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Fic: Kent Parson is Not Getting Any Pie [eric/jack, check please!]
The headline is there as soon as Eric turns on his computer in the morning

“Kent Parson Gay”

Eric puts down his coffee and opens the article, wide-eyed and breathing hard.

“Las Vegas Aces’ star and Art Ross winner, Kent Parson, was caught performing a sex act with an unidentified male at a New York bar last night. When asked for a comment, Parson’s publicist, Jose Flores, said the star wished to apologise to his team for the scandal and would make a statement later today at a press conference.”
check.please!  pairing:eric.bittle/jack.zimmermann  author:abcdeabcde  (content:outing)  (content:coming.out)  (content:get.together)  [rating:pants]  (words:5001-10k) 
october 2015 by midnightbex
Fic: Deets [bitty/jack, check please]
The grainy cellphone photo on the cover of the magazine is of his own back, his red Samwell t-shirt. He's got a forearm braced on the wall, his other hand holding the face of someone small and blond, mostly blocked from view, who has his hands on Jack's chest and a blue hoodie tied around his waist. Emblazoned across the bottom of the cover are the words IS JACK ZIMMERMANN GAY? and it feels like someone just punched him in the stomach. (now with epilogue!)
check.please!  pairing:eric.bittle/jack.zimmermann  author:applecrumbledore  (au)  (au:canon.divergence)  (content:outing)  (content:get.together)  [rating:no.pants]  (words:15001-25k) 
july 2015 by midnightbex
Fic: Some Kind of Superstar [jamie/segs, hockey rpf]
When Tyler is outed it goes much as he expected, shitty media, protesters, lots of crap on the ice. He tries to focus on the good parts though, the supportive fans, the decent interviewers, the fact he can actually get a date now. If only he could figure out why Jamie is being so squirrelly. AKA the story of Tyler being outed, growing up, figuring life out and falling in love.
hockey.rpf  pairing:jamie.benn/tyler.seguin  author:noxnoctisanima  (genre:rpf)  (content:outing)  (content:coming.out)  [rating:no.pants]  (words:15001-25k) 
december 2014 by midnightbex
Fic: I could be wrong, I could be ready [agally/bgally, hockey rpf]
It takes a moment for Alex to place the picture: it’s Brendan and him, in Alex’s car—it’s from today, when they were leaving practice. The window is open and Brendan is grinning. Alex, behind him, looks more tired than anything. Their hands are twined together over the console. The photo is on Twitter and the caption reads, "Maybe not just American boys for @AGally94, eh?"

(In which the internet finds some photos from the WJC '13 celebrations that change Alex's life forever, and he and Brendan find out quickly exactly how gullible and reactionary people can be. Things escalate. Feelings and shenanigans ensue.)
hockey.rpf  pairing:alex.galchenyuk/brendan.gallagher  author:fundamentally  (genre:rpf)  (content:outing)  (content:coming.out)  (content:fake.dating)  (content:internalized.homophobia)  (content:pining)  (content:oblivious.failboats)  [rating:no.pants]  (words:45001-55k) 
november 2014 by midnightbex
Fic: only the game fish swims upstream [bozak/kessel, hockey rpf]
Twitter suspects they've broken up, Bozie and You Can Play are mortal enemies, and they're probably going to miss the playoffs again, but other than that it's going great.
hockey.rpf  pairing:tyler.bozak/phil.kessel  author:thedukeofavon  (genre:rpf)  (content:outing)  (content:internalized.homophobia)  (content:established.relationship)  [rating:no.pants]  (words:10001-15k) 
november 2014 by midnightbex
Fic: Bad Press [briere/giroux, hockey rpf]
Claude wonders whose calls he’s ignoring. The front office, definitely. They have people whose job it is to, like, watch those stupid sports blogs. Have his teammates seen it yet, other than Brayden? Brayden hangs with a lot of the younger guys, the ones who are still insecure enough to obsess over Crossing Broad. It’s not that surprising that he saw this before Claude did. But has Claude’s family gotten ahold of it yet? Claude cringes inwardly. He never actually told his family the nature of his relationship with Danny, though he’s sure his mother and Isabelle guessed how he felt, at least.

Claude wonders if Danny’s calling. He sort of he wishes he would, just to tell Claude what to do, how to handle the situation. But Danny’s not here, and he isn’t Claude’s boyfriend, either -- he hasn’t been for almost a year.
hockey.rpf  pairing:danny.briere/claude.giroux  author:marycontraire  (genre:rpf)  (content:outing)  (content:break.up)  (content:angst)  (content:reconciliation)  [rating:pants]  (words:15001-25k) 
february 2014 by midnightbex
Fic: you are not alone in this [omc/omc, original hockey rpf]
“Or you could release a statement, confirm it’s you, but say it’s no one special. A casual relationship, maybe, or a hook-up. Leave Marc out of it,” his agent says.

Dan thinks about Marc, polishing up that contract for eight years, poised to become the face of the team, the spokesperson, at the top of his career, about as high-profile as they come. Thinks about the fact he was allowed to make a list of six places he wouldn’t go, instead of twenty-nine. “How long will it take you to make the statement?” he asks, finally.
hockey.rpf  pairing:omc/omc  author:imogenedisease  (genre:rpf)  (content:coming.out)  (content:outing)  (content:angst)  (content:established.relationship)  [rating:pants]  (words:5001-10k)  [verse:you.could.make.a.life]  original.work 
july 2013 by midnightbex
Fic: Think Twice [kane/toews, hockey rpf]
Jonny is hungover, sleep deprived and lying in bed, Kaner hot against his back where he's miming an octopus by trying to wrap himself around Jonny when the call comes, six days after they've won the cup, two days after the parade and too few hours after Jonny finally, finally has gotten to close his eyes.

"Toews." It takes him a long moment to place the voice coming out of the phone but then—god, it's Brisson and he sounds so serious Jonny's fully awake within seconds, "We've got a problem."
hockey.rpf  pairing:patrick.kane/jonathan.toews  author:kephiso  (genre:rpf)  (content:outing)  [rating:pants]  (words:1001-2500) 
july 2013 by midnightbex
Fic: Burst Your Bubble [sid/geno, hockey rpf]
Sidney never finds out where the information came from, and he doesn’t actually care past a certain point. He knows who it wasn’t, and having people that he can trust matters a hell of a lot more than sifting through the rubble to cast blame. His agent will do that, take the appropriate actions once they’ve been decided upon. Sidney has bigger things to worry about, like the overgrown Russian curled up in his bed, smelling just a bit too much like vodka for Sid to be willing to leave him alone even if they weren’t lovers.
hockey.rpf  pairing:sidney.crosby/evgeni.malkin  author:anonymous  (genre:rpf)  (content:established.relationship)  (content:outing)  [rating:pants]  (words:1001-2500)  [challenge:kinkmeme] 
february 2013 by midnightbex

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