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From REST to GraphQL — No Idea What to Name This — Medium
great article about rest and graphql experience / usage. links to nodejs / expressjs graphql stuff
neo4j  facebook  graphql  reactjs  rest  api  rails  cache  resource  restful  article  essay  node  nodejs  js  javascript  express 
october 2015 by mgan
Swagger 2.0
really cool api concept, during a calll looker said they use this pattern
api  documentation  framework  restful  node  nodejs  express  wadl  wsdl  semantics  looker 
march 2015 by mgan
Creating Truly RESTful APIs
create slideshow-presentation on restful api design, talks about several constructs. relates to the new restful api book from oreily.
rest  restful  rest_api  design  collections  wadl  json  semantics  rpc  architecture  interface 
december 2013 by mgan
a specification similar to those in the rest book talking about collections
json  api  structure  format  standards  rest  restful 
december 2013 by mgan
aaronblohowiak/restler - GitHub
looks like a simplified api_interface wrapper for nodejs client.
rest_client  restful  rest  interface  node  nodejs  js  javascript  client  api  github  watchlist 
april 2011 by mgan

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