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TopoJSON Points -
interesting thoughts on using geojs / geo-topojson as a standards to back the hexar development. why reinvent the wheel
geo  json  hexar  topojson  points  standards  hexarjs 
july 2016 by mgan
go - Unmarshaling nested JSON objects in Golang - Stack Overflow
good post that explains how to map a structure for json unmarshal
json  marshal  decode  golang  go 
august 2015 by mgan
interesting concept could be bundled as a local easy to start solution instead of using mongodb
json  node  nodejs  db  file_store  local_storage  js  javascript  github  database  file_database  keystone 
june 2014 by mgan
a simple static server for json data. cool prototyping tool.
json  json_server  mocking  testing  prototype  http  github 
march 2014 by mgan
Planetary.js: Awesome interactive globes for the web
really cool looking spherical planetary globe d3 browser plugin.
d3  graphics  javascript  js  node  nodejs  json  geography  earth  planet  planetary  rotation  svg  pj:glaxal  bower  topology 
january 2014 by mgan
Creating Truly RESTful APIs
create slideshow-presentation on restful api design, talks about several constructs. relates to the new restful api book from oreily.
rest  restful  rest_api  design  collections  wadl  json  semantics  rpc  architecture  interface 
december 2013 by mgan
a specification similar to those in the rest book talking about collections
json  api  structure  format  standards  rest  restful 
december 2013 by mgan
fancy browser interface work viewing and editing json documents
json  jsoneditor  format  ui  ux  editor  wysiwyg  github  code  javascript  pj:glaxal 
august 2013 by mgan
trifacta/vega · GitHub
dsl of sorts in json to define a visualization context.
code  d3  javascript  visualization  dsl  pj:glaxal  json  structure  visuals  infographics 
may 2013 by mgan
JsonML (JSON Markup Language)
this is incredible. could be used to build ASTs around other node structures (html, xml, pubsub xml)
jsonml  markup  markdown  json  structures  standards  format  xml  xmlrpc  pub_sub  pubsub  hack  awesome 
december 2012 by mgan
maqr/node-xml2js - GitHub
xml -> json converter/parser the recommend one by charlie from nodejitsu
nodejs  node  xml  javascript  json  github  watchlist  parser  parsing 
april 2011 by mgan
Get to know JsonML
interesting transform layer for json into xhtml/xml
json  javascript  ibm  jsonml 
february 2009 by mgan

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