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Why Software Remains Insecure | Daniel Miessler
There are myriad theories as to why software remains insecure after we've spend decades trying to solve the problem. Common reasons include: Get the Audio
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2 hours ago by mikeRuns
GitHub - dowjones/reapsaw: Reapsaw is a continuous security devsecops tool, which helps in enabling security into CI/CD Pipeline. It supports coverage for multiple programming languages.
Reapsaw is a continuous security devsecops tool, which helps in enabling security into CI/CD Pipeline. It supports coverage for multiple programming languages. - dowjones/reapsaw
DevOps  CI  CD  CIS4615  software  development  cybersecurity 
2 hours ago by mikeRuns
EPIC - EPIC v. DEA: Court Rules Agency Can Keep Secret the Names of Agencies Using Hemisphere
A federal court in Washington, DC ruled this week that the DEA does not have to disclose to EPIC the names of the other agencies that use the Hemisphere call records database managed by AT&T. Earlier in the same FOIA case, EPIC obtained documents from DEA which revealed that both the FBI and CBP query the Hemisphere database. The agency was allowed to submit a secret affidavit in support of its claims, but the court ordered the agency to file a revised declaration,
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15 days ago by mikeRuns
GitHub - maxking/linux-vulnerabilities-10-years
Contribute to maxking/linux-vulnerabilities-10-years development by creating an account on GitHub.
linux  kernel  cybersecurity  cis3360  cop4600  cis4615 
october 2018 by mikeRuns
Academics Publish New Software-Level Protections Against Spectre and Rowhammer Attacks - Slashdot
Catalin Cimpanu, writing for BleepingComputer: Academics from multiple universities have announced fixes for two severe security flaws known as Spectre and Rowhammer. Both these fixes are at the software level, meaning they don't require CPU or RAM vendors to alter products, and could, in theory, be...
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august 2018 by mikeRuns
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