Theverge.com: Google OnHub review
The lowly router is a necessary evil. It’s a device we can’t live without, but often feels like an arcane relic from an era when boxy tube monitors and dial-up modems ruled. The router is the gateway to high-speed internet in our homes, and it enables us to wirelessly connect countless gadgets — smartphones, laptops, TVs, thermostats, speakers, coffee makers, game consoles, the list goes on — to the internet. It’s only going to get more important as more and more appliances rely on Wi-Fi connectivity for modern conveniences.
router  google  surveillance  hardware 
8 hours ago
DIY NAS: 2015 Edition
I built my first FreeNAS a couple years ago and wrote about the process and what my plans were for it. But as time went by, the blog aged and people were asking what I’d use if I were building a new NAS. This request wound up spawning a series of blogs — every 6 months I’d post an updated build based on how exactly I’d rebuild my own FreeNAS box using current parts and then 6 months behind that, I’d follow up with a cost-conscious build that I called the EconoNAS. In 2013, the price difference between the DIY NAS and the EconoNAS builds was significant, but as the year came to a close the prices drew closer and closer to each other. In 2014 the prices between those two builds closed considerably. Ultimately, I decided that there just didn’t seem to be all that much differentiating the two different builds.
blog-posts  nas  storage  server  freebsd  tutorials  diy 
8 hours ago
Performance Shootout: Windows 8.1 versus Windows 10
While the last couple of tests focused more on consumer activities, such as browsing the web or working with Office, particularly IT professionals have a need for snappy performance. One such example is Adobe’s Creative Suite.
benchmarks  adobe  photoshop  windows8  windows10  compare  reviews 
8 hours ago
Lantern — Open Internet for Everyone
Lantern is a free desktop application that delivers fast, reliable and secure access to the open Internet.
proxy  censorship  p2p  software  open-source 
A tale of two viewports — part two
In this mini-series I will explain how viewports and the widths of various important elements work, such as the <html> element, as well as the window and the screen.
webdev  css  html  blog-posts  mobile 
A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace
Governments of the Industrial World, you weary giants of flesh and steel, I come from Cyberspace, the new home of Mind. On behalf of the future, I ask you of the past to leave us alone. You are not welcome among us. You have no sovereignty where we gather.
hack  history  netpolitics  internet 
Wikipedia.org: Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution
Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution (ISBN 0-385-19195-2) is a book by Steven Levy about hacker culture. It was published in 1984 in Garden City, New Yorkby Nerraw Manijaime/Doubleday. Levy describes the people, the machines, and the events that defined the Hacker Culture and the Hacker Ethic, from the early mainframe hackers at MIT, to the self-made hardware hackers and game hackers. Immediately following is a brief overview of the issues and ideas that are brought forward by Steven Levy's book, as well as a more detailed interpretation of each chapter of the book, mentioning some of the principal characters and events.
books  hack  history 
News.ycombinator.com: I was excited about this for a moment, since I was a big fan of Pushbullet befor...
In a recent update, it became impossible to send SMS from the browser without also syncing your entire SMS history (images included) to their server without end-to-end encryption, so I nuked my account.
software  android  security  sms 
Theawl.com: The Traffic King of Reddit
How to make something go viral on Reddit: Have this guy post it.
stats  reddit  articles 
Data retention and the end of Australians' digital privacy
The digital privacy of Australians ends from Tuesday, October 13. On that day this country's entire communications industry will be turned into a surveillance and monitoring arm of at least 21 agencies of executive government.
isp  surveillance  netpolitics  privacy  articles 
2 days ago
N.W.A: American Gangstas
Inside the messy, prophetic rise of the most dangerous hip-hop group in the world.
articles  hiphop  history  music  movies 
2 days ago
Instagram.com: Thinking Outside the Square: Support for Landscape and Portrait Formats on Instagram
Today, we’re excited to announce that — in addition to square posts — you can now share photos and videos in both portrait and landscape orientation on Instagram.
blog-posts  photography  instagram 
3 days ago
Youtube.com: The Problem with JPEG - Computerphile
Never use JPEG with text. But why? Image Analyst Mike Pound explains what goes wrong when JPEG tries to compress text.
jpeg  digital-imaging  programming  videos  presentation 
5 days ago
Newscientist.com: Ant knows how to self-medicate to fight off fungal infection
It’s a nasty poison, but for an ant fighting off a dangerous fungus, it could be the only hope. For the first time, ants have been seen self-medicating – on food rich in hydrogen peroxide.
articles  science  insects  health 
5 days ago
Auto-convert tab to 4 spaces in TextWrangler?
Go to "Preferences" -> "Editor Defaults" -> "Auto-expand tabs," and then set tabs to 4 spaces. Then restart TextWrangler for changes to take place.
tutorials  texteditors  apple  osx  software  forum-posts 
5 days ago
Stackoverflow.com: Do HTML5 Script tag need type="javascript"?
No, it's now officially useless.

The type attribute gives the language of the script or format of the data. If the attribute is present, its value must be a valid MIME type. The charset parameter must not be specified. The default, which is used if the attribute is absent, is "text/javascript".

Simply do
<script src=yourpath.js></script>

(yes, you can omit the quotes too)

Note that you don't have to worry about pre-HTML5 browsers, all of them always considered JavaScript to be the default script language.
javascript  webdev  forum-posts  html  html5 
5 days ago
Bra.se: Våld och misshandel
Förekomst av alkohol och droger är vanligt vid misshandel. I nära sex misshandelsfall av tio (58 %) har de utsatta personerna intrycket att gärningspersonen var påverkad av alkohol eller droger, och i mer än vart tredje fall (37 %) uppger de utsatta att de själva var påverkade av alkohol vid tillfället.

Det är en stor skillnad mellan män och kvinnor i frågan om gärningspersonen uppges ha varit alkohol- eller drogpåverkad. I 65 procent av fallen där en man blivit misshandlad uppgavs att gärningspersonen var påverkad av alkohol eller droger. Motsvarande andel för misshandel mot kvinnor är 46 procent. Även i frågan om de utsatta själva var påverkade av alkohol vid misshandelstillfället är det stora skillnader mellan män och kvinnor (45 jämfört med 25 %).

Denna skillnad hänger delvis samman med att misshandel mot män ofta sker i samband med nöjeslivet medan misshandel mot kvinnor oftare sker på arbetsplatsen eller i hemmet.
violence  crime  stats  swedish  alcohol 
5 days ago
Brottsrummet.se: Alkohol och droger
Brå frågar varje år personer som blivit utsatta för misshandel om förövarna varit alkohol- eller drogpåverkade. I drygt sex misshandelsfall av tio (65 procent) uppger den som blivit utsatt för misshandel att gärningspersonen varit påverkad av alkohol eller droger. Studier har också visat att unga människor löper större risk att bli indragna i gatuvåld i samband med nattliv på stan om de har druckit alkohol.
violence  crime  stats  swedish  alcohol 
5 days ago
Stackoverflow.com: ruby - How does Jekyll use post.html to generate pages?
I think you largely figured it out by yourself, but I'll still explain it in my own words.

You're right that {{ content }} is the placeholder in the layout file where the content of the actual page will go.

What probably confused you is the fact that you can build a set of nested layout files where one "inherits" from the other, and each layout has its own {{ content }}.
And yes, I didn't find anything about this in the docs, I figured it out by myself or better, by looking at examples.

So here's an example for you.
First, a default layout and a page:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>{{ page.title }}</title>
<h1>{{ page.title }}</h1>

{{ content }}



title: example page
layout: default

This is the page content.

The generated HTML will look like this:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>example page</title>
<h1>example page</h1>

<p>This is the page content.</p>


Now let's create another layout file that "inherits" from the first one.
You'll probably want to use something like this if you're building a blog with Jekyll.
The layout file shown above is the default for all pages, blog posts and regular ones.
When you want all blog posts to contain additional information like post date and user, tags and so on.

For this, you can create a second layout file which uses the first one:

layout: default

<div class="blogpost">
<i>post date: {{ page.date }}</i>

{{ content }}

And a blog post which uses this layout:

title: example post
layout: post

This is the post content.

And the generated HTML:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>example post</title>
<h1>example post</h1>

<div class="blogpost">
<i>post date: 2015-04-08 00:00:00 +0200</i>

<p>This is the post content.</p>


In other words, something like this happened:

Jekyll used the post layout and put the content of the post into {{ content }}
Jekyll used the default layout and put the complete generated HTML from step 1 into {{ content }}

(no idea if Jekyll really does things in this order under the hood, but you get the idea)

You can see another example if you create a new Jekyll project as shown in the "Quick-start Instructions" on the home page of the Jekyll site.
The example site that Jekyll (version 2.1.1 on my machine) creates has three layout files, two of which (page and post) inherit from the default one.
jekyll  staticsitegenerator  webdev  forum-posts  tutorials 
5 days ago
42 MP of Garbage - An Unconventional Review & A Cry For Help
When compared with a dSLR, the A7r-ii still feels sluggish on the auto-focus side of things, especially in low light situations making it behave more like a 5d-Mark II than a D810. The shutter lag present in every single EVF system yet created – whilst greatly reduced compared to the A7r, is still present enough to not recommend it for shooting sports or high action situations even with it’s 4d tracking abilities.

While a slight handicap for those thinking of jumping to the EVF systems, it is obvious that this camera was designed for the high megapixel count portrait, studio, fashion & landscape shooters. Sony’s choice to focus on the lighter f4 zoom lenses as opposed to the f2.8 complimented by wider primes points to that. Add onto that the possibility of getting manual cheap cine Rokinon’s or the sharper and more expensive Zeiss– and suddenly you have what the world’s been crying for: A perfect hybrid.
cameras  reviews  sony  photography  a7rII 
6 days ago
Nytimes.com: No, You Do Not Have to Drink 8 Glasses of Water a Day
If there is one health myth that will not die, it is this: You should drink eight glasses of water a day. It’s just not true. There is no science behind it.
water  health  science  articles 
6 days ago
Poly Bridge
Unleash your engineering creativity with an engaging and fresh bridge-building simulator with all the bells & whistles and a strong community focus.
architecture  games 
7 days ago
Pcworld.com: Windows XP registry hack keeps security updates rolling for the dead operating system
All XP users need to do is create a text file with the following contents:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Then, change the file extension from “.txt” to “.reg,” and run the file in Windows Explorer. Opening Windows Update at this point should reveal several new security updates.
security  windows  xp  tutorials  articles 
7 days ago
Theguardian.com: Denmark wants to rebrand part of Sweden as 'Greater Copenhagen'
Country hopes incorporating southern Swedish region of Skåne will gain the region more business and visitors – but the idea is not universally loved
sweden  articles  marketing  politics 
8 days ago
Dn.se: Metallica i futtig scenshow
Snobbiga Metallica-fans ogillade ”Enter sandman” redan 1991 när den gjorde thrash metal-pionjärerna till ett mainstreamband. För mig dog låten 18 år senare när den framfördes i TV4:s ”Körslaget”. Team Stefan, kören som leddes av dansbandet Larz Kristerz sångare, spexade sig igenom Metallicas mega­hit, spelade luftgitarr och gjorde djävuls­tecken mot kameran.
articles  music  concert  reviews 
8 days ago
Cat Purr Generator — Your Furry Friend's Noise
Cuddling up with a purring cat is certainly a relaxing experience. Scientific studies have shown that cat owners have lower blood pressure and can live longer than humans who don't own pets!

A cat's purr is generally within the range of 40 - 200 Hz. In sound therapy, these frequencies are believed to heal injuries and relieve pain. It is also told that injured cats often purr to help soothe and heal themselves...

Whether you're not at home, can't have a pet, or just need your purr fix right this moment, this soundscape can help you relax and emulate the soothing experience of snuggling up with your furry friend - without the fleas and cat hair!
tools  cats  audio 
8 days ago
Polari, the gay dialect, can be heard in this great short film “Putting on the Dish.”
Of all the cultural forms that gay men have created and elaborated since coalescing into a social group around the late 19th century, Polari, a full-fledged gay English dialect with roots among circus folk, sailors, and prostitutes, has to be one of the most fascinating—not least since it has faded along with the need for discretion and secrecy. While some words remain in common use—zhush orzhoosh (to adjust or embellish something to make it more pleasing) and trade(highly masculine or straight-acting sex partners) come to mind—the richness that we know once defined Polari is difficult to capture in 2015.
language  gay  articles  history 
8 days ago
Customizing My New Sony A7
Back Button Focus (BBF) Setting

Focus Mode: AF-S
Focus Area – Flexible Spot (S) – could use (M) or (L)
Lock-On AF – OFF
Pre-AF – OFF (this should be off anyway because it kills your battery)
AF w/ Shutter – OFF
Customer Key Setting – AF/MF Button – AF/MF CRTL TOGGLE
Center Button – AF- ON

How do these BBF settings work?
Scenario 1 – Routine Autofocus
The shutter no longer focuses with a half press. The shutter is just a shutter release. The center button on the control wheel is your focus button, and it is set to AF-ON which means when you put the flexible spot over your focus target and press the center button the camera will focus, ping green and lock the focus on that target. You can now remove your finger, recompose your picture and when ready, press the shutter. There is no risk of the camera changing its focus point unless you press the center button on your control wheel again.

Scenario 2 – Autofocus Won’t Work
Sometime you need to jump to manual focus because something is in front of your subject and the camera is focusing on the near object instead of your target. For example you are shooting a bird in the zoo or trees and the wire cage or a branch is in the way. Because we set the AF/MF switch to Ctrl Toggle, we can jump to Manual Focus by just pressing the button in the center of the switch.

You can release your finger from the center from the center button. You will stay in MF until you press the button again.. aka “toggle!”. Now you can use your focus ring to manually focus on your target. If you used the peaking color you can get a good image of when you are in focus. If your manual assist magnification is turned on you can see the zoomed in view of your target. You don’t need to press the center “AF on” button on the control wheel because you are in MF so just press the shutter whenever you are ready. Return to AF by pressing the center toggle of the AF/MF switch again.
photography  tutorials  autofocus  sony  a7  cameras  blog-posts 
9 days ago
Firefox Add-on Changes | Bill McCloskey's Blog
One concern people have is that their favorite add-on is no longer going to be supported, especially add-ons for power users. Some of the ones being mentioned are:

* Tree Style Tab
* NoScript
* Vimperator/Pentadactyl
* Tab Mix Plus
* FireGestures
* Classic theme restorer

We have a lot of ideas about how to make these sorts of extensions work using better APIs than we have now.

Opera has a sidebar API. Combined with a way to hide the tab strip, we think this could be used to implement an extension like Tree Style Tab. We’re working with Giorgio Maone, the developer of NoScript, to design the APIs he needs to implement NoScript as a WebExtension.
firefox  extensions  blog-posts  development 
9 days ago
The Pale Moon Project
Pale Moon offers you a browsing experience in a browser completely built from its own, independently developed source that has been forked off from Firefox/Mozilla code, with carefully selected features and optimizations to maximize the browser's speed*, stability and user experience, while offering a rich collection of extensions and themes (including compatibility with many Firefox extensions users have come to love and rely on).
software  browser  firefox  open-source 
9 days ago
YET Magazine — Everywhere and Nowhere
With his series After the Fall, Hin Chua surveys the haunted landscapes of contemporary life, finding an eerily similar sense of desolation in otherwise far-flung locales, peripheral sites in the widening mesh of global production, which is not directly seen, but remains implicitly visible – and felt – in his images, at once everywhere and nowhere.
interviews  photography  photographers-contemporary  art 
9 days ago
Vimeo.com: Modulations - Full Feature Film
MODULATIONS traces the evolution of Electronica music as one of the most profound artistic developments of the 20th century!
videos  movies  documentaries  music  history 
9 days ago
Zandronum — Multiplayer ZDoom
Zandronum is a multiplayer oriented port, based off Skulltag, for Doom and Doom II by id Software.
doom  games  mods  open-source  apple  osx  windows  linux  software 
9 days ago
Youtube.com: Glitchmachines CRYOGEN - Intro & Quickstart Tutorial
This is a quickstart tutorial by Ivo Ivanov featuring the Glitchmachines Cryogen buffer effects processor plugin.
plugins  vsti  videos  tutorials  composing  audio 
9 days ago
Creative Commons: Please Share Your Money To Figure Out How Sharing Makes Money
I’ve watched the decimation of the creative class due to the “sharing economy” from the inside out, and with ad blocking, it looks like things might just get worse. Is that even possible? Yes it is. Today I ran across a Kickstarter from the Creative Commons, trying to raise $50k to create an e-book about how you can use the Creative Commons to make a living, and I about lost my fucking mind.
creativecommons  blog-posts  work  business 
9 days ago
Doom.wikia.com: Brutal Doom
Brutal Doom is a gameplay mod that was created in 2010 by Sergeant_Mark_IV. It is compatible with Doom, The Ultimate Doom, Doom II: Hell on Earth, Final Doom, and custom WADs. Brutal Doom won the first ever Cacoward in 2011 for Best Gameplay Mod and a MOTY award for creativity by Mod DB in 2012.
doom  games  mods 
9 days ago
Wikipedia.org: Contemporary R&B
Contemporary R&B has a polished record production style, drum machine-backed rhythms, an occasional saxophone-laced beat to give a jazz feel (mostly common in contemporary R&B songs prior to the year 1995) and a smooth, lush style of vocal arrangement. Electronic influences are becoming an increasing trend and the use of hip hop or dance-inspired beats are typical, although the roughness and grit inherent in hip hop may be reduced and smoothed out. Contemporary R&B vocalists are often known for their use of melisma, popularized by vocalists such as Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.
music  history  wiki 
10 days ago
Fastcompany.com: Unraveling The Enigma Of Nintendo's Virtual Boy, 20 Years Later
How the 1990s VR craze inspired an infamous—and still misunderstood—failed video game console.
games  console  history  nintendo  vr 
10 days ago
Youtube.com: Real Life First Person Shooter (Chatroulette version)
We created a live action first-person zombie shooter in our garden - then invited unsuspecting people on chatroulette, omegle and skype to take control...
videos  fps  games  fun 
10 days ago
Creativecommons.se: Creative Commons 4.0 på svenska!
Vi inledde arbetet i fjol, och till min smala lycka har jag haft hjälp av en väldigt engagerad arbetsgrupp bestående av Catharina Ekdahl, en av Sveriges främsta jurister med inriktning mot upphovsrätt, Stefan Högberg, Regionbiblioteket i Göteborg, Lennart Guldbrandsson, författare, Sofie Jansson och mig själv.

I och med det här blogginlägget där du kan hitta den första svenska versionen av 4.0 licenserna och vi inleder starten av offentliggörandet. Men för att komma i mål behöver vi er hjälp att läsa, begrunda översättningen, se till att det inte smugit med några stavfel. Hjälp oss med att sprida och läsa, och använda.
blog-posts  creativecommons  law  swedish 
10 days ago
Youtube.com: Project Code Rush - The Beginnings of Netscape / Mozilla Documentary
Code Rush is a documentary following the lives of a group of Netscape engineers in Silicon Valley. It covers Netscape's last year as an independent company, from their announcement of the Mozilla open source project until their acquisition by AOL. It particularly focuses on the last minute rush to make the Mozilla source code ready for release by the deadline of March 31 1998, and the impact on the engineers' lives and families as they attempt to save the company from ruin.
documentaries  browser  internet  history  mozilla 
10 days ago
Archive.org: overshare: the links.net story : Justin Hall
How did it become normal to share from our personal lives on the public internet? This documentary overshare: the links.net story looks at the limits of one person's desire for online attention.

Hello, my name is Justin Hall and I've been sharing my personal life in explicit detail online for over twenty years. Starting in 1994, my personal web site Justin's Links from the Underground has documented family secrets, romantic relationships, and my experiments with sex and drugs.

overshare: the links.net story is a documentary about fumbling to foster intimacy between strangers online. Through interviews, analysis and graphic animations, I share my motivations, my joys and my sorrows from pioneering personal sharing for the 21st century. In 2004 the New York Times referred to me as "perhaps the founding father of personal weblogging." I hope this documentary reveals that I was a privileged white male with access to technology who worked to invite as many people as possible to join him in co-creating an internet where we have a chance to honestly share of our humanity.

Find the whole video free and even pay for it at http://overshare.links.net/

This film is released under a Creative Commons license.
movies  history  internet  blogging 
10 days ago
Economist.com: Aviation safety: Par for the course
Overall, airplanes are a remarkably safe means of travel. Even on carriers registered in highly mountainous and desperately poor Nepal, which truly is one of the most dangerous countries in the world to fly in, just one out of every 60,000 passengers has died in aviation accidents since 2000. [ https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10090487 ]
travel  articles  stats  airplane 
10 days ago
Wikimedia.org: When cultural heritage gets a digital life « Wikimedia blog
An additional 600,000 free files are now available on the Wikimedia Commons thanks to Coding da Vinci, a recent cultural data hackathon held at Berlin’s Jewish Museum. They range from century-old films to recordings of mechanical pianos, World War II photographs, scans of dried flowers, and other art and heritage, all sourced from German museums, archives, and libraries.
digitization  work  museum  blog-posts  wiki  preservation 
10 days ago
Theatlantic.com: There's More to Life Than Being Happy
Meaning comes from the pursuit of more complex things than happiness.
articles  philosophy  psychology  science 
10 days ago
Github.com: Responsive Lazy
This is the source of the best lazy loading implementation available. You can find a demo at http://ivopetkov.github.io/responsivelyLazy/ and learn how the magic works at http://ivopetkov.com/b/lazy-load-responsive-images/
css  javascript  webdev 
11 days ago
VHS Camcorder
It's 1985, and you just got a new camcorder! It'll look that way when you record and send lots of old, messed up-looking videos to your friends. They'll swear you invented a time machine: "OMG, how'd you shoot that?"
software  ios  video  vhs  emulation 
11 days ago
Sydsvenskan.se: Fiat för (dyr för) folket
Från 129 900 kronor för enklaste varianten, 139 900 kronor för den andra bensinaren och 149 900 kronor för snåldieseln. Till det ska läggas något av tillvalspaketen à 20 000 kronor styck för att få luftkonditionering, radio/cd och olika sorter lullull, sportigt eller stylat. En bra bit över 100 000 kronor alltså. Det ska jämföras med andra småknattar som Citroën C1, Peugeot 107 och Toyota Aygo som går att få för 90 000 eller strax under 90 000 kronor, eller tvåsitsiga Smart från 99 000 kronor.
Enligt körcykelnln ska 500 med 1,4-litersmotorn, som jag provkörde, dra 6,3 liter/100 km, men så lågt kom jag inte under mina hundra mil blandad skånsk körning, det vill säga mest stads- och motorvägskörning. 7,0 lyste det med röda siffror i displayen mitt i hastighetsmätaren. Eller 0,70 liter/mil som vi i allmänhet säger.
cars  reviews  environment  articles  swedish 
11 days ago
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