Github.com: svtplay-dl
Small command-line program to download videos from svtplay.se/tv4play.se/tv3play.se/tv8play.se/tv6play.se/viaplay.se/aftonbladet.
cli  software  television  video  ripping  streaming 
17 hours ago
Svd.se: Kravet inifrån M: ”Våga tala om invandringen”
Anna Kinberg Batra måste som trolig ny Moderatledare lyfta partiets "tabu" att diskutera flyktingströmmen till Sverige. De som tar upp frågan ska inte behöva beskyllas för att vara ”rasister”. Det anser företrädare i kommuner där M drabbats hårt av väljarflykten till SD.
politics  swedish  articles 
18 hours ago
Openstreetmap.org: How to tag fireplace?
On several places there is fireplace in forest or just outside the naturel reserve where (and only where) the fire is permitted. However it is not possible to sleep there and there is no other equipment. How to tag this? Is it camping_site? Picnic site? There are no beneches, nothing. It would be great if there is a fireplace icon for such places, it would encourage using them instead setting up fire where not allowed.
fun  tagging  metadata  forum-posts  maps 
20 hours ago
Theverge.com: Sandbox of frustration: Apple's walled garden closes in on Mac developers
Apple's OS X Mountain Lion launched on Wednesday, and with it came a new set of rules laid out by Apple that restrict what Mac developers can do with their apps. To sum it up, developers must "sandbox" their apps in order to take full advantage of new features like iCloud and Notification Center, limiting access to system data much like iOS apps. Sandboxed apps are much easier for Apple to verify, check, and approve for the Mac App store, since they are inherently self-contained, but this poses a big problem: sandboxing your app sometimes means that features that dig deep into OS X must be removed. Developers lashed out at Apple for its new rules when Mountain Lion was announced back in February, in part because of how much effort might go into re-architecting their apps. Tech pundit Andy Ihnatko wrote, "Time, money, and resources that developers could be investing in making a great product even better must instead be spent just to keep their software working."
apple  osx  development  security 
21 hours ago
Stockholm.se: Offentliga toaletter
Du kan ladda ned broschyren Offentliga toaletter via länken nedan eller använda en app för detta.
maps  stockholm 
Svenskarna och internet 2014.
internet  stats  swedish 
3 days ago
Expressen.se: Nu plockar Spotify bort vit makt-musik
Så sent som på tisdagen ska vit makt-banden No Remorse och Brigade 96 ha funnits hos Spotify, skriver DN. Nu har musiktjänsten plockat bort den rasistiska musiken.
music  politics  racism  swedish  articles  spotify 
3 days ago
ZEVO ZFS over Thunderbolt on a Mac
After years of threatening, I finally set up a ZFS pool in a Mac OS X (10.8.5) environment. Today, I downloaded ZEVO Community Edition, which is (self)-described as “a momentous, much needed and long-overdue improvement over Apple’s status quo file system (HFS+) that was designed in the mid 1980s — before the Internet existed!” I totally agree. HFS+ is a turd, allowing “bit-rot” to silently corrupt your data over time. I am a working photographer with many terabytes of data that I need to store securely. Although I keep many copies of the data (and versioned copies of important stuff), I have, on occasion, gone back to old pictures only to find them to be corrupted. This scares me. Luckily, ZFS is a file system that has been designed not to allow silent corruption. If you want to know more about ZFS, read its Wikipedia entry.
zfs  apple  osx  filesystems  tutorials  storage  hdd 
3 days ago
Theatlantic.com: The Shazam Effect
While most users think of Shazam as a handy tool for identifying unfamiliar songs, it offers music executives something far more valuable: an early-detection system for hits.
articles  music  business  software 
3 days ago
Anandtech.com: EIZO Announces the IPS 26.5” FlexScan EV2730Q Monitor with 1920x1920 Resolution
I will be honest, the nearest I think I have come to a square monitor is the 1024x768 panel I use as a tiny second screen on my main computer. When I first saw EIZO’s press release regarding this new 1920x1920 monitor it took me aback, imagining what it might feel like to actually use. The consumer monitor market is expanding to various screen sizes, usually following 16:9, 16:10 or 21:9 for the most part. But after a few minutes, I realized that non-standard monitor sizes are most likely abundant in various industries, such as medical, when they are designed for a specific purpose and quality. So while a 1:1 monitor is something interesting to see in the consumer space, perhaps it might not be so new when considering industrial use scenarios. That all being said, it would be interesting to see this one in the flesh.
monitor  hardware 
4 days ago
BitTorrentsync security & privacy analysis
The Web—that thin veneer of human-readable design on top of the machine babble that constitutes the Internet—is dying. And the way it’s dying has farther-reaching implications than almost anything else in technology, writes Christopher Mims. [ https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=8618067 ]
bittorrent  sync  software  security  hack 
4 days ago
Wsj.com: The Web Is Dying; Apps Are Killing It
The Web—that thin veneer of human-readable design on top of the machine babble that constitutes the Internet—is dying. And the way it’s dying has farther-reaching implications than almost anything else in technology, writes Christopher Mims.
articles  mobile  software 
4 days ago
The current state of commerce is one of centralized marketplaces and money services that extract high fees, impose and abuse excessive control and remove any hope of privacy from users. This is why we've created Bitmarkets. Using Bitmessage's decentralized messaging to post sales, Bitcoin to transfer value without credit cards or banks, and two party escrow transactions (which lock the payment and mutual security deposits so they can only be released with the consent of both parties) safe exchanges can be conducted without middle men.
software  bitcoin  encryption  shopping  open-source  business 
4 days ago
Bike.se: Kawazaki Z 750
Enligt vår kawasakiexpert Tobbe på Svenska Motorcykelaktiebolaget »finns inga fel alls på dem« – som går att hänföra till själva konstruktionen. Det stämmer med det intryck som föraren får via reglage, motor och växellåda. Helheten känns mycket solid och välbyggd. Ändå slits förstås kedjan, däcken och bromsbeläggen, men en Z 750-ägare behöver inte oroa sig över plötsliga haverier. Kawasaki har ju haft lång tid på sig att förfina och förbättra motorn sedan den debuterade 1998 i ZX-9 R.
motorcycle  vehicles  reviews  articles  swedish 
4 days ago
Benjamin Lowy — Iraq | Perspectives I
In July 2005, I was being driven from an assignment—an endeavor that took two cars and four heavily armed Iraqi guards—when my mother called. She asked me if I had the chance to go out with Iraqis, to wander through Baghdad. I told her that this scenario was near to impossible, if not dangerous for someone like me: tall, white, and bald. I explained that I couldn't go anywhere without armed protection; that Iraq was a land of blast walls and barbed wire fences. Her response was one of incredulousness. She had never seen any photographs or news reports illustrating what I described. I made my first image of a concrete blast wall through the window of my armored car that day.
photography  photographers-contemporary 
4 days ago
Arstechnica.com: Bitrot and atomic COWs: Inside “next-gen” filesystems
We look at the amazing features in ZFS and btrfs—and why you need them.
articles  zfs  filesystems  preservation  storage  bitrot 
4 days ago
Sverigesradio.se: Människan och maskinen
Per Johansson och Eric Schüldt kommer att försöka närma sig en av de allra största frågorna: Vad är en människa? Människan och maskinen är poddradio i 10 delar som handlar om den nyaste tekniken och den äldsta historien.
podcasts  radio  swedish  library 
4 days ago
Bit Rot on OS X - Myth or Reality?
Bit rot, in case you do not know, is a scary word which makes you lose all confidence in your storage. To make it simple, it means that there is a slight chance that your data might change over time, getting corrupted. This leads to all sort of issues, especially with data which is not accessed often and not easily replaceable, if at all. Imagine losing your old family photos, movies of your kids, or the private key of your Bitcoin wallet… [...] According to Wikipedia, in 2013, manufacturers claimed a non-recoverable error every 10^{16} bits read (which is 1.25 Peta-bytes, or 1,250 TB). This is small, but not so small to make it totally irrelevant, and it is only for enterprise-grade hardware. I do not know if manufacturers publish these figures for consumer-grade disks, but you can assume that they are sensibly worse.
storage  osx  hfs  apple  filesystems  blog-posts 
4 days ago
Spiegel.de: Tragedy in Sahara Desert as Refugees Aim for European Union
One year ago, a group of 113 people set off from Niger hoping for a better future in the European Union. A few days later, they were left stranded in the Sahara Desert without vehicles or water. Only 17 survived to tell the tale.
articles  refugees  politics 
5 days ago
Github.com: YosemiteSanFranciscoFont
Replace Helvetica Neue on your 10.10 Yosemite Mac with San Francisco – the Watch font. [ https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=8627366 ]
apple  osx  fonts  deskmod  yosemite 
5 days ago
Let's Encrypt
Let’s Encrypt is a new Certificate Authority: It’s free, automated, and open. [ https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=8624160 ]
encryption  ssl  webdev  server 
5 days ago
Attic — Deduplicating Archiver
Attic is one of the new-generation hash-backup tools (like obnam, zbackup, Vembu Hive etc). It provides encrypted incremental-forever (unlike duplicity, duplicati, rsnapshot, rdiff-backup, Ahsay etc) with no server-side processing and a convenient CLI interface, and it does let you prune old backups. [ https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=8621372 ]
software  open-source  backup  encryption  cli  python  ssh 
6 days ago
Nytimes.com: Pay Phones in New York City Will Become Free Wi-Fi Hot Spots
[…] beginning next year, city officials said on Monday, the relics will evolve into something deemed far more practical: thousands of Wi-Fi hot spots across the city, providing free Internet access, free domestic calls using cellphones or a built-in keypad, a charging station for mobile devices and access to city services and directions.
articles  wifi  usa  network 
6 days ago
Vimeo.com: Organizing Your Photos with Lightroom 5
This video outlines the basic structure for an organized photo library using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5. In this video we see how you can split organization into three layers, the storage of the photos, the tagging of the photos, and the creation of projects with the photos.
videos  tutorials  organization  archiving  lightroom  digital-imaging  photography 
7 days ago
Wsj.com: Why Farmed Fish Are Taking Over Our Dinner Plates
Tokihiko Okada was on his boat one recent morning when his cellphone rang with an urgent order from a Tokyo department store. Its gourmet food section was running low on sashimi. Could he rustle up an extra tuna right away?
fish  farming  articles 
7 days ago
Nature.com: Gut–brain link grabs neuroscientists
Idea that intestinal bacteria affect mental health gains ground.
health  articles  psychology  food  science 
7 days ago
Svd.se: Förbjuden frukt i svampskogen
Den röda flugsvampens kulturhistoria visar sig rymma det mesta från urgammal schamanism till tvivelaktiga polska översättningar av Pippi Långstrump.
articles  books  reviews  swedish 
7 days ago
Bbc.com: Plants talk to each other using an internet of fungus
Hidden under your feet is an information superhighway that allows plants to communicate and help each other out. It’s made of fungi [ https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=8591038 ]
articles  science  biology 
7 days ago
The Internet's First Family
MetaFilter began in 1999 as a sort of humane proto-Reddit. Why did a site for sharing "best of the web" links become a place where strangers help each other in real life in extraordinary ways?
articles  history  internet  culture 
7 days ago
An activity monitor for your brain that teaches you about cognitive performance.
brain  health  shopping  hardware 
10 days ago
Stockholm 1958 och 2011
Flygfoton av Stockholm 2011 och för 1958 sedan, sida vid sida.
maps  compare  airplane  stockholm  sweden  cities 
12 days ago
Geology.com: Global Sea Level Rise Map
The above can be used to show which areas would be under water if sea level rises a specific amount. You can select a value of sea level rise using the drop down box in the upper left corner of the map. Although this map is not a carefully surveyed and extremely accurate presentation, it does provide a visually striking view of what geographic areas might be flooded if global climate change continues unabated.
maps  environment  climatechange 
12 days ago
Youtube.com: Pre Flashing Paper Negatives
Joe Van Cleave's tutorial on pre-flashing paper negatives.
paper  film  photography  alt-process  videos  tutorials 
12 days ago
Kickstarter.com: New55 FILM by Bob Crowley
New55 FILM is a new instant 4x5 film that produces a superb negative, and a positive print too.
film  crowdfunding  alt-process  photography 
12 days ago
A <canvas> font and typesetting engine for CreateJS.
webdev  html5  canvas  typography  js 
12 days ago
Study shows marijuana’s long-term effects on the brain
"The results suggest increases in connectivity, both structural and functional that may be compensating for gray matter losses. Eventually, however, the structural connectivity or ‘wiring’ of the brain starts degrading with prolonged marijuana use.”
Tests reveal that earlier onset of regular marijuana use induces greater structural and functional connectivity. Greatest increases in connectivity appear as an individual begins using marijuana. Findings show severity of use is directly correlated to greater connectivity. [ https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=8590992 ]
drugs  science  articles  brain 
12 days ago
Discussions.apple.com: on screen display volume/brightness not display...
Hey! I've had this happening to me as well, and it really is quite annoying. After a few tries of a little of everything, it turned out that it happened because I had reduced the transparency effect. Give it a try, it could be your case as well. Go to System Preferences > Accessibility > Display > uncheck "Reduce Transparency".
forum-posts  apple  osx  yosemite  gui 
13 days ago
How to Podcast for Free (on Archive.org)
I recently moved my podcast from Libsyn's pay service to the free hosting on Archive.org, the Internet Archive and home of the wayback machine. If you're willing to allow a licensing model compatible with their upload system, this might work for you. Libsyn is a great and simple solution, but the monthly payments have added up and the free solution is pretty easy using Feedburner and Wordpress.com to create an iTunes compatible feed.
podcasting  blog-posts  archive.org  tutorials 
13 days ago
Wikipedia.org: Lista över falska vänner mellan svenska och engelska
Denna lista över falska vänner mellan svenska och engelska innehåller ord i de båda språken som liknar varandra, men har skilda betydelser, och kan förväxlas av personer med hyggliga kunskaper i de båda språken. Falska vänner kan vara ord med gemensamt ursprung såväl som språköverskridande homonymer.
wiki  language  fun  swedish  conversion  lists 
13 days ago
Filmjättarna stämmer Bredbandsbolaget – kräver blockering av Swefilmer
Bredbandsbolaget ska tvingas blockera The Pirate Bay och Swefilmer. Det kräver en rad film- och musikbolag i ett unikt rättsfall, kan Dagens Media avslöja.
law  streaming  swedish  copyright  business  waybackmachined 
13 days ago
Ted.com: Eric X. Li: A tale of two political systems
It's a standard assumption in the West: As a society progresses, it eventually becomes a capitalist, multi-party democracy. Right? Eric X. Li, a Chinese investor and political scientist, begs to differ. In this provocative, boundary-pushing talk, he asks his audience to consider that there's more than one way to run a successful modern nation.
politics  china  economics  videos  presentation 
13 days ago
Svt.se: Expressen sparkar samtliga fotografer
- Det var oväntat att hela bildredaktionen försvinner på det här sättet. Det är ju mycket specialkompetens som försvinner. Det går ju inte att sticka under stol med att det här påverkar kvaliteten, säger expressens bildchef Per Kagrell till Kulturnyheterna.
photography  journalism  swedish  business  articles 
13 days ago
Complex file renaming in Lightroom made simple – thanks to the Search and Replace plug-in
* Use Search & Replace’s Transfer command to copy the file name to any unused IPTC field that Lightroom’s Batch Rename dialog will be able to access. Let’s say it’s the Headline
* Use Search & Replace to remove “Scan_” from the Headline
* Use Search & Replace to remove the extension from the Headline
* Finally use LR’s Rename Photos to rename using the Headline
rename  lightroom  metadata  conversion  digital-imaging  photography  tutorials 
13 days ago
pyExifToolGui is a graphical frontend for the excellent open source command line tool ExifTool by Phil Harvey. pyExifToolGui is a python pySide QT4 script program that reads and writes all kind of metadata tags from/to image files. A strong point of this software is the ability to write the data, copied or not from a source image (reference image), to multiple images at once.
frontend  exif  cli  software  open-source  photography  digital-imaging  metadata  windows  linux  osx  apple 
13 days ago
Mozilla.org: Firefox Developer Edition
Introducing the only browser made for developers like you.
firefox  software  open-source  browser  webdev 
14 days ago
You either get it or you don’t
[...] there is a major issue with DNG: As far as I know, DNGs usually (i.e. by default) store the data as it came from the sensor. That means the application that reads the files needs to support the native format of the sensor pixel pattern. It is quite likely that some software vendors in the distant future will choose not to implement support for exotic historic sensors that do not use a conventional Bayer pattern (like Sigma’s Foveon, the rumored Fuji X-Trans and the like). While it is indeed possible to activate demosaicing in the conversion options inside the Adobe products, that will obviously no longer store the original sensor data and makes it impossible to benefit from improved future demosaicing algorithms unless you accept the storage overhead of embedding the original RAW file. Plus, most people don’t even know the demosaicing option is there, let alone what it does, and it will probably result in larger files as well since the red and blue channel hast to contain the additional interpolated values. Don’t get me wrong, DNG is great and I wish it was more universally supported, but it is quite dangerous in that it tricks people into thinking all DNG files are 100% future-proof without restrictions.
dng  forum-posts  standards  preservation  raw  photography  digital-imaging  blog-posts 
14 days ago
Theguardian.com: Berlin’s digital exiles: where tech activists go to escape the NSA
With its strict privacy laws, Germany is the refuge of choice for those hounded by the security services. Carole Cadwalladr visits Berlin to meet Laura Poitras, the director of Edward Snowden film Citizenfour, and a growing community of surveillance refuseniks.
surveillance  germany  berlin  articles 
14 days ago
PowerShovel II
A raw conversion program with integrated sharpening and color profiling, that is NOT based on the Canon conversion dll. It can handle files of Canon PowerShot S30, S40, S45, G2, G3 and Canon EOS D30 and D60. However the included color profile is fine-tuned for the PowerShot G2 and S40. For the other camera's the profile is acceptable but can be updated by the user to his own ICC color profile (instructions in the readme.doc).
software  history  raw  canon  photography  cameras 
14 days ago
Review.com: Fujifilm X100T Digital Camera Review
Such a great shooting experience is rarely worth quantifying with a dollar amount (ask a Leica fan), but nevertheless, the X100T continues to be a singular camera. It's premium photographic bliss, made in Japan.
reviews  fujifilm  cameras  x100t  photography 
14 days ago
Theatlantic.com: Life as a Fake Beauty Queen in Small-Town China
I came to Beijing to model. Then I found myself playing Miss America in Inner Mongolia.
asia  china  fashion  articles 
14 days ago
Wikipedia.org: Bat bomb
Ideally, the canister would be dropped from high altitude over the target area, and as the bomb fell (slowed by a parachute), the bats would warm up and awaken. At 1,000 ft. altitude, the bomb would open and over a thousand bats, each carrying a tiny time-delayed napalm incendiary device, would fly in a 20–40 mile radius and roost in flammable wooden Japanese buildings. The napalm devices would ignite simultaneously, and thousands of small fires would flare up at once.
wiki  war  weapons  animals 
14 days ago
Wikipedia.org: Keiko (orca)
Keiko finally departed Icelandic waters with wild whales in early August 2002. However, about three weeks later he showed up in a Norwegian fjord, apparently seeking contact with human beings and allowing children to ride on his back.
animals  history  movies  wiki 
15 days ago
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