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Fic: DeltaOne [derek/stiles, teen wolf au]
Channel Category: Sensual Play--exploring the softer side of things, where our playmates engage with their sweeter side.

Ten or twelve channels pop up, most of which seem to be ran by feminine looking people. Stiles skims through each one. He likes the woman with the cat ear headband who slowly strips off her clothes. But he keeps looking, until he lands on what looks like the only overly masculine passing person in the category.

DeltaOne identifies as male and is 24.
teenwolf  pairing:derek.hale/stiles.stilinski  author:red_crate  (au)  (au:star.trek)  (content:cam.fic)  (content:identity.reveal)  [rating:no.pants]  (words:1001-2500)  (content:sex.toys)  (content:anal.plug)  (content:masturbation) 
april 2018 by midnightbex

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