sRAW Format Explained
Well, there are two methods of reducing noise: hardware noise reduction via a process called “pixel binning” (combining multiple pixels into a single “bin”, thus “binning”) and software noise reduction via resizing / down-sampling. Pixel binning is a complex process performed at the hardware level that combines and averages multiple pixels to create a single pixel, which obviously reduces the resolution of the image by up to 4 times. This process results in reduced noise levels in smaller images. Pixel binning was an option on CCD sensors used for such needs as astrophotography, but such sensors were and still are rare and expensive. […] Still, it seems like sRAW is more of a glorified JPEG image that contains more bits / colors. With a true RAW file, you have a lot of leverage in post-processing – from changing white balance completely to applying gamma corrections. sRAW already have those cooked in, so there is not a lot of data to manipulate (although white balance adjustments are still possible).
photography  digital-imaging  cameras  raw  noise 
6 hours ago
My hearing is shot. And I’m hoping that chickens will help me.
Millions of people suffer hearing loss when the hair cells in their cochlea die. Chickens—those lucky devils—don’t have this problem.
hearing  science  blog-posts 
23 hours ago
I don’t know what to do, you guys
I sure as hell don’t want them to be less left-wing. I want them to be more left-wing. I want a left that can win, and there’s no way I can have that when the actually-existing left sheds potential allies at an impossible rate. But the prohibition against ever telling anyone to be friendlier and more forgiving is so powerful and calcified it’s a permanent feature of today’s progressivism.
politics  culture  blog-posts  education 
23 hours ago
Wikipedia.org: Embrace, extend and extinguish
"Embrace, extend, and extinguish", also known as "Embrace, extend, and exterminate", is a phrase that the U.S. Department of Justice found and was used internally by Microsoft to describe its strategy for entering product categories involving widely used standards, extending those standards with proprietary capabilities, and then using those differences to disadvantage its competitors.
wiki  microsoft  business 
Theguardian.com: When you wish upon a star: nuclear fusion and the promise of a brighter future
Decades in the making, Iter, a huge experimental nuclear fusion reactor in rural France, could be the site of breakthroughs that will provide limitless, clean energy and secure the planet’s future.
articles  nuclear  france 
The State of Ello
They said that their philosophy for Ello is based on Bunitz’s experience living in DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) during a period when the area went through the kind of transformation that so many American cities do: In the early stages of new growth, artists come in to rundown industrial districts and live cheaply in large loft/studio spaces, fix the areas up with coffee shops and businesses, and generally create the tipping point for a neighborhood’s revival.

Ello, they said, was founded on this very specific method: Start a social network that begins with artists, invite all the artists to build up the best content, just as the developers of DUMBO invited artists to live in and build it up Bunitz explained, focus on the people (provide cheap rent and freedom to build), and then once built, take the focus off of the people, and move it to the content itself. They showed a picture of DUMBO’s new glass pavilioned merry-go-round citing the successful gentrified version of today’s BK neighborhood, one of the most expensive in all of NYC.

Bunitz took an aside to address what I was already thinking: that this familiar story usually ends terribly for the artists for getting kicked out of the neighborhood, no longer able to afford what they created, and that he hopes to not have that effect with Ello, but did not elaborate on how.
blog-posts  socialnetwork  services  presentation 
Nytimes.com: Skull Fossil Offers New Clues on Human Journey From Africa
Anthropologists exploring a cave in Israel have uncovered a rare 55,000-year-old skull fossil that they say has a story to tell of a reverberating transition in human evolution, at a point when and where some early humans were moving out of Africa and apparently interbreeding with Neanderthals.
articles  archeology  history 
Foreignpolicy.com: Erotic Republic
Iran is in the throes of an unprecedented sexual revolution. Could it eventually shake the regime?
articles  sex  culture  islam 
2 days ago
Ether is a necessary element -- a fuel -- for operating the distributed application software platform we are building: ethereum. Without the requirement of payment of ether for every computational step and storage operation within the system, infinite loops or excessive storage demands could bog down ethereum and effectively destroy it.
darknet  bitcoin  storage  p2p 
2 days ago
Addons.mozilla.org: Abduction! - Webpage Screenshots Screen Capture
Right click on any web page, frame or iframe, click "Save Page As Image..." and then resize the selection around the piece you want to save.
screenshot  firefox  extensions 
2 days ago
Addons.mozilla.org: Copy As Plain Text
Have you ever copy & pasted something into your email or office program and been annoyed that the text formatting (bold, font size, etc) came with it? Don't you wish you could just copy the text itself, without having to copy it, paste it into a plain text editor, then copy it again? This extension gives you an option to copy text without the formatting. And unlike the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+V), you can even customize how it will copy & paste.
copy  firefox  extensions  plaintext 
2 days ago
Addons.mozilla.org: Copy As Plain Text
Have you ever copy & pasted something into your email or office program and been annoyed that the text formatting (bold, font size, etc) came with it? Don't you wish you could just copy the text itself, without having to copy it, paste it into a plain text editor, then copy it again? This extension gives you an option to copy text without the formatting. And unlike the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+V), you can even customize how it will copy & paste.
copy  firefox  extensions  plaintext 
2 days ago
Addons.mozilla.org: STOP! Hammertime!
Adds 'STOP! Hammertime!' functionality to Firefox - Simply install and marvel as you hear MC Hammer sing whenever a page is stopped! Includes a new feature to allow you to change between a Hammertime button or a standard stop button - Now you can have the vocal without the visual! Install on friends computers when they're not looking for maximum enjoyment.
art  dance  software  extensions  firefox  browser  fun 
2 days ago
Metabones Speed Booster Ultra vs lens Turbo II
Metabones Speed Boosters feature magnification ratio of 0.71x while Lens Turbo II is narrower with its 0.726x. That might sound like not a big deal, but resulting differences in FOV.
optics  lenses  conversion  photography  compare 
3 days ago
Wikipedia.org: Mosuo
The Mosuo culture is frequently described as matriarchal. The Mosuo themselves often use this description which they believe increases interest in their culture and thus attracts tourism. The term matrilineal is sometimes used, and, while more accurate, still doesn't reflect the full complexity of their social organization. In fact, it is not easy to categorize Mosuo culture within traditional Western definitions. They have aspects of a matriarchal culture: women are often the head of the house, inheritance is through the female line, and women make business decisions. However, unlike a matriarchy, the political power tends to be in the hands of males.
wiki  culture  china 
3 days ago
Systembolaget.se: Bouillabaisse med rouille
Ingredienser för 4 personer:
2 kg blandad färsk fisk i säsong, t ex kolja, spätta och hälleflundra
1 kg färska blåmusslor med skal
2 schalottenlökar
3½ dl torrt, vitt vin
2 gula lökar
6 vitlöksklyftor
1 fänkål
1 dl olivolja
2 lagerblad
1 burk krossade tomater
2 pkt saffran (1 gram)
strimlat skal av ½ apelsin
2 liter fiskbuljong
salt och peppar

Till servering:
Rouille och vitt bröd

Gör så här:
1. Rensa och putsa fiskarna. Skär dem i stora bitar. Spara eventuellt skroven till buljongkok.
2. Rensa och skrapa musslorna. Kontrollera att de är slutna, eller att de sluter sig när du till exempel knackar musslorna mot diskbänken. Skala och finhacka schalottenlöken. Lägg musslor och schalottenlök i en kastrull. Häll på 1 dl vin. Tillsätt timjan. Koka på medelvärme i ca 5 minuter.
3. Skala och hacka lök, vitlök och fänkål. Fräs grönsakerna i olivoljan i en rymlig kastrull utan att de tar färg, ca 10 minuter. Tillsätt resten av vinet, lagerblad, krossade tomater, saffran, apelsinskal och buljong. Häll på kokspadet från musslorna. Låt koka ihop på medelvärme ca 20 minuter.
4. Lägg i fisksorterna efter koktid. Den som tar längst tid först osv. Låt sjuda tills fisken precis är klar, den ska inte koka sönder. Smaka av med salt och rikligt med peppar.
Servera bouillabaissen med rouille och vitt bröd.
recipes  fish  swedish 
3 days ago
Ucsd.edu: Sugar Molecule Links Red Meat Consumption and Elevated Cancer Risk in Mice
While people who eat a lot of red meat are known to be at higher risk for certain cancers, other carnivores are not, prompting researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine to investigate the possible tumor-forming role of a sugar called Neu5Gc, which is naturally found in most mammals but not in humans. [ https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=8819065 ]
health  food  cancer  meat  science 
3 days ago
Pnas.org: A red meat-derived glycan promotes inflammation and cancer progression
We present an unusual mechanism for the well-known association between red meat consumption and carcinoma risk involving the nonhuman sialic acid N-glycolylneuraminic acid (Neu5Gc). We first evaluate the Neu5Gc content of various foods to show that red meats are particularly rich in orally bioavailable Neu5Gc and then investigate human-like Neu5Gc-deficient mice fed this form of Neu5Gc. When such mice were challenged with anti-Neu5Gc antibodies, they developed evidence of systemic inflammation. Long-term exposure to this combination resulted in a significantly higher incidence of carcinomas (five-fold increase) and an association with Neu5Gc accumulation in the tumors. Similar mechanisms may contribute to the association of red meat consumption with other diseases, such as atherosclerosis and type 2 diabetes, which are also exacerbated by inflammation. [ https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=8952641 , https://www.reddit.com/r/science/comments/2qwwr4/red_meat_triggers_toxic_immune_reaction_which/cnaap2f ]
meat  cancer  health  science  food 
3 days ago
Wikipedia.org: Blue Zone
Blue Zones is a concept used to identify a demographic and/or geographic area of the world where people live measurably longer lives. The concept grew out of demographic work done by Gianni Pes and Michel Poulain, who identified Sardinia's Nuoro province as the region with the highest concentration of male centenarians. As the two men zeroed in on the cluster of villages with the highest longevity, they drew concentric blue circles on the map and began referring to the area inside the circle as the Blue Zone. Dan Buettner identifies longevity hotspots in Okinawa (Japan); Sardinia (Italy); Nicoya (Costa Rica); Icaria (Greece); and among the Seventh-day Adventists in Loma Linda, California, and offers an explanation, based on empirical data and first hand observations, as to why these populations live healthier and longer lives.
health  wiki 
3 days ago
Reddit.com/r/science/: losningen comments on Red meat triggers toxic immune reaction which causes cancer, scientists find
Taken from /u/neunac post in another submission of this story. Highlighted by me. Edit: Follow the link to upvote his great summary. http://www.reddit.com/r/science/comments/2qr4t9/sugar_molecule_links_red_meat_consumption_and/cn8vbu6

First, Varki is a behemoth in the emerging field of glycobiology. His research is usually top notch.

Secondly, he has some very interesting theories on evolution and the role that sugars might have played in our brain development. Outside of DNA, sialic acids (NeuNAc) have been called the most interesting molecules in all of biology. Near the same exact time millions of years ago when our ancestors evolutionary diverged from chimpanzees, we developed a mutation in an enzyme known as CMAH. CMAH catalyzes the addition of a hydroxyl group to sialic acid (NeuNAc) to produce Neu5Gc (NeuNAc w/ added -OH). One of the things that makes you uniquely human compared to almost all other mammals are the patterns of carbohydrates that cover the surface of your cells, and in particular, what makes you uniquely human is the striking lack of Neu5Gc on your cells compared to almost all other mammals. Sialic acids are heavily present in the brain, and are quite abundant on the surfaces of neurons; we now know that sialic acids have very profound roles in neuronal plasticity, memory, learning, and brain development after fertilization. The fact that humans were no longer able to synthesize hydroxylated forms of sialic acid (Neu5Gc) could have, in theory, had a radical effect on the way our brains evolved (according to Varki) because of the fundamental role that sialic acids have in modeling our brain during development and for memory/learning.

Sialic acids decorate the surfaces of all cells. As mentioned, all mammals besides humans have Neu5Gc on their cells. When you consume meat, Neu5Gc from your foods get stripped from the cells that comprise the meat you consumed and can be metabolically incorporated onto the surface of your cells. Glycobiology and your immune system has evolved in tandem over millions of years, and the fact that Neu5Gc isn't human means it gets recognized by the immune system which in theory could lead to the results linked by the OP.
reddit  forum-posts  health  meat  science 
3 days ago
Bike.se: Husqvarna Nuda 900/900R
Det faktum att Husqvarna klarar att kombinera egenskaper för både nybörjare och mer erfarna förare i en och samma modell kan visa sig vara framgångsformeln när naket möter supermotard.
motorcycle  swedish  reviews  art 
3 days ago
Wsj.com: The Fight to Save Japan’s Young Shut-Ins
A City Reaches Out to Its Hikikomori Population; Some Stay Inside Their Homes for Years.
articles  japan  culture  psychology  children 
3 days ago
Wikipedia.org: Dual-sport motorcycle
A dual-sport motorcycle is a type of street-legal motorcycle that is designed for both on and off-road use. The terms 'All-road' and 'Dual-purpose' are also used. Dual-sports are equipped with street-legal equipment such as lights, speedometer, mirrors, horn, license plate mounting, and muffler and can, therefore, be registered and licensed. Examples of dual-sport models are found in Category: Dual-sport motorcycles.
motorcycle  wiki  vehicles 
4 days ago
Wi-Fi and Neighborhood Conflicts: An Algorithm to Keep the Peace
To overcome the problem of interference between wireless networks, a doctoral student at EPFL has developed an algorithm that automatically selects the best frequency band according to the usage of neighboring networks. This system increases the initial capacity of the data path by up to seven times.
articles  wifi 
5 days ago
Viewpoint: The hazards of too much stuff
After the deluge of gifts many people have exchanged at Christmas, January seems a good time for soul-searching over the Western obsession with stuff, writes trend forecaster James Wallman.
culture  shopping  business  articles 
5 days ago
Oxfam.org: Richest 1% will own more than all the rest by 2016
The combined wealth of the richest 1 percent will overtake that of the other 99 percent of people next year unless the current trend of rising inequality is checked, Oxfam warned today ahead of the annual World Economic Forum meeting in Davos.
economics  articles  stats 
6 days ago
Zoë Keating — What should I do about Youtube?
My Google Youtube rep contacted me the other day. They were nice and took time to explain everything clearly to me, but the message was firm: I have to decide. I need to sign on to the new Youtube music services agreement or I will have my Youtube channel blocked.
youtube  google  business  blog-posts  artist  streaming 
6 days ago
Github.com: LibreBoard
LibreBoard is an open-source kanban board that let you organize things in cards, and cards in lists. You can use it alone, or with your team and family thanks to our real-time synchronisation feature. Libreboard is a land of liberty and you can implement all sort of workflows on it using tags, comments, member assignation, and many more.
software  open-source  organization 
7 days ago
Wikipedia.org: List of email subject abbreviations
This is a list of commonly and uncommonly used abbreviations which are used in the subject of an English email header.
netiquette  email  culture  wiki  language 
7 days ago
Vimeo.com: Adam Magyar, Stainless - Shinjuku (excerpt)
High speed video recording in Tokyo at Shinjuku station.
video  videos  art  japan 
7 days ago
Vimeo.com: Adam Magyar: Photos of time
Adam Magyar talks about using industrial cameras and computers to photograph and process urban images that capture a moment of time and then visually expand it. He calls it the “transformation of reality by the camera.”
videos  video  art  presentation  time 
7 days ago
Vimeo.com: Adam Magyar - Stainless, 42 Street (excerpt)
High speed video recording in NYC at Grand Central station.
videos  video  slowmotion  trains  art 
7 days ago
News.ycombinator.com: KDE's Plasma 5.2 – The Quintissential Breakdown
Oi. I wish the nice designers of Silicon Valley could give some "pull requests" easily to the KDE team. The design is such a mix of things that don't go together -- some places of translucency, others don't, the pop ups are mostly flat yet the calculator has shadows, the search results and bookmarks have borders on every row yet the launch menu doesn't, the spacing between items in the left side of dolphin is off (too close), the icons are seemingly all over the place (the life preserver is more photo realistic while the hard drive is more cartoony), etc.
I know there are mailing lists and whatnot for this but if the process of helping was easier for normal (and good) designers to help out a little I think we all would benefit. Or at least if you're going to copy Apple pay attention to their ratios.
hackernews  forum-posts  kde  windowmanager  linux  gui  design 
8 days ago
A Photographer Who Tinkers With Time
Adam Magyar’s gone viral. His recent series Stainless, in which video recordings of subway platforms are played out in super-slow-motion, has been rippling across the web. Magyar first films people on the platform from a speedily arriving train and then slows the footage down, highlighting details and expressions that are often missed and rarely remembered. Regardless of station—Berlin’s Alexanderplatz, Tokyo’s Shinjuku, or New York City’s Grand Central—Magyar’s video excerpts show crowded subway platforms that are at times haunting, at others elegant. Waiting for the next train never looked so compelling.
art  photography  articles  photographers-contemporary  video 
8 days ago
The Benefits of a Lunch Hour Walk
To combat afternoon slumps in enthusiasm and focus, take a walk during the lunch hour.
walking  exercise  health  articles 
8 days ago
Revealing the hidden RSS/feed URL on an iTunes podcast page
To cut a long story short: I listen to music podcasts a lot and unfortunately a lot of record labels syndicate their content via Apple's iTunes network. Apple seem to go out of their way to make finding the actual original source podcast feed a complete nuisance to find and I absolutely detest iTunes so I wrote this to grab it for me. Now that lovely rant is over, you can use it too.
rss  bookmarklets  blog-posts  tutorials  itunes  conversion 
9 days ago
Youtube.com: Using Proxy Media in Final Cut Pro X
Sometimes using your original footage will cause FCP to bog down, giving you the dreaded 'spinning wheel of death'. Using proxy media will alleviate the headache for both you and FCP. This tutorial shows you how to make and switch back and forth between proxy media on your timeline and the original footage.
videos  video  finalcut  tutorials 
9 days ago
Mingthein.com: Review: The Sony A7 Mark II; nearly there…(Updated, 21 Jan)
The frustrating thing is that most of the technology already exists in the Sony stable – not theoretical, but already deployed in cameras. The D810’s fantastic sensor – still the best of the non-medium format sensors – is a Sony part. It has an electronic first curtain in live view. Full-frame IBIS exists in the A7II. Zeiss is making more and more lenses that are both E mount native and have AF. I’m sure you can write a raw file without compressing or processing it. Why can’t these things be put together? It would open up so much more of the performance envelope to a wider audience, and once you’ve seen that, it’s really difficult to go back. One can only hope that there is some legitimate technical reason and not simply corporate greed; there’s only so much you can do of that kind of marketing before you start to really annoy your users. Having said all of that, I really do think mirrorless is finally coming of age. MT
blog-posts  photography  cameras  sony  a7II  reviews 
9 days ago
Only 10 years old, Junior Natural makes his debut on the big stage of the largest reggae festival in Scandinavia. He plays the drums. Shortly after he changes the drumsticks for the microphone. Little Junior is born with a Natural talent for music. At 12, his first single « Number 1 Girl » is released.
reggae  videos  swedish  music 
10 days ago
Cbc.ca: Legalized marijuana: What Colorado looks like 1 year after Amendment 64
CBC's Reg Sherren travels to Denver to see the impact recreational pot sales have had on city.
drugs  usa  articles  videos 
10 days ago
Github.com: µBlock
An efficient blocker add-on for various browsers. Fast, potent, and lean. [ https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=8916103 ]
software  extensions  firefox  chrome  ads 
10 days ago
Xda-developers.com: [ROM][LRX22G][5.0.2] CM12 Unofficial w/ Xtra… | Google Nexus 5
These are personal builds for all to enjoy. They are complied fully from CM repos with cherry picks of yet to be added features.
nexus5  android  cyanogenmod  forum-posts  os 
14 days ago
Octopress 3.0 is coming
I will be working on a migration guide for current Octopress users, but each plugin can be used on any Jekyll site. There will no longer be a division between Octopress and Jekyll.
blog-posts  jekyll  webdev  staticsitegenerator 
14 days ago
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