I installed Windows 95 on my Apple Watch
With a 520 MHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, and 8GB of internal storage, the Apple Watch packs a lot of computing horsepower into a very small package. On paper, its processor alone is about twenty-five times faster than the average 386, and 512 MB was the size of a hard drive in the mid nineties, not memory. As a result, I was feeling confident that the Apple Watch had the ability to run one of the most revered desktop operating systems Redmond has ever produced.
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22 hours ago
Setting an active menu item based on the current URL with jQuery
$(function () {

function setNavigation() {
var path = window.location.pathname;
path = path.replace(/\/$/, "");
path = decodeURIComponent(path);

$(".nav a").each(function () {
var href = $(this).attr('href');
if (path.substring(0, href.length) === href) {
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2 days ago
Style External Links with CSS
[href*="//"]:not([href*="mysite.com"]) { }
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2 days ago
Helium by JadenGeller
Helium is a floating browser window that allows you to watch media while you work. Your content will never fall behind your other windows even as you switch tasks. Helium supports a customizable translucency mode that allows you to simultaneously see your content and your work. Even cooler, Helium does not intercept mouse clicks when it is translucent! That's right, you can still click, drag, scroll, even flick behind your floating content. When you want to interact with the browser again, just click the icon in the dock and you're back in control.
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2 days ago
Nytimes.com: Why Is Productivity So Weak? Three Theories
More than 151 million Americans count themselves employed, a number that has risen sharply in the last few years. The question is this: What are they doing all day? Because whatever it is, it barely seems to be registering in economic output. The number of hours Americans worked rose 1.9 percent in the year ended in March. New data released Thursday showed that gross domestic product in the first quarter was up 1.9 percent over the previous year. Despite constant advances in software, equipment and management practices to try to make corporate America more efficient, actual economic output is merely moving in lock step with the number of hours people put in, rather than rising as it has throughout modern history.
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2 days ago
The Code4Lib Journal – How to Party Like it’s 1999: Emulation for Everyone
You double-click, and you’re confronted with discouraging error messages about incompatibility or, even worse, your modern operating system literally has no idea what to do with a file extension you’ve handed it. What now? Maybe you’ve heard something about emulation, about how to run an older computer in a newer computer. How does that work? Can you make that kind of magic happen? Yes, it’s possible: you can, in fact, party like it’s 1999.

Emulation has long been discussed, but how does it happen? [1] It may feel like many in the library and archives communities now support emulation, but that wasn’t always the case. In previous years, emulation and migration were pitted against one another as strategies (then largely hypothetical) for preserving and creating access to complex born-digital material. Enter “migration vs. emulation” and “digital preservation” in a search box today and you will still find traces of the false dichotomy from the early to mid 2000s.
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2 days ago
iOS Games Worth Playing
Every so often, a friend asks me for iOS game recommendations. I scramble around to see what I currently have installed on my phone, and invariably end up neglecting to mention one of my favorite games. This has been happening more and more often, which made me realize I should be writing my thoughts down. I thus give you the definitive list of iOS games that I think are worth playing.
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3 days ago
Malwarebytes — Anti-Malware for Mac
Removes adware and malware. And it’s free.
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3 days ago
Youtube.com: Stenansiktet - 1973
"Stenansiktet". Filmen handlar om ett kriminellt tonårsgäng från stockholms förort.
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3 days ago
Noisey — Prince Wrote About Women In a Way That Most Contemporary Male Artists Still Can't
In “The Ballad of Dorothy Parker”, he storms out of a fight with his girlfriend and finds somewhere on the promenade to sulk alone. After ordering a fruit cocktail, the waitress picks him up and asks him if he wants to take a bath with her. They spend the evening together, but instead of having sex, he just sits in the tub with his pants on and they listen to Joni Mitchell on the radio. His girlfriend calls him, and he goes home. They stop fighting, because he knows what to do now. Hanging out with Dorothy taught him how to be a friend to his girlfriend, and that a nonsexual relationship can be as fulfilling as a sexual one. “No other male songwriter of his or any other generation wrote songs about women like this,” Rob Sheffield wrote for Rolling Stone.
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5 days ago
Instagram.com: How do I upload a photo as a portrait or landscape?
You can share photos and videos with aspect ratios between 1.91:1 and 4:5.
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5 days ago
Youtube.com: Slavoj Žižek on Europe and the refugee crisis
Acclaimed author and philosopher Slavoj Žižek talks to Cathy Newman on the issues facing Europe including the ongoing refugee crisis.
videos  migration  marxism  philosophy  interviews 
5 days ago
Wsj.com: Singapore Is Taking the ‘Smart City’ to a Whole New Level
Government-deployed sensors will collect and coordinate an unprecedented amount of data on daily life in the city.
articles  privacy  asia  cities  urbanplanning 
5 days ago
Youtube.com: Lecture by Mark Steinmetz
This event was recorded on Tuesday, April 2, 2013, in Timken Lecture Hall on the San Francisco campus of California College of the Arts as part of The Larry Sultan Visiting Artist Program.
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5 days ago
Rollocam — The world's smallest motorized camera system
Hercules is a patent pending, pocket-size, motorized camera system that creates cinematic dolly shots and motion control time-lapses.
video  hardware 
5 days ago
Svd.se: Är vi redo för virtuell verklighet?
Efter snart ett sekels drömmar om virtuell verklighet lanserar nu Samsung, HTC, Sony och Oculus kraftfulla VR-glasögon. Tekniken är äntligen redo. Men är människan?
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5 days ago
How bad is the Windows command line really?
When I was in college a few years ago, I thought that PowerShell was a fun take on what a modern shell could look like. It is not. PowerShell is the cure for polio, and Jeffrey Snover is the Jonas Salk of the Windows ecosystem.

Batch is like an alien device that has appeared on the earth, and at first you think it’s a gift, but then you realize it is a machine of destruction, here to raze your society to the ground, and the only viable solution is to find a way to rid yourself of it completely.
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6 days ago
Nytimes.com: This Is Our Country. Let’s Walk It.
In much of Europe, walking wherever you want is perfectly legal. Not in America.
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6 days ago
The Photography Talkshow — PTS 011- Hin Chua
With years of street photography under his belt, Hin moved on to another form of photographic art. We are discussing his transition and the reasons for it. We also talk about the role of travel and finding good scenes, the importance of leaving room for interpretation in your images and our mutual love for South Korea. Later, in a classic rant, Alec Soth becomes a topic of controversial conversation.
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6 days ago
A collection of HTML head elements.
html  lists  webdev  references 
6 days ago
Pass — The Standard Unix Password Manager
Password management should be simple and follow Unix philosophy. With pass, each password lives inside of a gpg encrypted file whose filename is the title of the website or resource that requires the password. These encrypted files may be organized into meaningful folder hierarchies, copied from computer to computer, and, in general, manipulated using standard command line file management utilities.
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6 days ago
Dn.se: ”Cykeln symboliserar det enkla livet som vi längtar efter”
I över hundra år har cyklisternas framfart väckt debatt. Så de som klagar över fartdårarnas framfart kommer egentligen inte med något nytt. I en ny bok skildras de två hjulen som förändrade världen.
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6 days ago
Frisco's National Video Game Museum Celebrates the Enduring Power of Gaming
The National Videogame Museum that officially opened to the public last Saturday as part of the Frisco Discovery Center doesn't just tell the history of an industry that's become a billion-dollar big boss. It surrounds visitors with interactive exhibits that take them on a tour of an industry and an art form that's still not done growing and innovating.
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6 days ago
Kråkfåglarna - ovanligt intelligenta och med spännande sociala vanor 24 september 2011 kl 21:03
Kråkfåglar som korpar, kråkor, skator och kajor är inte bara roliga att titta på - de är också mycket intelligenta - i alla fall med fåglars mått mätt. Kråkfåglar i allmänhet är helt enkelt smarta. Hur kan det komma sig? Och hur har deras spännande sociala relationer utvecklats? Vi träffar Jan Ekman som är professor i ekologi vid universitetet i Uppsala och forskar i det här ämnet. Roliga berättelser om kråkors förhållande till såväl biskopar som ubåtar (!) förser oss lyssnare med. I mitten på 1920-talet tjänstgjorde Väinö Strömberg som matros på ubåten Sälen i Karlskrona. Väinö hade med sig en tam kråka ombord, Kraxen. Hur det gick till när Kraxen lyckades sabotera en hel militärövning hör vi Gunilla Thelander berätta om. Trollsländor blir allt fler naturvänner intresserade av. Vi har följt med entomologen Linda Strand på trollsländejakt vid Skanörs Ljung - som annars är ett eldorado för fågelskådare på hösten. En ovanlig fågelbok ska vi också presentera. Till skillnad från de flesta fälthandböcker vill den visa hur man bär sig åt för att identifiera olika fågelarter.
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6 days ago
Sverigesradio.se: Vetenskapen tar sig an nyårslöftet: "Fitnessindustrin tar inte hänsyn till hur människor faktiskt fungerar"
Så här års falnar många nyårslöften om att röra på sig - samtidigt som vår stillasittande livsstil är en stor fara för folkhälsan.
science  health  swedish  radio 
6 days ago
The Ingenious Way Iranians Are Using Satellite TV to Beam in Banned Internet
Last month, a Los Angeles-based group of eight Iranian and American activists that calls itself Net Freedom Pioneers officially launched Toosheh, that free anti-censorship system. Toosheh, Farsi for “knapsack” or “bundle,” is designed to allow Iranians to use their ubiquitous TV satellite dishes as an alternative to the country’s underdeveloped and highly censored internet, where a government body called the Supreme Council for Cyberspace blocks everything from “anti-Islamic” sites to news coverage of opposition political groups. By broadcasting on its own satellite TV channel and distributing a piece of Windows desktop software that can decode that satellite video stream, the Toosheh project sends thousands of Iranians a daily digital bundle of news articles, videos, and audio—everything from Persian music videos to critical news coverage of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. “When they use our software all the content disguised in the video file is extracted and opens in a folder for them,” says Mehdi Yahyanejad, the founder of Net Freedom Pioneers as well as Balatarin, a Reddit-like social news site in Persian. “It can’t be censored…it comes from the sky. Our users just get a big folder of content, and there’s no trace of it on the internet.”
censorship  television  iran  articles  internet  netpolitics 
6 days ago
Typing With Pleasure
Keyboard with a smileIn this article I examine human- and machine aspects of typing latency (“typing lag”) and present experimental data on latency of popular text / code editors.
writing  benchmarks  texteditors  blog-posts 
6 days ago
The web is Doom
In July 2015 I suggested that the average web page weight would equal that of the Doom install image in about 7 months time.
doom  games  webdev  benchmarks  stats  blog-posts 
6 days ago
Play.google.com: InHandStudio
InHandStudio is an advanced NLE video editor.
software  android  video 
6 days ago
Modern gladiators
LOOKING somewhat like a stormtrooper from “Star Wars”, Martin “The Wolf” Söderström, a Swedish devotee of kung fu, raps a heavy fighting stick down onto the arm of his opponent, who is clad in similar attire. At the other side of the room a computer quickly determines if the blow would have caused a bruise or a fracture if his adversary had not been so protected. Welcome to a new world of violent martial arts brought to you by advances in materials and microelectronics.
martialarts  protection  articles  sport 
7 days ago
Wikipedia.org: Icelandic name
Icelandic names differ from most current Western family name systems by being patronymic (occasionally matronymic): they reflect the father (or mother) of the child and not the historic family lineage. Iceland shares a common cultural heritage with the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Sweden and Denmark with its crown dependency, the Faroe Islands. Icelanders, however, unlike other Scandinavians, have continued to use their traditional name system, which was formerly used by all Nordic nations.[a] The Icelandic system is thus not based on family names (although some people do have family names and might use both systems). Generally, a person's last name indicates the first name of his/her father (patronymic) or in some cases mother (matronymic).
wiki  iceland  name 
7 days ago
Atlasobscura.com: The Rise of Pirate Libraries
Shadowy digital libraries want to hold all the world's knowledge and give it away for free.
library  articles  piracy  books 
7 days ago
Wikipedia.org: Tablet PC dimensions and cases sizes
Below is a list of currently available tablet PCs grouped by their width, depth, height, screen size, and appropriate tablet case sizes.
lists  tablets  hardware  size 
7 days ago
For What It’s Worth: A Review of the Wu-Tang Clan’s “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin”
This is what we know: On November 24, 2015, the Wu-Tang Clan sold its latest album, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, through an online auction house. As one of the most innovative rap groups, the Wu-Tang Clan had used concepts for their recordings before, but the latest album would be their highest concept: it would exist as only one copy—as an LP, that physical, authentic format for music—encased in an artisanally crafted box. This album would have only one owner, and thus, perhaps, only one listener. By legal agreement, the owner would not be allowed to distribute it commercially until 88 years from now.
music  art  blog-posts  hiphop 
7 days ago
Youtube.com: Steve Winwood - Higher Love
Music video by Steve Winwood performing Higher Love. (C) 1986 Universal Island Records Ltd. A Universal Music Company.
videos  music 
8 days ago
Massgrav - Napalm över Stureplan
Blöta råttor söker skydd,
drivna av panik
Er tid är över,
er tid är förbi

När napalmen regnar
över Stureplan
randas den nya tiden
lyrics  music  hardcore  swedish 
9 days ago
Popsci.com: Edward Snowden: The Internet Is Broken
In 2013, a now-infamous government contractor named Edward Snowden shined a stark light on our vulnerable communications infrastructure by leaking 10,000 classified U.S. documents to the world.
internet  security  surveillance  articles 
9 days ago
Anandtech.com: Understanding the 9.7" iPad Pro's Display: How DCI-P3 & True Tone Work
Earlier this month Apple launched a smaller version of the iPad Pro. At 9.7" it essentially takes the place of the iPad Air 2 as Apple's flagship standard sized tablet. While many observers expected it to simply be a smaller version of the larger iPad Pro, the launch event brought a number of surprises which made it clear that this new iPad was not simply a miniaturization of the larger model. While I plan to go over all of the specifics in our full review, I did want to address some confusion I've seen regarding one of the key new aspects of the 9.7" iPad Pro, which is its display.
digital-imaging  color-management  monitor  apple  ipad  hardware 
9 days ago
Youtube.com: Dödsstraff på ateister - en svår fråga?
Yasri Khan, generalsekreterare för Svenska Muslimer för Fred och Rättvisas och miljöpartist, tycker att dödstraff på ateister är en svår fråga.
videos  religion  politics  swedish  sweden 
9 days ago
Why Wait? The Science Behind Procrastination
Believe it or not, the Internet did not give rise to procrastination. People have struggled with habitual hesitation going back to ancient civilizations. The Greek poet Hesiod, writing around 800 B.C., cautioned not to “put your work off till tomorrow and the day after.” The Roman consul Cicero called procrastination “hateful” in the conduct of affairs. (He was looking at you, Marcus Antonius.) And those are just examples from recorded history. For all we know, the dinosaurs saw the meteorite coming and went back to their game of Angry Pterodactyls.
psychology  science 
9 days ago
Best Nikon DSLR GPS
As I’ve said many times I’d love to see this either built right in or at least built into an “optional” battery grip. Until that happens The GPS units from Dawn are your best bet.
gps  nikon  camera  photogear  blog-posts 
10 days ago
Stackoverflow.com: html - Strip url to 1 word in Jekyll
I managed to solve it with three filters:

{{ page.url | replace:'/',' ' | truncatewords: 1 | remove:'...' }}

page.url outputs: /page/cat/title, then replace removes the forward slashes producing: page cat title. truncatewords truncates the string down to one word, producing: page... (for some reason three dots gets inserted after the remaining word). After all this I only needed to remove those dots with remove and voilá, my final string: page.

Hope this helps someone.
jekyll  url  liquid  staticsitegenerator  webdev  tutorials  forum-posts 
10 days ago
Active Tabs in your Nav
When I started using jekyll, I could not figure out how to add classes to the current page's nav item. Wordpress does this automatically, and makes it easy for the user to know what page (s)he is on.

One way to display an active tab is to compare the current page's url with the nav item's url:

<ul id="nav">
<li{% if page.url == '/about.html' %} class="active"{% endif %}>
<a href="/about.html">About</a>
<li{% if page.url == '/news.html' %} class="active"{% endif %}>
<a href="/news.html">News</a>
<li{% if page.url == '/contact.html' %} class="active"{% endif %}>
<a href="/contact.html">Contact</a>
staticsitegenerator  jekyll  tutorials  blog-posts  css 
10 days ago
Stackoverflow.com: Jekyll - Automatically highlight current tab in menu bar
I feel like for the simplest navigation requirement, the listed solutions are overly complex. Here's a solution that involves no front matter, javascript, loops, etc.

Since we have access to the page URL, we can normalize and split the URL and test against the segments, like so:

{% assign current = page.url | downcase | split: '/' %}

<li><a href='/about' {% if current[1] == 'about' %}class='current'{% endif %}>about</a></li>
<li><a href='/blog' {% if current[1] == 'blog' %}class='current'{% endif %}>blog</a></li>
<li><a href='/contact' {% if current[1] == 'contact' %}class='current'{% endif %}>contact</a></li>

Of course, this is only useful if static segments provide the means to delineate the navigation. Anything more complicated, and you'll have to use front matter like @RobertKenny demonstrated.
webdev  staticsitegenerator  jekyll  tutorials  forum-posts 
10 days ago
Wired.com: PUSH! [1997]
Remember the browser war between Netscape and Microsoft? Well forget it. The Web browser itself is about to croak. And good riddance. In its place … broader and deeper new interfaces for electronic media are being born. BackWeb and PointCast, propelled by hot young Silicon Valley start-ups. Constellation and Active Desktop, spawned in the engineering labs of the browser kings. And from the content companies, prototypes powered by underlying new technologies – Castanet, ActiveX, and Java.
internet  history  articles 
10 days ago
Turntable.js — A Responsive JQuery Slider
Turntable.js is a responsive JQuery slider that will let you rotate through a list of images as your mouse (or finger) sweeps across a container. Think of it like a flipbook made with Javascript, instead of paper. All you need is a set of images, and jQuery.
jquery  javascript  gallery  webdev 
10 days ago
Flexbox Patterns
Build awesome user interfaces with CSS flexbox. Examples and source code included.
layout  webdev  ui  css  tutorials 
10 days ago
Opera.com: Built-in, free VPN
We are the first major browser maker to integrate an unlimited and free VPN or virtual private network. Now, you don’t have to download VPN extensions or pay for VPN subscriptions to access blocked websites and to shield your browsing when on public Wi-Fi.
vpn  opera  browser  blog-posts  security 
10 days ago
Don’t Fear the Internet
Are you a print designer, photographer, fine-artist, or general creative person? Do you have a shitty website that you slapped together yourself in Dreamweaver in that ONE web design class that you took in college? Do you not have a site at all because you’ve been waiting two years for your cousin to put it together for you? Well, we’re here to help. We know that you have little to no desire to do web design professionally, but that doesn’t mean that you want an ugly cookie-cutter site or to settle for one that hasn't been updated since Hackers was in theaters. Through short tutorial videos, you’ll learn how to take a basic wordpress blog and manipulate the css, html (and even some php!) to match your aesthetic. You’ll feel empowered rather than crippled by the internet and worst case scenario you’ll at least end up having a better idea of how professional web designers turn your design dreams into a reality on screen.
css  html  webdev  education  tutorials 
10 days ago
Brazil Is An Alternate Video Game Universe Where Sega Beat Nintendo
[...] there was an unexpected place where Sega reigned supreme: Brazil. And even stranger, Sega still moves hundreds of thousands of game systems every year.
sega  history  console  games  hardware 
10 days ago
Bloomberg.com: News Sites Start Charging Readers to Comment on Articles
A startup thinks newspapers can profit by getting people to pay to elevate their rants—or advertisements—to the top of the comments section.
journalism  articles  business  comment 
10 days ago
Visual Doom AI Competition @ CIG 2016
Can AI effectively play Doom using only raw visual input? The participants of the Visual Doom AI competition are supposed to submit a controller (C++, Python, or Java) that plays Doom. The provided software gives a real-time access to the screen buffer as the only information the agent can base its decision on. The winner of the competition will be chosen in a deathmatch tournament.
competition  programming  ai  doom  games  history 
10 days ago
Computer post follow-up: The relative reliability of laptops versus desktops
In a post on the merits of laptops versus desktops, I wrote that “the inflated notebook total [regarding units sold] is probably in part due to the disposable nature and limited longevity of notebooks.” Two e-mailers took issue with this assertion because I didn’t have any direct evidence backing it up aside from the obvious engineering constraints that impair notebooks. Evidence isn’t easy to find. The best I’ve seen comes from a recent issue of Consumer Reports, which says: Cons: Laptops cost more than comparably equipped desktops. Our reliability surveys show laptops are more repair-prone than desktops. Components are more expensive to repair.
blog-posts  laptop  hardware 
10 days ago
Backchannel.com: The Internet Really Has Changed Everything. Here’s the Proof.
How have decades of mass media and technology changed us? A writer returns to his remote hometown — once isolated, now connected. And finds unexpected answers.
internet  culture  usa  articles 
10 days ago
Remove Google Search in the Opera speed dial
Well, if you are like me and don’t want to see Google Search take up real estate on your speed dial, this is what you will have to do to remove it.

Open Opera –> Settings (Alt + P)

Click on ...
opera  browser  tutorials  from notes
10 days ago
a16z Podcast — Bots and Beyond
In this episode of the botcast, a16z partners Benedict Evans and Connie Chan — along with Chris Messina, longtime advocate of the open web and more — pull apart various threads related to the topic of bots, mobile, and beyond: the (evolution?) from web to apps to messaging to bots; chat as an interface; “conversational commerce”; and so on. They also discuss why framing messaging through the lens of WeChat both reveals useful things (what works/ might not work) and not-so-useful things (such as seeking the “WeChat of the West”).
podcasts  bots  ui  ai 
10 days ago
Theguardian.com: These dolphins talk to each other. Why do we insist it isn’t language?
A new study shows that dolphins chatter while cooperating on a task. The line between human and animal language may not be as clear as we like to think.
animals  science  brain  language 
10 days ago
Royalsocietypublishing.com: Ravens, New Caledonian crows and jackdaws parallel great apes in motor self-regulation despite smaller brains¨
Overriding motor impulses instigated by salient perceptual stimuli represent a fundamental inhibitory skill. Such motor self-regulation facilitates more rational behaviour, as it brings economy into the bodily interaction with the physical and social world. It also underlies certain complex cognitive processes including decision making. Recently, MacLean et al. (MacLean et al. 2014 Proc. Natl Acad. Sci. USA 111, 2140–2148. (doi:10.1073/pnas.1323533111)) conducted a large-scale study involving 36 species, comparing motor self-regulation across taxa. They concluded that absolute brain size predicts level of performance. The great apes were most successful. Only a few of the species tested were birds. Given birds’ small brain size—in absolute terms—yet flexible behaviour, their motor self-regulation calls for closer study. Corvids exhibit some of the largest relative avian brain sizes—although small in absolute measure—as well as the most flexible cognition in the animal kingdom. We therefore tested ravens, New Caledonian crows and jackdaws in the so-called cylinder task. We found performance indistinguishable from that of great apes despite the much smaller brains. We found both absolute and relative brain volume to be a reliable predictor of performance within Aves. The complex cognition of corvids is often likened to that of great apes; our results show further that they share similar fundamental cognitive mechanisms.
science  birds  brain 
10 days ago
Stephenfry.com: Off the grid
So. What might be the proudest boast of these young? I’ve got this app. I’ve written this app. My YouTube Channel won an award. I’ve got xy followers on thisdotcom? Well maybe. But I’m going to suggest that if I was young now, my proudest boast would be: ‘My friends and I, we disappeared ourselves. No social media, no email, no chat, no wifi, no selfies, no SMS, no smartphones. We did it. We did this thing. We Got Off The Grid. [...] maybe they should consider this for a moment. Who most wants you to stay on the grid? The advertisers. Your boss. Human Resources. The advertisers. Your parents (irony of ironies – once they distrusted it, now they need to tag you electronically, share your Facebook photos and message you to death). The advertisers. The government. Your local authority. Your school. Advertisers. Well, if you’re young and have an ounce of pride, doesn’t that list say it all? So fuck you, I’m Going Off The Grid.
blog-posts  socialmedia  children  netpolitics 
10 days ago
Wikipedia.org: Projection mapping
Projection mapping, also known as video mapping and spatial augmented reality, is a projection technology used to turn objects, often irregularly shaped, into a display surface for video projection. These objects may be complex industrial landscapes, such as buildings, small indoor objects or theatrical stages. By using specialized software, a two- or three-dimensional object is spatially mapped on the virtual program which mimics the real environment it is to be projected on. The software can interact with a projector to fit any desired image onto the surface of that object.[1] This technique is used by artists and advertisers alike who can add extra dimensions, optical illusions, and notions of movement onto previously static objects. The video is commonly combined with, or triggered by, audio to create an audio-visual narrative.
projections  wiki 
11 days ago
Soundcloud.com: deepjazz
Hi! I'm deepjazz, an AI built by Ji-Sung Kim. You can check out my source code on GitHub or visit my website, deepjazz.io
music  ai  jazz  automation  composing 
12 days ago
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