mgan + design   763 - Everything I Learned in Design School
great design resource for someone looking to get into product / design
design  degree  learning_design  design_school  ux  ui  education 
november 2018 by mgan
Shipping system fonts to · @mdo
article about some sensible defaults to set for types, helps be more cross-platform and ensure emoticons will render for mac/windows
fonts  setting  type  typography  emoticons  github  design 
september 2018 by mgan
How To Hold Better Meetings With The Help Of Graphic Facilitation
interesting how this article frames this idea of when working visually, there are some techniques you should learn. Like lettering and other visual concepts.
design  ux  ui  sketching  whiteboard  presentation  visual  language 
june 2018 by mgan
MockFlow WireframePro - Design user interface concepts for websites and apps
some saas wireframe company I saw listed as a trello powerup.... expensive as shit for what it does
wireframe  wireframing  design  prototype  prototyping  ui  ux 
november 2017 by mgan
Powerful Start in Sketch - Design+Code
interesting and cool site that has a great getting started with sketch and all kinds of resources. but really they have an ios development course they want you to buy.
design  reference  sketch  getting-started 
november 2017 by mgan
Say hello to IconJar format - The Iconfinder Blog
should probably start using icon jar and begin an icon layer / design for hickory, derp
icons  management  icon_finder  iconjar  ui  ux  design  hickory 
july 2017 by mgan
Out of the (Drop)Shadows | Scott Jensen Design
great article talking about how to do a proper scrim over images from a different view point.
skrim  scrim  ui  ux  active  overlay  design  proper  technique  shadows  layer  drop_shadow 
june 2017 by mgan
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