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ongoing by Tim Bray · Post-REST
More or less all the big APIs are REST­ful these days. Yeah, you can quib­ble about what “REST” means (and I will, a bit) but the as­ser­tion is broad­ly true. Is it go­ing to stay that way forever? Seems un­like­ly. So, what’s nex­t?
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23 days ago by micktwomey
APIs as infrastructure: future-proofing Stripe with versioning
When it comes to APIs, change isn’t popular. While software developers are used to iterating quickly and often, API developers lose that flexibility as soon as even one user starts consuming their interface. Many of us are familiar with how the Unix operating system evolved. In 1994, The Unix-Haters Handbook was published containing a long list of missives about the software—everything from overly-cryptic command names that were optimized for Teletype machines, to irreversible file deletion, to unintuitive programs with far too many options. Over twenty years later, an overwhelming majority of these complaints are still valid even across the dozens of modern derivatives. Unix had become so widely used that changing its behavior would have challenging implications. For better or worse, it established a contract with its users that defined how Unix interfaces behave.

Similarly, an API represents a contract for communication that can’t be changed without considerable cooperation and effort. Because so many businesses rely on Stripe as infrastructure, we’ve been thinking about these contracts since Stripe started. To date, we’ve maintained compatibility with every version of our API since the company’s inception in 2011. In this article, we’d like to share how we manage API versions at Stripe.
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august 2017 by micktwomey
A Comprehensive, Open Source REST Proxy for Kafka | Confluent
Handy, a REST proxy for Kafka. Looks like it's not as fast or efficient compared to a proper Kafka client, but super handy for integrating.
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april 2015 by micktwomey
REST API for any Postgres database
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january 2015 by micktwomey
bndr/gopencils · GitHub
Easily consume REST APIs in Go
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june 2014 by micktwomey
Flask API
A new Flask RESTful API framework, modelled on the Django REST framework. Provides docs too, which is nice :)
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february 2014 by micktwomey
Best Practices for Designing a Pragmatic RESTful API | Vinay Sahni
A good collection of tips for designing RESTful APIs, looks like it's a no brainer to adopt nearly all of them (if you aren't already following them).
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june 2013 by micktwomey
Django REST framework
From the docs this looks like quite a nice framework for designing REST interfaces to Django. It seems to follow the current vogue for defining models which interact with the rest of Django.
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february 2013 by micktwomey
Richardson Maturity Model
Good explanation of levels of REST.
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november 2010 by micktwomey
Neo4j Blog: Yay! The Graph Processing Infrastructure is starting to emerge!
Overview of the state of play in the open source graph db ecosystem. Good news is all the bits you want are emerging and becoming solid.
neo4j  gremlin  graphs  java  http  rest 
february 2010 by micktwomey
A RESTful message queue.
http  rest  messaging 
january 2010 by micktwomey
sixapart's remoteobjects at master - GitHub
Interesting object interface to restul apis.
python  rest  web 
august 2009 by micktwomey
A RESTful mini-app for tagging items in other apps
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december 2005 by micktwomey

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