VoteMPD allows your party guests to fill the queue of your MusicPlayerDaemon.
software  music  player  open-source  terminal  cli 
Festify — Get your Party started!
Festify is a free Spotify-powered app that lets your guests choose which music should be played using their smartphones.
software  freeware  spotify  music 
Youtube.com: MPD + Cool Retro Term round two
Mpdviz + cava+ cool retro term + ncmpcpp, also tmux
Jitters and color changes currently done manually by tweaking controls on another monitor. In the future perhaps CRT, like the visualization programs seen, can take settings changes from a FIFO.
terminal  cli  music  audio  player  videos  software 
Youtube.com: Retro terminal music player
Fooling around with ncmpcpp and cool-retro-term.
terminal  cli  music  audio  player  videos  software 
This is my second attempt to build a real working version of a cyberdeck inspired by the machines used in the cyberpunk settings of Shadowrun and William Gibson’s Sprawl novels. In those stories cyberdecks were portable computers hackers used to jack into cyberspace with a direct neural connection, cutting ICE and stealing data for the highest bidder. I don’t have a neural interface, so I’m making do with a set of video glasses. The case for this project came from a dead Commodore 64c. It was the right size and shape, and its style perfectly matched the 80’s aesthetic common to cyberpunk. The original keyboard was replaced with a modern keyboard/trackpad combo with 3 color backlit keys, and a USB hub slotted where the function keys once were. Inside was an overclocked Raspberry Pi 3 with a cooling fan powered by a 10,000 mAh USB battery. [ https://www.jwz.org/blog/2016/09/cyberdeck64/ , https://imgur.com/a/knY8l ]
commodore64  raspberrypi  hardware  hack  diy  tutorials 
Cryptpad — Zero Knowledge, Collaborative Real Time Editing
CryptPad is the zero knowledge realtime collaborative editor. Encryption carried out in your web browser protects the data from the server, the cloud, and the NSA. The secret encryption key is stored in the URL fragment identifier which is never sent to the server but is available to javascript so by sharing the URL, you give authorization to others who want to participate.
software  open-source  texteditors  webdev  privacy  encryption  security 
Sweden Wants To Fight Our Disposable Culture With Tax Breaks For Repairing Old Stuff
How often have you taken a gadget or a pair of shoes in for repair and found out that fixing it will cost more than buying a new version? Too often, that’s how often. And Sweden is trying to fix this, by halving the tax paid on repairs and increasing taxes on unrepairable items. The new proposals come from the ruling coalition of the Social Democrat and Green parties, and, if successfully enacted, would be accompanied by a publicity campaign to encourage Swedes to repair products instead of replacing them. [ https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=12579879 ]
articles  environment  sweden  politics  repair 
Wikipedia.org: Moonlight tower
A moonlight tower or moontower is a lighting structure designed to illuminate areas of a town or city at night. The towers were popular in the late 19th century in cities across the United States and Europe; they were most common in the 1880s and 1890s. In some places they were used when standard street-lighting, using smaller, shorter, and more numerous lamps, were impractically expensive. In other places they were used in addition to gas street lighting. The towers were designed to illuminate areas often of several blocks at once. Arc lamps, known for their exceptionally bright and harsh light, were the most common method of illumination. As incandescent electric street lighting became common, the prevalence of towers began to wane.
wiki  history  lighting  cities 
2 days ago
Github.com: Ungoogled Chromium
A Google Chromium variant for removing Google integration and enhancing privacy, control, and transparency.
chrome  privacy  surveillance  open-source  software 
2 days ago
Isaac Asimov Asks, “How Do People Get New Ideas?”
In 1959, I worked as a scientist at Allied Research Associates in Boston. The company was an MIT spinoff that originally focused on the effects of nuclear weapons on aircraft structures. The company received a contract with the acronym GLIPAR (Guide Line Identification Program for Antimissile Research) from the Advanced Research Projects Agency to elicit the most creative approaches possible for a ballistic missile defense system. The government recognized that no matter how much was spent on improving and expanding current technology, it would remain inadequate. They wanted us and a few other contractors to think “out of the box.” [ https://archive.is/ZuosG ]
art  psychology  articles 
2 days ago
Bbc.com: Body fat link to bacteria in faeces
The make-up of the bacteria found in human faeces may influence levels of dangerous fat in our bodies, say researchers from King's College London. [ https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=12581180 ]
health  gutmicrobiome  science  food 
2 days ago
"The World of Thighs" Photo Exhibition Report - Yuria's Futomomo Paradise
Introducing Yuria, a mysterious Japanese photographer who makes a living by taking photos of women’s thighs (“futomomo” in Japanese) – over 30,000 photos to be precise. Yuria is a self-proclamed “Futomomo Artist“. Yuria is a meticulous person, with two strict rules when it comes to photography. First, he never takes photos of a model’s face. Second, he shoots nothing but women’s thighs, with the aim of spreading the true beauty of futomomo, “the area that holds the beauty of a woman“, to the world. Yuria prefers models who have thighs that are “not too thin, not too chubby, but slightly on the thinner side” (geinou-news).
art  japan  porn  articles  photography 
2 days ago
Wired.com: The Next Level: Sega’s Plans for World Domination
Just some of the developments coming to an Electronic Boutique near you: Truly interactive game movies starring hot Hollywood stars (just in time for Christmas); immersive 3-D game environments using cheap VR technology (also out in time for Christmas); and motion-sensing technology that places you directly into the game (the Activator shipped this fall). Think about those three technologies working in unison. Give them a year or two to mature, and mix in the Sega interactive cable channel (coming next year from TCI and Time Warner).
sega  games  history  console  articles  vr 
2 days ago
Wsj.com: Facebook Signs Deals With Media Companies, Celebrities for Facebook Live
Nearly 140 contracts with video creators total more than $50 million. […] The list reviewed by the Journal also includes the Metropolitan Museum of Art and American Museum of Natural History in New York.
facebook  video  business  articles 
2 days ago
Quora.com: Is there an RSS feed available for Instagram pictures?
Simply replace USERNAME with whatever Instagram username you want to follow in this URL: http://widget.stagram.com/rss/n/USERNAME
rss  instagram  forum-posts  tutorials 
2 days ago
Wsj.com: Do Cold-Weather Masks Work?
Even in people who don't normally suffer from asthma, breathing winter air can hamper lung function, says Kenneth W. Rundell, director of respiratory research at Marywood University in Scranton, Penn. Winter asthma is a common problem for anyone who exercises hard outdoors in sports such as cross-country skiing. Dr. Rundell estimates it affects about 25% of elite athletes and serious recreational exercisers.

The major cause of winter asthma is that cold air is very dry, sucking moisture from bronchial passages and creating inflammation which narrows airways, scientists say. Symptoms, which occur during exercise or a few minutes after stopping, include coughing, gasping, mucus production and chest tightening.

"There is some evidence, but it's not overwhelming" that the masks alleviate winter asthma, says John W. Castellani, a research physiologist at the U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine in Natick, Mass. The downside is that some masks restrict breathing too much for serious athletes, he adds.
running  health  articles  science 
3 days ago
Freenas.org: Single Drive ZFS
Well, the CTO of iXsystems said something like "single disk ZFS is so pointless it's actually worse than not using ZFS". Technically you can do deduplication and compression. But there is no protection from corruption since there is no redundancy. So any error can be detected, but cannot be corrected. This sounds like an acceptable compromise, but its actually not. The reason its not is that ZFS' metadata cannot be allowed to be corrupted.
zfs  filesystems  security  forum-posts 
4 days ago
Wikipedia.org: Bicycle monarchy
Bicycle monarchy (or bicycling monarchy) is a British term that refers to the more informal and modest personal styles of the royal families of countries in Scandinavia and the Low Countries, particularly the Netherlands.
language  sweden  wiki 
4 days ago
Simple, secure, self-sovereign identity on Ethereum.
blockchain  identity  p2p 
5 days ago
Brian Eno On Genius, And “Scenius”
I was an art student and, like all art students, I was encouraged to believe that there were a few great figures like Picasso and Kandinsky, Rembrandt and Giotto and so on who sort-of appeared out of nowhere and produced artistic revolution.

As I looked at art more and more, I discovered that that wasn’t really a true picture.

What really happened was that there was sometimes very fertile scenes involving lots and lots of people – some of them artists, some of them collectors, some of them curators, thinkers, theorists, people who were fashionable and knew what the hip things were – all sorts of people who created a kind of ecology of talent. And out of that ecology arose some wonderful work.

The period that I was particularly interested in, ’round about the Russian revolution, shows this extremely well. So I thought that originally those few individuals who’d survived in history – in the sort-of “Great Man” theory of history – they were called “geniuses”. But what I thought was interesting was the fact that they all came out of a scene that was very fertile and very intelligent.

So I came up with this word “scenius” – and scenius is the intelligence of a whole… operation or group of people. And I think that’s a more useful way to think about culture, actually. I think that – let’s forget the idea of “genius” for a little while, let’s think about the whole ecology of ideas that give rise to good new thoughts and good new work.
blog-posts  culture  art  artist  quotes  music 
5 days ago
Github.com: Destroy Windows 10 Spying
Remove all spyware modules
Remove spying apps
Add spying domains to hosts file!
Remove spying services
Remove Windows 10 Metro Apps
Support Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and Server 2008-2012 R2
Remove Office 2016 telemetry
Open Source!
windows  windows10  surveillance  privacy  open-source  software 
7 days ago
Metz-mecatech.de: Metz mecablitz M400 Canon
The mecablitz M400 represents a new generation of compact flash systems. It is especially suited to mirrorless system cameras and is ideal for any photographers or film-makers looking for a convenient flash unit. The mecablitz M400 is also highly equipped and leaves nothing to be desired. The maximum guide number of 40 forISO 100 is capable of handling almost all shooting situations. Versatile lighting options are provided by the motor zoom function (24-105 mm), the fully pivotable reflector with removable reflector card and the integrated wide-angle diffuser (12 mm). The M400 is also ideal for wireless operation, be it TTL or servo. As for usability, the M400 also sets new standards with its innovative OLED display and its impressively tidy, simplified user interface.
flash  photography  hardware  photogear  canon 
7 days ago
Android Studio 2.2
Android Studio 2.2 is available to download today. Previewed at Google I/O 2016, Android Studio 2.2 is the latest release of our IDE used by millions of Android developers around the world. Packed with enhancements, this release has three major themes: speed, smarts, and Android platform support. Develop faster with features such as the new Layout Editor, which makes creating an app user interface quick and intuitive.
software  development  android  blog-posts 
7 days ago
Youtube.com: i3wm: Jump Start (1/3)
Welcome to this three-part series on the i3 Window Manager. i3 is a sophisticated tiling window manager for Linux. In this tutorial, you'll learn what i3 is; how to install it; and of course, how to use it. In the second video, you'll learn how to configure it, too!
videos  deskmod  linux  tutorials  screencast  windowmanager 
9 days ago
The cypherpunk revolution
How the tech vanguard turned public-key cryptography into one of the most potent political ideas of the 21st century.
encryption  security  surveillance  articles 
9 days ago
Youtube.com: Documentary: Digital Amnesia (VPRO Backlight)
Our memory is dissipating. Hard drives only last five years, a webpage is forever changing and there’s no machine left that reads 15-year old floppy disks. Digital data is vulnerable. Yet entire libraries are shredded and lost to budget cuts, because we assume everything can be found online. But is that really true? For the first time in history, we have the technological means to save our entire past, yet it seems to be going up in smoke. Will we suffer from collective amnesia? This VPRO Backlight documentary tracks down the amnesiac zeitgeist starting at the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam, whose world-famous 250-year old library was lost to budget cuts. The 400.000 Books were saved from the shredder by Ismail Serageldin, director of the world-famous Library of Alexandria, who is turning the legendary library of classical antiquity into a new knowledge hub for the digital world. Images as well as texts risk being lost in this ‘Digital Dark Age’. In an old McDonald’s restaurant in Mountain View, CA, retired NASA engineer Dennis Wingo is trying to retrieve the very first images of the moon. Upstate New York, Jason Scott has founded The Archive Team, a network of young activists that saves websites that are at risk of disappearing forever. In San Francisco, we visit Brewster Kahle’s Internet Archive that’s going against the trend to destroy archives, and the Long Now Foundation, which has put the long-term back on the agenda by building a clock that only ticks once a year and should last 10,000 years, in an attempt to reconnect with generations thousands of years from now.
preservation  videos  documentaries  movies  internet  archive.org 
9 days ago
PhotoBook: Decentralized Getty Image / Instagram / Flickr
A combination of Getty image photo sales & Instagram / Flickr style social photo sharing sites, built on Ethereum (with IPFS). Users get paid for content and curation.
decentralization  photography  socialmedia  business  software  development  blog-posts 
9 days ago
SNAPSNAP Camera Strap
SNAPSNAP’s award-winning design rethinks how you carry your camera. Using magnetic clips, SNAPSNAP attaches to your backpack, counterbalancing both backpack and camera. This lets you carry your camera more comfortably and still shoot quickly.
photogear  ergonomics  shopping  photography 
9 days ago
Facebook.com: Instagram Video — Facebook Ads Guide
Design Recommendations

Aspect Ratio: 1:1
Video: H.264 video compression, high profile preferred, square pixels, fixed frame rate, progressive scan
Format: .mp4 container ideally with leading mov atom, no edit lists
Audio: Stereo AAC audio compression, 128kbps + preferred
Caption: Text only, 125 characters recommended

Technical Requirements

Caption length text: 2,200 characters Max
Video aspect ratio: 1.9:1 to 1:1
Minimum resolution: 600 x 315 pixels (1.9:1 landscape) / 600 x 600 pixels (square)
Minimum length: 3 seconds
Maximum length: 60 seconds
File type: Full list of supported file formats
Supported video codecs: H.264, VP8
Supported audio codecs: AAC, Vorbis
Maximum size: 4GB
Frame rate: 30fps max
Bitrate: No limit to bitrate file if you're using two pass encoding, as long as your file doesn't exceed 1 GB. Otherwise, 8 megabits per second for 1080p and 4 megabits per second for 720p.
Thumbnail image ratio: Should match the aspect ratio of your video. Your image should include minimal text. See how the amount of text in your ad image will impact the reach of your ad.
ads  instagram  video  tutorials 
9 days ago
A personal project I shot in northern India. It's a short documentary about stunt drivers taking part in the daredevil sport known as "Maut ka kuan" (Well of Death). Premiered on NOWNESS: nowness.com/story/riders-of-the-well-of-death-erik-morales
documentaries  movies  india  cars  motorcycle  videos 
9 days ago
How New Long-Range Radios Will Change the Internet of Things
By definition, in fact, radios radiate energy into space. The more energy they use to transmit, the further their signal will travel.

So device developers have traditionally faced a tradeoff between range and battery life. You can build a Bluetooth sensor that lasts for years on a battery, but you’ll only get 30 feet of range. Or you can build a cellular sensor with fantastic range, but you’ll need to recharge it every week.

A new category of radios has emerged which breaks this paradigm, delivering both miles of range and years of battery life. Several different standards are hitting the market now, with LoRa, Sigfox, and Ingenuin the lead. Collectively, these radios are known as Low-Power Wide Area Network radios, or LPWAN. (Which is a terrible name. Hopefully an opportunistic journalist will give us a better one soon.)


Our team at Beep Networks is now working with LoRa radios here in San Francisco, and we’re getting signals through at over a mile of range. That’s in the city, through walls, with a tiny battery-powered sensor device — no towers or giant antennas involved. We know folks who are getting 10 miles in every direction when they put these radios on towers in rural areas, where there’s less interference.
network  wifi  iot  radio  blog-posts 
10 days ago
Ever wondered how many open FTP servers there are?
This is a list of all (796,578) FTP servers directly connected to port 21 in the IPv4 address space that allow anonymous logins. The login must be completed in less than 5 seconds to qualify for this list. How and why this list was created is documented in detail in my blog post Mass-analyzing a chunk of the Internet.
lists  ftp  resources  server 
10 days ago
Gwern.net: Nicotine
My take away is that there is addiction but it’s drastically overestimated by almost everyone and may been conflated with the habit-formation capability; the latter makes nicotine doubly valuable, but the former means we will want to be more careful with the nicotine than with modafinil or caffeine, where the main consequence of carelessness is tolerance rendering the stimulant useless or messing up our sleep for a few days. For example, snus, a sort of chewing tobacco, has been studied extensively in Sweden where it is very popular and has been credited with large reductions in the smoking rate7, and with little hard evidence of harm from snus use8. Smokeless tobacco in general is hugely more safe than smoking
drugs  health  articles  science  addiction 
10 days ago
Does Google Duo provide end to end encryption by default?
Duo will use end-to-end encryption by default.I assume you might have been asking this question as Allo doesn’t use end-to-end encryption by default and need to use incognito or the Google hangout which provides a little encryption however for Duo its by default.
google  video  voip  instant-messaging  software  security  privacy  forum-posts 
10 days ago
WhatsApp tells Delhi High Court it does not access user data; its Privacy Policy says otherwise
Some very ambiguously drafted terms in the Privacy Policy indicate that even end-to-end encryption may not be implemented as completely as WhatsApp claims it is. A part of the policy meant to reassure users of Facebook’s use of the information shared with it, unfortunately has the opposite effect: For example, the policy states that ‘…your WhatsApp messages will not be shared onto Facebook for others to see’, indicating that messages can still be shared ‘with’ Facebook, only it won’t be shared publicly ‘on’ Facebook.  The statement goes on to say ‘In fact, Facebook will not use your WhatsApp messages for any purpose other than to assist us in operating and providing our Services …’ Clearly, Facebook can use your WhatsApp messages to assist in operating and providing services.
encryption  instant-messaging  security  articles 
10 days ago
Jide Launch Remix OS Player -- Light Weight Android Emulator For Windows
Jide the company behind the popular Remix OS, a multi-windowed version of Android designed to run on PC has launched Remix OS Player for Windows. Marketed as the fastest and most optimized Android emulator on the market, the marshmallow based program will run most Android apps direct on your Windows device.
emulation  android  windows  software  os  open-source 
10 days ago
We're a team of researchers from Carnegie Mellon University. We have assigned privacy grades to Android apps based on some techniques we have developed to analyze to their privacy-related behaviors.
software  mobile  security  test  reviews 
10 days ago
Norway plans to cull more than two-thirds of its wolf population
Environmental groups criticise plan that will allow hunters to shoot up to 47 of an estimated 68 wolves living in wilderness.
animals  norway  hunting  articles  wildlife 
11 days ago
Distressed ravens show empathy is for the birds, too
This is interesting because for a bystander — a flock member, in this case — to console the victim of an aggressive conflict, the individual must first recognize that the victim is distressed and then must act appropriately to alleviate that distress, a complex behavior that requires sensitivity to the emotional needs of others — a trait previously attributed only to humans. Of course after deciding that only humans have this special ability, research has since found that our closest relatives, chimpanzees and bonobos also “console” victims of conflict [DOI: 10.1073/pnas.0804141105], but researchers haven’t looked closely at many species.
science  birds  behavior  articles 
11 days ago
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