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Flexbox Froggy - A game for learning CSS flexbox
hands down cool, teaches flexbox, interactive teaching lesson
game  css3  tutorial  flexbox  css  article  interactive  cool  marketing 
april 2017 by mgan
Principle - Animated Design
based on a review from medium looking at Facebook's Origami (based off quartz composer) this competitor principle is much easier to use. But also costs 129 bucks.
animation  design  prototype  high-fidelity  mobile  apps  ui  ux  inspiration  software  marketing  concept 
january 2017 by mgan
How to Use Photography to Build Your Brand – Medium
article about how to properply use nice photography to help build a brand.
stock  stock_photos  photos  images  download  branding  marketing  design  audiencePanda  takeways  toread 
november 2016 by mgan
Product Pages
all in one page viewer, has product/landing, pricing and checkout pages
product_pages  landing_pages  patterns  template  ui  design  inspiration  pricing_pages  marketing  audiencePanda 
october 2016 by mgan
Build a Website - Squarespace
so there is a transition stack for square space's landing page that we like
design  webdesign  website  animation  parallax  motion  scroll  marketing  landing_page  transtions 
september 2016 by mgan
can reall draw inspiration for this landing page for the pictost/pication concept.
pictost  pj:pictost  pication  design  ui  landingpage  instagram  marketing  location 
december 2015 by mgan
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