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Sesame Street: C Is For Cookie Clicker by donutsweeper
Summary: Cookie Monster discovers Cookie Clicker. Things go about as well as you'd expect them to.
Reccer's Notes: Okay, so Cookie Clicker was a trendy game that appeared in quite a few fics for Yuletide 2013. (It still exists, but it isn't as trendy as it once was.) Despite the inclusion of Cookie Clicker, this fic feels as if it could be a sketch on Sesame Street.
SesameStreet  Yuletide2013 
january 2016 by merryghoul
Sesame Street: The 5 Most Important Cookies by Missy
Summary: Just what it says on the tin, the five most momentous cookies in Cookie Monster's life.
Reccer's Notes: "The 5 Most Important Cookies" may be a 5 times fic, but it's a well-done 5 times fic that explores Cookie Monster's relationship with cookies as well as his memories of important things in his life.
SesameStreet  Yuletide2015 
january 2016 by merryghoul

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