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I carry a notebook with me everywhere. But that's only the first step.

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february 2017 by miaeaton
Te amo, desde el amanecer hasta el ocaso💙, a app by
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august 2016 by miaeaton
The Mackinac - Home
Have you submitted yet? Send 3-5 pieces of your best work. We read year-round.
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june 2014 by miaeaton
Article Detail
"I'm cold as vodka. I dress myself back to warmth." Cold snap from Joshua Rivkin:
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january 2014 by miaeaton
From “The Last Will and Testament of the Orphelines” | Narrative Magazine
"This idea we keep having about being alive is melting into slush." Heather Altfeld
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january 2014 by miaeaton
“I gave you sorrow to hang on your wall / Like a calendar in one color.” —W. S. Merwin
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november 2013 by miaeaton
the quick blonde fox jumped up, jumped up
RT : "and if the only hard thing is our determination / not to be hard, it wears us down to that.”
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june 2011 by miaeaton
Shape Of A Key, Of A Dog, Of A Letter - The Rumpus.net
Cjeck out Kate Angus's review of Nina Cassian's _Continuum_ at The Rumpus:
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january 2011 by miaeaton

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