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On Her Tip-Toes
On Her Tip-Toes
Doctor Who, Gallifrey audios
Rating: pg
(some minor violence)
Characters: Romana and Antonin from Reborn, John Benton and Mike Yates
Wordcount: 4,600ish
Summary: Romana goes on her adventure, with special guest Antonin.
A/N: Written for universal-invariant as part of the morepolitics fic exchange! Universal-invariant prompted anything with the alternate Romana from Reborn, and I hope this suits (even though it turned out to have a lot of Antonin in it). Thanks to the amazing aralias for betaing!
DoctorWho  ClassicWho  Gallifrey 
february 2013 by merryghoul
A Pleasant Othermass Evening (1387 words) by neveralarch
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: F/F, F/M, Multi
Fandoms: Gallifrey (Big Finish Audio), Doctor Who
Relationships: One-sided Irving Braxiatel/Romana II, Leela/Romana II, Leela/Narvin/Romana II
Characters: Irving Braxiatel, Eighth Doctor, Leela (Doctor Who), Romana II, Narvin (Doctor Who)

Summary: Braxiatel's Othermass party does not go to plan.
Yuletide2012  DoctorWho  Gallifrey  ClassicWho 
december 2012 by merryghoul

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