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Avoiding the trap of Lowest Common Denominator Management
Empowering humans to fulfill their adult potential rather than growing rules and policies.
management  agile  governance 
august 2016 by microcline
Producing Documents while practicing agility
Produce two kinds of documents:

Whatever the team needs to have for their own purposes;
Whatever the project's masters ask for.
agile  documentation 
october 2015 by microcline
Technical stories : we don't need them
We don't need technical stories because technical work is either implied by truly doing to Done functional stories (tested, well factored) or it doesn't need doing yet.
scrum  agile  product_backlog  refactor  story_points  definition_of_done  user_stories 
september 2015 by microcline
Agile product inception
Best thing I've read in a while, on bootstrapping an agile product : .
august 2015 by microcline
Heresy Against the Church of Agile Software Development
"I know that many Product Management bloggers believe that this problem is solved if you separate the market / customer-facing Product Manager role from the development-facing Product Owner. However, I remain unconvinced. How can the Product Owner gain the perspective to make the best product decisions without regular customer contact? "
product_management  scrum  agile  big_product_owner  product_owner 
august 2015 by microcline
Writing good user stories
What User Stories are, how to make them great, how to know if they are great, how to make them as small as possible.
user_stories  scrum  agile 
august 2015 by microcline
Diagram of Scrum product manager and Scrum master roles
Diagram showing which parts of traditional product manager and project manager roles fold into Scrum product owner and Scrum master roles (and what aspects of people telling other people what to do ideally just go away).
agile  scrum  product_owner  scrum_master  big_product_owner 
august 2015 by microcline
Splitting the product manager and product owner roles
"When companies achieve a meaningful level of customer success and the engineering team is larger than about 20 — many companies split the product role. They decide to invest in a market-focused product manager who is externally focused and works on the long term vision, and an internally focused product owner who supports the engineering team and manages the software development details."
agile  product_owner  big_product_owner  product_backlog_manager 
august 2015 by microcline
Why no estimates is the way to go
Don't estimate. Instead, do a sprint, and scope the next sprint, repeating so long as the client finds it valuable and has budget, with commitment to actually be able to ship at any time.
agile  no_estimates 
july 2015 by microcline
Story Points Must Die : A Spacetime adventure
Story points are project management theater, distracting from what's really important, which is producing good product.
estimation  project_management  story_points  agile  scrum 
march 2015 by microcline
The Program Office on a diet
What Program Management Offices [don't] do when the Projects in the Program are agile.
february 2015 by microcline
The Product Owner Role at a Glance
concise overview of what it means to be Product Owner.

"I find it a mistake to primarily view the product owner as a product backlog manager and user story writer."
product_owner  agile  scrum 
february 2015 by microcline
Scrum Product Owner
Product Owner succinctly summarized.
product_owner  scrum  agile 
february 2015 by microcline
ThisAgileLife Ep 56 – Talking Out of Both Ends (Product Ownership)
1h podcast episode on Product Ownership.

Product owner as Steve Jobs? Or as Story sorter? Shields team?
Some annoying contempt for the Product Owner role in here.
scrum  agile  product_owner 
january 2015 by microcline
Coveralls for Java projects
Blog post on using Coveralls with Java projects hosted on GitHub.
tool  continuous_integration  agile  github  testing 
june 2014 by microcline
async manifesto
Beyond Agile / Scrum and on to tools that work.
manifesto  async  agile  telecommuting 
june 2014 by microcline

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