Self-Driving Cars Have a Bicycle Problem
Robotic cars are great at monitoring other cars, and they’re getting better at noticing pedestrians, squirrels, and birds. The main challenge, though, is posed by the lightest, quietest, swerviest vehicles on the road.
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6 hours ago
Wikipedia.org: Mondo 2000
Mondo 2000 was a glossy cyberculture magazine published in California during the 1980s and 1990s. It covered cyberpunk topics such as virtual reality and smart drugs. It was a more anarchic and subversive prototype for the later-founded Wired magazine.
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6 hours ago
Happyride.se: De första hyresgästerna har flyttat in i cykelhuset Ohboy
Den 23 oktober 2015 togs det första spadtaget för vad som skulle bli Sveriges första cykelhus beläget i Västra hamnen, Malmö. Nu har hyresgästerna så smått börjat flyttat in och Happyride fick komma och hälsa på. Hur ser det ut i cykelhuset, vilka är hyresgästerna och vad tycker de om sitt nya och unika boende?
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14 hours ago
Video Games Are Better Than Real Life
MANY AMERICANS have replaced work hours with game play — and ENDED UP HAPPIER. Which wouldn’t surprise most gamers.
games  culture 
20 hours ago
Great Alternatives to Hamburger Menus
How to make your navigation obvious and keep people engaged.
ux  blog-posts  webdev 
20 hours ago
Github.com: GeditSafetySave
Automatically store unsaved documents to a temporary location under the current user's home. This keeps your documents, temporary to-do lists, etc.. safe from crashes.
texteditors  plugins  linux  automation  backup 
22 hours ago
Wire’s independent security review
All Wire client code is on GitHub and the server code will be open sourced by the end of Q1, 2017.
software  open-source  instant-messaging  security  encryption 
22 hours ago
A Queer Taste for Macaroni
With his enormous hair, painted face, and dainty attire, the so-called “macaroni” was a common sight upon the streets and ridiculing prints of 1770s London. Dominic Janes explores how with this new figure — and the scandalous sodomy trials with which the stereotype became entwined — a widespread discussion of same-sex desire first entered the public realm, long before the days of Oscar Wilde.
gay  history  culture  articles 
22 hours ago
Video Pros Moving From Mac to Windows for High-End GPUs
But as good as that juiced up Mac Pro Tower is today, I know at some point, the time will have to come to an end, simply because Apple hasn’t built a PCIe-based system in many years now. As my article described, the alternative Mac Pro trashcan is simply not a solution for our needs, imposing too many limitations combined with a very high price tag.

The Nvidia GTX 1080 might be the final nail in the coffin. I can guarantee at this point, we will have to move to a Windows-based workstation for our main edit suite and one that supports multiple PCIe slots specifically for the GTX 1080 (I’ll most likely get two 1080s that that new price-point).


Even a Thunderbolt-connected PCIe expansion chassis to a Mac Pro trashcan wont help, due to the inherent bandwidth limits that Thunderbolt has as compared to the buss speeds of these GPU cards. And forget about stacking these cards in an expansion chassis… just not going to happen. [ https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=13720507 ]
blog-posts  hardware  apple  macpro  macbookpro 
We all have the ‘right to disconnect’ – but only some of us can afford it
Can one really afford to “disconnect” from insurance companies, banks, and immigration authorities? In principle, yes – if one can afford the associated (and rapidly increasing) social and financial costs of disconnection and anonymity. Those seeking to disconnect will ultimately have to pay for the privilege – in higher loan rates, more expensive insurance packages, more time wasted on trying to assure the immigration officer of one’s peaceful intentions. […] This addiction, though, has rather tangible origins: many of the platforms that steal our attention are designed precisely to hijack it and have us divulge, one click at a time, as much of our data as possible. The reason why social media platforms feel so addictive is because they are carefully optimised – and tested on millions of users like us – to engineer long-lasting addiction.

[…] On closer examination, though, it’s not evident that this right has much teeth even as a weapon against abuse by employers, as its applicability to the so-called gig economy seems uncertain. It’s true that, in theory, the joy of working as an independent contractor, be it as a driver for Uber or as a courier for Deliveroo, is the freedom and autonomy that such platforms afford: hours are flexible and can be adjusted depending on preferences and schedule. But the reality, of course, is quite different. First, to earn a decent living from such platforms one must be prepared to work long shifts – and be available at all times. Second, refusing to accept rides or delivery requests at inconvenient hours might harm one’s rating on the platform and provide grounds for suspension. Hence the paradox: the gig workers need no right to disconnect as no one is forcing them to work – and yet the dynamics of the platform are such that meaningful disconnection is made almost structurally impossible. As a result, in the realm of the highly flexible – and often precarious – gig economy, the right to disconnect makes very little sense; its ostensible flexibility conceals the fact that one can only succeed in it by making oneself always ready and willing to put in yet another gig. Thus we end up in the odd situation where well-protected regular jobs acquire extra benefits like “the right to disconnect”, while the unprotected, precarious jobs in the gig economy keep expanding – mostly by violating this very right as often as possible.
netpolitics  socialmedia  law  articles  work 
2 days ago
Facebook Is Not A Community
Corporate entities are fond of the term community because it fosters a sense of familiarity with their brand, and as social creatures we crave belonging. It also serves as a stand-in idea for social units that are decidedly less compelling. “Millions of users” or “Massive consumer base” are not concepts that inspire an emotional connection. Less nefariously, community is not a cumbersome word in the way that “world-wide user base” is; or, at least, it feels less cumbersome. But in reality, community serves us best when it is treated as a specific type of human relationship. It is a social unit based on voluntary association, shared beliefs and values, and contribution without the expectation of direct compensation. In my own work I’ve used the gemeinschaft-gesellschaft distinction popularized by sociologists like Ferdinand Tönnies, Max Weber, and Émile Durkheim, but really you don’t need a working knowledge of German sociology to come up with basic, common sense parameters for what constitutes a community. You know it when you see it. Or rather, you know it when you feel it, because community is ultimately an affective, emotional connection to other people.
blog-posts  facebook  netpolitics 
2 days ago
This is the dumbest publishing platform on the web. Write something, hit publish, and it's live. There's no tracking, ad-tech, webfonts, analytics, javascript, cookies, databases, user accounts, comments, friending, likes, follower counts or other quantifiers of social capital. The only practical way for anyone to find out about a posting is if the author links to it elsewhere. But it is legible, no-nonsense static hypertext, good for short stories, not-short-enough tweets and adventures and all your numbers station or internet dead drop needs. Here you can scream into the void and know the form of your voice is out there forever.
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2 days ago
Youtube.com: TheReportOfTheWeek
Here you will find reviews of fast food, energy drinks, other products or random videos and talk shows.
food  videos  reviews  resources  usa 
2 days ago
Social Media Needs A Travel Mode
News reports tell us that Customs and Border Patrol has become more aggressive about checking social media accounts at the border. In doing this, the United States joins a growing list of countries that recognized the value of these accounts, and the unique data mining opportunity that a border crossing provides. […] If you're a citizen, you can try to refuse such a request, but may find yourself detained for several hours or more, or subjected to stressful questioning. Your devices might also be confiscated. If you’re a non-citizen, you could be denied entry, or detained indefinitely. Saying no to the US border patrol is risky. […] We don’t take our other valuables with us when we travel—we leave the important stuff at home, or in a safe place. But Facebook and Google don’t give us similar control over our valuable data. With these online services, it’s all or nothing. We need a ‘trip mode' for social media sites that reduces our contact list and history to a minimal subset of what the site normally offers. Not only would such a feature protect people forced to give their passwords at the border, but it would mitigate the many additional threats to privacy they face when they use their social media accounts away from home.
surveillance  security  socialmedia  politics  usa  blog-posts  travel  airport 
2 days ago
Ekuriren.se: GRANSKNING: Så styrs den svenska trollfabriken som sprider hat på nätet
Mejlväxlingen och språkbruket ger snabbt en tydlig fingervisning om vilken politisk agenda Granskning Sverige har. Administratören som kallar sig Erik kommer med fler förslag: "Du skulle kunna ringa någon stor tidning /.../ och fråga om det inte är nyhetsvärde i alla de tusentals offentliggjorda mailen om Hillarys vapensmuggling, kuppmakande, korruption med Clinton foundation, kopplingar till Rothschild och Soros, m.m m.m. Du skulle kunna ringa och fråga /.../ om de tänker publicera att till exempel Hillarys medarbetare verkar ha drivit en pedofiliring bland de i närmsta kretsen runt Hillary", svarar Erik.
journalism  politics  swedish  articles  racism 
3 days ago
Råder mobilens tyranni eller moralpanik?
Flykten från konversationen är en flykt från ett moraliskt förhållningssätt till medmänniskorna. Turkle önskar telefoner som designas för att användas så lite som möjligt; som avleder användarens uppmärksamhet från tekniken. Och hon oroas för nästa steg i teknikanvändningen: Att vi inte enbart talar med andra genom digital teknik, utan att vi alltmer talar med digitala prylar.
mobile  netpolitics  swedish  blog-posts 
3 days ago
Svtplay.se: Idévärlden – S01E05 – Kajsa Ekis Ekman
Del 5 av 8. "Kapitalismen är ohållbar". Författaren Kajsa Ekis Ekman driver tesen att det kapitalistiska systemet bör skrotas, eftersom det både är djupt orättvist och leder till en klimatkatastrof. Hon blir bemött av den liberale författaren Mattias Svensson och nationalekonomen Johanna Möllerström.
television  swedish  videos  marxism  interviews 
3 days ago
Svd.se: ”Ett fritt internet offras – för ingenting”
Vi riskerar nu att få inskränkningar i det öppna internet som vi i Sverige har värnat. En dom tidigare i veckan leder till allvarliga konsekvenser. Det blir fritt fram att kräva att vi operatörer ska blockera olika sidor och innehåll, skriver Patrik Hofbauer och Anna Byström, Telenor och Bredbandsbolaget.
netpolitics  internet  swedish  sweden  law  isp  articles 
3 days ago
Därför skär jag av brandslangen
Men det kosmopolitiska myntet har också en baksida. Samtidigt pågår en parallell process som i allt väsentligt är raka motsatsen till det jag beskrev nyss. Nya gränser och barriärer uppstår. Avstånd ökar. Förståelsen minskar. Det sker en lokalisering istället för globalisering. Samtidigt som några reser obehindrat, blir andra allt mer bundna till vissa platser. Samtidigt som en designer, musiker eller entreprenör inom dataspelsbranschen känner mer gemenskap med en jämnårig i Tokyo eller Rio de Janerio än med sina grannar uppstår en tredje värld, eller snarare flera tredje världar, mitt ibland oss.
blog-posts  politics  swedish  sweden 
4 days ago
fault lines — a cultural heritage of misaligned expectations
Does the cultural heritage sector's current fascination with crafting "experiences" in fact betray our anxieties about the network? Or put another way: Is the vogue for fashioning these all-consuming, in-gallery shock-and-awe immersions actually a way for us to distract our visitors from the reality that there is often no recall of any consequence of that experience the minute they walk out the door?
museum  presentation  blog-posts 
4 days ago
Vimeo.com: Leon Borensztein
Photographer Leon Borensztein began his most personal project 30 years ago when his daughter, Sharon, was born with disabilities: »Throughout my artistic career, I have been driven by the need to give voice to the unheard and unseen. This desire became a personal passion when my daughter Sharon was born. Just after her birth I felt there was something wrong with my daughter, and slowly we learned that she was born with disabilities. She was legally blind, her fine and gross motor skills were undeveloped, and she had low muscle tone. She was also on the autism spectrum, and suffered from seizure disorder and speech delays. The list continues and it is long. I started photographing my daughter before she was born and I have never stopped.«
photography  books  photographers-contemporary  videos  children 
4 days ago
News.ycombinator.com: Dear Mark Zuckerberg: Democracy is not a Facebook focus group
Facebook is a publicly traded corporation, therefore its goal is to maximize shareholder revenue.

Facebook generates revenue by selling ad space on its website.

Ad space that is surrounded by attention grabbing content will generate the most revenue, thereby maximizing shareholder value.

At the lowest common denominator, negative emotions such as outrage and fear draw attention.

Facebook has no incentive to remove or alter this content in any way, other than to avoid illegal content that could produce lawsuits.

Fake news is not illegal.

If you don't want to consume the same questionable news as the lowest common denominator, pay for a subscription to a news service. Otherwise don't use Facebook for anything more than a photo sharing/messaging platform.

Dis-aggregate the pieces of the platform. If you can't do that, then don't use the whole service. There are plenty of alternatives for each piece.
facebook  forum-posts  netpolitics  business 
4 days ago
Wikipedia.org: Natascha Sadr Haghighian
Haghighian rejects the totalizing ideas of CVs, resumes, and bios, and insists that only biographies obtained from bioswop project be used in printed material regarding her work.

bioswop is a cv-exchange plattform. The idea is to provide curriculum vitaes, bios, resumes for mutual utilisation and borrowing as well as basic elements of cvs for assembly. People can provide their cv for this purpose.In the case of use, the person can be informed that their CV or parts of it is borrowed by someone. For institutions the idea is, to provide the name of the institution for utilisation and maybe even the programm. With a list of several Institutions the assembly of a cv is possible without utilising existing CV's.The assembled or borrowed cv can be downloaded as a pdf file. it will carry a footnote 'this cv was borrowed through www.bioswop.net'.The project is entirely based on trust and involves no monetarian exchange. a sensible use of peoples information is selfunderstood.
art  wiki  identity 
4 days ago
Wikipedia.org: Story of Your Life
"Story of Your Life" is a science fiction short story by Ted Chiang. The winner of the 2000 Nebula Award for Best Novella, as well as the 1999 Sturgeon award, the major themes explored by this tale are determinism, language, and the Sapir–Whorf hypothesis. A film adaptation by Eric Heisserer titled Arrival and directed by Denis Villeneuve, was released in 2016. It stars Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner and was nominated for 8 Oscars, including Best Picture.
movies  books  scifi  wiki 
4 days ago
Wikipedia.org: Private copying levy
government-mandated scheme in which a special tax or levy (additional to any general sales tax) is charged on purchases of recordable media. Such taxes are in place in various countries and the income is typically allocated to the developers of "content". (A distinction is sometimes made between "tax" and "levy" based on the recipient of the accumulated funds; taxes are received by a government, while levies are received by a private body, such as a copyright collective.)

Levy system may operate in principle as a system of collectivisation, partially replacing a property approach of sale of individual units.
piracy  filesharing  taxes  wiki  storage 
4 days ago
Vietnam's Low-tech Food System Takes Advantage of Decay
The food system in the industrialised world is based on mass-production, global distribution, and constant refrigeration. It requires many resources and produces a lot of food waste.

Aaron Vansintjan takes to the streets of Hanoi, where the Vietnamese practice a food culture based largely on fermentation.

Although food spoils much faster in a tropical climate, the Vietnamese will often store it without refrigeration, and instead take advantage of controlled decay. Vietnam's decentralised food system has low energy inputs and reduced food waste, giving us a glimpse of what an alternative food system might look like.
food  articles 
4 days ago
Gwern.net: 'Story Of Your Life' Is Not A Time-Travel Story
Famous Ted Chiang SF short story 'Story Of Your Life' is usually misinterpreted as, like the movie version, being about time-travel/precognition; I explain it is instead an exploration of the psychology of timeless physics interpretations. (philosophy, criticism).
culture  reviews  books  scifi 
4 days ago
News.ycombinator.com: How to Run a Rogue Gov Twitter Account with Anon Email Address and Burner Phone
The problem with

anonymous e-mail address + burner phone + always use TOR to access the account

is that this doesn't play out well in the medium term. This triggers various automatic "anti-abuse" measures on Twitters side. Those measures include: random prompt for re-verification of the phone number, which fails with the burner phone number used to create the account.

It's hard (if not impossible) to maintain such an account in the long run while protecting ones identity.
security  privacy  forum-posts  hackernews  twitter 
5 days ago
Stackoverflow.com: html - Display element as preformatted text via CSS
Use white-space: pre or pre-wrap to preserve whitespace preformatting as in the pre element.
html  css  webdev 
5 days ago
HTML code tag
The code element does not preserve whitespace and line-breaks. To fix this, you can put the code element inside a pre element.
html  webdev 
5 days ago
Niki Gleoudi – Shades Blue
In this photoessay I am portraying mainly the loneliness, the impossible actual communication even when people are in physical proximity. I am trying to capture the fragmental substance and present contact through an intermediate reality which is “mirrored” as a reflection in the glass. Perhaps the only truth is the one happening online, illuminating with a blue light the everyday routine. Subtracting the city’s surroundings, the noise, the traffic, the commotion and sometimes even the ambience around the subjects photographed, the moment that these people are and feel alone is evident. The only time where there is contact between two people is a blurred kiss. Finally, communication is accomplished by a couple. They are not alone. They become one and the energy interflows from one to another.
photography  blog-posts  photographers-contemporary 
6 days ago
Exclusive: an incredible Margiela documentary is coming
Martin Margiela remains one of fashion’s biggest mysteries. The semi-anonymous, rarely-photographed designer is pretty much as far from our self-promoting social media era as you can get, and his total withdrawal from the industry after selling the label and later giving up his role at it makes his character seem almost mythical. Who was the man who, along with business partner Jenny Meirens, scorned supermodels to have friends walk the runway, who radically rethought familiar silhouettes, eschewed branding for a blank nametag and whose take on design has inspired everyone from Raf Simons to Demna Gvasalia? What was it like to work alongside him?
documentaries  fashion  culture 
6 days ago
News.ycombinator.com: Live slow, die old: Mounting evidence for caloric restriction in humans
There's a totally different way to live that also has mounting evidence, and it's a way that sounds a lot more satisfying to me.

For awhile now, the "obesity paradox" has been a thing, where segments of the population who are a little heavier than one would expect actually have the best all-cause mortality rates.

Recently there's been some pushback on this "paradox", but the one I want to call attention to is here:


The problem with the obesity paradox is that it's been based on the flawed BMI. In this study, they actually did DEXA scans of elderly women's body fat percentage, and those with the highest BMI and lowest body fat percentage had the best all-cause mortality rates.

This suggests plenty of calories plus strength training is in the running for a longevity lifestyle. This makes sense intuitively and if one is familiar with the panoply of beneficial physiological effects from exercise on the human body. And, it would not come as a shock to find that increased strength from greater muscle improves, e.g., balance and coordination to prevent accidents in the elderly, nor that increased muscle mass provides a protective tissue reserve for fighting disease without the concomitant downsides of adipose.
health  food  fasting  science  forum-posts  hackernews  nutrition 
6 days ago
49 | 51 photobook by Björn Larsson
Everything put together falls apart, seems to be the red thread in Björn Larsson's new book with images of old abandoned wooden houses and barns in the Swedish countryside. The book is designed in correspondence with its subject – loose sheets hold together by a rubber band and a plastic bag.

The title 49/51 refers to the breakpoint when more people are living in cities than in rural areas. The book contains a before and after perspective using old aerial photographs in combination with a contemporary visual report.
books  photography  sweden  photographers-contemporary 
6 days ago
Roughtype.com: Zuckerberg’s world
The word “community” appears, by my rough count, 98 times in Mark Zuckerberg’s latest message to the masses. In a post-fact world, truth is approached, perhaps even created, through repetition. The message that is transmitted most often is the fittest message, the message that wins. Verification becomes a matter of pattern recognition. It’s the epistemology of the meme, the sword by which Facebook lives and dies.
socialmedia  facebook  netpolitics 
6 days ago
Vägverkets typsnitt
Vägverket har sedan sextiotalet använt symboler och tecken på sina vägmärken som ritats av Carl-Gustaf Gustafsson. Han var formgivare, men en formgivare med ingenjörsexamen. Han ritade därför inte vägmärken och bokstäver, utan han ”konstruerade” dem. Det här är lite av fackmannaterminologi, men går egentligen ut på att allt ritades med passare och linjal på ritningar måttsatta i millimeter. Det fanns alltså inte något typografiskt engagemang, utan Gustafsson gjorde ritningar som kunde användas vid skylttillverkning i fabrik.
typography  fonts  traffic  swedish  sweden 
6 days ago
Reddit.com/r/photography/: I've made a list of 15 photography magazines to follow on Instagram
Instagram: @noice_mag #noicemag Website: noicemagazine.com

Instagram: @paperjournalmag #paperjournalmag Website: paper-journal.com

Instagram: @archivecollectivemag #archivecollectivemag Website: thearchivecollective.com

Instagram: @somewheremagazine #somewheremagazine Website: somewhere-magazine.com

Instagram: @subjectivelyobjective #subjectivelyobjective Website: subjectivelyobjective.com

Instagram: @fujifeed #fujifeed Website: fujifeed.com

Instagram: @yetmagazine #yetmagazine Website: yet-magazine.com

Instagram: @burnmagazine #burnmagazine Website: burnmagazine.org

Instagram: @streetphotographyinternational #spicollective Website: streetphotographyinternational.com

Instagram: @aperturefnd #aperturefoundation Website: aperture.org

Instagram: @minimalzine #minimalzine Website: minimalzine.tumblr.com

Instagram: @phroom_magazine #phroommagazine Website: phroommagazine.com

Instagram: @oftheafternoon #oftheafternoon Website: oftheafternoon.com

Instagram: @ifyouleavestagram #ifyouleave Website: if-you-leave.tumblr.com

Instagram: @featureshoot #myfeatureshoot Website: featureshoot.com
reddit  forum-posts  photography  resources  magazines 
6 days ago
Arstechnica.com: Op-ed: Mark Zuckerberg’s manifesto is a political trainwreck
He says that Facebook is developing AI to create a global democracy—kind of.
politics  facebook  ai  articles 
6 days ago
An Introduction to Metamodernism
Metamodernism is an emerging movement that hopes to synthesize both postmodernist, modernist and premodern (romantic, enlightenment) ideas while moving our civilization and culture forward in a positive way. Metamodernism is the fight against the cultural effects that postmodern thought has had on our social interactions, artistic endeavours and thought processes. This includes dissolving the alienation from society that many of us suffer from on a daily basis as a result of these postmodern values. Yes, it is true that many foundational institutions in our society still operate on modernist standards or using modernist methods (mostly financial or economic institutions that are yet to be affected by the creeping nihilism we intend to combat) but the cultural postmodernism and nihilism that is eating our minds alive shows no signs slowing down.
politics  philosophy 
6 days ago
Wikipedia.org: Kuril Islands dispute
The first Russo-Japanese agreement to deal with the status of Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands was the 1855 Treaty of Shimoda, which first established official relations between Russia and Japan. Article 2 of the Treaty of Shimoda, which provided for an agreement on borders, states "Henceforth the boundary between the two nations shall lie between the islands of Etorofu and Uruppu. The whole of Etorofu shall belong to Japan; and the Kuril Islands, lying to the north of and including Uruppu, shall belong to Russia." The islands of Kunashiri, Shikotan and the Habomai Islands, that all lie to the south of Etorofu, are not explicitly mentioned in the treaty and were understood at the time to be a non-disputed part of Japan. The treaty also specified that the island of Sakhalin/Karafuto was not to be partitioned but was to remain under a joint Russo-Japanese condominium.
war  island  wiki  japan  russia 
6 days ago
Superuser.com: linux - Using wget to mirror a website and everything from the first level of external sites
This is unfortunately impossible with wget (and the attempt at solving this with -H -l 1 does not do what you expect). What you want is HTTrack.

httrack --ext-depth=1 http://example.com

This can also be abbreviated as httrack %e1 http://example.com. Note that HTTrack counts levels starting at 1, not 0, so it won't follow links found on external pages unless you increase the depth.
wget  tutorials  forum-posts  cli 
7 days ago
Github.com: SoundScrape
SoundCloud (and Bandcamp and Mixcloud) downloader in Python.
music  audio  ripping  open-source  cli  software 
8 days ago
Interview with Geert Lovink on Social Media & the Arts
GL: There cannot be a genuine interpretation and free exchange of ideas happening on current social media platforms. Have you ever tried to have a debate on Facebook? The amputated experiences on Twitter are terrible, one dimensional sniper fire that so easily causes confusion. It’s not because the participants are intellectually not able to have a conversation. The architecture is ruling it out. Facebook is not part of the public sphere. Everyone knows that it is a ‘walled garden’ in which there is no freedom of speech. Facebook, Twitter and Apple platforms in particular are all US-American services (defined by their local social norms such as the reduction of users to ‘friends’) that should be compared to shopping malls. By now we have familiarized ourselves with the reality that shopping malls are not public spaces; these are corporate environments under tight surveillance. Why is it so hard in the case of social media to accept this commercial reality? Pictures of art work are posted on museum sites for marketing reasons, not to facilitate a debate about their art historical meanings or socio-political intentions.
socialmedia  culture  art  netpolitics  museum 
8 days ago
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