somebody logged into their light bulbs to do a tcpdump to check if there were rogue packets?
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august 2016 by mikeRuns
Unleash The Power of JavaScript For IoT | EE Times
By adopting JavaScript as its core language, KinomaJS communicates in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), the preferred data interchange format of today’s Internet.

Through its independent JavaScript implementation, the XS virtual machine, KinomaJS has a light memory footprint and CPU requirements compared to JavaScript implementations designed for use in web browsers, Marvell said. Therefore it scales down to significantly more cost-effective hardware, “such as microcontrollers based on ARM’s Cortex-M series,” said Dai.

According to Marvell, KinomaJS source code is available for immediate download from here.

Included in the KinomaJS open-source project are: JavaScript 5th Edition virtual machine (XS); Kinoma Porting Layer (KPL); Core native modules (Fsk); Kinoma Platform Runtime (KPR) application framework; Networking modules for http/https, WebSockets, SSDP, and Zeroconf/mDNS; Independent JavaScript implementation of TLS/SSL; Graphics rendering in pure software and OpenGL accelerated; and Digital media playback extensions.

The KinomaJS source code is provided under the Apache License, Version 2.0.
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august 2015 by mikeRuns
Law Loosens an Efficiency Standard But Boosts Grid Stability - IEEE Spectrum
That legislation now allows large-capacity electric water heaters to be sold, despite their inefficiency compared to the heat-pump type. But there are provisions to ensure that most, if not all, of those water heaters are used in laudable ways.

For example, it makes it illegal to “unlock” a grid-enabled water heater so that it can be used without being part of a demand-management or thermal-energy storage program. And the government can still bar the sale of such water heaters if it determines that the number of them being sold is 15 or more percent greater than the number of them involved in the kinds of programs they were designed for.

So the lesson should be clear. Jailbreak your iPhone if you want, but don’t jailbreak your grid-interactive water heater or you’ll make it bad for everybody.
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june 2015 by mikeRuns
The Internet of Things Is Changing How We Manage Customer Relationships - HBR
our plan probably won’t be perfect, and you may need to make some new hires, or get some outside help from people who have done these Big Data and Internet of Things projects. But whatever you do, don’t underestimate the impact of acting on something seemingly minute. The right incremental changes can truly transform the way people experience your organization. So even if something seems trivial, try it and see how it goes. You might find that you had underestimated just how powerful a small change can be.
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june 2015 by mikeRuns
Google's Brillo is an OS for the Internet of things - Fortune
Google’s efforts here make total sense. With the Internet of things you have a lot of developers from the mobile and web world trying to build awesome devices running into operating systems that were designed to sit between controllers and software for tire pressure sensors and microwaves. It’s like if today’s teens tried to communicate on a rotary dial phone.
may 2015 by mikeRuns
Huawei's LiteOS Internet of Things operating system is a minuscule 10KB
Based on Linux, LiteOS weighs in at a mere 10KB -- smaller than a Word document -- but manages to pack in support for zero configuration, auto-discovery, and auto-networking. The operating system will be open for developers to tinker with, and is destined for use in smart homes, wearables, and connected vehicles.

LiteOS will run on Huawei's newly announced Agile Network 3.0 Architecture and the company hopes that by promoting a standard infrastructure, it will be able to push the development of internet and IoT applications. Rather than building connected devices, Huawei wants to concentrate on creating tools and platforms that can be used by others to create their own devices.
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may 2015 by mikeRuns

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