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The Epicurean Dealmaker: T-Bone the Metaphor (2008)
WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) — Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson suffered a bruised balance sheet and a knock to his Teflon image after he struck a sour note while rescuing the federal housing agencies. Secretary Paulson said he was spending about $200 billion Sunday evening when he came upon the wobbling GSEs and spotted a moral hazard about 10 feet in front of him. He didn't have time to stop and T-boned the metaphor. He tumbled over the podium, his plan hit taxpayers and GSE shareholders in the pocketbook and the three went cartwheeling into uncharted territory. The conservatorship rolled over Americans' sensibilities, undermining self-discipline, and cackled and scratched its balls before scampering down the corridor back to K Street.
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september 2017 by mfernando
Lithium From Oilfield Petroleum Wastewater (Sept 2017)
At MGX Minerals, we are also working toward the extraction of lithium from existing resources — in our case, oilfield wastewater. Our goal is to recover lithium from petroleum brine, which oil companies currently spend millions of dollars to dispose of. We call it “petrolithium.” By harvesting lithium from the petroleum brine present in oilfield wastewater, our technology leverages a vast network of pre-existing resources and infrastructure. Our innovation also produces lithium at a much quicker rate than traditional methods, so that if scaled up, it can better keep up with the upswing in lithium demand.
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september 2017 by mfernando
Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging: Sebastian Junger: 9781455566389: Books
the best book I have ever read about successful startup culture is Tribe by Sebastian Junger. Ironically, the book is not about startups or culture. The book discusses the fact that “we have a strong instinct to belong to small groups defined by clear purpose and understanding.” These groups are called tribes. Startups are not families, battalions or even worse analogies like fraternities.
Startups are tribes. Or, at least the successful ones are.
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september 2016 by mfernando
y/c Startup Pitch Template
Our guided startup pitch template introduces constraints to avoid common mistakes such as lengthy language, illegible imagery, complicated infographics, and meaningless charts. The slides you create with our tool present your statements in a legible font, size, and with appropriate contrast so you can focus on practicing your pitch, rather than pushing pixels.
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august 2016 by mfernando
How Startup Options (and Ownership) Works – Andreessen Horowitz
Part of the problem is the sheer amount and complexity of information required to understand equity and ownership in the first place. Which is why many founders are working hard to build trust while navigating shifting ownership — their own, their employees’, their co-founders’, their investors — along the way, often dedicating resources to educating folks. There are also some great overviews, templates, and guides out there now that cover how options and compensation works. So we thought we’d share more here about how the economics behind startup options and ownership works…
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august 2016 by mfernando
Review of Deep Work - by Cal Newport | Derek Sivers
How to do get into a state of deep meditative "flow" - shutting out distractions for deep productive concentrated work. No huge surprises but great supporting thoughts. I liked the point of considering the downside of the internet, instead of only the positives.
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june 2016 by mfernando
A Book in 5 Minutes: “Startup CEO” by Matt Blumberg
Here’s a quick but comprehensive summary of Matt Blumberg’s “Startup CEO: A Field Guide to Scaling Up Your Business,” released on September 3, 2013 (part of Brad Feld’s Startup Revolution series).
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june 2016 by mfernando
Book summary "The hard thing about hard things" — Book Summaries
“The Hard Thing About Hard Things” is a book written by Ben Horowitz, an entrepreneur turned VC, founding partner of Andreessen-Horowitz and one of the most influential people in Silicon Valley.
Also see
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june 2016 by mfernando
Company Growth: Why everything breaks at 25 employees
I’ve spoken to hundreds of leaders and managers as we’ve started Lighthouse and one common pattern we’ve found is somewhere around 25 employees, everything breaks.  If you’re a particularly skilled founder, you may not see this until almost 40 employees, or if you’re a first timer, some of these challenges could strike as early as 10-15 employees.

Regardless of when these problems strike your business, the key is to realize that it’s all about how you handle them.  Even the best companies have problems, and with small, incremental progress to make things better, your company’s engine (your people) will continue humming.
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june 2016 by mfernando
How Company Culture Shapes Employee Motivation
Business leaders believe a strong organizational culture is critical to success, yet culture tends to feel like some magic force that few know how to control. So most executives manage it according to their intuition.

We’ve found that answering three questions can help transform culture from a mystery to a science: 1) How does culture drive performance? 2) What is culture worth? 3) What processes in an organization affect culture? In this article, we address each of these to show how leaders can engineer high-performing organizational cultures — and measure their impact on the bottom line.
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june 2016 by mfernando
Scale-up Leadership Lessons I’ve Learned Over 9 Years as HubSpot’s CEO — ReadThink (by HubSpot)
Over the last few years, we’ve been in “scale-up” mode, where we’re adding fuel into our engine and growing fast in a great market with nice barriers to entry. It turns out that many of the skills I need as the leader of a scale-up are much different than the skills I needed as the leader of a startup. This article attempts to lay out some of the skills and tools I’ve needed to develop in this scale-up phase.
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june 2016 by mfernando
Leadership, Management, and Culture: The Curse of Culture – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
When we examine culture and leadership closely, we see that they are two sides of the same coin; neither can really be understood by itself. On the one hand, cultural norms define how a given nation or organizations will define leadership—who will get promoted, who will get the attention of followers. On the other hand, it can be argued that the only thing of real importance that leaders do is to create and manage culture; that the unique talent of leaders is their ability to understand and work with culture; and that it is an ultimate act of leadership to destroy culture when it is viewed as dysfunctional.
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may 2016 by mfernando
The Munger Operating System: A Life That Really Works
The commencement speech is an excellent response to the Big Question: How do we live a life that really works? It has so many of Munger’s core ideas that we think the speech represents the Munger Operating System for life.
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april 2016 by mfernando
Lars Dalgaar Management Interview: Build Trust by Daring to Show That You’re Human - The New York Times
This interview with Lars Dalgaard, general partner at the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, on management.
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march 2016 by mfernando
Lars Delgard: Thoughts on building weatherproof companies — Medium
The best founder/CEOs want to build long-lasting, strong companies. When you are building for long term — as opposed to a quick exit — it becomes obvious very quickly that you’ll have to make very different decisions, on every level from hiring and culture to how you treat sales and customers. You need to test every decision that’s obviously meant for immediate results with “will it also strengthen us in the long term?”
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march 2016 by mfernando
Startup Playbook
We spend a lot of time advising startups. Though one-on-one advice will always be crucial, we thought it might help us scale Y Combinator if we could distill the most generalizable parts of this advice into a sort of playbook we could give YC and YC Fellowship companies. Then we thought we should just give it to everyone. This is meant for people new to the world of startups. Most of this will not be new to people who have read a lot of what YC partners have written—the goal is to get it into one place. There may be a part II on how to scale a startup later—this mostly covers how to start one.
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november 2015 by mfernando
Jeff Bezos got Darwinism all Wrong! - Evonomics
But Jeff Bezos and others who equate “Darwinism” with “ruthless competition” have it wrong. Charles Darwin, a British naturalist who was the father of evolution, never said that nature sanctioned a dog eat dog mentality. Instead he regarded sympathy as the most important and distinctive human adaptation. Contrary to Amazon endorsed practices, it is not through dog eat dog actions but cooperation. A company that is truly designed as purposeful Darwinism would look very different than the one Jeff Bezos has built.
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october 2015 by mfernando
How to create a Unicorn in 4 difficult steps | Daily Fintech
Think of these Four Gates like a sales funnel, with lots at the top and very few at the bottom:
Gate #1: Conceptual Clarity (aka the idea).
Gate #2: Prove the Concept (aka Product Market Fit).
Gate #3: Make it work as a business.
Gate #4: Expand and Dominate (aka IPO).
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october 2015 by mfernando
Bill Gurley: In Defense of the Pitch Deck | Above the Crowd | By Bill Gurley
Investors are not solely evaluating your company’s story. They are also evaluating your ability to convey that story. Efficiently communicating your strategy, business model, and competitive differentiation is required for many critical things you will do as a company.
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october 2015 by mfernando
Leadership merit badges
Michael Lopp, Head of Engineering at Pinterest, recently gave a talk at the Cultivate conference in which he talks about different merit badges that a leader might earn if there were such a thing. Check the video for the whole list, but here are a few of them:
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september 2015 by mfernando
15 Inspiring Career Books
Eight women share the books that have helped shape their approach to work.
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september 2015 by mfernando
Forget Business School--Just Watch These 10 TED Talks
You can emerge as an effective trailblazer in your office by being true to yourself and constantly learning. Start by watching these short lectures and embodying their lessons.
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september 2015 by mfernando
The 1% Career Advice That’s Actually Useful
Google “career advice” and you’ll see 72 million+ results. Like everything else on the web, 99% of that is useless. Here…
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july 2015 by mfernando
Make: An Insider’s Guide to Shenzhen Manufacturing
Shenzhen is a relatively new Chinese city purpose-built to cater to electronics manufacturing. If you’re serious about taking any type of consumer electronics product to market — robots, microcontroller-based projects, mobile phones, laptops, internet appliances, 3D printers, etc. — there is only one city where you need to be, and that’s Shenzhen.
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june 2015 by mfernando
How to Be Emotionally Intelligent
What makes a leader? Knowledge, smarts and vision, but also the ability to identify and monitor emotions and manage relationships.
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june 2015 by mfernando
Followup Questions for "Strategic SEO for Startups"
Peter Christensen had a few questions for me regarding my last blog post about SEO for startups. I thought the questions were interesting enough to require a bit more than a comment on his post.
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may 2015 by mfernando
Thoughts on product launch promotion
One of the consulting services I offer companies is in launch strategy planning for social media promotion. Over at SplashCast we’ve done two major product launches in the last week and I thought I’d offer some observations here based on those experiences. I
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may 2015 by mfernando
Startup Marketing Advice from Balsamiq Studio
In preparation for launch, I sent maybe around 40 direct emails to bloggers I thought might want to cover me. I had a list of such blogs handy: most of the blogs I read every morning apply.
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may 2015 by mfernando
Strategic SEO for Startups
One way I've found to cut down on support requests is to make sure I write publicly about any issue that keeps coming up for my customers. Other small companies contact me for advice fairly freque...
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may 2015 by mfernando
A Gigantic List of Psychological Pricing Strategies
Welcome to a massive list of psychological pricing strategies. Whether you’re launching a new product, selling items on eBay, or negotiating a deal on your house, you’ll learn how to choose a price that will maximize your profit.
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may 2015 by mfernando
50 Business Book Recommendations by JOEL GASCOIGNE of
50 Business & Management & Personal Growth book recommendations by JOEL GASCOIGNE of
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march 2015 by mfernando
Personal Branding: Managing Your Online Equity with Excellence
Managing your personal online brand not only makes sense - it's absolutely necessary in today's social and technological environment!
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january 2015 by mfernando
Introducing Open Salaries at Buffer: Our Transparent Formula and All Individual Salaries
At Buffer, we have the concept of "Open Salaries." We have a simple formula to calculate salaries and we share this with the whole team--and with you, too.
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january 2015 by mfernando
Introducing Open Equity: Buffer’s Equity Formula and Full Individual Breakdown
Here is the formula Buffer uses to calculate equity and the percentage of the company each team member has the option to buy.
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january 2015 by mfernando
Jason Calcanis: How to go from a nobody to a somebody
Jason Calcanis: That’s the “founder funnel,” and today we are going to talk about getting from an “invisible nobody” to a known somebody.
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january 2015 by mfernando
Inside the Milk Machine: How Modern Dairy Works
How does milk get made? It’s a process that is far more shrouded in mystery than it used to be. Modern Farmer spent two days at Ronnybrook Farm in upstate New York to get an inside look at the relationship between cow, calf, milk and farmer.
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november 2014 by mfernando
A Couple Of Good Books For Entrepreneurs
Two friends of mine have recently published books that are excellent and quick reads for entrepreneurs.
Randy Hunt is the Creative Director at Etsy. He built and leads Etsy’s team of designers who help create Etsy’s web and mobile applications. The book is called Product Design For The Web, but it is highly relevant for designing mobile applications as well.
My friend Frank Rimalovski has been a VC since the late 90s. He currently runs the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute and the NYU Innovation Venture Fund. He explains in this blog post that in the 16 years he’s been working with entrepreneurs, he has seen countless numbers of them build something first and only then seek customer feedback. Frank believes that seeking feedback after you’ve built the product is tough because by then you are so invested in your product that you don’t hear the negatives well enough. And so he and another friend, and sometimes commenter at AVC, Giff Constable, have written Talking To Humans, a book that explains how to do the customer development interviews in a way that will get you the most accurate and actionable feedback.
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october 2014 by mfernando

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