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this is our battle cry</strong></a> (3059 words) by <a href=""><strong>weasleytook
<a href=""><strong>this is our battle cry</strong></a> (3059 words) by <a href=""><strong>weasleytook</strong></a><br />Chapters: 1/1<br />Fandom: <a href="">Sharknado (Movies)</a><br />Rating: Teen And Up Audiences<br />Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply<br />Relationships: Nova & Skye, Nova/Skye<br />Characters: Nova (Sharknado), Skye (Sharknado), Lucas Stevens (Sharknado), Nova Clarke (Sharknado), Finley "Fin" Shepard<br />Additional Tags: Pre-Relationship, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Amnesia, Female Friendship, Canonical Character Death, Yuletide Treat<br />Series: Part 2 of <a href="">Fight Like a Girl</a><br />Summary: <p>Nova finds Skye and Skye finds herself, and together they fight like hell.</p>
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