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Open Foundry / About
A new platform for open-source fonts in a noise-free environment, to highlight their beauty, extend functionality and encourage further exploration.
fonts  font  typography  open_source  design  web  web_design  graphic_design  free  royalty_free  tools  resources  inspiration  useful 
march 2016 by mewmew
TLDR pages
Simplified and community-driven man pages
cli  linux  tools  documentation  man  tldr  shell  nodejs 
december 2015 by mewmew
hacksalot/HackMyResume · GitHub
HackMyResume - Generate polished résumés and CVs in HTML, Markdown, LaTeX, MS Word, PDF, plain text, JSON, XML, YAML, smoke signal, and carrier pigeon.
cv  cvs  resume  resumes  tools  data  markdown  plaintext  generator  jobs  work  job_search 
december 2015 by mewmew
CSS tools I use — Medium
CSS tools are important for front-end developers because they help them by simplifying the jobs they have to do, simplif…
css  tools  design  web_design  webdev 
september 2015 by mewmew
blessed - A high-level terminal interface library for node.js.
javascript  js  node  node.js  github  lists  resources  packages  npm  reference  web  tools  programming  open_source  cli  command_line  tui  terminal  curses  ncurses 
july 2015 by mewmew
awesome-nodejs - A curated list of delightful Node.js packages and resources.
javascript  js  node  node.js  github  lists  resources  packages  npm  reference  web  tools  programming  open_source 
july 2015 by mewmew
Bagpakk | A minimal front-end CSS framework
variables if needed to change the accent color, fonts, mobile break points etc...
Now you can extend your CSS selectors from any bagpakk class and use all mixins and functions
webdev  web  web_design  design  css  framework  frameworks  light  responsive  wordpress  tools  resources  free  github  theming 
june 2015 by mewmew
Using Grunt for WordPress Theme Development and Deployments
How to setup Grunt to optimize and speed up your WordPress theme development and deploy code to your server. Works with Genesis Framework.
web  web_design  design  webdev  development  workflow  workflows  wordpress  themes  theming  tools  tutorials  grunt 
may 2015 by mewmew
Varying-Vagrant-Vagrants/VVV · GitHub
VVV - Varying Vagrant Vagrants is an evolving Vagrant configuration focused on WordPress development.
web  web_design  design  webdev  development  workflow  workflows  wordpress  themes  theming  tools  vagrant  configs  virtualization 
may 2015 by mewmew
Git and WordPress workflow for Local Development to Staging Webserver
This guide demonstrates a version control workflow with Git from a local development environment using OSX to a staging or production webserver
web  web_design  design  webdev  development  workflow  workflows  wordpress  themes  theming  tools  tutorials 
may 2015 by mewmew
No More Cowboy Coding: Improving Your WordPress Workflow - WPMU DEV
Editing WordPress files on a live server, a bad idea known as "cowboy coding" is not only inefficient, but dangerous, but their are more efficient alternatives.
web  web_design  design  webdev  development  workflow  workflows  wordpress  themes  theming  tools  tutorials 
may 2015 by mewmew
Improving and Refining Your WordPress Theme Development Process
Learn how to take your WordPress theme development to the next level with sage advice, tips and tricks from masters of the craft.
web  web_design  design  webdev  development  workflow  workflows  wordpress  themes  theming  tools  tutorials 
may 2015 by mewmew
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