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Channel art looks different on desktop, mobile, and TV displays — larger images may be cropped. For the best results on all devices, we recommend uploading one 2560 x 1440 px image.

Minimum dimension for upload: 2048 x 1152 px.
Minimum safe area for text and logos: 1546 x 423 px. Larger images may get cropped on certain views or devices.
Maximum width: 2560 x 423 px. This means that the "safe area" is always visible regardless of screen size. The areas to each side of the channel art are visible or cropped depending on browser size.
File size: 4MB or smaller.

If you're not sure about the width and height of an image, download our Channel Art Templates to see how images show on different devices.
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/dev/lawyer Open Source License Business Perception Report
How does business perceive specific form software public licenses in Q1 2017? From this lawyer’s point of view...
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Wikipedia.org: Etiquette in technology
Etiquette in technology governs what conduct is socially acceptable in an online or digital situation. While etiquette is ingrained into culture, etiquette in technology is a fairly recent concept. The rules of etiquette that apply when communicating over the Internet or social networks or devices are different from those applying when communicating in person or by audio (such as telephone) or videophone (such as Skype video). It is a social code of network communication. Communicating with others via the Internet without misunderstandings in the heat of the moment can be challenging, mainly because facial expressions and body language cannot be interpreted in cyberspace. Therefore, several recommendations to attempt to safeguard against these misunderstandings have been proposed.
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Wsj.com: Teach North Koreans Capitalism
North Korean defectors must adjust to a completely different economic system in South Korea, or risk financial exclusion. The Wall Street Journal looks at the challenges facing some of capitalism's newcomers.
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Ietf.org: RFC 1855 - Netiquette Guidelines
This document provides a minimum set of guidelines for Network Etiquette (Netiquette) which organizations may take and adapt for their own use. As such, it is deliberately written in a bulleted format to make adaptation easier and to make any particular item easy (or easier) to find. It also functions as a minimum set of guidelines for individuals, both users and administrators. This memo is the product of the Responsible Use of the Network (RUN) Working Group of the IETF.
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How I Let Disney Track My Every Move
(It’s weird enough that you have to supply your fingerprint at the front gate of Disney World, as well as other theme parks, these days.) I realize that this is something I signed up for—Disney will still let you use paper tickets and avoid MagicBands if you like—but I arrived at the park pretty clueless about the extent to which Disney would be tracking my every move. It’s kind of like signing up for Facebook with the hope that you can connect with far off friends, only to realize several years later that the social network has been gobbling up your online activity in order to sell ads. You agreed to this deal. Nevertheless, you probably didn’t comprehend every detail buried in the fine print.
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Dslrbodies.com: Existential Crisis
Fujifilm updates firmware constantly! Well, sure. More than half of those upcoming X-T2 firmware changes are things that attempt to catch them up to features and performance in competing models. Put another way, they're shipping incomplete products and then adding to them once they're out. Nothing wrong with that, but it's not the huge triumph some seem to think it is. It's just good business.
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Russia in Photo
It combines Russian photographs from government and private collections - people basically sent in old photographs so they could be put up online.
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Archive.org: Sovetskoe Foto (Soviet Photography)
Sovetskoe foto (Soviet photography) was a Moscow-based journal dedicated to photography and photographic techniques. It was inaugurated by the writer and editor Mikhail Kol’tsov in April 1926 and acquired in 1931 by the Ogonek publishing company. In the interwar period, the journal experienced two pauses in publication—one between 1931 and 1933, when it was renamed Proletarskoe foto (Proletariat photography), and another between 1942 and 1956, due to World War II and the war’s aftereffects. Although its publication schedule was at times irregular, Sovetskoe foto was an illustrated monthly featuring editorials, letters, articles, and photographic essays alongside advertisements for photography, photographic processes, and photographic chemicals and equipment. It primarily addressed a domestic audience of Soviet amateur photographers and photo clubs, yet it also featured the works of international and professional photographers, such as Semyon Fridlyand. It was in the pages of Sovetskoe foto that the works of avant-garde photographers, including Aleksandr Rodchenko, were denounced as formalist (implying that they reflected a foreign and elitist style), even before Socialist Realism was decreed to be the official style of the Soviet Union, in 1934. In a letter published in April 1928, an anonymous author accused Rodchenko of plagiarizing the subject matter and compositions of Western European photographers László Moholy-Nagy and Albert Renger-Patzsch. This resulted in the journal’s boycotting Rodchenko’s work and prompted the artist to respond directly, in June 1928, in Novyi lef, a journal for alternative art and culture. The tensions between so-called leftist avant-garde photographers and photographers of and for the people culminated in 1931 with the formation of the Russian Association of Proletarian Photo Reporters (ROPF), which promoted its mission to use photography as “a weapon for the socialist reconstruction of reality” in Sovetskoe foto. Throughout the 1930s this state-sanctioned journal became increasingly conservative in its promotion of a photographic practice that valued content over form, a shift dramatically represented in the 1927 and 1935 covers (reproduced here). —Ksenia Nouril
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Wikipedia.org: Signature block
The Usenet standard RFC 3676 specify that a signature block should be displayed as plain text in a fixed-width font (no HTML, images, or other rich text), and should be delimited from the body of the message by a single line consisting of exactly two hyphens, followed by a space, followed by the end of line (i.e., in C-notation: "-- \n"). This latter prescription, which goes by many names, including "sig dashes", "signature cut line", "sig-marker", "sig separator" and "signature delimiter", allows software to automatically mark or remove the sig block as the receiver desires.
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New on the block: The 2016 Kona Sutra LTD
This is Kona’s first real entry into the bikepacking world, and it’s a solid offering. I’m excited to see what Ian and the crew over there do next year to push this model further, because they’re really onto something. In the meantime, I’ve got some more trips to plan on this really sweet bike…
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21 hours ago
7,500km Across The Trans-Oceania Aboard the Kona Sutra LTD
I really, really enjoyed riding the Sutra LTD. People have been asking me if I liked the bike, and the only answer I can come up with is, “Yes!” You can choose between the regular Sutra and the LTD version depending on what kind of riding you have planned, but either of them would do well in a huge range of applications. There really isn’t very much I would change, except for adding just a little bit more tire clearance – and Kona have done exactly that for the 2017 versions. I can’t help but say that the Kona Sutra LTD is an amazing all-purpose adventure bike – wherever your ride might take you.
21 hours ago
Exploration is the best part of riding for many cyclist and the Kona Sutra LTD is the ultimate bike for the adventurous type. Long days on the bike consisting of gravel, dirt, and rough roads are exactly what the steel framed Sutra begs for. The 2017 model now sports an even wider Clement tire for maximum confidence on speedy gravel road descents. Hydraulic disc brakes cut down on maintenance and deliver optimal braking power in nasty conditions. A Sram 1×11 Rival group promises smooth and simple shifting. Sealed bearing hubs and tubeless compatible rims are an added bonus for a bike that is already a great value for the money! This is by far one of the coolest bikes available, a true do it all machine that is perfect for the weekend excursion or daily commutes!
21 hours ago
Vimeo.com: Dew Files Ireland - Luck of the Dew
For this installment of the Dew Files we sent our intrepid wanderer to Ireland for a St Patrick’s day exploit. Rather than letting Dew loose to partake in the revelry and libations in Dublin, we put him on a fully loaded Sutra LTD to explore the quiet and picturesque backdrop of the Emerald Isle far from the Blarney Stone kissing tourists. So follow along with Dew on his trip through a land frozen in time, a land with stone walls that checker the hillside, sheep that run wild, dramatic cliffs and single lane gravel “roads” that disappear over the rolling countryside. You’ll quickly discover that Ireland truly delivers the right amount of ‘magic’ for a great bikepacking adventure.
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The Best Bike Rack, Basket, and Panniers for Commuting
Commuting by bike with a backpack or a messenger bag leads to a sweaty back and sore shoulders. The right rack, basket, and panniers can make carrying things on your bike almost as efficient and effortless as using the trunk of a car, allowing you to haul and protect up to 65 pounds of stuff without affecting the ease of your ride. After sorting through 71 panniers, 38 racks, and 16 baskets, we chose 23 top contenders to road-test, spending nine months transporting everyday objects around on two wheels to find the most comfortable and convenient setup.
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Want to Raise Successful Kids? Send Them to School a Year Later, According to Science
A Stanford study of kids who started kindergarten a year later showed surprising and persistent results.
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Theradavist.com: Throwing Touring Tradition out the Window with the Kona Sutra LTD – Morgan Taylor
Kona’s bikes are not the flashiest on the market, but they represent a great value on the shop floor, and the Sutra LTD is no exception. The LTD’s very reasonable $1999 USD price tag is achieved by putting the money in places that create a really solid foundation: direct mount crank, Rival 11 with hydraulic brakes, and tubeless friendly WTB rims with folding Marathons. With the spec on the LTD I want it to ride more lively unloaded, because this is exactly the kind of bike I want to ride on a daily basis. (As a side note, Kona’s Rove has that lighter tubeset, and a slightly shorter rear end, but doesn’t come with this spec.) Still, the intended purpose of this frame holds its touring roots, and it’ll be a solid companion on your long distance trip. I feel that a touring bike should be spec’d in a way that makes it ready to go adventuring without having to replace “showroom” parts like crap tires, and the Sutra LTD hits this mark – as long as you’re not a retro-grouch.
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Bikepacker.com: Kona Sutra LTD Review | The new kid on the block
There are a couple things I would like to see changed, such as wider clearance in the rear triangle to fit bigger tires, mtb tires instead of the Mondials, and a dyno hub. These are the types of things that I’m looking for in a bikepacking bike, and I don’t think I’m alone. It would be great to see a company offer an adventure-ready bike, and the lighting/battery system is quickly becoming a necessity. I imagine the cost of the hubs and lights make this a long shot, but nonetheless I would love to see this happen. This is Kona’s first real entry into the bikepacking world, and it’s a solid offering. I’m excited to see what Ian and the crew over there do next year to push this model further, because they’re really onto something. In the meantime, I’ve got some more trips to plan on this really sweet bike…
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Your guide to racks and panniers — all your bike luggage possibilities from low riders to convertible backpacks
Ideally, any bike you’re going to use to carry panniers will have eyelets on the frame to bolt on a rack or racks. The popularity of gravel/adventure bikes and the rise of ‘soft’ cyclocross bikes means more and more bikes do have eyelets, though often only on the dropouts.

However, many still don’t. Fortunately there are plenty of options if you want to put a rack on a bike that’s not intended for one.

Several manufacturers make racks that will fit a bike with no eyelets. Thule’s Pack n Pedal rack straps on to the seatstays and will fit just about any bike that has a few inches of space there, including suspension mountain bikes. Pack n Pedal racks are intended for use with Thule’s matching panniers which have a dedicated hook attachment and are held against the rack by magnets. They’re very nicely made, but the steel plate for the magnets to grab makes them heavy. Thule makes a side frame for the Pack n Pedal racks that allows the use of any panniers.
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2 days ago
The Kona Private Jake: Bikepacking Edition
For our camping setup we took a virtually stock bike and worked with the existing features to carry gear. There are no dedicated rack mounts (hidden fender mounts, yes. Rack mounts, no) so we got creative. The sliding rear dropout uses four stainless M8 bolts. In a “not factory approved” way we cut down a Blackburn EX 1 Disc rack and replaced two of the stainless bolts with slightly longer counterparts to handle the added width of the rack.
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2 days ago
Bicycling.com: The Kona Private Jake Is More Than a Cyclocross Bike
With its versatile spec and confidence-boosting ride, you’ll swear this bike was meant for adventure far beyond the ‘cross course.

Who It’s For
The Private Jake was designed as an all-rounder to meet the demands of a privateer rider. “It’s for someone who performs at a high level with minimal outside support, who needs and requires specific performance traits from their bike but doesn’t have the available funds to purchase multiple race bikes,” says Kona product manager Ian Schmitt.

Because the Private Jake is meant to handle diverse needs, it comes with some personalization options: Sliding dropouts mean you can dial in the wheelbase to suit your riding style, make extra room for larger tires, and even convert the whole thing to a singlespeed.

What We Liked
The Private Jake’s geometry further blurs the line between ‘cross and adventure in a way that makes it a good pick for a variety of rides. Its steep seat and headtube angles, shorter stack height (thanks to the internal headset), and longer reach give it a more aggressive geometry than some of its closest peers, like the Scott Addict CX 10. Its 70mm bottom bracket drop is also on the high end for ‘cross bikes; this lowers the center of gravity for better stability and more predictable tracking, and moves the saddle closer to the ground for easier mounts and dismounts, though it does also decrease pedal clearance. With its short, bowed 420mm chainstays, this adds up to a responsive ride that corners quickly but still feels stable.

Combined with dependable TRP disc brakes (which helped braking feel smooth, even for fast stops), the Private Jake felt like a mud-resistant security blanket—I felt confident enough to take turns just a little tighter than I’m used to, and go faster on rooty stretches.

The ‘all-rounder’ design ethos is immediately discernable in the spec. The quick-rolling Clement MXP tubeless-ready tires tackled crumbling country road climbs, stone trails, dirt paths, and the rained-out slurry of the local cyclocross course without getting clogged up.

Also from Kona, the Roadhouse road bike has its own set of off-road tendencies:

A SRAM Rival 1x11 drivetrain (40t chainring with 11-32t rear cassette) shaves off a front derailleur without compromising gear range, and shifts up and down smoothly and quickly. I’m a novice ‘crosser, but I was able to easily ride out steep course climbs and descents in the right gear (but if you plan on riding long road climbs, you might find yourself wishing for just one more rear sprocket).

The bike has a few other notable specs, including a rear thru axle. Like many of its ‘cross industry peers are doing, Kona gives the Private Jake one with Boost spacing for a stiffer rear wheel and more tire spacing at the chainstay yoke behind the BB. The bike also has a tapered headtube, meant to eliminate brake shudder and enhance handling and control; I was genuinely impressed by how in control I felt riding around hairpin turns.

Additionally, I really loved the chunky handlebar grips. They were easy to attach lights to, and my hands stayed comfortable over long, jostling rides.

Watch Out For…
At 20.1 pounds for a 49.5cm bike without a front derailleur, this bike is not the lightest you’ll find at its pricepoint. The weight’s not too noticeable when you’re in the saddle, but I did feel it when shouldering. (Speaking of shouldering, the square-taper top tube could be comfier.)

As much as I liked how the bowed chainstays keep the rear triangle tight, I often found myself accidentally kicking them when I really pushed through my heel; if you have smaller feet (I wear a 41) or place your cleats further toward your heel, though, this might not be an issue for you.

The Takeaway
At $1,999, with the given spec, the Kona Private Jake is a decidedly affordable bike—especially if you aren’t planning to buy other bikes to supplement it. It’s capable and confidence-inspiring in techy terrain, and incredibly dependable between the course tape.
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2 days ago
Cog.konaworld.com: 10,000 Kilometres on the Kona Private Jake with Wiggle’s Tim Wiggins
This really does go above and beyond – a great testament to the versatility of our Jake series of cyclocross bikes. It doesn’t take 10,000 km to get to know the character of a bike. In fact, most bike reviewers would be content to put 1,000 km on a bike before writing it up. So, when Wiggle‘s Tim Wiggins chose to spend nine months doing all sorts of riding on our Private Jake, it says something.
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2 days ago
Youtube.com: How To Fit Road Tubeless Tyres
You put way to much Selant in! recommendation is 15gram per wheel (works, had two holes in a race and they where closed after two rounds, field was down to 50% because of flats end of the race). The Selant-Package of 60Gram is for a MTB-Bike, not a 23 Road-bike. Saves you 45g per wheel.
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2 days ago
Wikipedia.org: Phone-sync
The double-ender technique can also be done with audio-only mediums, such as radio or podcasting. Syndicated radio show interviews are often done as a double-ender, with the host in their studio, and the guests recording in their own city, in the studio of their local affiliate. Double-ender audio interviews have become more common with the rise in popularity of Podcasting. The result is a cast that sounds like the hosts and guests are in the same room, when they're actually in different cities.
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F-droid.org: StreetComplete
Help to improve the OpenStreetMap with StreetComplete! This app finds incomplete and extendable data in your vicinity and displays it on a map as markers. Each of those is solvable by answering a simple question to complete the info on site. The info you enter is then directly added to the OpenStreetMap in your name, without the need to use another editor.
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2 days ago
Youtube.com: In Frame Ep16 Incheon 한국의 관문 '인천' [ David Alan Harvey ]
Magnum Photos member David Alan Harvey has always strived to approach his subjects as closely as possible to show the depth of their lives. Although nearing seventy, the energetic photographer has come to Incheon, the gateway to Korea where the past and present co-exist.
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3 days ago
Thunderbolting Your Video Card
When I wrote about The Golden Age of x86 Gaming, I implied that, in the future, it might be an interesting, albeit expensive, idea to upgrade your video card via an external Thunderbolt 3 enclosure. I’m here to report that the future is now. Yes, that’s right, I paid $500 for an external Thunderbolt 3 enclosure to fit a $600 video card, all to enable a plug-in upgrade of a GPU on a Skull Canyon NUC that itself cost around $1000 fully built. I know, it sounds crazy, and … OK fine, I won’t argue with you. It’s crazy.
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3 days ago
Nautil.us: Survival of the Friendliest
It’s time to give the violent metaphors of evolution a break.
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3 days ago
Practical CSS Grid: Adding Grid to an Existing Design
Understanding and using CSS Grid is easier than you might expect. The day Grid support shipped in Firefox 52, I decided on the spur of the moment to convert the basic layout of my personal site to use Grid. And it was a fairly simple process—five minutes to write the grid styles, then 15-20 spent troubleshooting
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3 days ago
StarCraft Remastered
StarCraft® Remastered upgrades the essential sci-fi strategy experience from beginning to end. Welcome back to the original game and its award-winning expansion, StarCraft: Brood War. We’ve remastered our units, buildings, and environments, improved game audio, and broadened our supported resolutions. Illustrated interludes bring the struggles and victories of heroes like Artanis, Fenix, Tassadar, Raynor and Kerrigan to life like never before. Most importantly, the strategy gameplay that StarCraft perfected years ago remains unchanged. [ https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=13964548 ]
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3 days ago
News.ycombinator.com: Animats comment on Ask HN: Is there room for another search engine?
That's a good question, and something I've spent much time on. Cuil (2008-2010) tried. I knew some of those people. It cost them about $30 million to launch a full scale search engine. They had no revenue model. In retrospect, they were hoping to be acquired by somebody. It was some ex-Google people, trying to replicate older Google technology. They had a great launch, but the system wasn't very good and traffic rapidly fell off. Their technology wasn't that great. Their big selling point was that they could do the job on less hardware than Google used.

Yahoo had a search engine from 1995 to 2009. Yahoo is now a Bing reseller. There was a period around 2007 when Yahoo search was better than Google search. They pioneered integrated vertical search: special cases for weather, celebrities, and such. But Google copied that.

Blekko (2010-2015) had a scheme with "slashtags" which attracted a small following but never caught on. They were trying to crowdsource part of the problem. Eventually, Blekko was acquired by IBM's Watson unit, and ceased offering public search.

Bing, Microsoft's entry, remains active. Microsoft seems to have given up on trying to raise Bing's market share. Bing no longer has a CEO of its own; it's just a miscellaneous online service Microsoft provides. It's still #2 in search, but only has 7% market share.

There remain a few little search engines. Ask, formerly Ask Jeeves, continues to operate, but has only 0.17% market share. Ask is from IAC, in Oakland, a spinoff of Barry Diller's Home Shopping Network. Excite, formerly Excite@Home, with 0.02% market share, continues to operate. Excite, in its day, was a hot startup powered by too much venture capital.

Outside the US, there's Baidu (China) and Yandex (Russia). Neither has much traction outside their home countries.

It's possible to do a better search engine than Google from the user perspective. It's not clear how to get it to profitability. There are two things Google does badly - business legitimacy and provenance. Google doesn't background-check businesses online. (I do that with Sitetruth; it's not only possible, it could be done better with a tie-in to costly business background services such as Dun and Bradstreet.) This allows bogus and marginal businesses to reach the top of search via the usual SEO techniques. Google is also bad at provenance - figuring out that site A is using text derived from site B, and thus B should be ranked higher. This is what allows scraper sites to rank highly in Google.

Fix those two problems, and a new search engine could be better than Google. Whether anyone would notice is questionable. Profitability would be tough. The reward for success is high. Search ads are more relevant and more profitable than any other form of advertising. When someone sees a search ad, they're actively looking for the item of interest and may be ready to buy. Almost all other ads are interruptions or annoyances. That's the basic reason for Google's success.
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3 days ago
Identity Politics and Zen
A Zen Master once said, “When you eat breakfast you become a breakfast eater, when you take a shit you become a shitter.” Identity is a topic of great concern in Zen Buddhist philosophy. One way of understanding the Zen take on things is that it often boils all of our problems in life down to a simple case of mistaken identity. Once our identity confusion is solved, we can start to be happier.
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3 days ago
Dancing With an Elder God at the End of 'Quake'
How one puzzling boss fight ended poorly for a young space marine, and how more games should aspire to true hopelessness.
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3 days ago
The Power by Naomi Alderman
The Power reminds us that questions about our own society can be asked and answered by imagining a totally different reality. The novel is based on a simple concept: what would happen if every woman in the world acquired the ability to give electric shocks – some harmless, some fatal – from her fingertips? From that spark, everything changes, as women begin to realise that they are now stronger than men.
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3 days ago
Theguardian.com: Dystopian dreams: how feminist science fiction predicted the future
From Mary Shelley to Margaret Atwood, feminist science fiction writers have imagined other ways of living that prompt us to ask, could we do things differently?
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3 days ago
Stackexchange.com: productivity - How to explain a layperson why a developer should not be interrupted while neck-deep in coding?
Try the following analogies: First one: "How long does it take for you to fall asleep?" "X minutes" "Now imagine that when you are close to falling asleep, someone walks in and interrupts you, how long will it take you to fall asleep now? Those few seconds you had left, or will you have to start again to 'sink back' to where you were?" "I'll have to start again" "Great. Same thing. Just like falling asleep, it takes me a while to 'sink' into focus mode, and it takes me a while to get back to it once I'm interrupted, except that I also forget half of what I was doing." Second one: "You know how when you're reading a book you 'sink into it'- after a while you don't even notice the words anymore, and you block out everything around yourself, and are totally immersed in the mental images you see." "Yes." "How long does it take for you to get there?" "About X minutes" "Now imagine that when you are that immersed in the book someone walks in and interrupts you, how long will it take you to get back to that? Will it happen immediately, or will you have to start again to 'sink back' to where you were?" "I'll have to start again" "Great. Same thing. Just like with reading, it takes me a while to 'sink' into focus mode, it's just as annoying when someone breaks me out of it, and it takes me just as long to get back to it once I'm interrupted, except that I also forget half of what I read." [ https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=13959324 ]
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3 days ago
Hbr.org: Collaborative Overload
Collaboration is taking over the workplace. As business becomes increasingly global and cross-functional, silos are breaking down, connectivity is increasing, and teamwork is seen as a key to organizational success. According to data we have collected over the past two decades, the time spent by managers and employees in collaborative activities has ballooned by 50% or more.
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3 days ago
Youtube.com: The Handmaid’s Tale Trailer (Official) • The Handmaid's Tale on Hulu
Watch the official trailer for The Handmaid’s Tale, coming only to
Hulu April 26, 2017.
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4 days ago
Wikipedia.org: Blood Music (novel)
In the novel, renegade biotechnologist Vergil Ulam creates simple biological computers based on his own lymphocytes. Faced with orders from his nervous employer to destroy his work, he injects them into his own body, intending to smuggle the "noocytes" (as he calls them) out of the company and work on them elsewhere. Inside Ulam's body, the noocytes multiply and evolve rapidly, altering their own genetic material and quickly becoming self-aware. The nanoscale civilization they construct soon begins to transform Ulam, then others. The people who are infected start to find that genetic faults such as myopia and high blood pressure get fixed. Ulam's eyesight, posture, strength, and intelligence are all improved. The infected can even have conversations with their noocytes, some reporting that the cells seem to sing.
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5 days ago
Is Reddit a Community?
Users and administrators alike constantly refer to Reddit as a community. Whether talking about specific subreddits or the site as a whole, the discourse of community is powerful. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, it isn’t just a branding concept. Many Reddit users also consider Reddit a community in a way other sites are not. Redditors appreciate that the site isn’t a social media network. They like that the model for Reddit is about content aggregation and forum discussion, they like the relative anonymity they have, and they like being able to curate their experience by subscribing to subreddits tailored to their interests.
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6 days ago
7,000 underground gas bubbles poised to 'explode' in Arctic
Bulging bumps in the Yamal and Gydan peninsulas believed to be caused by thawing permafrost releasing methane.
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6 days ago
Nature.com: First fluorescent frog found
A rare find in land animals reveals a new way to glow.
science  articles  animals  nature 
7 days ago
Wikipedia.org: Choice-supportive bias
In cognitive science, choice-supportive bias or post-purchase rationalization is the tendency to retroactively ascribe positive attributes to an option one has selected. It is a cognitive bias. For example, if a person chooses option A instead of option B, they are likely to ignore or downplay the faults of option A while amplifying those of option B. Conversely, they are also likely to notice and amplify the advantages of option A and not notice or de-emphasize those of option B.
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8 days ago
Dpreview.com: Thinking about buying a Fujifilm GFX 50S?
The lenses available for the GFX format simply aren’t as fast as those offered by full-frame competitors. The fastest lens on Fujifilm’s GFX roadmap is F2, which in full-frame equivalent terms is F1.56** (the concept of equivalence is out of scope for this article, but you can read about it in-depth here; for now, just remember the GFX has a reverse crop factor, relative to full-frame, of 0.79x). And most of the current MF lenses hover around F2.8 and F4, or F2.2 and F3.2 equivalent, respectively. That means that if they had the exact same underlying silicon technology (or sensor performance), a full-frame camera with a F2.2 (or F3.2) lens should do just as well as the GFX 50S with its F2.8 (or F4) lens. Even if were were to think ahead to the MF 100MP sensor Sony provides in the Phase One cameras, its 0.64x crop factor at best yields a F1.3 full-frame equivalent lenses from the one F2 lens announced, still not beating out the Canon 85/1.2, and barely beating out the plethora of available F1.4 full-frame lenses. So even if the newly announced G-mount lenses cover the wider medium format image circle (which I'd sure hope they would), things still aren't so exciting.

But full-frame can do better than that: F1.4 and F1.8 lenses are routinely available for full-frame cameras, typically for less money too. An F1.4 lens projects twice as much light per unit area than a F2 lens, and 4x as much as a F2.8 lens, amply making up for the 1.7x smaller sensor surface area of full-frame.

That means full-frame cameras can capture as much, or more, light as the GFX 50S simply by offering faster lenses. But wait, it there's more...

Companies like Sony have poured a lot of R&D into their full-frame (and smaller) sensors, and the a7R II uses a backside-illuminated design that makes it more efficient than the sensor used in the 50S. It also offers a dual-gain architecture that flips the camera into a high gain mode at ISO 640, allowing it to effectively overcome any noise introduced by the camera’s own electronics. In other words, the a7R II’s sensor is better able to use the light projected onto it, relative to the MF sensor – ironically a sensor made by Sony itself - in the G50S (or Pentax 645Z, or Hasselblad X1D). This allows it to match the low light noise performance of the larger sensor Pentax 645Z even at the same shutter speed and f-number. See our studio scene comparison widget above.
'The Sony a7R II’s sensor is better able to use the light projected onto it, relative to the MF sensor'

So if we start with parity, guess what happens when you open up that aperture on the a7R II to an f-number simply unavailable to any current medium format system? You guessed it: you get better low light performance on full-frame. [...]

As we calculated in our ‘Low light (noise) performance’ section above, the fastest lens on Fujifilm’s roadmap is ~F1.6 full-frame equivalent, with most current available lenses being F2.2 equivalent or slower. Since full-frame routinely has F1.4 (equivalent) lenses available, you actually get more subject isolation, and blurrier backgrounds, with full-frame than with medium format.

And, no, the ‘but larger formats have more compression because you use longer focal length lenses for the same field-of-view’ argument is false. Just say no to the compression myth. For equivalent focal lengths/apertures, there's no extra compression. Compression is relative only to equivalent focal length and subject distance (or subject magnification), and its relative distance to the background. Not the format you're shooting on.
mediumformat  cameras  fujifilm  sensors  photography  lenses  optics 
8 days ago
Theguardian.com: Books to give you hope: The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood
Welcome to the Republic of Gilead, formerly the United States of America. There’s been a coup, the president has been murdered and an all-powerful, Christian fundamentalist army has imposed a terrifying new order on its citizens. The country’s borders have been shut. There is no escape. Women are the main target of the regime’s brutality. Their rights and personal freedoms have been abolished. They are no longer allowed to work, to own assets or to be in relationships not sanctioned by the state. They are now categorised according to marital status and reproductive ability. They are either Wives, married to Commanders, the founders and shapers of the new regime; Econowives, the spouses of lower ranking men; Marthas, too old to have children and now domestic slaves; Aunts, the regime’s propagandists; or Handmaids, considered fertile and forced to bear children for officials.
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8 days ago
We Need to Tell Better Stories About Our Surveilled Future
[...] how many more friendly reminders to install Signal or Privacy Badger do we need? Meanwhile missing from these discussions are the more apt metaphors and narratives for understanding mass surveillance, how it works and affects everyday life, and for whom, beyond the libertarian sense of the ‘private’ individual. For the energy and attention devoted to surveillance in media and fiction, there are precious few instances where surveillance is treated as a social issue with groups, power structures, and power dynamics that are more nuanced than “the big and powerful are watching.” In the midst of appropriate security culture, what are the surveillance narratives and speculative fictions that are being ignored? For a few concrete examples of divergent narratives that deserve wider attention, see Robin James’s “Acousmatic Surveillance and Big Data,” Jenny Davis’s “We Don’t Have Data, We Are Data,” and PJ Patella-Rey’s ‘Social Media, Sorcery, and Pleasurable Traps.’
surveillance  politics  netpolitics  socialmedia  blog-posts 
8 days ago
Medium.com: Is The Internet Good or Bad? Yes.
Resistance and surveillance: The design of today’s digital tools makes the two inseparable. And how to think about this is a real challenge. It’s said that generals always fight the last war. If so, we’re like those generals. Our understanding of the dangers of surveillance is filtered by our thinking about previous threats to our freedoms. But today’s war is different. We’re in a new kind of environment, one that requires a new kind of understanding. [...] To make sense of the surveillance states that we live in, we need to do better than allegories [1984] and thought experiments [the Panopticon], especially those that derive from a very different system of control. We need to consider how the power of surveillance is being imagined and used, right now, by governments and corporations. We need to update our nightmares.
netpolitics  surveillance  blog-posts  internet 
8 days ago
Ama's Lullaby - A point-and-click game in a cyberpunk world by Mercy Ground Creations
Ama's Lullaby is an adventure game in the style of Westwood's Blade Runner (1997), featuring a command-line based hacking system.
crowdfunding  games  hack  cli 
8 days ago
Freshmeat.net: Themes - The Antidesktop
Over the years, I've used 4Dwm, Afterstep, Blackbox, Enlightenment, FVWM, Icewm, KWM, PWM, Sawfish, Window Maker, and wmx, and played with many other window managers. I used Window Maker more than any other, but generally would only stick with one for a couple of months before getting restless and trying something else. Finally, though, I settled on a setup I've used exclusively for over a year. It's decidedly not for everyone, but may be of interest to some.
windowmanager  linux  blog-posts  cli 
9 days ago
Is Street Photography Killing Itself?
Is the most egalitarian form of photography, ‘street photography’, being destroyed by its own popularity? Is such a thing even possible? I won’t profess to have a clear answer to this question, but I do have some thoughts. Those thoughts may turn into a rant, but I will try to contain myself!
photography  blog-posts 
9 days ago
Youtube.com: Video Games and Politics
Writer and blogger Marijam Didzgalvyte introduces Novara Media's focus week on video games and politics. Join us to reflect on the gaming landscape's relationship to the body politic.
videos  politics  games 
9 days ago
Techcrunch.com: Facebook will never take responsibility for fake news
Facebook continues to be under fire for peddling fake news, but the platform will never take real responsibility.
facebook  journalism  articles 
10 days ago
Facebook.com: Bobby Goodlatte - I'm really disappointed by what's going...
“Sadly, News Feed optimizes for engagement. As we’ve learned in this election, bullshit is highly engaging.”
facebook  journalism  development  forum-posts 
10 days ago
How do I export my new Outlook.com calendar
Unfortunately, there appears to be no way at the moment to export calendar data from outlook.com since the publish option does not work. I have managed to connect my Outlook to Outlook.com and then manually copied all the calendar entries to my own outlook. This method is a bit slow but at least i have the information on my own machine now for offline use.
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10 days ago
Google makes ADB, fastboot, and other platform tools available without full SDK or Android Studio download
As an Android nerd, there are times you probably need ADB or fastboot to mess around with your phone. Maybe you're flashing an OTA or unlocking the bootloader. You used to need to grab a giant package of other junk from Google to get them, but no more! Google has started hosting platform tools downloads without the other stuff that are a mere 3.5MB.
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11 days ago
Sverigesradio.se: Roboten ser dig. Roboten hör dig. 13 mars kl 10:35 - Robotarna kommer
Följ med till företaget i Göteborg som kan förutse framtiden. Vi träffar också forskaren på Stanforduniversitetet i Kalifornien som tycker att vi ska gilla läget kring all data som samlas in om oss.
radio  netpolitics  swedish  articles 
12 days ago
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