Youtube.com: Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Speaks With European Parliament - May 22, 2018 | CNBC
Facebook CEO meets with European Parliament to answer questions about the improper use of millions of users' data by a political consultancy, as pressure on the company's protection of data continues.
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1 hour ago
Zuckerberg didn’t make any friends in Europe today
“The Cambridge Analytica scandal was already in breach of the current Data Protection Directive, and would also be contrary to the GDPR, which is soon to be implemented. I expect the EU Data Protection Authorities to take appropriate action to enforce the law.”
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4 hours ago
Facebook Users of the World, Unite!
Let’s channel our collective user power to shape a better Facebook future.
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5 hours ago
Welcome to Monoskop, a wiki for collaborative studies of the arts, media and humanities.
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Youtube.com: Focus on the User (An explainer)
00:47: Over a third of all desktop searches, and over a half of mobile device searches, includes local intent.
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How did Google get so big?—60 Minutes
60 Minutes reports on the power of Google, a company whose critics say has stifled competition.
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Sweden distributes 'be prepared for war' leaflet to all 4.8m homes
The Swedish government has begun sending all 4.8m of the country’s households a public information leaflet telling the population, for the first time in more than half a century, what to do in the event of a war. Om krisen eller kriget kommer (If crisis or war comes) explains how people can secure basic needs such as food, water and heat, what warning signals mean, where to find bomb shelters and how to contribute to Sweden’s “total defence”.
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Bombtrack Hook EXT Frameset
Designed to run on 27.5” rim (though 700s work just fine) and using a wider tire produces a wheel with the same outer diameter as a typical 700x28c. This means it’s possible to run bigger knobby mountain bike tires, with all the grip they offer, yet retain the geometry of a CX/gravel bike, something gravel racers have long dreamed of. This is made possible thanks to a specially designed frame that utilizes a wider bottom bracket and yoke to maintain a wide yet short rear end. The Columbus Cromor double-butted tubing has the perfect blend of being lightweight yet durable, perfect for gravel riding. For 2018 the EXT features a new full carbon fork, with anything cage and fender mounts, creating more options for front end luggage. Additional frame features added for 2018 include the invest cast chain stay yoke, dropper post compatibility and direct mounts for top tube 'fule tank' bag. This versatile frame is designed to offer as much all-round use as possible, so if your journey is mainly on-road, swap out the wheels for a set of 700c’s, with clearance for anything up to 45c tires.
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4 days ago
Wikipedia.org: Quality Bicycle Products
The company owns nineteen brands including Salsa, Surly, All-City, 45North, Handspun, Foundry, Civia, Whisky, MSW, Problem Solvers, Dimension, Mechanical Threads, R12, Q-Tubes, Cogburn, Buzzy's and iSSi. QBP is also the exclusive U.S. distributor of Lazer Helmets, a Belgian manufacturer of high performance bicycle and snow helmets, and through its Q-Active division, the company distributes products to independent ski, run and outdoor retailers. QBP entered a distribution agreement with Fyxation in 2011.
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4 days ago
Addons.mozilla.org: Behind The Overlay
One click to close any overlay popup on any website.
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4 days ago
Curve Engineering Klonzo MKII titanium enduro hardtail gets more aggressive
This frame looks like it was made by Waltly Ti. Not that there is anything wrong with that — I have 3 Waltly frames that are excellent — but, if true, it’s a ~100% markup for the “Curve” name on the down tube.
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4 days ago
Stack and Reach Charts for pretty much all XL Bikes
For all you tall people out there, I've compiled geometry for pretty much every XL and XXL bike I can find. What follows is the most exhaustive collection of bikes for tall people that exists on the web to the best of my knowledge.
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4 days ago
Honjo Smooth 62 Black
Smooth 62 will fit widely into tourer and daily commuter bikes. Light weighted and very durable, moreover super comfortable ride in a rainy day.
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6 days ago
The Entire Economy Is MoviePass Now. Enjoy It While You Can.
I’ve got a great idea for a start-up. Want to hear the pitch?

It’s called the 75 Cent Dollar Store. We’re going to sell dollar bills for 75 cents — no service charges, no hidden fees, just crisp $1 bills for the price of three quarters. It’ll be huge.

You’re probably thinking: Wait, won’t your store go out of business? Nope. I’ve got that part figured out, too. The plan is to get tons of people addicted to buying 75-cent dollars so that, in a year or two, we can jack up the price to $1.50 or $2 without losing any customers. Or maybe we’ll get so big that the Treasury Department will start selling us dollar bills at a discount. We could also collect data about our customers and sell it to the highest bidder. Honestly, we’ve got plenty of options.

If you’re still skeptical, I don’t blame you. It used to be that in order to survive, businesses had to sell goods or services above cost. But that model is so 20th century.
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6 days ago
Soulcraft Dirtbomb
We've been offering this bike as an option for 10 years; but you had to ask nicely to get one. And it didn't have a name. And it wasn't on our website. But now the Dirtbomb is officially on the scene. Sometimes it's easier to describe this bike by what it's not. It's not a 29r with a big ole' fork and room for big tires, and it's not a skinny cross bike designed to be set up like a road bike. It's just sweet. Built around the Panaracer Fire Cross 700c x 45c tires, this machine begs to be taken everywhere. It's the bike we take when we have no idea where we're going. The 45c tires offer more cush for off-road jaunts than a 35c, while not weighing you down on the road like a mountain tire. The geometry falls somewhere in the neighborhood of the Groundskeeper, slightly Northwest of the Option 3, a little South of the Holy Roller, and dead center of "just right". When people see the Dirt Bomb, the usual response is, "Oooooh. That's what I need!" Available as frame and fork, "chassis", or complete bike. Also available in a single speed or fixie version.
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6 days ago
Review: Singular Peregrine
My loaner had Kenda Karma 29×2.0 tires installed. The frame didn’t leave much clearance for any- thing more aggressive, but Marty says you can get up to 700x45s with fenders if you wanted to go smaller.
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6 days ago
WOHO Wildcard Cross Bike Frame Set Matte Forest
WOHO Bike team are from various cyclist; like MTB, roadie and touring bike enthusiast. We decided to build an unique bicycle that breaks rules, unlock the routes we ride. With Wildcard, we are able to ride them fast on pavement to work, or grinding gravels in the weekend. And it’s our best pal when we go for bikepacking on vacations. That’s the root of Wildcard -the completely versatile fun bike.
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9 days ago
Addons.mozilla.org: OneTab
OneTab - Too many tabs? Convert tabs to a list and reduce browser memory.
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14 days ago
'Google go home': the Berlin neighbourhood fighting off a tech giant
Other cities have embraced the company, but in Kreuzberg opposition to a planned Google campus is vociferous. What makes Berlin different?
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14 days ago
Youtube.com: Is Steel Real? | 6 Things You Didn't Know About Steel
The popularity of high-end steel bike frames has risen from the ashes in recent years. Simon Richardson tells you 6 things you may not know about the traditional tubing material.
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14 days ago
Velo Orange Pass Hunter Disc Frameset
The Pass Hunter Disc is our "all-road" frame. It's designed for spirited riding on pavement, gravel, or dirt roads. It's like a randonneur, but with disc brakes and large tires.
frames  bikes  cycling 
15 days ago
SOMA Fabrications Saga Disc Frame Set
Our robust Saga Disc frame set is ready to take you on adventures all over the planet, It is purposely designed to ride better loaded up than naked. This updated version now fits tires up to 2.1", but the 700c models will longer fit road triple cranks. We recommend using MTB triples or doubles, which make more sense more cyclists go to wider, more sure-footed tires. It is also slightly lighter than previous year models (not that weight should be a major concern when buying a loaded touring frame) - Specially chosen Tange Prestige heat-treated CrMo tubing; 31.8mm butted downtube and top tube for a stiffer front triangle. Larger frames have slightly thicker gauge tubing.
bikes  cycling  frames 
15 days ago
Salsa Cycles Marrakesh
Marrakesh is our world-touring bike, designed for fully loaded, rugged exploration. Marrakesh is stable and predictable when heavily loaded, and durable enough to be strapped down to the roof of a bus jostling over a remote pass. Turkish dust around the bottom bracket and mud from Thailand’s monsoon season make just as much sense on this bike as all the stickers from the other countries you’ve visited do. When you’ve decided to stop dreaming and actually make that year abroad a reality, Marrakesh is ready to pile on the miles.
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16 days ago
Blockbuster shows like Kusama and Bowie ruining art museums.
When cultural institutions rely on monster traveling shows like Kusama and Bowie, we all lose.
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16 days ago
Genesis Bikes Croix-de-fer Frameset
Have something a little different in mind vs. our stock offered CdF builds? 1X or triple drivetrain? Then the frameset option is the way to go!
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16 days ago
Is Wedding Photography Dead? Yorkshire wedding photographer & mentor
I see posts on how there are professional photographers out there running three different brands so they can have three different price points, how there are newbie photographers out there shooting a 15 hour day, plus an engagement shoot and an album for £1200.
photography  business 
16 days ago
Silicon Valley Can't Be Trusted With Our History
We create almost everything on the internet, but we control almost none of it.
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16 days ago
Vimeo.com: Arena
A brief look at the earth from above, based on the shapes we make, the game of life, our playing ground - Arena. Created using Google Earth imagery.
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16 days ago
Four features that would tame Facebook
Making it easier to leave Facebook — or at least avoid it.
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16 days ago
Facebook Weighs Ad-Free Subscription Option
Facebook Inc. has been conducting market research in recent weeks to determine whether an ad-free version paid by subscriptions would spur more people to join the social network, according to people familiar with the matter.
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16 days ago
Ditching the satnav: the lost secrets of natural navigation
Nature is full of clues to help you find your way – if you know where to look. Stuart Heritage lets go of the GPS to learn the art of natural navigation from pioneer Tristan Gooley.
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16 days ago
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