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Fic: Not A Word [merlin/arthur, merlin]
“Not a word,” Arthur said flatly.

“I didn’t say anything,” Merlin said, as his upside-down face swung by again.


“Of course, if I were going to say something,” Merlin began, and hastily said, “but I won’t!” as Arthur turned an outraged look on him, or as much of one as he could manage under the circumstances, which included being suspended upside down over a pit full of jagged knife-edged spikes, and dripping slime that had a very faint, almost unnoticeable putrescent odor that was almost worse than if it had been a full-fledged stink, because he kept noticing it over and over.
merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  author:astolat  (content:magic)  (creature:goblins)  (content:get.together)  [rating:no.pants]  (words:2501-5k) 
february 2019 by midnightbex
Fic: Privileges of Rank [merlin/arthur, merlin]
Arthur's biggest problem to date, Merlin thinks darkly as he carries yet another load of suspiciously not-really-dirty clothing down the stairs, is an unaccountable fear of anyone, anywhere, suspecting he's capable of being other than a complete and utter prat.
merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  author:seperis  (content:first.time)  [rating:no.pants]  (words:5001-10k) 
february 2019 by midnightbex
Fic: Would You Be Mine, Could You Be Mine [merlin/arthur, merlin au]
Merlin does not want to invite the Prime Minister's son onto his show, even if he is an environmental scientist. Arthur does not want to admit that he has a crush on the star of Merlin's Castle, the most popular children's show in the nation.

In which Merlin is Mr. Rogers, there is a bouquet of finger puppets, Freya and Gwaine hooked up years ago and neither of them wants to talk about it, and eventually everything turns out okay.
merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  author:lady_ragnell  (au)  (au:modern)  (au:no.powers)  (au:job)  (au:actors)  [rating:pants]  (words:15001-25k) 
january 2019 by midnightbex
Fic: The Could In People [merlin/author, merlin au]
As Christmas approaches, Merlin wonders how on earth he's going to introduce his boyfriend Arthur - son of the infamous Tory cabinet bigwig Lord Pendragon - to his lefty, CND protester, egg-throwing, mum.
merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  author:junkshopdisco  (au)  (au:modern)  (content:holidays)  (content:fluff)  [rating:pants]  (words:5001-10k) 
october 2018 by midnightbex
Fic: Of Lemon Drops and Lizard-Cats [merlin/arthur, merlin au]
When Merlin Emrys became a single father he made one simple rule: he wouldn’t date until Aithusa was old enough to understand. Merlin had always had his hands full with his daughter and never had a problem with this rule until Arthur stepped into his life. Then everyone he knew started conspiring against him.
merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  author:supercalvin  (au)  (au:modern)  (au:job)  (au:law.enforcement)  (content:kid.fic)  (content:pining)  [rating:pants]  (words:15001-25k) 
october 2018 by midnightbex
Fic: Tiercel [merlin/arthur, merlin]
"He’ll start over again, with the purge."  He hesitates, a hand on his door, looking down at the floor.  "Don’t be here when I come back."  

It’s a sucker-punch, feeling like that first time Arthur had come after him, a bully chasing an unarmed boy through the market,  but there’s no laughter and he wants to explain, tell Arthur it’s his destiny and that  Arthur is actually complete shit at keeping himself alive and safe, but Arthur crosses back to him, wraps his hands around Merlin’s biceps and shakes him lightly.

"I will send for you," Arthur promises, low and fierce, and Merlin looks into his blue eyes and says,

"You will not need to."

He goes, because he doesn’t have a choice, and he does what Arthur needs. He’s no sooner out of the city when the gates shut.
merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  author:waldorph  (content:magic.reveal)  [rating:no.pants]  (words:5001-10k) 
october 2017 by midnightbex
Fic: So Are They All, All Honourable Men [merlin/arthur, merlin]
Considering Arthur's future wife will be chosen less for compatibility than for her political value, Merlin may be the only marriage he'll have that won't end in bloodshed or a great deal of fortifying wine.
merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  author:seperis  (content:magic.reveal)  (content:get.together)  [rating:no.pants]  (words:15001-25k) 
february 2017 by midnightbex
Fic: Auspicious Beginnings [merlin/arthur, merlin au]
When Arthur awoke, there was a cat staring him in the face.

“Gah!” he said, flailing, because the cat’s nose was about an inch and a half from his own, and this close it looked bloody terrifying. Heart galloping, he scrabbled backwards on the bed, stopping when his back hit the wall.

Wait. His bed wasn’t against a wall.

And come to think of it, he didn’t own a cat, either.
merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  author:lamardeuse  (au)  (au:modern)  (au:not.royalty)  (content:get.together)  [rating:no.pants]  (words:5001-10k) 
september 2016 by midnightbex
Fic: Love For Sale [merlin/arthur, merlin au]
Somewhere in the back of Arthur's brain, a voice was screaming about a distinct flaw in his logic, but that didn't stop him from yanking the door open and saying to a startled-looking Merlin:

“Buy me.”

AKA the bachelor auction AU nobody asked for.
merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  author:lamardeuse  (au)  (au:modern)  (au:art)  (au:publishing)  (content:bachelor.auction)  [rating:no.pants]  (words:15001-25k) 
september 2016 by midnightbex
Fic: All's Well That Ends Well [merlin/arthur, merlin]
Merlin spent the week and a half that Arthur was gone splitting his time between crafting careful explanations that never ended up explaining the important things, the things that would make Arthur listen, and making half-baked plans to escape to Ealdor. He found a number of fire-proofing spells that would have no effect if they decided to cut his head off, and figured out how to adapt an invulnerability spell he had been trying to find a way to cast on Arthur without him noticing so that it would protect him from being decapitated, but it would have no effect on anything but metal. Despite all his frantic searching, he did not find a teleportation spell, because that would have been too simple and if there was one thing Merlin had learned in his years at Camelot, it was that nothing was ever simple.
merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  author:stormdancer  (content:magic.revealed)  (content:angst)  (content:get.together)  [rating:no.pants]  (words:5001-10k) 
august 2016 by midnightbex
Fic: Stars Above, Stones Below [merlin/arthur, merlin au]
After the disastrous end of his betrothal to Gwen and the regret of his offer to Princess Mithian, Arthur swears off finding a wife until he's ready to wed. When Merlin offers himself to Arthur as bedmate, Arthur suggests they hand-fast in secret for a single year of mutual pleasure without obligation. As their year together unfolds, and secrets and betrayals unravel around them, Arthur and Merlin learn there is no such thing as uncomplicated pleasure. Everything they thought they knew can change in the span of a single year.
merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  author:destina  (au)  (au:canon.divergence)  (content:pining)  (content:friends.to.lovers)  (content:angst)  (content:magic.revealed)  [rating:no.pants]  (words:45001-55k) 
august 2016 by midnightbex
Fic: Not In This Land Alone [merlin/arthur, merlin au]
When Merlin Emrys gets a summer job at Buckingham Palace, he doesn't expect to even meet King Arthur, let alone become involved in protecting him from a plot to overthrow the monarchy.

[Saving the AO3 version]
merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  pairing:merlin/will(merlin)  author:torakowalski  (au)  (au:modern)  [challenge:big.bang]  [rating:pants]  (words:35001-45k)  [favorite] 
august 2016 by midnightbex
Fic: The Hunt [merlin/arthur, merlin au]
“Those Pendragons, they’re a different sort. Beastly, but clever. It’s said they’re drawn to magic--to power--and that’s how they find their... mate.”
merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  author:novemberlite  (au)  (content:first.time)  !dub.con  (kink:knotting)  (kink:rough.sex)  [rating:no.pants]  (words:10001-15k) 
march 2016 by midnightbex
Fic: For Your Information [merlin/arthur, merlin au]
Merlin sighs. "After your...announcement," he explains, "your father decided he needed a bit more information. Which is apparently where I come in. I'm sort of like his gay tutor, it's hard to explain."
merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  author:reni_days  (au)  (au:modern)  [rating:pants]  (words:5001-10k) 
march 2016 by midnightbex
Fic: The Tournament of All Magicks [merlin/arthur, merlin]
Merlin was flattered to be invited to compete in a magical tournament to crown the sorcery champion of Albion. Accepting the invitation probably wasn't his brightest idea.
merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  author:corilannam  (content:magic.reveal)  (content:courtship)  (content:humor)  [rating:no.pants]  (words:35001-45k) 
january 2016 by midnightbex
Fic; From This Day On [merlin/arthur, merlin au]
While on a hike, Merlin and Gwaine stumble upon the Lost City of Camelot, cursed to wake up every morning a century in the future, and Merlin decides it's his duty to break the spell--with help from a prince, an imprisoned seer, and quite a few others.
merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  author:lady_ragnell  (au)  (au:modern)  (au:canon.divergence)  (content:curse)  [rating:pants]  (words:15001-25k) 
december 2015 by midnightbex
Fic: The Student Prince [merlin/arthur, merlin au]
"I can see why you have to swear people to secrecy, if this is how you act when you're not around a reporter," blurted out Merlin, feeling cheated. "You really are a massive prat, aren't you? A smug, self-entitled, patronising git."

Arthur gaped, but he didn't reply straight away – Merlin got the impression that he was having to force himself to bite his tongue. "Well," he said at last. "I can see that this is going to be an interesting year, Mr...?"

"Emrys," said Merlin. "Merlin Emrys."

Arthur froze, and after an astonished moment Gawain and Kay both cracked up. Arthur closed his eyes and bowed his head, looking pained.
merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  author:fayjay  (au)  (au:modern)  (content:college)  (content:pining)  (content:slow.build)  (content:coming.out)  [rating:no.pants]  (words:100001-200k) 
november 2015 by midnightbex
Fic: In Your Name (including Coda) [merlin/arthur, merlin au]
For someone with so many secrets, Merlin doesn't think he's very good at lying. So agreeing to discuss his friendship with the Prince of Wales at University as part of a televised documentary is probably not a good idea. Juggling magic, Royal protocol, suave (and persistent) Dukes, a Princess with attitude, and a serious amount of coursework was only the start. Oh and then there was Arthur himself.
merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  author:bohemia  (au:modern)  (au:royalty)  (content:harlequin)  (content:pining)  (content:break.up)  (content:reunion)  [rating:pants]  (words:100001-200k) 
august 2015 by midnightbex
Fic: Jerusalem [merlin/arthur, merlin au]
Prince Arthur has spent his eighteenth year in a drunken haze of public debauchery, and after the latest round of incriminating photographs, King Uther is fed up. Though magic is outlawed and Magic Users are generally distrusted, Uther secretly hires a young sorcerer to keep Arthur in line, much to Arthur's chagrin. But what starts out as an antagonistic relationship becomes much more as Arthur, increasingly drawn to his secretive young warden, begins to suspect there is something rotten in the state of Great Britain.
merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  author:magnolia822  (au)  (au:modern)  (au:royalty)  (content:hurt/comfort)  (content:discrimination)  (content:captivity)  [rating:no.pants]  (words:25001-35k) 
august 2015 by midnightbex
Fic: Alterations [merlin/arthur, merlin au]
Merlin is starting a promising career as a costume designer and doesn't need action hero Arthur mucking it up.
merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  author:lamardeuse  (au)  (au:modern)  (au:actors)  [rating:pants]  (words:15001-25k) 
april 2014 by midnightbex
Box of Magic Fics PDF.zip - Google Drive
Some enterprising person saved PDF versions of all the Box of Magic Merlin fics! THANK YOU.
march 2014 by midnightbex
Fic: Same River Twice [merlin/arthur, merlin au]
When Arthur, the Prince of Wales, was seventeen, he made a mistake that is still haunting him. Eight years later, can he finally make it right?
merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  author:kianspo  (au)  (au:modern)  (au:royalty)  (au:non-magical)  (content:angst)  (content:romance)  [rating:pants]  (words:15001-25k) 
march 2014 by midnightbex
Fic: Breaking the Circle [merlin/arthur, merlin]
Arthur returns and must figure out how to cope with modern life. But even as he discovers the delights of indoor plumbing and his affection for Merlin takes a new turn, strange dreams continue to disturb him.
merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  author:riventhorn  (content:angst)  [rating:no.pants]  (words:15001-25k) 
march 2014 by midnightbex
Fic: No Matter How Far Away You Roam [merlin/arthur, merlin au]
“I was wondering if you might come home with me.” Merlin stops mid-rant and stares at him, and then down at his panini again, and back at Arthur. This is a panini of lies and pain. He can tell already.

“For Christmas? I’ve got an uncle and a mother and a sister waiting for me at home, in case you hadn’t remembered, I’m not going home with you just because you’re a workaholic.”

“No, it’s. My mum might be under the impression that we’re a little bit married.”
merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  author:lady_ragnell  (au)  (au:modern)  (content:christmas)  (content:fake.marriage)  (content:meet.the.family)  (content:pining)  [rating:no.pants]  (words:10001-15k) 
december 2013 by midnightbex
Fic: The Sorcerer and the King [merlin/arthur, merlin au]
Merlin's death is only the beginning; with no-one to protect the kingdom, Camelot falls to an enemy sorcerer and Arthur is forced to serve in the court that he once ruled. When an escape attempt goes horribly wrong, Arthur is rescued by someone he never expected to see again -- and it's their destiny to put things right.
merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  author:winterhill  (au)  (au:canon.divergence)  [rating:no.pants]  (words:85001-100k) 
november 2013 by midnightbex
Fic: gone were but the winter [merlin/arthur, merlin]
It starts in spring, on the heels of a late frost, when the air turns sweet with sunlight and warmth. The trees around the castle seem to grow green overnight and Merlin is accompanied by birdsong on his morning walks to Arthur's room. It's a welcome relief after weeks of stubborn cold, so Merlin can't for the life of him understand why the entirety of Camelot seems to sink into a deep depression.
merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  author:maleyka  [rating:no.pants]  (words:5001-10k) 
july 2013 by midnightbex
Fic: The Common Touch [merlin/arthur, merlin]
“You want me to what?” Arthur demanded.

Merlin opened his mouth, closed it again. “Come with me to the village fair over at Markham today,” he repeated patiently, as though Arthur were hard of hearing, or perhaps a little slow. Arthur hated when he did that.
merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  author:lamardeuse  (content:first.time)  (content:intoxication)  (content:disguise)  [rating:no.pants]  (words:5001-10k) 
april 2013 by midnightbex
Fic: Not Quite Hogwarts [merlin/arthur, merlin]
When Merlin blows up his office (entirely by accident), he has to move into Arthur's office. Arthur is not amused.
merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  author:eledhwenlin  (au)  (au:modern)  (content:college)  [rating:no.pants]  (words:15001-25k) 
february 2013 by midnightbex
Fic: Paint the World Orange and Blue [merlin/arthur, merlin au]
The first time Merlin met Arthur it ended with TWO (2) slammed doors and ONE (1) severely bruised ego. To Merlin’s great dismay, that ego belonged to him. It’s clear to him now that he never knew what he was getting into.
merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  author:ingberry  (au)  (au:modern)  (au:non-magical)  (au:artist)  (au:film.industry)  [challenge:merlin.holidays]  [rating:no.pants]  (words:15001-25k) 
january 2013 by midnightbex
Fic: For Your Information [merlin/arthur, merlin]
"Merlin," says Gaius, very slowly. "Why is Uther Pendragon sending you flowers?"

Merlin glares. "Because he doesn't understand about Gay Pride month," he grits. "I never should have mentioned it, but he asked about holidays, like he thought we were a weird religious organisation. Look at this card: Congratulations on your homosexuality. I am proud of you."

Gaius stares at him for a long moment, and then tips back his head and laughs and laughs.

[In which Merlin somehow becomes Uther's gay tutor.]
merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  author:anonymous  (au)  (au:modern)  (content:humor)  (content:first.kiss)  [rating:pants] 
october 2012 by midnightbex
Fic: The Lonely King [merlin/arthur, merlin au]
Just before he logged off, one more email popped into his box. It was from Dr. Gaius, the Avalon head teacher, and the body was empty. The subject line said simply: Staff Meeting Tomorrow.

Merlin snorted. Yes, he would imagine.

The Prince of Wales at his school. He was sure it was all just a very bad joke.
merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  author:corilannam  (au)  (au:modern)  (au:royalty)  (au:non-magical)  (content:first.time)  (content:coming.out)  [rating:no.pants]  (words:55001-65k) 
august 2012 by midnightbex
Fic: Obedience [merlin/arthur, merlin]
In which there is no consent because it's Merlin--like Arthur's going to ask him how he feels about anything, please.
merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  author:aja  (content:smut)  (kink:oral)  [rating:no.pants]  (words:1001-2500) 
june 2012 by midnightbex
Fic: Gadarene [merlin/arthur, merlin]
“You’re the Prince?” Merlin says, eyeing him. He hesitates, then says, defiant, “The Mad Prince of Camelot.”

Arthur doesn’t move. There’s quiet for a long time, then he says it. “I am.”

“You don’t seem mad,” he says.

The smile wells up from somewhere deep, and very sad. “Well, Merlin,” he says, “give me time.”
merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  author:unpossible  (au)  (au:canon.divergence)  [favorite]  [rating:no.pants]  (words:75001-85k)  (content:magic.revealed)  (content:slavery)  !non-con 
may 2012 by midnightbex
Fic: Ashes, Embers, Flames [merlin/arthur, merlin au]
Merlin sees him across a crowded living room and promptly spills his beer down the back of the couch and over some hapless stranger’s neck.
merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  author:unpossible  (au)  (au:modern)  (au:job)  [rating:no.pants]  (words:65001-75k)  (content:angst)  (content:pining) 
may 2012 by midnightbex
Fic: The Future Soon [merlin/arthur, merlin]
Elyan has to clutch the refrigerator handle to stay upright, he’s laughing so hard. Someone is going to get suspicious. “That’s what got you two’s knickers all in a twist at Morgana’s party? You saw yourselves sleeping together?"

“We were married,” blurts Arthur, because he actually hasn’t said the most horrifying part of it aloud yet. If he and Merlin had just been fucking the lights out of each other, that would have been one thing, but they were cuddling. And wearing rings.

Merlin grimaces. “Someone brainwashed us. Probably Morgana. Brainwashed us and forced us to get married. You were all …” He flaps a hand about. “Nice. It was weird.”

“There is absolutely no hope for you two,” says Elyan.
merlin  author:lady_ragnell  (au)  (au:modern)  (words:25001-35k)  [rating:no.pants]  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon 
april 2012 by midnightbex
Fic: But It's a Good Refrain [merlin/arthur, merlin]
Arthur doesn't care much about the popular radio program Dragon's Lonely Hearts until his ex-girlfriend calls in to slag him off and get advice. When he calls in and has an on-air argument with the host, it starts off more than he expected, including meddling friends, overinvolved fans, and maybe love.
merlin  author:lady_ragnell  (au)  (au:modern)  (words:15001-25k)  [rating:pants]  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  (au:radio) 
april 2012 by midnightbex
Fic: No Fear of Drowning: Master Post [merlin/arthur, merlin au]
Arthur has always been pretty happy with his family (discounting Morgana, whom he still thinks most days could have been replaced with a Rottweiler to very similar effect), and he knows he’s pretty lucky that way.
merlin  author:i_claudia  (au)  (au:modern)  (words:35001-45k)  [challenge:big.bang]  [rating:no.pants]  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  (au:step.siblings)  (content:angst)  (content:oblivious.failboats)  (content:pining)  from delicious
september 2011 by midnightbex
Fic: Champagne from a paper cup (is never quite the same) [merlin/arthur, merlin au]
[For the life of me I couldn't find part of this to quote. It's a solid modern magic au where Arthur is a professional footballer and Merlin is a med student doing his clinical training at the football club.]

Arthur is a professional footballer on the verge of making history. Merlin is a medical student with special powers who's just been hired to work for Arthur's club. You know the rest.
merlin  author:anna_zee  (au)  (au:job)  (au:modern)  (words:35001-45k)  [rating:no.pants]  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  (au:professional.sports)  (content:magic)  from delicious
august 2011 by midnightbex
Fic: Nothing Ever Promised [merlin/arthur, merlin]
[this has some serious POV switching so be forwarned.]

There was fire, the skid of bare feet on frozen ground, and screams. Skirts dragged and eyes streamed as men, women and children ran for their lives. Smoke curled between the buildings, choking them, and the icy wind carried the sounds of coarse laughter. Cold eyes flashed golden in the low light.

Back in Camelot, Merlin writhed in his sleep, and watched his village burn.
merlin  author:cait_roswen  (genre:future.fic)  [rating:no.pants]  (words:65001-75k)  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  (content:angst)  (content:first.time)  (content:character.death)  from delicious
august 2011 by midnightbex
Fic: Those Endless Days, Those Sacred Days [merlin/arthur, merlin au]
[This took me a bit to get into, but once I did I couldn't stop. If this were a book I'd call it a page turner.]

Arthur is the heartthrob lead singer of Avalon, Britain’s hottest new boy band. Merlin is the moody detective with more than a few skeletons lurking in his closet assigned to investigate the death threats the singer’s been receiving. In other words, Modern AU.
merlin  author:ladytelemachus  (au)  (au:band)  (au:job)  (au:modern)  (words:25001-35k)  [rating:no.pants]  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  (content:angst)  (au:law.enforcement)  from delicious
july 2011 by midnightbex
Fic: How Lonely People Make A Life [merlin/arthur, merlin au]
Merlin makes a face as though Arthur is being deliberately difficult. Which he is, slightly, but that’s no excuse for her face-pulling. “My roommate is having not-sex with her new boyfriend so I’m locked out. Can I sleep on your floor?”
merlin  (au)  (words:1001-2500)  [rating:pants]  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  author:torakowalski  (content:college)  (au:gender.changes)  (au:cis!girl)  from delicious
july 2011 by midnightbex
Fic: Crash Into Me [merlin/arthur, merlin au]
Uther has been trying to get Arthur to settle down for quite some time, so when he mentions that they will be having dinner with another young woman, Vivian, Arthur decides that enough is enough. He asks Merlin to pose as his boyfriend and awkwardness ensues. But somewhere down the line, fiction becomes fact.
merlin  author:faeryqueen07  (au)  (au:modern)  (words:25001-35k)  [rating:no.pants]  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  (content:angst)  (content:oblivious.failboats)  from delicious
june 2011 by midnightbex
Fic: At Our Best When It's From the Hips [merlin/arthur, merlin]
The stable boy sighs, deep and loud, as though at a loss. He runs a hand through his hair, scratching at the back of his head, says, "You are all right, though," to make it better. It doesn't make it better, not really, and after a uneasy silence the boy gets to his feet. His face is dark in the shadow of the courtyard, the folds of his shirt catching the stable lights in half circles and lines. He hesitates, almost walking away, then squints at the castle for a heartbeat. "Maybe you should go somewhere. Discreet like, yeah? Get it out of your system. Not go . . . " He gestures haplessly. "You know."

Merlin swallows as he nods. The stable hand doesn't move, is still staring at him—awkwardly concerned—so Merlin gives him a weak smile, fixes his eyes on something in the distance. A guard rotation by the main entrance.

"Well," the boy starts on a breath. "I'll see you, I s'pose."
merlin  author:derryere  (words:10001-15k)  [rating:no.pants]  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  (content:angst)  (content:first.time)  (content:smut)  (content:homophobia)  from delicious
june 2011 by midnightbex
Fic: To the Syntax of Things [merlin/arthur, merlin au]
What happens next is not his fault, at all, and honestly, honestly, Merlin has no idea how he gets here, except that he does; one minute he’s just a lost boy in a new school looking for a class, and the next he’s being shoved up against a cold-smooth tiled bathroom wall by an obviously crazy person with no regard for the concept of personal space whatsoever.
merlin  author:suntipped  (au)  (words:15001-25k)  [rating:no.pants]  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  (content:angst)  (content:highschool)  (content:coming.out)  from delicious
june 2011 by midnightbex
Fic: Crash Into Me [merlin/arthur, merlin au]
Uther has been trying to get Arthur to settle down for quite some time, so when he mentions that they will be having dinner with another young woman, Vivian, Arthur decides that enough is enough. He asks Merlin to pose as his boyfriend and awkwardness ensues. But somewhere down the line, fiction becomes fact.
merlin  author:faeryqueen07  (au)  (au:modern)  (words:25001-35k)  [rating:no.pants]  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  (kink:rimming)  (content:first.time)  (content:fake.dating)  from delicious
june 2011 by midnightbex
Fic: No Sense of Responsibility [arthur/merlin, merlin au]
“No sir,” Arthur replies automatically. No, they certainly won’t. Arthur isn’t even sure how he got here in the first place. One minute he was in the library trying to find a reference for his English essay and the next, he was shoving Merlin up against the shelves, sinking his tongue into his mouth and clutching the back of his shirt. Merlin, of all people. Skinny, ridiculous Merlin, who always seemed to have his head buried in some book and who, it turned out, kissed like nothing Arthur had ever known before, all grasping hands and hot, slick tongue, and soft sounds that —

“There is no way,” Merlin says suddenly, sitting bolt upright in his chair and yanking Arthur out of his thoughts. “I cannot —” he looks helplessly at Arthur and then back at Mr. Monmouth. Arthur follows his gaze; he’s holding up what has to be the creepiest doll Arthur has ever seen. It’s got enormous blue eyes and a mouth shaped into an ‘o’ and it’s wearing a fucking bonnet.
merlin  author:hermette  (au)  (words:2501-5k)  [rating:no.pants]  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  (content:highschool)  (content:humor)  from delicious
june 2011 by midnightbex
Fic: DRP Wedding [merlin/arthur, merlin au]
[This is in all honesty the ONLY Royal Wedding I will ever care about.]

The second month plus fourteen minutes, the other shoe dropped.

"Yes, hi?" Merlin said, juggling his mobile and his stethoscope and trying to drag on the bottoms of his scrubs at the same time. The stethoscope was winning.)

"Merlin, hello, this is Rosa, from Clarence House," she said. "May I extend my deepest congratulations on your engagement."

The world fell away. "Oh," Merlin said, "buggering fuck."
merlin  (au)  (au:modern)  (au:royalty)  (words:2501-5k)  [favorite]  [rating:no.pants]  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  [verse:drastically.redefining.protocol]  author:rageprufrock  (content:wedding)  from delicious
may 2011 by midnightbex
Fic: The Sex Shop Around The Corner [merlin/arthur, merlin au]
Merlin always looks up from the computer when the door to the shop jingles open. It’s just some sort of Pavlovian reaction, he assumes, and while it’s a good idea to keep an eye on who is going into and out of the shop, it always unsettles Merlin, always makes him feel like he’s been caught doing something he ought not be doing, when he gets an eyeful of one of the ones who look like they’re about to vomit all over his clean floors.<br />
<br />
The guy who just walked in is one of those.
merlin  author:hermette  (au)  (au:job)  (au:modern)  (words:25001-35k)  [rating:no.pants]  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  (content:first.time)  from delicious
may 2011 by midnightbex
Fic: Tiercel [merlin/arthur, merlin]
Arthur doesn't reach for his sword, just drops into his chair and rubs his forehead. "Merlin—" he starts, the prelude to an annoyed chastisement—an opening for Merlin to grin, accept the inevitable cuff upside the head. They can never speak of this again.

"I won’t lie," Merlin says flatly, and tries to look brave, and not terrified: like a sorcerer and not like the boy he was when he first came here. Arthur lifts his head incredulously.

"Not anymore," Merlin amends.
merlin  (content:magic.revealed)  (words:5001-10k)  [rating:pants]  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  author:waldorph  from delicious
april 2011 by midnightbex
Fic: Flatmate Wanted [gwen/morgana, merlin au]
After Lancelot leaves the second time, Arthur suggests Gwen get a flatmate to keep her company and Merlin suggests she gets a cat. Gwen gets a Morgana, who is a human flatmate and not a cat, not that it’s always easy to tell from all the time she spends sleeping on the couch and the amount of hair she sheds in the bathroom.
merlin  author:netgirl_y2k  (au)  (au:modern)  (words:1001-2500)  [rating:pants]  pairing:gwen/morgana  (content:co-habitation)  from delicious
april 2011 by midnightbex
Fic: Strangers on a Plane [merlin/arthur, merlin au]
The man in seat K had been drumming his fingers erratically against the privacy screen for forty-five minutes when Arthur finally snapped. He paused his music and asked icily, "Do you mind?"

Seat K blinked at him stupidly. "Sorry?" Arthur just looked at the long fingers that were still skittering against the plastic screen, which had been jammed in place since take-off—just one inch shy of completely open, like it was taunting him. "Oh," Seat K said, and snatched his hand back. "Sorry."
merlin  author:mad_maudlin  (au)  (au:modern)  (words:5001-10k)  [rating:pants]  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  (content:traveling)  from delicious
march 2011 by midnightbex
Fic: The Sandwich Pirate [colin/bradley, merlin rps]
“Well, I’m glad you came,” Colin tells him, and neatly avoids adding even if it was only for Rupert.

“Yeah,” Bradley says, and they both stand there for a moment, shuffling their feet and pretending it isn’t awkward. Colin’s just managed to work up the nerve to say goodbye and walk past Bradley, maybe give Katie a call and head to the pub, when Bradley blurts out, “Sandwich!”

Colin blinks at him. “Sorry?”

“Would you like,” Bradley says carefully, “to have a sandwich with me? At my flat. I don’t want to brag or anything—” and here he’s smiling again, so Colin can’t help but think yes, yes you do with another of those uncomfortably fond waves of feeling, “—but I make a fantastic sandwich. The Bradley Special is world-renowned, you know.”

“The Bradley Special,” Colin muses, pretending he wasn’t sold on the idea the moment Bradley said my flat.
author:i_claudia  (words:5001-10k)  (genre:rpf)  merlin  [rating:no.pants]  pairing:bradley.james/colin.morgan  (content:humor)  (content:pirates)  from delicious
march 2011 by midnightbex
Fic: Gibraltar May Tumble [merlin/arthur, merlin au]
Summary: Merlin's life in London is a bit of a mess: his career trapped somewhere between student and professional, his love life trapped in a relationship gone sour, and most days he feels physically trapped in the tiny, shared flat he can't afford to move out of—until an unexpected opportunity sends him packing for the coast. There, he meets someone who might be in a even worse fix than he is: Arthur, a Victorian-era sea captain who's trapped, a bit literally, between life and death, and who refuses to leave the house he died in over a hundred years ago.
merlin  author:shes_gone  (au)  (words:15001-25k)  [rating:no.pants]  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  (creature:ghosts)  (content:reincarnation)  (content:magic)  from delicious
february 2011 by midnightbex
Fic: The Last Gift [merlin/arthur, merlin]
Merlin was yawning by four o‘clock in the afternoon on his way to the stables, just as the last curve of November sun was pinking out behind the forest. He thought that, if time hadn't stopped completely, it was at least going slow as honey today and it really couldn’t be bedtime soon enough.
merlin  author:furloughday  (words:15001-25k)  [rating:pants]  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  from delicious
february 2011 by midnightbex
Fic: Screen control your motherboard [merlin/arthur, merlin]
"Yes!" Merlin said. "I'd been obviously waiting, and then, turns out he doesn't know how to use the microwave. The microwave! And although I cannot reveal the identity of this person for professional reasons, know that a person of his standing should be familiar with that level of technology."

"Those microwaves are useless," Arthur muttered, while the cursor on Merlin's screen blinked in a dos-box, and fed out a string of curative code. "About a decade old, with foolish buttons marked 'popcorn' and 'potato.'"

"I'm sure you at least know how to turn it on," Merlin said, with unfounded conviction.

"Says the guy who can't use a computer to save his life."

Merlin's computer went dead.
merlin  author:furloughday  (au)  (au:job)  (words:10001-15k)  [rating:pants]  (au:office)  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  (content:pining)  from delicious
february 2011 by midnightbex
Fic: Mental Note [merlin/arthur, merlin]
“No, I mean...” Merlin paused, running a hand over the cover of the book. “The old woman that gave them to you... You didn’t think she was a little, I don’t know...” he waved a hand vaguely, “creepy?”
merlin  author:social_retard86  (words:5001-10k)  [rating:pants]  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  (content:humor)  from delicious
february 2011 by midnightbex
Fic: Summer Hasn't Touched The Clouds That Pass Above [merlin/arthur, merlin]
Arthur rolled his eyes. “Camelot barely existed before my father brought peace to the area, Merlin,” he said. “Surely, even in Ealdor, you were taught basic history.”<br />
<br />
“Yes, sire,” Merlin said patiently, straightening the hem of Arthur’s shirt. “Escetian history. Since Ealdor’s in, you know, Escetia.”<br />
<br />
Arthur cleared his throat. “Of course. I know that,” he said shortly, pulling away from Merlin and clicking his fingers. “And where are my trousers? Or do you expect me to great Queen Rhian in my underthings?”
merlin  (words:5001-10k)  [rating:no.pants]  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  author:torakowalski  (content:first.time)  from delicious
february 2011 by midnightbex
Fic: Something Dumb to Do [merlin/arthur, merlin au]
There are very few hard and fast rules at Pendragon Weddings, since event planning requires flexibility. Never use a gown from Nimueh Designs, no matter who the bride is. Don’t use Muirden’s catering unless you’re willing to risk food poisoning. And then there are the unspoken rules, ones for the whole profession, and the cardinal rule is this: never fall for the bride or groom. Arthur has never had trouble following these rules.

And then Gwen Thomas comes in for her second consultation, a month after the first. This time, she brings company. Tall, slender, dark-haired company, with a smile wicked and enthusiastic enough to make up for the frankly ridiculous ears. Arthur swallows and holds his hand out smoothly. “Arthur Pendragon.”

The man grins. “Merlin.”
merlin  author:lady_ragnell  (au)  (au:job)  (words:2501-5k)  [rating:pants]  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  pairing:gwen/lancelot  (content:wedding)  from delicious
january 2011 by midnightbex
Fic: A Metaphor of Human Bloody Existence [merlin/arthur, merlin au]
It’s not that Merlin isn’t used to things talking to him that really shouldn’t be talking. He has talked, on various occasions, with dogs, cats, snakes, goats, horses, cows, more sheep than he cares to admit, the occasional fish, and one time a llama at a petting zoo. And a mime, once, but that was only shocking because he was five and didn’t think mimes ever got time off.

However, this time it’s the stylized dragon on a can of peas talking to him while he’s making a veg delivery at Camelot Market, which is … unprecedented. He lowers his voice so nobody inside can hear him and bends close to the can. “What?”

“How small you are,” says the dragon on the can of peas in as grand a tone of voice as a dragon on a can of peas can, “for such a great destiny.”
merlin  pairing:gwaine/freya  author:lady_ragnell  (au)  (au:job)  (au:modern)  (words:15001-25k)  [rating:pants]  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  pairing:gwen/morgana  from delicious
january 2011 by midnightbex
Fic: Pairing Pendragon/Merlin [merlin/arthur, merlin au]
[This is the sort of meta I normally hate because it feels so much like wish fulfillment most of the time. THIS is, however, something AMAZING. I've read this twice straight through in two days and I still love it. It builds the story the same way we live our lives, glimpses of chats and gdocs and snapshots of Merlin's fandom life colliding with Arthur. READ THIS.]<br />
<br />
Arthur is a BNF in fandom and Merlin is just a lowly newbie fanboy who Guinevere has taken under her wing.
merlin  (au)  (words:15001-25k)  [favorite]  [rating:no.pants]  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  author:anonymous  (au:fandom)  (content:humor)  (content:meta)  from delicious
january 2011 by midnightbex
Fic: Possession [merlin/arthur, merlin]
As soon as it happens, Merlin knows it's going to be one of those up-against-the-wall things.
merlin  (words:501-1k)  [rating:no.pants]  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  author:waldorph 
october 2010 by midnightbex
Fic: In Light of Recent Events or Why One Should Never Take the Piss With Royalty [merlin/arthur, merlin]
"That was a bad idea, wasn't it?" Merlin asked while picking smouldering twigs out of his own hair.

Arthur glanced up from extracting splinters from his fingers.

"That was the worst idea ever, Merlin."
merlin  (words:5001-10k)  [rating:no.pants]  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  author:hackthis 
september 2010 by midnightbex
Fic: Happily Ever After, My Arse [merlin/arthur, merlin]
The first time the dragon told Arthur his destiny was some idiot named Merlin, Arthur laughed. Loudly. And at length. And it had nothing to do with the blow to the head he'd received from that poncy git, Lucan. Arthur's back had been turned for a start, which was why Lucan was in the dungeon and Arthur was talking to a bloody great big dragon.
merlin  (words:2501-5k)  [rating:pants]  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  author:hackthis  (content:humor) 
september 2010 by midnightbex
Fic Masterpost: break like time: the fifth column [merlin/arthur, merlin au]
Summary: Three prominent rebellion factions plague Albion, the strongest of which are the Dragonlords. When Merlin is made royal manservant to the Prince's household for (accidentally) saving his life, he is more than happy to play spy on the oppressive Pendragons per his father's, the leader of the Dragonlords, request. Little did he know that he would grow to care about those he meets on the other side.
merlin  author:rose_mina  (au)  (words:25001-35k)  [challenge:big.bang]  [rating:pants]  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  (au:canon.based) 
september 2010 by midnightbex
Fic Master Post: Drawn To Any Good (Or, The Education of Lord Arthur Pendragon) [merlin/arthur, merlin au]
"Tell me what you're doing here!" Arthur demanded. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't beat this bastard -"


"- Merlin to a bloody pulp for so crassly seducing you!"

"That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard!" Morgana grabbed his wrist. "Oh for pity's sake, you utter idiot, Merlin isn't seducing me, he's helping me learn magic."

Arthur blinked as the pieces of evidence he'd previously ignored fell into place. The hum of raw power in the room, the strange vials downstairs, the fact that this strange young man - Merlin - still appeared bemused and utterly not threatened by him, and was indeed murmuring over a poultice before applying it to his cheek, which was visibly deflating and turning its normal color before Arthur's very eyes.
merlin  author:chibirhm  (au)  [favorite]  [challenge:big.bang]  [rating:no.pants]  (words:55001-65k)  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  (au:regency) 
september 2010 by midnightbex
Fic: The Student Prince [merlin/arthur, merlin]
"Still, it's a bit – I mean. Merlin. Arthur." Merlin could feel himself starting to redden under her gaze. Will had teased him relentlessly when they discovered that Prince Arthur was going to be attending St Andrews too. Gwen's mouth was twitching irrepressibly. "Oh my God, you're going to be his best friend. You know you are. Merlin and Arthur – it's meant to be! There's no way you aren't going to get pointed out to him, with a name like that. King Arthur and his trusted advisor Merlin!" She made a noise distressingly like a squeal. "You're going to be the next Prime Minister!"

Merlin reached across the table to thwap the top of her head. "Shut UP," he said, flushing harder. He felt like his cheeks were on fire. "Although – what's Gwen short for, exactly?"

merlin  author:fayjay  (au)  (au:modern)  [rating:no.pants]  (words:100001-200k)  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  (content:college) 
september 2010 by midnightbex
Fic: Arthur and the Real Boy [merlin/arthur, merlin au]
"I don't think--" the boy said, twisting his mouth and grabbing the book away from Arthur. "I don't think she would know it."

"She loves it when she doesn't know stuff," Arthur replied promptly. "The more obscure the better. Do you have two of it...I'm sorry, what's your name?"

"Merlin," the boy said, looking a little ruffled and still clutching his book. He sighed. "And yes, we have another copy. Do you think she'd like it translated or in Spanish?"

Arthur liked the name; it was a little old-fashioned and pretentious and a lot like the store, actually. "Translated, please."

"If she likes foreign movies and obscure things, don't you think she'd like the original Spanish?" Merlin asked. He took his glasses off to ring out the book, and Arthur saw his eyes were blue and sort of sweet, with long lashes. Like the bracelet, it made him a little breathless and fond, which was weird, he thought. Fond of a stranger.
merlin  author:franticsga  (au)  (words:15001-25k)  [rating:no.pants]  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  (content:college) 
september 2010 by midnightbex
Fic: Fall Off The Earth [merlin/arthur, merlin]
They're a two-day walk from Camelot, making their way back around the edges of the barren, wintery forest of Sherweald when a snowstorm hits, shocking in its suddenness.
merlin  (words:2501-5k)  [rating:no.pants]  pairing:merlin/arthur.pendragon  author:torakowalski  (content:first.time) 
september 2010 by midnightbex
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