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Salsa Journeyman, New Gravel and All-road Bike
Salsa just unveiled the Journeyman, a new gravel/all-road bike with clearance for 650b x 2.2″ or 700c x 50mm tires and plenty of bikepacking-friendly features. Priced at $899 or $1,099, the Journeyman seems to be quite a bargain for those looking to dabble in backroad wandering or gravel road adventure.
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6 days ago by mikael
Bicycle Helmets for Babies?
Summary: Babies must be at least one year old before you try them in a bike trailer or seat. This page highlights what we believe to be the risks of taking your baby along. It discusses advantages of baby seats and trailers. There is an opposing view at the bottom.
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7 days ago by mikael
SimWorks by Honjo
The world most beautiful aluminum mud guard is made in a small factory located in Sumida district, TOKYO. Since 1949, their guards have been attached to variety of bicycles such as Randonneur, Tourer, and Sportif and provided a brilliant design and function in their history.
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15 days ago by mikael
Vimeo.com: ‘Velo Vietnam’ an adventure film by Friction Collective.
Velo Vietnam is a film about four friends Tim Lages, Tom Gurney, Sam Blanchard and Jack Davies, who cycled 650 miles down the coast of Vietnam. The short film documents the highs and the sweaty,sweaty lows of a whirlwind adventure in one of the most incredible countries on this planet.
documentaries  cycling  vietnam  asia  videos 
20 days ago by mikael
Bombtrack Hook EXT
...takes 'road-plus' further off the beaten track and sets the benchmark for a steel gravel bike.
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24 days ago by mikael
Rock n' Road Tires 700c x 43mm
After years of being locked away in a dusty corner of the shop, we have decided to bring back the original Rock n' Road tire - along with a host of improvements. Built by Panaracer in Japan, the new tire is ideal for all-purpose riding. Not a full road tire, not a full dirt tire, but a great all-arounder.
Things you need to know

The new tire measures out at a nice 43mm wide (or 1.72" for the Imperial folks) x 700c.
Both Blackwall and Skinwall Available
It's lighter than the original. Our 43mm x 700c weighed right about 540g.
We paid extra for top quality! Japanese-built by Panaracer, the tire has a nice Kevlar folding bead.
Your bike has to have at least 43cm chain stays for the tire to fit.
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4 weeks ago by mikael
The 650B alternative: Is this smaller wheel size right for you?
This is a wheel size with smaller rims than the 700C road bike standard, but larger than the 26-inch size that was the standard for mountain bikes until a few years ago. Because the rims are smaller, fitting 650B wheels into road and gravel bikes that usually take 700C wheels allows the use of fatter tyres with little or no alteration to the frame design, assuming you have disc brakes.

There used to be loads of French wheel sizes, designated by the rolling diameter of the tyre in millimetres, and a letter. The road bike standard 700C is one of these sizes; it originally had quite fat tyres that bulked things out to a rolling diameter of 700mm.

Wheel size designations are a proper omnishambles. The only way to be sure a tyre will fit a particular rim is to look at the size of the bead seat, the part of the rim where the tyre fits when inflated. Your 700C wheels have a bead seat diameter of 622mm; for 650B it's 584mm.

The 650B size was popular with French touring cyclists back in the 60s, and has been brought back from the brink of extinction by the mountain bike industry. It has pretty much replaced the original mountain bike 26-inch wheels, which have a bead seat diameter of 559mm. Also referred to as 27.5in, the wheel size is now found on bikes from entry-level hardtails to downhill bikes.
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5 weeks ago by mikael
Brompton weight: Steel vs. Titanium?
The major parts they do offer give the following weight savings (My steel figures are based on Merc weights not Brompton but are likely to be very closely comparable), which isn't a massive amount lighter when you factor in the frame - but it's good to remember that most people want a light Brompton not because they want a racing machine but because they want it to be easy to carry when folded.

Rear Triangle:
Steel = 808g
Titanium = 455g
Saving = 353g (43.6%)

Steel = 610g
Titanium =265g
Saving = 345g (56.6%)

Steel = 475g
Titanium = 275g
Saving = 200g (42.1%)
Overall saving: +/- 898g
forum-posts  bikes  cycling 
5 weeks ago by mikael
What are the folded dimensions of a Brompton?
The dimensions of a Brompton when folded are 585mm high x 565mm long x 270mm wide (23" x 22.2" x 10.6").
bikes  cycling 
5 weeks ago by mikael
Youtube.com: Brompton Basics | How to Speak Brompton.
The Brompton folding bike has a lot of great features to it, but here we break down the basics. We give you the info you need to make the 3 most important choices that make up a Brompton configuration. The Brompton experts at NYCeWheels can always assist you with making sure you get the bike that works best for you!
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5 weeks ago by mikael
What is the maximum rider height on a Brompton bike?
Standard – adequate for those with an inside leg measurement of 81 cm, or 84 cm with a rail saddle.

Telescopic - designed for those with an inside leg greater than 89cm or for taller riders wishing to minimise how far the seatpost protrudes from the folded package. The telescopic seatpost gives up to 175mm (nearly 7 inches) of extra height yet projects only 20mm (just under an inch) from the folded bike.
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5 weeks ago by mikael
The Bicycle Academy
We won’t just teach you how to make a bicycle frame, we’ll teach you how to learn.
frames  education  bikes  cycling 
6 weeks ago by mikael
Crank Brothers Stamp Flat Pedals Review - Factory Jackson Factory Jackson
I really love the Crank Brothers Stamp pedal – the low profile design combined with the huge size just feels great on the foot. And it’s great that they come in a choice of sizes.
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6 weeks ago by mikael
Elfordonspremien har fyrdubblat försäljningen av elcyklar
Sedan regeringens besked i höstas har prognosen för antalet sålda elcyklar fördubblats av Cykelbranschen, som samlar återförsäljare och leverantörer.
– Det är jättelyft, efter beskedet i höstas ökade försäljningen med 400 procent på en månad, säger Joakim Stenberg, vd för Cykelbranschen.
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6 weeks ago by mikael
Wheel Comparison: 650B vs 700c
In the gravel cycling scene, 700c sized wheels have been dominant. Sure, we see the occasional 26 inch wheel out there, but by and large the traditional road wheel size of the last 30 plus years has been the size most often used for gravel road riding. However; as with mountain biking, we are seeing some 650B wheels and tires being used now. Obviously, we are testing a set of these wheels and tires, (seen HERE), and we have seen a question arise about the differences between the wheel sizes themselves. So, this post will aim to compare 650B and 700c wheels and give you, the reader, some information with which you can use to decide which might be better or interesting to try for yourself.
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7 weeks ago by mikael
Velo Orange Copenhagen Dual Leg Kickstand
The Copenhagen dual leg kickstand is perfect for city bikes. It has a "scissor-action" that folds both legs to the non-drive side of the bike. The leg length is adjustable and can be locked to the desired length. It fits bikes with or without kickstand plates.
cycling  bikes 
7 weeks ago by mikael
Wikipedia.org: Ultra-distance cycling
The distance needed for a cycling event to be considered ultra-distance cycling or an endurance race is far more vague than in ultra running (any race longer than a marathon) or in ultra-triathlon (any race longer than an Ironman Triathlon). Any bike race longer than a century ride, which is 100 miles (160 km), is sometimes considered to be ultra-distance cycling; however, such events are relatively common, so using a longer distance to define the category is more useful, such as any race that is longer than 200 kilometres (120 mi), 300 kilometres (190 mi) or even a double century, 200 miles (320 km).
cycling  sport  wiki 
7 weeks ago by mikael
Lacka ny kolfiberram
Bor du i sthlm så rekomenderar jag att gå förbi A-T-R på åsögatan. De har en kontakt som lackerar deras ramar, ryktet är runt "tusenlappen" för en vanlig lackering. Sen beror det på hur avancerad lack du ska ha, grafik, dekaler osv....
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7 weeks ago by mikael
Crust Bikes Towel Rack
Behold, the widest drop bar in the known world.
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7 weeks ago by mikael
Surly Bikes — Bike Fit
Let’s get something clear, sizing a bike is hard. Each person in the world is shaped differently. Some folks are long-torsoed with stubby arms and skinny legs. Some are squat round people with knuckles that drag. There are enormous Andre the Giant types and normal people too (whatever that means.) There is no one bike, one bike model, or one bike brand that will fit everyone (without being fully custom built - which ours are not), but you can usually get close.
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7 weeks ago by mikael
Finish Line 1-Step Cleaner and Lubricant
The 1-Step Cleaner, for all it’s simplicity, isn’t the sort of short cut that will reduce the life of your chain, cassette or derailleurs. Its formulation includes rust protection as well as a corrosion inhibitor, which made it effective the way one of those single-serve flossers is. It doesn’t last much longer, either. For the bikes I decided to use this on, I found I was using it once a week, which might be more frequent than I wanted, but I was able to spend less than a minute on the chain and afterward it looked shinier than the pate of a bald man. I’ve been using it in the 4-ounce squeeze bottle ($7.99), but it also comes in 6 and 12-ounce spray cans ($8.99 and $11.99, respectively). The spray could be handy following some of the gravel rides I have planned. This certainly isn’t the best chain lube I’ve used, but it’s the most convenient, which—given my life—is a good deal more valuable. […] I’m honestly, unabashedly, in love with this stuff. It makes keeping the chain clean and lubed so easy.
cycling  bikes  blog-posts  maintenance  reviews 
7 weeks ago by mikael
Youtube.com: 105 kph (65mph) Tour Down under. Cyclists risking their lives down corkscrew.
Something is wrong with the speed claim. I see pedals turning at say 110-115 RPM. If they are running a 53-11, the speed would be 43.4 MPH/70 KPH. At 105 KPH they must coast.
cycling  videos  sport 
8 weeks ago by mikael
Portland Design Works — Full Metal Fenders 650 Beast
Introducing a brand new size in our classic, ever-popular Full Metal Fender design. Made of sturdy anodized aluminum and adorned with laser graphics and an embossed alloy head badge, the 650 Beast Fenders are a beautiful complement to any bike with 650b sized wheels. The 650 Beast Fenders will fit close clearance bikes with 650x46mm tires maximum. They come with special extra long hangers designed to better fit 650b frames and forks. The double rear stays add stability and prevent rattling.
fenders  cycling  bikes 
8 weeks ago by mikael
Product Review: Iris Water Bottle Cages
[…] if you use metal water bottles, such as those made by Klean Kanteen, you’ll find that most lack that special circumscribing groove and thus sit uncomfortably loose in a traditional cage. The Iris cage, on the other hand, does not use a bottom lip to retain the bottle and instead firmly squeezes the sides of the bottle, allowing one to use either a traditional plastic bottle or a metal one. Klean Kanteen makes a cage for their stainless steel bottles but it is made of plastic and does not hold the bottle nearly as securely as a metal Iris style cage. Stainless steel and titanium Iris style cages are also a lot less likely to scuff up your bottles compared to traditional style cages.
reviews  storage  cycling  bikes  blog-posts  water 
8 weeks ago by mikael
Iris King Cage
Also perfect for: Klean Kanteen™ waterbottles.
bikes  cycling  water  storage 
8 weeks ago by mikael
The New 2018 Masi Giramondo Touring Bikes
Perhaps off-road adventure riding is your game? No worries, Masi has a Giramondo with 27.5″ wheels as standard that are and fitted with 2.1″ wide mountain bike tyres. While the frame stays the same, the fork is different. It uses a segmented design to achieve greater tyre clearance. It also has two 3-boss mounts for cargo cages at the back, as well as dynamo cable routing on the inside of the fork leg. There are still mounting points for a front rack, but you also get the option for fitting a mini/porteur rack to the mounting points on top of the fork.
bikes  cycling 
8 weeks ago by mikael
Review: 2016 Masi Speciale Giramondo
Tire clearance to 42mm Continental SpeeRIDE tires is about 12mm. Plenty of width for a wider tire if you wish. How wide? I am not sure. I am no expert and I was unable to find any data on the web.
bikes  cycling  blog-posts  reviews 
8 weeks ago by mikael
Tumbleweed Bicycle Co.
The Tumbleweed Prospector is a rugged and adaptable mountain touring bike that is optimized for the Rohloff SPEEDHUB internally geared hub and derailleurs.
bikes  cycling  frames 
8 weeks ago by mikael
MT Zero — Tioga
An impossibly thin pedal made possible by Tioga’s ZEROaxle bearing system. The MT-ZERO’s body measures no more than 7mm thin (4mm at the thinnest), helping it to amplify ground clearance, increase foot stability and improve pedaling efficiency over conventional pedals. Not for DH or Freeride use
pedals  bikes  cycling 
8 weeks ago by mikael
Youtube.com: Ultra Swift Fabio's Chest infomercialé
Key features and operation instructional university for the bag formally known as the Wizard Sleeve. Pre orders for next batch: January 1st 2017.
bags  cycling  videos 
8 weeks ago by mikael
Crust Bikes Towel Rack
Behold, the widest drop bar in the known world. If you know of a place in the unknown world where something wider exists, I would enjoy vacationing there.
handlebars  bikes  cycling 
8 weeks ago by mikael
On-One Midge Handlebar
Well made, light and, at least in 25.4 version, have a slight give to them, which probably makes them a bit more comfortable. Have done about 1000 light-XC kilometres on them without issue and find them to be really comfortable, offering a variety of hand positions and great control in the the drops, which is the primary riding position. As with all off-road drops, you should install them so that the main hand position, in the drops, is the height it would be if you were using a flat bar; for me, this is just below the saddle.I only have one criticism: I think they'd be even more comfortable with a bit more flare angle and if the ends/sweeps were a bit longer. (Hope you read this, Brant;)
handlebars  cycling  bikes 
8 weeks ago by mikael
On-One Mary Handlebar
A bit extraordinary but fully practical and really comfortable! Give the Mary bars a go and find out yourself.
handlebars  cycling  bikes 
8 weeks ago by mikael
Cycloc — The Best Bike Storage Systems by Design
Award-winning bike storage products enable you to store your bike with style.
cycling  bikes  design  furniture 
9 weeks ago by mikael
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