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brigade: Event-based Scripting for Kubernetes.
Event driven JavaScript scripting tool for docker + helm + k8s to provide automated workflows from testing to CI/CD to ... well, whatever you want to script.
kubernetes  node.js  helm  docker 
june 2018 by michaeldayreads
Introducing Operators: Putting Operational Knowledge into Software | CoreOS
Operators, by their nature, are application-specific, so the hard work is going to be encoding all of the application operational domain knowledge into a reasonable configuration resource and control loop. There are some common patterns that we have found while building operators that we think are important for any application:
may 2018 by michaeldayreads
operator-framework/awesome-operators: A resource tracking a number of Operators out in the wild.
This may, or may not, be the same as a "third party resource". It was in searching for that term from an out of date link that led to this page.
may 2018 by michaeldayreads
Kubernetes - Carson on Vimeo
Concise overview of core kubernetes concepts and some implementation details.
march 2018 by michaeldayreads
Life of a Packet [I] - Michael Rubin, Google - YouTube
The ins and outs of networking in Google Container Engine and Kubernetes (Google Cloud Next '17)
Google Cloud Platform
kubernetes  networks 
march 2018 by michaeldayreads
alok87/kube-deployer: Blue green deploments for kubernetes
this appears to do part of what helm does, and is perhaps a bit more opinionated about certain things like HA-Proxy
kubernetes  helm 
march 2018 by michaeldayreads
Why Kubernetes Sucks and How to Fix It
The idea of "observability" is mentioned but not well defined and no examples are given. A general statement about the k8s log data not showing enough granularity as to what an application is doing was all that was mentioned.
june 2017 by michaeldayreads

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