Remove Background from Image –
Remove Image Background: 100% automatically – in 5 seconds – without a single click
tools  image  background  design  images 
28 days ago
Get started | CodyHouse
Get started with the CodyHouse framework and Components with the help of our documentation and code examples.
ios  development  Programming  design  css  swift  tools  javascript 
5 weeks ago
Algolia | Fast, Reliable and Modern Search and Discovery
Algolia is a powerful search-as-a-service solution, made easy to use with API clients, UI libraries, and pre-built integrations. Algolia powers search for world's top brands in a variety of verticals.
search  api  service  tools  development  backend 
7 weeks ago
Android for iOS Developers: Kotlin Edition 2018
A Step-By-Step Guide for Objective-C and Swift Experts
kotlin  android  book  ios  development 
11 weeks ago
It has never been so easy to document your things
documentation  react  generator  components 
september 2018
Material design for React Native
design  framework  native  ui  material  react-native  reactjs  react 
september 2018
Gatsby Starter Portfolio Overview by LekoArts
Gatsby.js Starters by LekoArts. Primarily aimed at Designers & Photographers. Minimalistic & fast websites!
starter  gatsby 
september 2018 - Download or share Siri Shortcuts
Download powerful Siri Shortcuts from others or share the ones you created with the world. These shortcuts will boost your iOS experience.
iOS  shortcuts  automation 
september 2018
Popular MIDIs — BitMidi
Listen to free MIDI songs, download the best MIDI files, and share the best MIDIs on the web.
music  library  midi 
september 2018
PUSH TURN MOVE - the new book on interface design in electronic music. PATCH & TWEAK - Exploring Modular Synthesis.
synth  push  design  book 
september 2018
Siri - Apple
Siri is an intelligent assistant that offers a faster, easier way to get things done on your Apple devices. Even before you ask.
september 2018
Font Flipper - Find Free Fonts
Preview 800+ Google Fonts on top of your own designs, without having to download the fonts first. You'll play 'Hot or Not' to collect fonts you like, and then download them for free for both personal and commercial projects.
typography  webdesign  free  fonts  type  tools 
september 2018
MacSparky Field Guides
Turning Humans into Digital Ninjas
Mac  automation  guides 
september 2018
Google, but for colors.
app  search  colors  design  tools  color 
august 2018
Design notes
Design notes is a free online resource library for product designers. Free icon, free fonts and much more...
inspiration  resources  web  design  Reference 
august 2018
Simple Domain Name Registrar - iwantmyname
Buy your domain name for the best personal and business web applications, no web hosting required. Register international domains and country code domains for your online identity now.
domain  registrar 
august 2018
GRID: A simple visual cheatsheet for CSS Grid Layout
Learn all about the properties available in CSS Grid Layout through simple visual examples.
css  grid  cheatsheet 
august 2018
Localization Platform & Translation Service | OneSky
OneSky's Award Winning Localization Platform is Designed for App & Game Developers. 1,000+ Prof. Translators. 50+ languages. Built-in Integrations.
translation  tools  Development  localization 
august 2018
Feather – Simply beautiful open source icons
Feather is a collection of simply beautiful open source icons. Each icon is designed on a 24x24 grid with an emphasis on simplicity, consistency and readability.
icons  design  free  icon  resources 
august 2018
MIT licensed illustrations for every project you can imagine and create.
design  illustration  resources  illustrations  free  graphics  images 
august 2018
ScreenTime - Screen sharing for FaceTime
Quickly show your macOS desktop during a FaceTime video call.
ios  development  Programming  screen  sharing 
august 2018
Let's Learn GraphQL
Learn GraphQL by Doing. 5 hours free GraphQL Workshop taught by Sara Vieira.
august 2018
Best Best List®
Best Best List summarizes thousands of editorial reviews to bring you the absolute best products. Best Best List tallies the votes and will bring you the definitive top 10 list across a ton of categories with products at competitive prices.
shopping  @life  @hardware  @list_of  @resources  editorial  @ranking  curated 
july 2018
The Ultimate Guide to Learning CSS
Over 100 curated resources for learning CSS, arranged in an order that makes sense for learning from scratch or jumping straight to a particular topic.
@css  @list_of  @resources  css  @learning  @tutorials  tutorial 
july 2018
Operating Hours and Service Area -
PilotEdge: professional air traffic control for flight simulators. See other aircraft, and hear other pilots on the radio. Put on your headset, dial up ground, and call for taxi. It's that easy.
july 2018
A public repository of shortcuts for the Shortcuts app.
Workflow  Shortcuts  iOS 
july 2018
Shortcuts for Framer
Keyboard Shortcuts for Sketch. With this collection your workflow can be improved. Have your list of useful shortcuts at reach.
framer  shortcuts 
july 2018
Flint framework
A Swift framework for building delightful iOS, tvOS, watchOS or macOS apps quickly
flint  swift  development  ios 
july 2018
Building a chat app with React.js and Chatkit |
Learn React.js through building a real-world chat app
chat  app  javascript  reactjs 
june 2018
Taste of Lisboa, Food Tours.
Guiding foodie travelers and explorers by the unbeaten paths to let them discover the real food, people, culture, architecture and history of Lisbon city and of Portugal countryside lifestyle and food culture.
lisbon  food  tour 
june 2018
motionVFX - Original Home of Apple Motion Templates and Final Cut Pro X Plugins
FCPX Plugins, Motion Templates, Final Cut Pro X Plugins, Motion 5 Templates, mFlare, mObject, mLUT, mLooks, mTransition, mBurns, mVintage, FCPX Templates, After Effects Templates, AE Templates, FREE Motion Tutorials, FREE FCPX Tutorials, Final Cut Motion Templates, Final Cut Pro Effects, FCPX Plugins, Apple Motion 4 Templates, Apple Motion 3 Templates, FREE Motion Templates, FREE Motion 4 Templates, FREE Motion 5 Templates, FCPX Generators, FCPX Plugins, Motion Plugins, Plug-ins, Motion Templat
editing  Grading  fcpx  digital  plugin 
june 2018
YouTube to MP4 & MP3 Converter -
YouTube to MP3, MP4 Downloader and Converter. HD, 1080p and 4K supported. Free & fast!
youtube  wistia  video  tools  download 
june 2018
AppTalk - Let iOS apps talk
A user contributable directory of iOS apps with x-callback-urls.
workflow  ios  iOSAutomation  IFTTT 
june 2018
HotelTonight: Last Minute Hotel Deals at Great Hotels
Amazing last-minute deals at top-rated hotels. Book Tonight, Tomorrow or 7 Days Out.
app  booking  hotels  travel  vacation  hotel 
june 2018
Tripetto - Full-fledged form kit
Tripetto is a full-fledged form kit. It comes with a visual editor for creating forms, a collector for gathering response, and an SDK for developing form building blocks. Docs and more included.
forms  form  builder  survey  maker  flow 
june 2018
TubeBuddy | The Premier YouTube Channel Management Toolkit
TubeBuddy’s channel management browser plugin helps content creators, brands, and networks save time and grow their brands directly from within YouTube.
youtube  tool  video  marketing 
june 2018
Browse | Motion Array
Browse our premium quality Premiere Pro and After Effects templates, stock music, stock motion graphics and video.
video  transitions  graphics 
june 2018
By Bus From Muscat to Dubai - Timetable & Prices 2018 - Travel with Pedro
Details of how to travel by bus from Muscat, in Oman, to Dubai. Including timetable, ticket fare and details of the journey and immigration procedures.
bus  translation  oman  dubai 
may 2018
Chill Out Free Walking Tour
Discover Lisbon with Chill Out the original local free walking tours
lisbon  tour  portugal 
may 2018
Matrix - ITA Software by Google
Matrix, ITA's original airfare shopping engine, has yielded years of traveler insights and been
the origin for many of our innovative flight shopping features.
airline  travel  search  matrix  flights  flight 
april 2018
Tito | Pricing
Simple, powerful event software.
event  software 
april 2018
BBC Sound Effects - Research & Education Space
BBC Sound Effects - 16,016 sound effects and field recordings from the BBC Archive available to listen/download, licensed for personal, educational or research purposes - Research & Education Space
sound  soundeffects  audio 
april 2018
Mockup Photos - High quality mockup templates from around the world
Mockup Photos collects high quality mockup images from around the world. Use Mockup Photos to generate app screenshots in seconds. Choose between 1000s of images created by individual creators
photo  mockup 
april 2018
Awesome Gatsby | GatsbyJS
A curated list of interesting Gatsby community projects and learning resources. Site showcase See the site showcase on the Gatsby README on…
gatsbyjs  gatsby 
april 2018
Draw, orbit, push-pull: make anything you can imagine in SketchUp, anytime you imagine it.
april 2018
DevDocs API Documentation
Fast, offline, and free documentation browser for developers. Search 100+ docs in one web app: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Python, Go, C, C++…
Dev  development  documentation  api  Reference  Programming 
march 2018
Learn Bootstrap 4 for free |
10 interactive screencasts to get you up to speed
bootstrap  tutorial  css  course 
march 2018
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